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The old Javanese word "Putuh" (.. read Poetoe) is the designation for an instructor (trice) and devoted follower of the Vishnuh-Society (See bylaws for Vishnuïsts.) 

The candidate Putuh (member) must be someone who: 

1. - Humanitarian, 
2. - Peaceful, 
3. - Honestly, 
4. - Is faithfully and reliably; 
5. - Not selfish, 
6. - Not greedy, 
7. - Not racist and is not arrogant, 
8. - Responsibility for his fellow men.



1) Who expresses the wish to be Putuh or member is provided with these a registration form and the internal rules of the Vishnuh-Society.


2) When fully completed the registration form and include the signature of the person concerned by the Vishnuh-Society is received back, considers the Society will confirm that the newcomer agrees with the contents of the bylaws. The new member (prospective Putuh) will receive an admission notice within 30 days and an invitation for a first acquaintance.


3) The training Putuh in Pencak-Silat, Respiratory and or Kinesiology proceeds stepwise. Progress in learning depends on the person because each member determines its own learning pace. The training in physical and spiritual formation takes place not only in a gymnasium but also outside in the open air (such as the park, car park, grove, open field, etc.)


4) All the above provisions shall also force to members who prefer private lessons only then to train with others.



The learning method 

Theory: - is given in the form of lectures, both individually and in groups. Who wants private lessons or want to train separately can also obtain.


Practice: the Putuh learns to make physical Pencak-Silat fighting skills. It not only teaches here to train individually, but there is also practiced at the outset with one another (in groups).


The Scriptures - the Putuh will learn the Lontar and Sanskrit characters (re); 

- Be familiar with the Javanese in speech and writing;

- The Kawi and Sanskrit knowing expressions. 

The Lesson duration: - a "school day" lasts 3 hours and lesson weekend (Saturday and Sunday) involves at least one-night workout outdoors.




In the training materials developed by the Vishnuh-Society are all materials incorporated that are important for your study, so there are no separate textbooks required.




You are responsible for your own : 

A. write-supplies, 1-black 23-rings map and paper, 
B. black sweatsuit or black baggy clothes.


* The Associate Scientific Address *


* The Associate Scientific Address * College is given at various addresses in the Netherlands, which also act as a social space. Accommodation available for those who come from far away (including members from abroad). The common address is open daily for members:


1 - extra meditation, individual training or education desire, 

2 - in mental and or social distress, 

3 - spiritual / mental relaxation, 

4 - want seclusion from the outside world for a period. 

5 - just want to come to visit. 

All the facilities mentioned above are in line with the spiritual institution of the Vishnuh-Society that they should always be members available and accessible. This means concretely: who needs, knowledge, advice, love, compassionate, protection, shelter and assistance (to the extent possible within the capability of the Vishnuh-Society) this will obtain.







1. The old Javanese word Murit (read Moerit = apprentice, follower) is feminine and masculine, can be used for both Sex. This means that the concept Moerit applies to students who train in a club, so a member of an association under the protection of the Vishnuh-Society.


2. A moerit trains only Pencak-Silat in a club. This has no obligations to the Vishnuh-Society but as a member of the club in which he or she is registered under Dutch law.


3. A Murit (read = Moerit pupil or follower) teaches in a club to manage the Pencak-Silat techniques and other relevant related disciplines.


4. It is a Murit also allowed to join the Vishnuh-Society, provided that he or she is from the time of commencement within the Vishnuh-Order no longer a member of the Pencak-Silat Association where he or she was originally connected. Whether one is a member of an association under the auspices of the Vishnuh-Society (murit of the association), whether one is a member of the Vishnuh-Society (Putuh-Agheng / Putuh), to avoid conflicts of interest.








These are the requirements for admission


A.    Registration is free and the annual fee is voluntary for all his ability. This means that there is no obligation to give something, but if one gives something should be done with heartfelt sincerity.


B.   You must complete the application form and provide your signature with a valid passport photo to send by mail to the above address, or to the appropriate e-mail address.


C.   Once we have received all the documents requested by you, then you will receive a registration number and we bid you welcome to our fellowship. The Vishnuh-Society has passive and active members. So no one is obliged to actively participate in the activities of the Vishnuh-Society. One can therefore just as well belong to us without fuss.


D.  Members are always welcome at our common address for training, meditation, social issues, for advice, or just on the coffee/ tea, And members, who come from far away, including from abroad, there is enough room for overnight. Members are not required to workouts.


E.   The membership fee is for each member equally (See A). The Vishnuh-Society let each in his / her own value and privacy. Paying and non-paying members, women, and men have equal rights.


F.    Anyone may join, believers and non-believers, with the condition that they comply with the nine rules of nature citizenship.


G.   Everyone can believe in any religion and maintained at will what they want, but remember in all this is that earthlings are people who;


 1. - who give others a life;


2. - to be honest with themselves and especially against his fellows;


3. - to abstain from religious and colonialist behavior, (not murder, even harm no other people, no suppression, no involuntary indoctrination into a religion, religious practice only to the respective holy book limited and space in question, and no further);


4. - to abstain from conceit, arrogance, and discrimination, because no one is more or less than you;


5. - who are far from greed and selfishness;


6. - which has responsibility for his fellow men; everyone is equal;


7. - which have respect for Nature and Life; Nature is the origin of life;


8. - which is loyal, faithful and steadfast in spirit;


9. - who knows no distinction of race, rank, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious (read political) conviction, because everyone is entitled to equal treatment. Everyone has the right to life and self-determination.


This list of the nine (9) properties are the characteristics of righteous Earthlings. And for those who obey, the Vishnuh-Society is their best friend and ally.


We are all earthlings and natural givens also go to everyone, and we need to live by the natural standards, as scriptural in nine provisions set by the Vishnuh-Society.


Vishnuïsts must live together, building on each other and trust each other. If we do not support and care for each other, we get as far as those who believe in a God who never have to expect help in an emergency. We must help each other, because if we do not help each other, who will help us? God perhaps? No, therefore we always need to be realistic and not go daydreaming; of Dreams, no one has gotten better, except the rich and those who have invented religion itself. Look around you and judge for yourself.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

"We are not herded animals, but we have community spirit."



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