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Note of the Gurubesar: 


"We are peaceable and forgiving from the moment the enemy crossed the Styx only then we are able to forgive the other party because there is no longer any danger to our community from that angle.

... Following our philosophy of life, we do not bother anyone and we treat everyone with respect, but when someone harasses one of us, then we will kill.


... We do not let ourselves be bullied by the government or by authorities. Then there will be war and the surprise will be great for the government or the opponent. Our ancestors suffered together in times gone by, the generations afterward likewise. They were careful about taking innocent lives, and now we have followed in their footsteps. We will never hurt innocent lives spiritually or physically.

... But anyone who violates one of us will personally pay in proportion. Then, there is no way for us too long and no mountain too high, for whoever deserves punishment will pay, to his grave. 


... We have the memory of an elephant,

the world is round,

we will not get lost and therefore we will always find the ones that we are looking for."
































I am the gatekeeper. I watch while I sleep.

And before I open my eyes, the enemy is already a roast cock. 



































































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