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The Amazing World of Faith






This is a short summary of the book "Praise the Lord Hallelujah"











This is a short summary of the book "Praise the Lord Hallelujah"





8 Januari 1995






LES­SON Nr.435



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"The truth does not lead to eternal life because nothing or no one lives forever except nature, but the truth does lead to great insight for a good life with all natural beings on planet earth."



That is to say:


... To actually freely to express the sense of duty, those who are wise in heart and mind must examine the phenomena of the world and discern the things perceived in what is true and what is false and distances itself from the unreal, and further still just have to keep it real.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"The sensible man is wise only when he has banished the impatience completely and wait for the time to act comes, because when man completely banished his impatience his personality will come to fruition when the time comes. Time and space are limitless, know and understand, that is why the world is a vast emptiness into which are reflected the images of life, which are projected by the mind.


...The so-called holy scriptures are created on the basis of erroneous knowledge and form the idol of the ignorant man. It is our own mind, which makes a reality of this unreal existence, and all these factors are internal (in the mind) interrelate. The mind is the guide to spiritual knowledge and therefore one can only reduce or increase greatly the power of mind in this way.


... Try to understand that this world is a constant illusion, which is maintained by the spirit of the time and by the primal power of the indomitable nature. These are the ones that the imaginary world structure environment and quality of life have always consciously or unconsciously influenced and supported.


... This they will always continue to do as one by nature dictated duty. If you understand what is duty, while one realizes immediately how hard it is and how much effort the man is going to cost before this awareness and actually be freely expressed.”



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh;


"Nature is the creator of life, honor those who deserve the honor.”





Spiritualism, Mysticism, Religion, and Worldview
of the Vishnuh-Society


I greet you, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys:
.... My legal name is R.R.Purperhart and my priest name Lancar Ida-Bagus and I am Gurubesar or professor and priest of the Vishnuh-Society.  I did not come to the Netherlands (Europe) to preach a religion or to be believed, but to restore the name Pencak-Silat, to settle me and telling the story of my ancestors (= the Vishnuh-Society) to the mass.
Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:
“It is better by noble boldness to run the risk and undergo half of all evil than to stay out cowardly and lethargic of fear of what will happen. "
... I will give you a brief summary of Spiritualism, Mysticism, Religion and the "Worldview of the Vishnuh Society.”


 ... Spiritualism, mysticism, and religion are concepts that are often confused and often used interchangeably, but there are indeed differences in the meaning of these words.
... The Hindu-Buddhist Vishnuh-Society has for centuries watched the world and recorded the events of the past in so-called "lontar", made from the dried leaves of the lontar palm. The society has always been independent, so the writings retain their original shape and have never been corrupted by third parties or rewritten.
... The Vishnuh-Society knows the history like no other.
... About 9000 years ago, this association was founded at Sri Lanka by Vishnuh, a normal human being of flesh and blood. In that time they confessed there animism, for example, they worshiped a plant, a tree, an animal or a stone which one owed his survival, or in which the people recognized their ancestors. Hinduism, as we know it today, did not exist.


... When the river was called the "Indus" discovered, the people of India named this river "Shindu." The people of the neighboring country Persia which invaded India at one point, could not pronounce the -S- at the beginning of the word and named the river "Hindu", the people behind it lived in the Indus Valley, was called "Hindustani".

... Here arose the "Hinduism" and also the person Vishnuh was mythologized through the centuries and added to the hundreds of gods of Hinduism. But Vishnuh was not God himself, he was not a believer, he was, in fact, a "Hindu-Buddhist, a " liberal " of the empire after the Indus River because" Buddhi " is Sanskrit for " liberalism ".
... The ideas of the Vishnuh-Society is not based on a religion, but a spiritual foundation.  The priests of this society are not preachers of God, but professors in the combat doctrine and spiritualistic science of the "doctrine of Vishnuh".
... The word "priest" originally means "spiritual representative" and is composed of two Greek words namely 1 "presbyter" meaning elder and servant, And the 2nd word is "presbuteros" meaning a member of Parliament or leader of a "polis (pl. poleis" = greek hill town.)
... So the term "priest" has traditionally nothing to do with religion, but with the "leadership" in general, for the king, or the headman of the village, or the head of the family, was also a priest.
... Later Christians and other religious groups in global terms take over the term "priest", denoting their ecclesiastical authorities. The priests of the Vishnuh-Society titled as "Gurubesar", "Gurubesar" is Sanskrit for "professor, heir and spiritual representative", so even a priest, given the many spiritual subjects include the teaching of Vishnuh.

… The Worldview of the Vishnuh-Society is not God the creator of life, but that life is a gift of water shot from nature and the purpose of life is to sweeten life for everyone. Nature has created itself through its own natural strength and has ever developed a prototype of every living being, with the instinctive tendency to conserve the species.
... Not God created man in his image, but Nature has created man and man created God in his image! Also, heaven, hell, reincarnation, devils, and angels were created in the imagination of the religious man.

... Body and mind are one and both of material nature, the spirit atoms control the atoms of the body. The individual spirit lives of the super mind, this is the air, because the difference between life and death is the breath.
... Every living creature eventually goes the way of all flesh, that is, that the individual mind is lost when the body dies because the mind is inseparable from the body. The man lives after death only continue in the memories of the survivors; in memory; so obituary.
... There is no God nor heavenly paradise, or Valhalla, or Nirvana or hell or something like that, which man gets or can live on after his death. Only Nature lives forever, as it is the source of all that was, of all that is and all that will come. Nature does not belong to man, and man also does not belong to himself, but man belongs to Nature.
... Many claim to have supernatural mystical powers, but this is actually nonsensical because all phenomena are natural and everything is explainable. That the human mind has certain abilities is an established fact.

... Unfortunately, few people learn to use these powers well. ... The Vishnuh-Society is not a sect because a cult is a group of people united around a religious idea or a religious leader figure, usually as a partition of a larger religious movement. The Vishnuh-Society is not religious, it is a society of mental or spiritual foundation, which is based on ancestral knowledge of empiricism. This means that the society is assumed that all reliable knowledge based only on observation and experience.

... The society draws its inspiration from the life and the knowledge that her ancestors have amassed. However, the Vishnuh-Society is open to anyone who claims to be inspired by gods or to be God himself because we must respect, as long as this person dissenters also respects every man according to his humanity. Unfortunately, history has shown us time and again, that evil people use their religion as an excuse for arrogance, greed and cruelty and religion fueling their malice.
... The word religion is derived from the ancient Roman "religio", which essentially means to pay close attention to the sacred and the supernatural. In Dutch, religion is synonymous with "worship of a god."  In general, it makes a distinction between world religions such as Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, and folk religions such as Judaism, Hinduism, Shamanism, and other.
... Around the 6th century BC traveled from the Indian nobility "Siddhartha Gotama" to China, there to preach his philosophy verbally, his learning initially nothing was recorded. He was also a Hindu-Buddhist (a liberal Hindu), and asked his followers explicitly, for after his death, not to deify him. But 200 years after his death, his person was mythologized and his learning in bastardized form was chronicled. In those writings, he was presented as Buddhi-dharma (literally bet:. Religion-is-liberal.), Abbreviated as Buddha. So the original Buddhist spiritualist doctrine changed unfairly in a religion.
... Christianity is rooted in Judaism. Similar to Vishnuh, the ancestors of the Hebrew people, this includes Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses developed specific survival learning and life philosophies for their people. Degenerated portions of this learning centuries later incorporated into what Christians call the Old Testament and the New Testament. Only very few writings of the Hebrew original teaching is preserved because the Hebrew people is almost always suppressed and forced into slavery.
This was also the case at the time of the Roman Empire, the time when Jesus of Nazareth lived. The Romans left the oppressed peoples free practice of religion, as long as it was not contrary to the interests of the Roman Empire. Therefore they set the local religious authority for the Jews (which was originally a derogatory term) in the hands of the Sanhedrin (which was a governing body and court), where 71 Sadducees and Pharisees (mainly scholars and laymen), led by a high priest formed the judiciary.
... Jesus of Nazareth was a kind of Robin-Hood figure, with his disciples, which means "nonviolent followers", he formed a gang of robbers who stole bread at night from the rich to share with the poor the next day. In Helios, the arid plain where lepers, the mentally ill, criminals and other, useless to society people were exiled to, Jesus was a welcome guest. Helios also attended Satan (= Greek for a bad guy), he was a native of the dignitary, who was banished there for his crimes. He was the leader of a gang of demons it means "violent followers".


... When Jesus of Nazareth sitting on a stolen donkey and with a large following on his way to Jerusalem, he was betrayed by an infiltrator of the Sanhedrin named Judas Iscariot. Jesus was found guilty by the Sanhedrin to "blasphemy, theft and popular sedition" because he was a threat to the authority of the Sanhedrin. The high priest Caiaphas condemned him for these crimes to "Crucifixion until death follows it." 
... Through this kind of punishment, the Pharisees in the Sanhedrin kept their influential authority and enforced in this manner their reverence for God Almighty. Two hundred years later, Jesus who was also a non-believer, was mythologized and confused with a Yogi from India and philosopher "Jesu bin Pandera" who once traveled to Judea to preach his life philosophies there. "Jesu di Pandera" so impressed the Hebrew people, that they named their children after him. When the Bible was written, these two mythical figures merged in the person of Jesus Christ.
... "The Holy Scriptures of the Christians involves a cluster of myths, legends, chronicles, historical events and philosophical beliefs, which are derived from, among other Hebrew, Indian, African, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Germanic and other indigenous peoples. Especially the parental strain learns from the Germans the sagas of Wotan and Frija mingled with the beliefs of Christianity when the Vikings are violently dispersed over most of Europe and turned to this belief. During this time the religious societies arose, who collected all these errant knowledge and gave shape in the form of the Bible.
... The word "Bible" comes from the Greek "biblios" which simply means "book or scroll."  Moreover, each Gideons have their own version and interpretation of the "book" for each people who have converted by the religious societies, they have the indigenous folk at its discretion woven into their Bibles in order to perpetuate the faith. Therefore, the Catholics, the Protestants, and other sects all have a different version of the same Christian faith and belief. Similarly, Islam is only an extreme offshoot of Christianity.
... That religion and religious organizations up to get the worst of man also appear all too well from the histories of the Roman Catholic Inquisition, the witch hunts, the Crusades, the Jihads, and other nonsensical Holy Wars. One can state with certainty that discrimination and racial hatred find their source in religion, as in early Christian art are pious people white and pagans black.
... Life is a gift of Nature. One should thus not to argue, but rather life more pleasant for everyone. Love your neighbor, because every human being is equal and has the right to life. Therefore, people dare to stand up for yourself and live, because there is nothing there above, and if there is a benevolent power or something up there, man can as yet know nothing. Without God, man will live anyway by the generosity of Nature.
... Says the doctrine of "Vishnuh" about all this:
"We Are not anti-God, because how can we be against something that does not exist and has never existed? But if there is such a thing could exist as a God we would certainly not a pro, given the many crimes he committed against humanity and the living Nature.

... We are warriors and not delude ourselves, because we are creatures of the miraculous nature and realize that Nature is the only benevolent creator of all that was, of all that is and all that is to come.
...Know and let know. .... no one happens to become wise, because wisdom does not come from the East, West, South or North, but wisdom is born from one who is honest to himself and to his fellow man. Anyone who is well disposed Vishnuh has the ability to be well-disposed towards other living beings. Everyone has the right to life, freedom of expression and self-preservation."
… So far this brief summary about spiritualism, mysticism, religion, and philosophy of the Vishnuh-Society by Gurubesar Lancar Ida-Bagus…






 I have long been observed that modern society in which religion is the basis of the rule of law enforced by the religious majority. And here I, unfortunately, found that religion professors in imitation of their ancestors and inspiration from their faith in God himself regularly misbehave compared dissident fellows in general.  Then it yet again was that Biblical Jesus who brings redemption or has brought salvation to the faithful through a prayer, after which the sinner may recommence impunity with a clean slate, as the savior has called the sin of sinful man assumed.





 Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


 "The authentic person named Jesus whose name is mentioned in the Bible eagerly was from the town of Nazareth in Hebrew צרת – Natsrat, situated in the north of Israel. Jesus was, according to the authentic Jewish history, a kind of Robin Hood of his time, who later under Roman rule by the ruling religious class and also strengthened by its fanciful Jewish Penal Code as a criminal was punished for blasphemy, theft, and demagoguery.


 … Demagogy (keeping fierce speeches or conduct of catchy slogans for the people to win.)


… This person called Jesus, who played an important role in Jewish history, died partly as a result of injuries he sustained during his trial and subsequent conviction caused him by supporters of the high priest Caiaphas and his associates.”


 After Jesus was terribly mauled and trounced by the pious Jewish community at the time he was forced to carry his own cross to his execution site. 




So, Jesus from Nazareth, the son of the carpenter Joseph and his wife Mary, ghastly come to an end at the hands of the influential Jewish community under Roman rule at that time. He was, after all, publicly brutally beaten in the presence of the Jewish ecclesiastical power, which freely operated under the local Roman ruler "Pontius Pilate."


 ...  Jesus from Nazareth was therefore during his detention by fanatical faith Semitic professors and publicly beaten in front of Jewish magistrates, severely beaten and repeatedly spat upon by bystanders and finally cruelly crowned by order of the Sanhedrin.


 … There was, after all, a fresh crown of thorns rammed on his head, and he was ridiculed in front of his judges, stoned and kicked. Finally, he was later crucified on a wooden cross that he himself on the day of his death to his place of execution has lugged. When Jesus as he hung on the cross bleeding, expressed that he was thirsty, he was by a Roman soldier pierced with a vinegar-soaked spear in his belly after which he soon died hanging on the cross.


 ... And so died, Jesus the Nazarene hanging on the Cross, the hero of paupers, who was later known in history by the Romans mocking "the king of the Jews."


  So hung Jesus on the Cross after he was beaten to pampus.


The poor man who has become a victim of religious oppression by his own kind.


The prosecution, which became effective on the biblical Jesus was derived from an article from the Jewish criminal law of that time, which was specifically designed to make restrain thieves, agitators and other scum. And the then applicable harshest punishment for committed serious offenses, including "blasphemy, theft, and sedition" was "crucifixion" until death follows...


... Jesus at the time was found guilty of all the aforementioned offenses. He was therefore beaten terribly during his imprisonment by the devout followers of the Sanhedrin before "He" was put to death in a garbage dump called Golgotha (=Hebrew for skull place/ landfill), where prisoners were then executed normally. How one thinks otherwise how the phrase hypocritical originated? ...


... The Pharisees were formerly the hypocritical pious, that the popular masses under their policy, on the one hand ruthlessly oppressed on behalf of their dear God and secondly they cheated their own Almighty God without a blush. And this all happened under the influence of their self-invented fictitious God and self-written God's Scriptures. Meanwhile, the current followers of these Pharisees of old, over the centuries, is wrapped in a new contemporary look.


Thus, the main churches have established themselves worldwide in the course of history, by their followers to educate the pharisaical religious culture system, after which it was provided with laws and regulations. All this gradually became structurally distributed in the rest of the world with a prelate in the head with his bishops, priests, and all religious paraphernalia.


… All these worshipers of God can be said to be the direct descendants and followers of the then Pharisees, who have the murder of Jesus on their conscience. In other words, the religious misery indefatigably continues, and a hypocritical is generally a bishop under a lamppost because the sign of the Cross is similar to "come on down or I saw the tree in half." … It is no different, however much the believer mankind would like to see it very much different.





The disciples of Jesus were cowardly fleeing during his arrest. He was betrayed by one of his followers called Judas Iscariot, who was, in reality, a spy infiltrated by the Sanhedrin. Judas Iscariot has "Jesus" plainly betrayed by the local authority and briefed the theft of the young donkey which Jesus, earlier in the day of his arrest, had ordered one of his other disciples.


According to the biblical story, Jesus had received permission from the owner of the animal, when in reality he has turned his disciple to steal other people's property. The owner could do nothing against the theft because it might suffer for him and he was also fully aware of the position of the gang leader Jesus of Nazareth, who enjoyed great popularity among the poor population.


... Once a disciple, the request of his leader had performed theft, Jesus rode the stolen animal and jointly with a large following, malcontents and rebels of the Roman, Greek and Jewish society of that time he was on the way to Jerusalem to protest against the brutal policies of their Jewish rulers and was therefore arrested for people sedition.


At the time of Jesus the Nazarene, the Romans were the rulers of Judea, Bethlehem, Galilee, Jerusalem, etc., but they left the management of several they conquered territories often to collaborationist local leaders united in the "Sanhedrin." These were the Jewish scribes, the Pharisees, in which the high priest of the collaborationist clan had control over, such as the high priest Caiaphas, who took Jesus' death on the decision itself. These collaborators had from their Roman governor Pontius Pilate, given the responsibility of the local ethnic groups, where they are in this position by self-seeking and self-devised divine inspirations, developed all kinds of criminal laws in order to keep the local population under control.


Thus, in the same way also the belief in the "Jewish God" - see the Torah - that time on compulsive manner entered using purpose invented penal laws, which according to the creators were all inspired by hypothetical higher powers.


... In addition, it is impossible and improbable that faith professors refer to the same biblical Jesus to whom they attribute to always wonderful and miraculous stories, because the authentic Chaldeewse notes pertaining to the biblical Jesus and many other prominent figures in their Bible, just prove administrative data include among others judgments of that time. Besides, there lived according to the Jewish population and criminal records of that time numerous people, who (Jesu) are called Jesus, many of which were as old as that same Jesus on the Cross.


Which of the Jesuses the church is actually meant is still the question. There once were two Jesuses who played an important role in Jewish history at the time of the Roman world domination, there was, in fact, one who did well within the city walls and conspired with the Sanhedrin and furthermore showed no interest in the pauper at that time. However, the other Jesus stayed outside the polis (Greek hill town) with his followers who have cared for the underprivileged and then provided food and other necessities of life, which he obtained through theft, robbery, and burglary.


It was then rule that they called each other by their first names, for the simple reason because the ancients thought it was not relevant to adorn themselves with a name or title. Hence the names in the Bible, such as Abraham, Moses, Sarah, Daniel, Mary, Isaac, Jacob, Lot, etc. What Abraham, Moses, Miriam, and Sarah is it exactly in the Bible knows only Joost. Later in history, as well as the time of Jesus, surnames were often and used only for dignitaries and notable cases.


Take for example the addition of "Christ" was the name of Jesus on the day of his crucifixion. "Christu" (= Christos or Christ) means in ancient Jewish, Aramaic, "crucified." In the original Hebrew are Semitic languages included, such as the Chaldean is the old name for "Aramaic", this was one of the many languages spoken when Jesus was alive.


… Besides, it was a common practice at the time in which surnames were granted only to the nobility and deceased. The latter was primarily a grant from the local authorities in order to identify the dead far into the future in their records. These were mostly men, outlaws, and individuals who did not think in accordance with the ideology of their rulers and therefore were slain or sentenced to death in absentia. This was because of all the monotonous names of that time as Jesus, Balthasar, Nebuchadnezzar or Nero the terrible Daniel Helena, Hercules, Zeus, Miriam, Iskander (= Charlemagne), the first Pharaoh etcetera. 


… There once lived a lot of people who also wore the same name. Furthermore, world history has many Pharaohs. Throw for this purpose a look back to the beginning and later historians development of Dutch society (note Dutch come from foreigners.) Then in the early years several overseas Norwegian, German and many other groups in droves himself came to settle in this wetland was also no surnames conducted by citizen immigrants. This is because a name was reserved for male and female tribal leaders like that in those early Roman peoples was a very normal thing.


Take for example Wotan, who since biblical suppression was described as the supreme god of the Germanic mythology, while in fact, he appears to have been one of the first ancestors of the Norwegian Vikings, who donned Europe hundreds of years ago. So a name was in the beginning, here in the lowlands not used, but the implementation of a surname, so individual registration was included in the Netherlands in after 1817 a fact.





… The Vishnuh-Society knows Jesus from Nazareth as a relief for the poor of that time and where he came up for the oppressed people of the time. After all, he drew the plight of the oppressed and especially showed interest in their daily worries. He also contributed as much as possible to their livelihood. Jesus and his appearing foresaw the dispossessed fact of food, he got among themselves through theft. Through its philanthropic and helping behavior Jesus gained wide popularity and sympathy among the poor oppressed and deprived population that spread everywhere and groups residing in "Helios".


Furthermore, Jesus preached about the value of life and pointed every outcast in their dignity as human beings. Doing so he created a life lesson to teach the various oppressed and hungry people groups of reality, which were grouped into "Helios".


… All this must be separated from all the Bible occurring fantastic twisted tales and religious beliefs, which the Pharisees and his disciples after his death 200 years later wrote about him.


… The motto of the crucified Jesus ushered in; turn one man the other cheek. At that time to keep their heads above water was much allowed. It was indeed permitted by Jesus to steal, but then without taking a life or to harass them. To survive in Helios was rob and steal one of the few solutions. Jesus and his clan moved at ungodly hours on thieves path dutifully to the poor people that lived in Helios to provide clothing and feeding.



Thus says the doctrine of "Vishnuh":

"In those biblical times of oppression people applied right to the unwritten law of the less fortunate namely" Honesty is the longest, but Swiping goes faster."



… And so the Vishnuh-Society knows the biblical Jesus as a gifted philosopher, a respectable captain and the Robin Hood of yesteryear. Therefore, a thrice "Hallelujah Praise the Lord Jesus of Nazareth," the man who was always there for his fellow men, the philanthropist who lived in Roman times and was killed by the Sanhedrin under the authority of the Roman Prefect "Pontius Pilate."


The Vishnuh-Society has deep respect for this Jesus, but not for the existing by the Vatican invented and proclaims religious story which depicted the biblical Jesus and has been romanticized as the crucified religious fool, and he was still in the prime of life fitted with a crown of thorns with blood by the mistreatment gushing down his face.


… What a sadism and oh what a beautiful crown! And this horrible and inhuman show called Pious Christian and Religious? In other words; it is in one word sinister!


… The cross is the evidence of the massacre committed by former followers of the Bible and the church to Jesus the hero of outcasts, is therefore already clearly delivered. Behold the cross on which "He" was ruthlessly nailed, and feel in mind his intense pain, impotent rage and despair. Behold in mind, the noble and innocent man, two centuries after his death unceremoniously bombed God's son or the personification of God, because for some religious currents Jesus is God in person. I ask myself "how crazy and sick can people of faith are still below their brain?"


... The contemporary practice proves that it can be much crazier and more violent. The pious committed atrocities and supposedly sacred crimes to incorporate their own ideas, and then to condone them, is also one of their favorite pastimes.


… And of course, as usual with everything, also came to the murder of Jesus of Nazareth, in the name of God!


… Steal food for the purpose of life is also by virtue of the doctrine of Vishnuh certainly no crime, but a life right when no other real options are more available. Jesus the Nazarene shared his food with the poor minority and his companions. He was in life certainly not a bad man, and yet he was beaten mercilessly by religious peers, tortured and then put to death.


… This because, according to the bullshit story of the religious murderers had to die to serve a higher purpose, by taking away the original sin of mankind by his death and suffering...


... Moreover, the man Jesus was especially not selfish nor greedy, unlike his later (current) followers who have raped his life brutally and now preach a tendency of denial towards peace and charity, which remains a total misunderstanding on selfish grounds am given concerning substance civilization. In addition, they trample unscrupulous human values of life, as if it were a feast.


The nobleman of that time


 Jesus of Nazareth was just one of the few noblemen of that time, he was in fact "a good kid" and a philanthropist of his time, because everything he on his nocturnal raids and robberies with his gang members made loot, he shared honestly with needy population, which at that time were humiliated by their cruel Roman rulers and local Jewish and Greek collaborators divinely. The inhabitants of the city walls, at that time, had nothing to say, they were in fact under the yoke of the prevailing religion barbarians also horribly oppressed in the name of an invented God. Obedient to the precepts established by the rulers, was mostly for the oppressed people the only solution and the ultimate way to survive the religion calibrated society in which they lived.


 In the books and in the epistles of the Apostles become much said about the life, work and the approach of Jesus, which were all dressed up in their image. … For example, in the book of Luke (one of the latecomers that 200 years after the death of Jesus was raised as an Apostle of Jesus), the personality Jesus and his mentality have been declared as one of two types. According to Saint Luke was the Nazarene on the one hand good for the helpless and like a good father to all those who did not have it at the time, on the other hand, Jesus Christ was despotic and coercive toward his disciples. According to Lucas, Jesus demanded of his followers (read citizens) absolute docility and he did not wish to be associated with God. Jesus was not religious, he hated anything that had to do with religion.


 … This theory, which appears evident that Jesus rejected every belief in God, says incredulously and his disbelief often suggested higher than God has been provable by historical facts. There are also atheists and other believers who feel better than another or rising above the thinking of dissenters, but due to the Apostle Luke, Jesus of Nazareth surpassed everything.


 … See Lucas 14:26 "Jesus said, "If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and also his own life, he can not be my disciple."


 … Indeed correct, these are all mafia practices and faithful own things and where nobody is wise. Every apostle, who centuries later, after Jesus' death his life story in the Bible preached, and in collaboration with the Executive religious body (the church) has been recorded, had a life of its own version for eyes, one knew the story of Jesus to tell much nicer and more fantastic than the other.


 … "On a good day in ancient times"


..... A group of religious supporters raised their heads together and came to choose corresponds to a pre-existing hero by the name of Jesus. Then they went each to brainstorm on how it must have been at that time that their religion hero Jesus lived, and how he as possible should have behaved relative to the life, and how he set up against the people to whom he gave food that came from robbery and theft. It was very clever of the apostles to link the concept of God in the name of the murdered Jesus to increase self esteem in order to snare the poor ignorant people of the time, which by ancestral tradition still vaguely remembered the life story of Jesus the crucified one, who was the son of the carpenter Joseph.


 … But who knows what that "Jesus" had more to answer for, and who knows his violent death was justified and deserved. As proof, I refer to the recorded stories of the biblical Jesus in the context of the Jewish criminal records of yesteryear, where he was known under the Jewish penal code as a repeat offender. This same Jesus is two centuries after his death by self-proclaimed disciples made alive in association with the church and supporters. These also have 400 years later after Chr. in their collective anger into gripping reading, the alleged life of Jesus and his alleged wisdom gathered together and then gave it a religious touch. This all collected stories were gradually merged into their new Bible, the so-called moderate "New Testament" with the goal to win the unsuspecting gullible world humanity for their ideology. As a result, the rigorous rejection of the Old Testament, which is an extract from the Torah (the Bible of the Jews), became a historical fact.



 After the former Jewish and Greek rulers were defeated by the Romans and were the new rulers from Galilee, Judea and environs were under Roman rule ancient indigenous Jewish and Greek standards maintained as "Helios." Helios was the place name, which the natives were called to the arid, barren areas that were distant from the town (s) and what the new tyranny and collaborationist Jewish priestly power were designated as the permanent home for the terminally ill, for paupers, outlaws and people who were useless due to a congenital defect for which supposedly pious religious society of that time.



"Helios" the doom place was where lepers and all other poor oppressed populace and discriminated minority groups by the Roman government with the help of local collaborators (the Jews), were exiled and or forced to seek refuge there. They had to stay as far away from the gods, for the gods, after all, were the rulers themselves. They (= the upper middle class, ie the collaborationist local clan as Caiaphas and his associates) that could exert a lot of power, after all, were the exploiters of the other civilian people that could barely save themselves within the city walls.


 … However, the outcasts in Helios, who considered Jesus as a welcome guest, had to live far from the city gates. "Helios" was indeed originally been used by the ancient Greek and Jewish rulers (including Nicodemus the ruler of the scribes and the ruler of the Jews), but only to exiled opponents of their policies to that evil place, to that barren arid landscape. But the Romans have made this a massive place of doom during their rule, in cooperation with local collaborators.




The aforementioned "evil place" was later model of the biblical "Hell", and all existing and prevailing devil stories descend from the misery that the poor, sick, crippled and deformed residents were facing in Helios.


 … So by using and based on other people's misery, poverty, sorrow, and pain, which used to be the order of the day in Helios, god professors have their Satan and demons tales fantasized together. As well as the horrible and scary stories about deformed and crippled monstrous demonic figures; the latter was the mentally and physically disabled people, who on behalf of their rulers had to seek refuge in Helios.


 ... Those who showed innate physical and mental abnormalities were useless for the cruel devout Roman and Jewish society of that time. Also, were deformed and idiotic people considered the damned creations of Lucifer, who had to be destroyed as soon as possible, because they were useless anyway, always brought bad luck and were previously an ugly eyesore for the devout religion professors. The deformed man, who reached helios unscathed or half dead were all narrowly escaped death by fleeing the Bible societies and the believing humanity of that time.


 … Today, this form of Christian imitation of disability has made its mark in the contemporary world society in which the Constitution is based on the Bible / Koran / Torah, etc., given the fact that many gullible peoples, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Roman Catholics and others, their half-soles and idiots keep jealously indoors behind closed doors. Because you watch; in Turkey, for example, one almost never sees maimed and disabled people just walk in public, but they are usually only seen when it suits the family. These disabilities are often abused for begging and to be pathetic to obtain pecuniary for the hosts and they are/were trained to beg. Believers are so globally one-pot wet!


 ... And so it used to be, because, after Bible societies, the misery stories of helios residents in their Biblios = Biblia had processed were subsequently physical deformities and Helios-like performances brought to the people by religious leaders as the wages of the disobedient or only belonged to the infidel national (the heretic.)


 And still find similar process at this time imitation, mainly now is widely used by so-called servants of God as the ultimate warnings of their "God" at all of what is bad in "their eyes." The intended purpose of religious denominations is contemporary still remained the same, namely recruiting through deceit, to bind pathetic and unstable religious figures to their belief in God and the church. Therefore religionists promote  themselves mostly for; to deceive other people, by responding to their grief, as well as the abuse of another's weakness in crisis situations, or by treachery, or to swear by each other in finding all kinds of Islamic or Christian methods and malicious fabrications opposite dissident fellow neighbor; to do interesting, to exploit people and to get attention, but mainly to disperse people in order to channel the dislocated victims to their own advantage.


  … This is definitely the master plan of God or Allah says believers worldwide are all birds of a feather!


 Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

 "Religion is the biggest problem here on this earth. Literally and figuratively hide behind a religion, and again deceits galore. Who does not listen is forced socially or physically to do so, or discriminated against or simply murdered; also they find refuge in profiteering at the expense of other people, and everything will then commit what is prohibited by the same God. "


 Therefore God, if it exists, just as guilty as the performers themselves, because in many passages in the Bible is read, that "Their God" was pervasive and still is omnipresent...


 .... Thus, was (is) "He" about everything informed. "He", God the sadist of sadists, was (is) under the believers everywhere and he thoroughly enjoyed everything his fanatical followers have done innocent fellow humans over the centuries and still do according to their delusions with the Bible, the Quran or Holy Scripture as their guide.


It is a fact Jezus, Mozes, Ae­ron, and Salomon where Black.


Names were in biblical times also on the basis of religious fictions, prejudice, gossip, arrogance, and hypocrisy as such made and later in history slated again...

... Thus the "poor bad guys" (= Satan with his immediate followers) in "Helios" describes as' Lucifer and his demons, and the poor good guys (= Jesus and his entourage) were mocking the king of the Jews and his disciples named. See respectively; "Jesus and his disciples" (= Latin and means "pupil", nonviolent follower) later (after two centuries) after the death of Jesus called his followers Apostles (= Greek and means proclaimer and defender of a doctrine and in this case the teachings of Jesus); and "Satan (= Greek and means the evil leader of the fallen / oppressed) with his demons" (= Greek and means villains, violent followers.) ..


… Today, the original teachings of Jesus and Satan punishable by Law. Therefore one does not have to go play Robin Hood in this period (see Art. 47, 48, 287, 288, 289 & Art. 302, 310, 311, 312 and Art. 345 of the Criminal Code.)


… Here, the role of Jesus and Satan was taken over by the state and until now in a refined manner legally enforced by the government to the citizenry. All of the aforementioned criminal laws should actually be applied retroactively to government officials, judges and government leaders in the countries whose constitution is based on the Bible / Koran / Torah as the wages of the disobedient...


... This kind of evil people also belong in the garbage and should be immediately mercilessly nailed to a wooden cross, as has been previously applied to Jesus of Nazareth, according to the theorem of nature "Eye for an Eye, Tooth for Tooth!


… In other words; the thieves, crooks, and murderers are therefore are still the churches, the religious leaders, government leaders and supporters of the government in full regalia (the white collar criminals.) … This may today still do whatever pleases their God, albeit surreptitiously. And what concerns the concept of demagogy which the Nazarene (= Jesus the crucified) by the Jewish community of his time was punished with death, has been fundamentally criminal in the current law. But nowadays it has become forms by all kinds of democracy impossible to prove sedition at someone, because the law, the government, politicians and the people globally depending on the circumstances the arbitrary use of it.





 " HELIOS "is describable as a rough landscape with a hard rocky surface and thus was not suitable or could be made suitable for agricultural purposes or for livestock. ... In this arid region where anywhere rocks and stones scattered, was also rich in caves and caverns where Jewish and other indigenous outcasts themselves could settle or live at the time.


...  In this arid barren plains of "Helios", their permanent residence, there were no by sunlit fruit and vegetable gardens, and there were no with sunlit Sawa's to be seen under low-hanging rain clouds, but only a barren inhospitable wasteland, which enveloped in daylight was through the scorching heat of the sun and at night there was frost...


... Furthermore grew sporadically some tufts of grass, with great difficulty could procure food from the bone-dry and poor soil. And when it rained again this can be likened to a drop on a hot plate. Propertyless helios residents had by the barren soil of the "Hell" in which they lived, no chance to make food thereby agricultural applications.


… The only food sources in "Helios" were only the hard and inedible rock. Because of the large food shortage that prevailed were the Helios Residents forced to proceed to rob from the rich and to commit all sorts of minor offenses as Jesus advised the poor people in order to exist. These were being stolen and rob and thereby minimize the use of violence.


 The upper ten within the city walls were often the only ones who had plenty of food and wished to share under no circumstances with the paupers. The dispossessed in Helios had really nothing that could produce some food, and the support of the nobles they did not count, they were, after all by that godly society and the religious nobility of whom them through begging and petty theft were dependent, doomed and dumped to die. Steal of food was in those turbulent Roman times, the only way for helios residents to maintain somewhat life.


… This way of life was regarded as the most necessary must to survive. Under the authentic Jewish history, advised Jesus appropriation of other people's property and goods, provided that no use of force were made. His disciples could not kill nor cause another to his goods and chattels physical suffering or somewhat physically hurt.


... The orations of Jesus, which focused on solidarity, dignity, and humanity, were mainly focused on the pecking of other people's goods nonprofit which one always has to respect another's life, and by distributing the booty among themselves honestly. This is contrary to the thinking and actions of the other captain aka "Satan" (= Greek for a baddie.) … The last robbed with his companions (demons) the victims of all their belongings and then slain without mercy. And, all these crimes Satan has committed in revenge for what he and his family by the Roman rulers, using local collaborationist Greek and Jewish notables was done.


… This Greek dignitary who was named Satan of his oppressors, at that time, regarded everyone who worked with his enemy as despicable traitor and betrayer of the people. Everyone who contributed to the progress of the cruel Roman regime, in his eyes was a collaborator. Basically, Satan had also absolutely right in there, because most people who once arrived in "HELIOS" were forced to do so by using unprecedented violence by their cruel Roman rulers in consultation with the Sanhedrin.


… All this indeed happened in close cooperation with the collaborationist priestly power and with the cooperation of other indigenous collaborators, that the oppressed shall previously have treated cruelly or mutilated before they were finally expelled after they were first publicly stripped of their dignity and ancestral pride...


... Among the Helios residents were except ordinary citizens as proletarians, lepers, idiots, monsters, people with disabilities and others, thus leading notables who did not want to collaborate with the oppressors. As punishment, they were by the Roman rulers and partly on the advice of the local defectors (= the Sanhedrin) deprived of all their property and inheritance then evicted from their ancestral heritage and hunting grounds. And there was the biblical Satan one of them, he was a prominent nobleman of Greek descent.


... The intense anger and resentment that Satan (Greek for a bad guy) felt at the time of the Roman tyranny and against local ecclesiastical power were given his bloody Ramayana (= life story) understandable and not unjustified.


… In my view, had Mr. Satan at that time quite right to take revenge on his enemy and analog his views strike to fight his enemy, for if God approved injustice and cruelty against fellow men, why should he keep himself than to fictitious rules and laws, which were devised by virtue of the Sanhedrin by the same cruel nonexistent God?


Unfortunately, this unfortunate Greek Satan was later in history by Bible societies knowingly described as the greatest villain of all time and have fully equipped with horns on the head, glowing red eyes, black and ugly appearance, and according to the biblical fantasies Satan had also hairy goat legs. And note, this gentleman Satan will be modernized by old and new religions in the future for their own use, exaggerated and parodied for entertainment etc. The Religious mankind through the ages and through the hard way become resourceful, she has found many other ways to consolidate its religion in another believes experience less stringent manner, so in a new contemporary religious jacket.


 Therefore thus saith the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"Religious people will fall each in iteration because they are ingrained in their malignant religious life."


The brave men of that time


Under the former Jewish penal code and court documents were the biblical Jesus and his companions, as well as Satan and appearing, at the local Jewish law known as "repeat offenders."


... Jesus stole from the rich and robbed in association with his companions passing caravans of peddlers, merchants of their wares, and he divided the booty among his disciples and among his poor and hungry audience...


... How thought one else how Jesus came to the basket with sandwiches and baked fish, which he suspended his stay in Helios left hand out several times to his hungry audience by his disciples?


… Certainly not by magic or by a human miracle as in the Bible set put through dubious terms. ... And the stories of miracles and magic by humans' bullshit and belong exclusively at home in the realm of fantasy and fairy tales of the "Thousand and One Nights."  Miracles, according to human thinking not exist. In contrast, miracles do exist, these are the wonders of Nature.


The other side of the harsh Biblical reality that occurred earlier in the Jewish ghetto Helios was the rival of Jesus, namely the captain, "Satan" who took revenge on his way by killing his victims and to simultaneously rob their possessions, and he divided the booty among his loyal honest men.


In reality, Jesus and Satan were the brave men of the time. They protected both in their own way, the poor and the dispossessed, who were dumped into Helios to die by the religious elite class.



Therefore thus saith the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"Honesty, justice, and harmony are not inventions of the faith, but they are human necessities which are raised man by his personal or collective situation and environment. Honest mistake and honest good, both human virtues, which are neither good nor bad, but these concepts are to be interpreted according to human needs. Who wants to live must also let live and who wishes to survive must also allow survival because survival is the purpose of nature in our one earthly existence."




When the Hebrew and Coptic writings later in history AD. During biblical submission were snapped up by German Bible societies, this initially could not use it. But gradually it changed and became a Bible (book, role) dedicated and written on the basis of previously appropriated papyrus scrolls.


… This "ancient papyrus rolls" were at one point translated to the scarce data available to them at the time of Chaldees, Hebrew and other common signs and other indigenous Jewish (African) and Oriental languages. This was because the Hebrew alphabet was already centuries before it was unreadable and lost 90% gone along with the peoples who also possessed the relevant knowledge. Nowadays they stoically continue translating the meantime found and excavated Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient writings as old custom.


… In other words; "applying the former by Bible societies invented alphabet, (based on indigenous languages, that according to their interpretation" maybe "it could be written and which was later converted into Latin," which was co-formed from different indigenous languages), for the translation of these days pecked authentic Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient writings. That is to say; Catholic Bible or the biblical version of Jewish history was all wrong and besides, not complete, even now.


… One will never get completely Jewish history because the original alphabet that was used by ancient Jewish and Asian peoples to biblical times, is as long dead as the Dead Sea itself. That also means that the then scratchy concocted version of the old indigenous Coptic and Hebrew languages by Bible societies in which their first Bible was drafted, does not apply to the translation of these days looted Dead Sea Scrolls (usually from old graves picked for a so-called investigation after these roles eventually end up in the safe and then never come above water) and other ancient writings that actually the history, philosophy and include chronicles of far-flung civilizations, peoples and kingdoms.  …



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"The Bible is written by power mongers out of self-interest, greed and out of pure material gain. For example, the Bible was filled with the history and philosophy of life of many indigenous peoples in the changing temporal aspects. These evil people (God ministers) initially, the low knowledge they possessed, avid abuse by interpreting the then captured papyri while dressed in their own idea, and where one could make head nor tail of it has been just omitted or invented there. It was well aware of the fact that the captured papyri were only fragments of ancient peoples and in many cases actually occurring only apply to the Administration of far-flung cultures.”



" Read the Bible and look at it properly, it will, except for the aforementioned but also detect plagiarism in old and newfangled doctrines of religion professors as being their original divine passages that were committed by various Bible societies in that time and today commit yet. In reality, religious leaders throughout the ages are all that misappropriated behalf of their God.


... Most of the biblical stories are all specific to the history of various ancient Greek, Jewish and other native Eastern peoples. It has been established that the elite class of yesteryear was the oppressor of formerly and today's elite is the oppressor of Now.


… Look for this purpose to the rich; all their accumulated wealth is indeed lawfully pecked at each other, and all of that obtained by peers (people) to exploit through mental violence under the guise of "it is God's word," "in the name of Allah" or on behalf of "democracy" or what one means by this. 



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"(God's) Belief is an illusion, which has brought out that over the centuries only doom and gloom with him and these two evil today is still going on through the system of legality."



 See; the mandatory rules of the past, this is souls hunt through violence or threat of violence, the former method of God ministers in the name of fictitious gods, is housed in the recent time in a democratic jacket which can undoubtedly be considered as the hidden sanctimonious legal system, which is legally commits spiritual and physical violence to others and promotes. And this legal violence is a typical feature of societies that pursue the same legal system (democracy.) Please note; democracy based on biblical standards or self-centered criteria of what is meant personally democracy and drawn by professing Christians rulers; see among others the US Constitution, the Dutch constitution, the English constitution, the Surinamese constitution, and so on.


 … Look towards "mental violence" to do so to the religious government globally compared to its nationals; if the government will suddenly be rushed tax measures and the people imposes all sorts of irrelevant tax increases, the people must conform to it, either willingly or unwillingly. There is often almost no opportunity to oppose one or more statutory provision imposed by the government. Or if from one day to another, social or other restrictions on the people were on her apparently not reasonably be expected to adhere to this, the civic nation has to undergo the forced measure anyway. Usually, it was taking the opinion of already formed before a legal measure so far reached the people, and protests against it often now implemented by the government in breath wastage.


... That were only a few examples of mental violence. And see then taken to the method of religious tinted government all over the world, it will always be driven by the lust for power and greed, only to pull her confreres in all public services and facilities intended for dissidents will they scrupulously suppress or repel all sorts of ways. This occurs daily global perspective in which so-called democratic countries that are afflicted with the belief in God in any form whatsoever.


… In other words; religion now called unofficial policy, because the residents are now by government lawfully mentally and physically exploited ironclad suppressed and finally silenced. In other words, politics is the newfangled form of religious confession, because everyone is in this present system of government with its self-devised rules and regulations willfully cheated where they are located.



 Therefore thus saith the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"For religious leaders, faith professors and religious societies are generally true that they attract only those where self-interest and religion is the basis of their individual lifestyle."



 On closer view, the evil religious fictions, such as poltergeister, ghosts, Nosferatu, Satan, demons or devils and others, all creepy creations of god professors and gullible people. In general, the most unpleasant things have also been devised by them, mostly from self-interest, greed and out of a purely material point of view. Here the subjugation wars of Bible societies were indeed aimed at (Crusades, witch hunts, etc.) And all misdeeds that while faith professors committed against the innocent humanity were all dismissed as the will of their imagined or scriptural god (s). At the moment am the disguised form of this biblical afflictions by some religious groups deliberately continued, albeit hypocritically and otherwise of such scope still steadily continuing.


… But according to some god professors is not everyone chosen by "the god". This kind of people often claimed that only they and their own associates are the real Christians, and the rest muddling around at it. Also provided by this that malicious groups ie sects, the Bible and Koran apply only as a welcome addition in which the concept Bible and Quran is translated as their word of God and not as written in the Bible.


… But this does not surprised me because bashing each other, also descended from biblical times. But what is the definition of Bible; how the concept Bible actually occur and from where is it derived? 



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"The term Bible is derived from the Greek Biblios (= book or writing, role), and so it was with all the others and for religious leaders useful concepts such as Helios (= Hell) which God ministers have secured and completed their god's stories. The Romance languages Latin included are largely created from several former indigenous languages such as Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic include other Chaldeewse languages Finesisch, the Polinesisch and miscellaneous. "



This was possible because Bible societies, the historical narratives have snapped up and inaugurated by former indigenous peoples through violence and genocide. While the indigenous rulers of God professors in the name of their self-invented god (s) were beheaded or were killed in another violent way, the other very young minor population was subjected to their biblical authority, because the children are susceptible to various influences and a very easy prey, and time does the man very much forgotten and unlearn. Once in the grip of the religious vicious circle were the fledgling subjugated by servants of God on behalf of their God almighty merciless physically and mentally exploited and oppressed. And those who sputtered against or did not wish to submit to the Biblical authority were simply destroyed. Furthermore, the "elect" (religious leaders) soon in their Bible made the necessary adjustments and gradually provide for the ruler's acceptable precepts which their misdeeds on somehow were justified as "the will of the Almighty" God."


… Moreover, religious leaders have the doctrine of abstract sciences enlisted. Many ancients believed in a sober manner, in above and underground good, evil spirits and dark forces, they have been recorded as such as part of their ancestral tribe doctrine; Animism, which belonged to the subject peoples, was abused by greedy god professors in order to realize their own goals, these are namely lust for power, abuse of power, to steal other people's homes and property under the will of their fanciful scriptural God.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"The indisputable fact is that the Bible is largely a twisted summary of Jewish chronicles in the line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and is fully completed with Eastern philosophy and mythology.… The so-called holy books all owe their existence to fabrications and Bible societies twisted folk history and other existing historical facts of foreign nations higgledy-piggledy. All these data were acquired under the line of what faith professors considered their truth. ... And for god professors is generally true that the truth should be spoken and said only as long as their not offend or may not affect their power because the truth is usually only what they want to see themselves as truth. This was at the time the conduct of the "Gods", and they could not argue with the gods, even not yet!"


The hypocrites and their many hobbies.


In this time, the Bible by religious leaders every day and randomly adjusted and applied depending on the circumstances, and further provided for the group acceptable precepts. This creates a Bible or holy book, just as Kalvijn did, even the Jehovah's, the Baptists and many more after this. Furthermore, it is widely noticeable how hypocritical and vengeful religious people actually still are relative to other faithful fellow human beings and the jealousy which is incorporated often knows no bounds.


... If one considered the preachers of various houses of worship, on closer inspection, one finds that all Religious Leaders each one thinking along the line of their self-devised religious doctrine, that they have it right. They claim to do so in cumbersome wording pertinent, mostly driven by ambition, arrogance and greed, that only they are inspired solely by hypothetical higher powers and the "God" or the belief of another is in their eyes fake, says not divinely inspired. Theistic belief is selfishness galore, it's just that you know, and who knows this once seems therefore no longer tempt, or else one is also lost.



Therefore thus saith the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"Being a Christian or a follower of the Bible or Koran does not guarantee sincerity and goodness, on the contrary, given their" invariably false behavior "towards the neighbor through the ages. Although each one is free in his own religious experience, but living beings are individuals who have only been on the basis of the living being to the right of self-determination, therefore no one has the right to lead a people's life, to mutate, send or control. No one should have faith in God nor his lifestyle to impose to another ."



 One sees examples around which the faithful and elect their God actually understood under peacefulness. They make each other fraternal off; they do not give each other the light in the eyes; they stand on behalf of their God and their morbid lust for power each quirky to life; they judge and condemn one another cowardly manner, while they all adore the same Bible and the same God.


... In other words, believe in a "God" means gaining a license to be allowed to play with impunity and arbitrary kinds of outrages against each other and against other people. Look for this purpose to the mutual wars and contentions of now, they all have a religious cause and effect. And from here all their crimes against innocent humanity are now still dismissed as the will of the Most High God. Believe Confessors nearly all have as a stop word :


- "it is the will of Allah, and then they call almost always in unison" Allah Ho Akbar ";


- "It's the will of the Lord God";

- "It is the will of YHWH";


- "It is the will of their individual almighty and merciful" God "the Lord." ... And all the aforementioned string of uplifting words, with regard to their religion, are the license to the repeated and unpunished committing atrocities in the name of their beloved sadistic God, who is also a treasure of a devil! Aside from the fact that there are religious groups who even claim daily heavy battling with demons, we can not ignore the fact that people who have such strange twists in their head, are never to be trusted.


... In the name of their God or Satan, and in the name of their holy spirit and superstition, the pious man murdered for centuries, and other people's possessions misappropriated, and their fellow-creatures just chastised etcetera.


... My conclusion with regard to this kind of religious figures; their faith in their God is inconceivably absurd and especially stupid. Most of the believer mankind is stripped with a strange twist in their thinking, and most are in one word insane!


... It will undoubtedly be a boon for humanity when religious leaders and government officials themselves massively checked so that injustices to which they like to misbehave against fellow men, become part of the past.


... Centuries ago, there were many gods and almost every nation in the world had one or more! Everything had to be stated, however, and for all there was one God. Now there is in accordance with Christianity still one God, their trinity, but not in all religions, because the Gods are now lost count.


... And every day, more and more gods upon, and the sects arise as mushrooms. And what about the trinity; have three months dealing with believers and one will notice that they will fall more than three times in repetition within this period, with their whole Christianity and devotion.


... But if ever the faithful are wise enough all together and face the reality, then they really understand that God, like most Him, Her or It consider and fear, is a legend rest, a residue and nothing more.


… Which believer now ends up in heaven? He or she always comes up in Hell of another faith here on earth. And as sincere believers think that there is a paradise after this earthly life; I wish them all very much "Bon voyage et long retour," or, "Go and do not come back!" No, but for believers feel little or nothing! Why do not they desire lifelong to the dead so they can be as soon as possible in their Garden of Eden, but instead, they try with all their might as late as possible to die?


... My experience is that most religious people of the sanctimonious kind. Initially they behave in general at the first meeting itself very sweetly and kind to others, but in the meantime they are malicious and sneaky like the plague.


… I have often wondered this, "How can people who especially nowadays know incessantly certainly argue the good in their Bible and always on the intrusive argue from this that their" God "is love and the bringer of harmony between living beings themselves and so more, yet nevertheless can have a great fun to harass and bully other living beings?


… But, how will God ministers do so dissenters understand that their God is gracious and merciful, while she against dissident fellows exhibit permanently intrusive religious behavior which is reflected in their democracy and polity?



Thus says the doctrine of "Vishnuh":


"Religion Figures that their belief in God at indoctrinating way imposition to another, are usually the descendants of those who earlier organized witch hunts, crusades and inquisitions in the name of their Jesus or on behalf of their self-invented God and their pious ancestors were the first in line to indoctrinate the innocent people and torture; and they also saw the misdeeds and sins deeds which they have committed consciously from higher inspiration against innocent humanity, just as their God-given religious diversity as a welcome addition and pastime in their religious life. Evil is thus very deep in their blood.”



 "Nowadays, use the descendants and followers of the former witches and inquisitors only those passages from the Old Testament, which are in modern times apply to their attitude towards life. But in the New Testament their whole attitude behavior is largely based on the humanistic principle of their "Jesus”, the martyrdom, and then only in conjunction with their own biblical formula of absolution (this is the act (s) by admitting the confession) with the prospect of a guaranteed chance of remission of all sins acts on behalf of God through the ecclesiastical power.



 Therefore thus saith the doctrine of "Vishnuh":


"The evil mankind has ever invented all sorts of formulas over the centuries to topics fellow men and to make them as difficult as possible. And if there's something no God or no law existed, then it quickly became a God or of a law provided."



 The Koran has existed about 1,500 years, while the first Catholic Bible (the Old Testament) was written a century earlier and was rewritten in 1520 which simultaneously with those of the New Testament are also written arise liked by emerging Bible societies had newfangled ideas.


... The ecclesiastical power has Impersonating Jewish chronicles as if the Bible is thousands of years old, but the only truth in this claim is that Jewish history and the history of many other ancient peoples in the Bible processed indeed thousands of years, but the Bible and other ensuing writings not.


... In other words; The Bible is an excerpt from the history of many indigenous peoples and based on various lifestyle factors, the Arabs have been copied from the Bible, then the Bible was globally parodied by various splinter groups which own ideas were processed and so got this kind of pecking and religion experience anywhere imitation by emerging churches.


… Everywhere in the world, was written on the basis of the Catholic Bible for a group acceptable Bible or other holy book. This was done more harm to the Jewish history against the then authentic Hebrew pieces.


... Although the New Testament and the newfangled doctrines which the renewed Jewish history has been processed and large parts of which indigenous history created a new writing, was brought these no significant change for the belief in God in general. Despite this, a legion religious groups still eagerly accepted this renewed religious story because of its large serving less stringent religious insight. Diligently gave the priestly and ecclesiastical power then answered the call of their charismatic leaders to realize their own God's Word; these were fanatical cheating others, writing, paste, merge and modify until their holy book took shape.



 Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"The Bible was written based on the Jewish chronicles and supplemented by erring knowledge of countless Asian peoples who were subjected violent by Bible societies and by divine inspirations and whose history the rulers were annexed, and what this global criminal organizations deemed unusable for himself was just destroyed by incineration or disabled in other ways."



Except that the Bible used primarily as a means of power was used to exploit and oppress dissenters, was there where the opportunity arose reckless invalidated. Moreover, the Bible was completed with own epics. To this end, a large series were indigenous gods, a few after, replaced by white gods and white heroes.


… Take the example of the former Mesopotamia, the land between the Tigris and Euphrates, the modern Africa; see Salomon was a negro king, who uttered an act of God according to the Bible, as well as Moses and his successor Aeron all of which were pitch black. According to authentic pieces and as described in the Bible were the persons in question as black as ebony.


... In other words, the African and Eastern peoples of today are almost all descendants of the Biblical peoples where (Mesopotamia), the cocky and believing mankind has begun to repent and genocide. During this belief by professors committed heinous crimes, their so-called conversion actions, all native gods were on the ground in their "book" (Bible) pooled from indigenous writings and history, which Bible societies pending their raids had captured.





  The topics, repent and torture of peaceful indigenous tribes were the first steps of Bible-minded to widespread and global human rights violations, physical and mental exploitation and horrific massacres throughout the centuries in the name of their God. Even your own Germanic, Celtic, Roman, Indian, etc. ancestors are all instigated by emerging Bible societies and their helpers (usually collaborationist ilk) violent humiliated, oppressed and finally massacred. After that, the descendants of those murdered tribes by religious social indoctrination were made religious and lyrical.


... It's actually very sad to see how these descendants have inherited the faith trauma of their ancestors and this shot traumatic faith majeure still nominate as contemporary solution.


… Study the Bible once accurate, then they will undoubtedly encounter the passages of treason, genocide and a lot of other offenses committed by Bible societies since biblical times.


… No religion indeed may rely on innocence, because the violent Catholic conversion actions were globally directly followed by the majority of the still existing religious movements also wanted something crumble in the pie. Thus the era of centuries of religious oppression was a fact of history. And Vishnuh-Society can know all this, because it already had the right to exist on this planet long before there was somewhat of Bible societies, churches, poltergeists and Satan minded splinter groups.


… Believe enthusiasts will endeavor invariably, by multitude of words, to camouflage their ground conversion rituals (= intrusive religious behavior, so the dissident fellows to return to their faith), with reference to the law of their rightful Christian society, where justice is firmly pressed while lawfulness degenerates into a Christian use..



Therefore thus saith the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"There will always be two kinds of people, namely those who are seeing, yet sit in darkness and those who are blind, but behold the light and containing the realism of the world and its closeness to nature sees and understands timely”



 … One should let everyone in his own value and dissenters should be left alone in mutual understanding, respect and harmony.



... Living beings (= human being) are equivalent to each other for some reason no one is more than another, but the only thing one person can possibly have more than his other neighbor, is material happiness and nothing more.


… Therefore the prudent man is only wise when one is satisfied with what one has, even though it represents in the eyes of another perhaps nothing or not much. ... Who, not bullied by this overbearing religious behavior nor wishes to be annexed must then maintain its own value. By continuing themselves in unity with Nature preserves one's own value, because reserves of nature inspired human values are the most important assets in the changing spirit of the times.


"The doctrine of Vishnuh is peaceful in nature, but at the same time writes the doctrine the following for that," if life is threatened by physical, mental or social violence or this attempt to do so, then it must be immediately done with human duty aspirations and friendliness is therefore taboo.


... Every living being has the ability to change and to act accordingly under the circumstances, but those who are led by illusion will not stand the test of time. Every being is an individual, each equivalent, woman or man, every living being is a personality. The rest (like characteristics, talents, skills, etc.) are related or personal nature and have nothing to do with gender or origin. We are all people / creatures that walk this earth, with the same insecurities, weaknesses, fallible and fears.


… But academic Knowledge without common sense is worthless, because they may have enjoyed training but if the mind is missing, then it is further away from home. Titles are meaningless, everyone chooses their own path, the one chosen for a custom book of life, another chooses what else they see fit. … Beyond that, not everyone has to collect money as life purpose nor the accumulation of material possessions, and the Vishnuh-Society has never sought to material wealth or power.


... Today, everything in life a lot easier when one has money, but what one has not, one can not spend.



 Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


 "Wealth is life itself, and power is the pursuit of the materialist."



 Without a doubt, and without asking questions, or without a definition to require I gladly take on, that every man may have been inspired (are) by hypothetical higher powers or other good and evil spirits, according to the source of their Bible, holy scriptures, epistles, Tripitaka, Bhagavad-Gita, etc., yet all are the products of the human mind.


 ... I respect the fact that everyone has their own opinion no one else has. Everyone has a perspective that no one else has. Everyone has the right of self-determination and self-preservation. Every living being has the right to life. Each is endowed with the powers of the comprehensive nature.



Thus the doctrine of Vishnuh says the following:


"Every man has to respect the creativity of another human mind, provided one dissenters who do not wish to belong to their group or do not want to join a particular group to be left alone so that mutual respect.


… When someone indicates that he or she is a "God" or Goddess is or what it is, it should be this person on grounds of humanity to accept without delay as such, but under the condition that he or she (God human form) dissenters respects and the other generally serious, equal and fair deals in the natural position - one must first consider the good of another before the bad.


... Moreover, good and evil must never be tested against any religious doctrine whatsoever, but to get a clear look at these things one has to first assess themselves and to face their own share of what is going on. The outcome promotes the reality which one will always be true to life itself and which one will also be able to act accordingly justly towards all living beings. Good and bad are products of the human mind, which is redirected by the man himself can become appetites and-or charges."


  … In a materialistic society, the concepts of good and evil often linked to material facts, for example, anyone who has acquired enough finances in any way, then such a one usually labeled as well, even if the person is a white collar bandit and-or ruthless criminal who meets these well disguised biblical criteria. But who possess little or nothing in this society is regarded as bad, and even if they possess something which no material power nor money can be related than they count not at all.


Doing good for others, or someone helpful, now does meet a whole bunch of problems. In general, most people are ungrateful, and help another is almost prohibited by law.  So even the legislation which is being used by the government based on hypocrisy, so that one often does not know what is allowed and what is not allowed. And only the government can afford everything, because she is the minister of God.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

He and his supporters are hypocritical to the skin;


Yell as Hosanna in the Height is with the evil so slippery gel;


Preach about charity is with God and the church vice versa;


Speaking of the devil, those who claim that demons exist project themselves;


Christian is not a guarantee of love and kindness;


Rarities, which is the belief in what is not, and that makes fatigue;


I, I, and the rest can choke is the standard slogan of faith;


Donkeys stumble several times a stone, but that's just superstition;


To Babylonian confusion and genocide believers say you're welcome;


Angels do not exist but dangle on a rope, which they are nevertheless allowed to mine;


After each stoning the believer pro absolution, because Heaven and Hell Walhalla mean for believers stay of execution.”



The Vishnuh-Society


The learning from Vishnuh are made up of thousands of years of ancestral empiricism in various fields and ancient wisdoms and where there was no name for it, got from the Vishnuh-Society an understandable name and was equipped with a logical explanation.

Empiricism (= philosophical belief that all reliable knowledge based only on experience and finding)


All these observations were then recorded and used only as a first warning, life lessons and guidance for the benefit of her own clan. And the religious activities, which in some Lontar books Vishnuh-Society are housed, in which the rise of Bible societies and their gruesome method set put, now are still among the metaphorical inheritances within its own order, and so it went on from hand to hand.


… This strategy of knowledge transfer is one of our survival methods by which the spiritual beliefs of the Vishnuh-Society survived Nature. The philosophies of the Vishnuh-Society are ripe minded and her self-esteem, impeccability and righteousness against nature are also remained unscathed by the originality of its educational system. For example, will continue to be always, such as analog, the Suwalapatra is transferred. 



Therefore thus saith the doctrine of Vishnuh:


“Nature thanks, that we believe in our work and lifestyle, were not inspired nor protected by hypothetical higher powers or the like, but totally inspired and protected by our natural survival instinct, which are given to us by Nature....


... We take everyone seriously that also takes us seriously. We are furthermore sincerely against anyone as far as mentally needed....


Furthermore, we only punish those who do not otherwise deserve, and we only respect people who respect us too...


... We "may" trust everyone who gives us his confidence, but we distrust anyone who is unreliable...


... We also love everyone who loves us and we despise any one who is so arrogant to think that they are more than us...


... We welcome every man or woman who is well disposed towards us and want to belong to our clan, but we prevent those who are malevolent, to come to us...


...And we close our minds off to all who believe in gods and devils, but we are open to all people who are well disposed to life and nature...


... We fight anyone who wants to impose on us, but we fight and stand up for other people who are selflessly towards everyone.”





God, Satan, or Lucifer, Poltergeists, Devils, demons and other dark forces, exist only in the minds of those who believe in it. The current Humanity must preserve itself in fact for today present mental violence, that the present method is of God servants and law enforcement officials for their own glory. The concept of risk will always be present and felt in every social form. Danger will never disappear because the human brain represents the danger itself.



 Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"The danger comes from and by people and not of and by gods, demigods, demons, Lucifer, Hell or damnation and the like, which are all derived from the traumatic experiences of faith by biblical oppression of the past, namely the genocide creations of the religious, the greedy and arrogant humanity, thus concocted by evil men."



 … The Vishnuh-Society is liberal, because by then she was well aware that all so-called gods and mortals anyway would not survive nature. The doctrine of the Vishnuh-Society are not holy, but realistic. Everything is explained and everything has a reason, whether natural or spiritual. Admittedly, not all natural phenomena can approach analogous scientific way or be clearly stated, but mentally think is the most logical where there is no natural explanation. We (Vishnuïsts) worship no gods, for the gods have not survived nature. … Nature does not belong to man, but we are living beings belong to Mother Nature.



 Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

"Life is a gift of nature, therefore one should not ruin the life, but to make pleasant for everyone. Life is way too short to afford any unpleasantness. All who regarded life as a gift of nature, and this one-time existence wishes to sweeten instead of ruin, must dare to live and do not go wasting his time with inhibitory dependencies. One must not only exist, because living beings are individuals who have a right to life, freedom of expression, self-defense and freedom of choice.


... Everyone must still dare to stand up for themselves because life is indeed a one-time gift of Nature and no old dirt. Nature is the creator of all that was, that is and who is to come. Due to nature, life is ever shot of water and so has nature of each kind of living creature spawned a prototype and each respectively with the insight and purpose in the subconscious to perpetuate its kind and produce.


... The gods were powerless because they possessed no power nor the strength to survive nature and resist. For this reason alone, nature can never be created out of inspiration by a hypothetical higher power as god (s) or demigod (s) that their existence function so far is still very iffy and still completely unclear; but Nature has created itself through its own force of nature."



This is an irrefutable truth, there is proof that this "gods" were actually ordinary mortals, who by an evil group of fanatical followers and admirers in the course of centuries in bad faith were deified. Therefore gods will always come and go, but nature will forever exist as the only realistic and natural source of life. And when we talk about a superior and indestructible power, then it concerns only the one true benevolent power. This is Nature itself, and nothing and no one else. 


… Gods are therefore fictions of the vain and greedy humanity that anyway no existence function can be linked. But Nature is not fiction but harsh reality.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"The gods are dead centuries ago and nature still survives as the origin of life and the source of all life, that is, that was, and for a very long time will continue to produce."



The concept of God in fact represents the ignorance of religion professors. In addition, it acts incompetence and belief in hypothetical higher powers as a refuge and the only remedy for the weak and feeble mind. Therefore only stakeholders will interpret the Bible according to their own idea, because like all religious writings can also be explained for good and at its discretion. And those who use the Bible for evil and use it for self-enrichment and abuse of power, do all this under the guise of legality and malice. Wherefore, to always keep in mind that even fools can speak wise words.


… For this reason, the foolish man who is wise, first learn to distinguish the diversities of life in what is true and what is false in order to understand himself and life. The prerequisite what man in his life to do for his happiness is to know themselves and understand before he / she proceeds to slavish imitation, because normally it's not all cooks who carry long knives. People change much faster than the leaves of the trees.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"By epigonism (= slavish imitation) creates a wealth of material knowledge, which in reality are always the cause of spiritual poverty. And spiritual poverty inevitably leads to total destruction of life. ... If one wants freedom from spiritual poverty, one must will acquire spiritual knowledge. spiritual knowledge and understanding can not be obtained through academic training or through religion, but through self-discovery."



The man does in general always difficult everywhere on while everything can be simple and easy?


... Everything around us is relative, because if one is now socially advanced or one currently rests on laurels, but let it not escape you that tomorrow is as relative as today. And when the relativity of things suddenly opens and the day of truth comes when man is confronted with his own thoughts and ideas, he will know his true friends in time of need and sorrow. This one will then start to see and understand why everything is relative and why any warning is in place. Then they will come to realize why one should always oppose spiritual poverty and defenses, because the danger comes from and by people. One should always defend themselves against evil power influences. The above-mentioned concepts indicate how precious life really is.


... Even nature is defending itself from time to time where defense of life the most necessary and the most logical.



Therefore thus saith the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"It is not knowledge but understanding. Knowledge and understanding are two different realities embodied as dust. Intellect is obtained by combining a variety of thinking and pedagogical living factors. Intellect is similar to a blank piece of paper that can be set arbitrarily, and this blank page should be described with spiritual knowledge. This is a matter of logical axioms and not difficult to understand, because "simple thinking is the key to understanding, and understanding is gained by simply thinking."



The Vishnuïsm aims to make the fellows aware of the reality around him. This one is taught to the place of man and all that lives in it purely to determine that the righteous man is not absorbed into the vicious circle and it gets lost. The Vishnuh-Society only opens the eyes of people who are fallen asleep by their environment through mental violence.


The Vishnuh-Society needs no recognition of her philosophical learning. She is nothing and no one accountable regarding her life beliefs, axioms and all that which the doctrine of Vishnuh means in the broadest sense. This is because the Vishnuh-Society had a right to exist on this earth before there was somewhat of Bible societies, churches or poltergeist and ghost-minded splinter groups.


... In a materialistic society is true, today it is approved and disapproved again tomorrow, this is normally the state of affairs in a materialistic society, but who at the bottom of the social ladder does not count at all. But who is wealthy obtain all kinds of privileges, and with money to buy almost everything that one thereby automatically have the ability to buy off even the gods. Many people buy into a state, in politics, making them almost inviolable. Politics has now become the new belief in God.


Most people understand so far not yet exactly what faith is, or where you actually have to believe in or from which theistic belief exactly exists. This fact is clearly visible in the modern behavior of faith professors in their religious or political assembly, as this form of confession only proves one thing; religious people are like wildebeest herd animals. This is because the believer is usually afraid to be alone. And generally most people do often from boredom to things or by some social pressure, otherwise they are at risk by their own group or circle being rejected or excluded.


... In theistic belief instance, people are frightened with fabrications about the devil, Satan, Hell and damnation or other fictional diabolical demons. Some people are very sensitive, and others who all let this overwhelm usually have no choice. They go with the flow as it should. Others are forced by their mental and social environment, family, friends with whom they have a certain band, but in most cases, to explain their docility as fear of being ostracized. Most people are afraid to be alone, because they have no backbone or they are cowardly created by the system and encapsulated by the vicious circle.


The spiritual power of the individual captured by faith in a God become so undermines allowing release of the spirit will always encounter resistance. And who is not family bound and free themselves from the yoke spiritual wishes which they are embedded therefor also simply no chance. This is because they are located in the middle of the vicious circle. By habituation and consistent with the generally accepted views of countless religious and political systems, man must not be themselves. Also the hypocrisy of the hypothetical belief in higher powers is unprecedented.



... Religious Leaders and their sympathizers are like a bunch of spoiled children. And when children do not get what they want they usually go stamp their feet and scream; this is similar to the behavior of some people, that when someone does not moderates or sympathizes with the church or politics (the government) and its opinion not shared, then his name heartless defamed, or become suddenly describes as heretic, whether it is the work of the devil and so on.


… Out of laziness, the gods, through existing and new-religious movements, got a number. God, number one is their main deity (their divine Father, this is actually referring to the first instigators of the church) that his followers have turned to selfishness, murder and genocide of innocent humanity. God number two is a demigod (their son) who has become the cruel successor of its predecessor.


... God number three is the "holy" spirit that the unstable man has made more unstable. ... But what the Holy Spirit is and what this content, "only Joost should know!" Keep in mind, however, that the church itself intended and as formerly always pointing to himself, because the hierarchies within the first Bible societies of the past and present were (are) the evil gods and holy spirits personally, the former founders of religion. A primitive sort of will that prefers to be overlooked by the gullible Jacob.


...The three aforementioned gods who form a unit under biblical interpretations (the Trinity), can be considered important and very popular, as they jointly bear the nickname "HYPOCRISY". But do not forget the other evil by Bible societies invented biblical gods and define the concepts apply to these that Bible societies and their supporters through deceit and guile centuries have brought the people.


… For example, as "God" 666 their biblical "God" of material greed and jealousy. Then you have "God" number 999, this is in fact their demonic "God" of unprecedented brutality and ruthlessness.


... Further their "God" 333 of violence and oppression. "God" number 777 of spiritual poverty and misery and so on. These are all kind of gods that have ever been created by Bible societies, churches and supporters on the basis of self-interest, selfishness, ambition, haughtiness delusion and lust for power which they their God (s), demigods, demons etc. as captain of their misdeeds have been appointed. All the aforementioned so-called sacred numbers made up by faith professors with the intention to make the gullible people still gullible, stupid and scared.


… Thus, Latin was (it is biblical language which is composed of former indigenous languages) that Bible societies have launched global and self-invented in the Renaissance = renewal of philosophy of life and art under the influence of classical antiquity and other phenomena of life in literature, fashion, art (God's) faith, etc. it all began for the first time in Italy in the 15th and 16th centuries.


… And the end result of all brewing with language, people, history, and culture has become "A Great Religious Mess."


... In the olden days, and even now, the religious humanity was saturated by the number of gods in stock. And if they for once had behaved with dignity, then there might be something good to say; but no, on the contrary, because the gods and their (called out by themselves) earthly masters, they worshiped throughout the ages, were anything but peaceful, they raged, raged and cursed wherever it could. Here they ate themselves literally bursting and they drank themselves full until the gods own head was literally bursting; they gambling for people; they did trade for their own pleasure in people; the one wanted an even larger building than the other. The one found himself more perfect than the other; the one trampled the 'mob' 'under him worse than the other, and so I can go into a lengthy diatribe about the divine human behavior from centuries ago, but I prefer to confine the meaning below.


... Remember that when a Roman Catholic, Muslim or otherwise credulous with his index finger pointing to another believer, there will always be automatically three or more fingers pointing at himself whose Catholic is calibrated at three fingers according to the trinity.


... Look forward to the current religious man, generally one perceives a direct literal reflection and imitation of the despicable behavior of the gods of yesteryear. In other words, most of the modern man through all those centuries, has nothing absolutely nothing learned from her ancestral past, they are just downright become imitators of that bunch of opportunists above with their captains below.


Here I will describe you some habits which are taken from pagan superstition and tradition of the past, by the church later in history has squandered into a religion arise use. Now let me just go and describe the true facts: - the belief in a sky god dates back to 4000 BC..


... Greece had Zeus Pater, or father of heaven, also God of struggle and triumph. Ancient Greece had one of the Titans Hyperion, was the father of Helios- sun god; father of Selene goddess of the moon goddess magic, which they later gave the name Artemis, and later the name Heclulatus; father of EOS dawn - the dawn; and grandfather he phaëton- that sparkled.


…. And then you also had Gaea- ie GE in Greek Gaia- which had the role in ancient Greece Goddess Mother Earth. She came after Chaos and she brought forth Uranus the heavens, and she became the mother of the Titans, Cyclops and Hecatonchiren, and in later times also of the Erinyes, the Giants and Typhoeus, which were all monsters.


… Chloë- gr. the verdant - in Aticca one of the manifestations of Demeter, mainly as protector of the young green.


... Chimera 1 gr. myth. Fire-breathing monster with lion's head, goat body and dragon's tail - swept Lichë- until it was slain by Bellerophon using the horse Pegasus.


... Rome had Jupiter as the heavenly father and also God of battle and victory.

... Egypt was Amon heaven father.


... Baalbek had Helio-politanus, sun god and father of heaven.


… Doliche-Commagene had Dolichenus .........

  ... Scandinavia: Fenrir- A giant wolf-son of Loki. This endangered gods and men and was overpowered by the gods, and then with the greatest effort of the gods, he was deep under the earth to a rock-bound; this same Fenrir would at the twilight of the gods in the final battle, devour Odin and then in turn be slain by Widar.


 … The ancient Greeks: Selene- moon goddess and goddess magic - sister of Helios (sun) - in later times identified with Artemis and Hecate.


  ... The Silenen: The ancient Greeks originally forest spirits akin to saters- in extending the Dyonysus cult in Greece Silenen and satyrs were his followers.


1. Incense: Think of the incense use of the church, a practice that dates back to the pagan cleaning and voodoo rituals, the clergy took Voodoo a dangerous development, but realized that they would never be able to stop this practice, so they took there aspects over and mingled with the use of their own Bible. The Catholic Church uses this practice even at this time, then they still gave the explanation that Voodoo would be a devilish use and commanded them (the slaves) to abolish this practice, something that was not possible until now. 


2. Prayer Beads: The use of prayer beads is taken from the later-playing Hindu religion, the Buddhists and the Jains. She taught herself, invoking the name of Vishnu or Shiva to touch the prayer beads, lined up in rows of 12 times 9. This provides, through them, cherished number of on 108.


... I proceed deliberately not into what today is meant by Hinduism, which I do in another section of this book. ... From the beginning of the emergence of the Hindu faith and other ensuing religions in India, the Vishnuïsts had already left, and the prayer beads are then brought in by the notorious crusaders to Europe.


 3. Sacrifices: How about the famous moneybag, they let go around the church, they give an offering to the church, a use that has already been used by the population of 40 millennium BC, but here it was.. only instead of a God made a gesture for nature.


4. Carnival: The Germans always celebrated spring festivals in early spring. They hoped in this way to get a rich harvest. There were nights with lavish food and drink, music and dance performances with masks and sword fights were held. During the religious domination have made the religious majority a party of it, prior to a 40-day fasting period.

... As usual, the clergy have the benefit of self-written religion, the Germanic name of the party 'Faseln (thrive) produce rich fruit - Spring - change in the name Shrove Tuesday. It has the superstitious clergy, the number 11 (which they themselves regarded as the symbolic number of folly) called a crazy number. Therefore begin the long preparations for this festival always on the 11th day of the 11th month.


 5. Fasting: Incidentally, that same clergy had the first day (Wednesday) after Carnival declared as the day of atonement, a day when the faithful were drawn a cross of ashes on the forehead as a sign of mourning and penance. The aforementioned 40 days of fasting only be used under the term of Ramadan by Muslims, but in the month of September. … There are very few religious / Christian, who at this time are literally keep fasting in itself, it has become today an Islamic usage and some other existing religions, albeit in a modified form by virtue of a fanciful religious rite.


 6. Christmas: The Christmas use dates from a pagan Germanic light festival held in honor of the invincible sun; which they later gave a Catholic twist because the population was attached to this use. The population converted to the faith did not stop here and the religious leaders looked a nice means of exerting pressure in order to manipulate the people. People began to believe in to see Christ as the light of the world and put it in the darkest time of the year, on December 25 and 26. Incidentally, this birth of Jesus was first held in the second century AD. on 6 January and during the Epiphany celebration. The celebration in December dating from the fourth century AD.


7. Birthdays: Celebrating birthdays is also a practice that has its roots in pagan customs and how about the use at weddings namely - something blue, something old, something borrowed and something new, when a bride wear this than they would after the happy ending to the day obtain a prosperous and fruitful life.


8. St. Lucia: This festival is mainly celebrated in Sweden and well on 13 December. The story behind it is as follows; a young Sicilian woman named Lucia would marry a young man, her mother was seriously ill, but it healed, and from that day Lucia decided to stay single forever and give all her money away to the poor.


... The young man was furious and denounced it to the authorities, who, in their turn, punished with death. On said festival attracts the eldest daughter of the house's' morning a white dress, she deploys a crown with five lit candles on top of her head. Then she makes her relatives singing wake up and ask them to participate in the breakfast of coffee and Lucia cats (buns with raisins for eyes.) On this day also held parades and social gatherings, where one sings the traditional Italian Saint Lucia.


 9. Santa: This festival is derived from the Germanic Wotan feast which was celebrated around the shortest day of the year and therefore also the midwinter festival was called. Later, the clergy have the name Wotan changed in the name of a bishop living in Turkey, which by the church (as mentioned bishop was honored by many merchants and sailors) was named a patron.


10. Valentine's Day: During the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius the 11th was held annually a festival where the names of the girls were put in a box. After that every boy pulled a name out of a girl with her then, as a dance partner to celebrate. Incidentally, the name Valentine is derived from the names of three Christian martyrs from the aforementioned Imperial period.


... Later, at the beginning of the 14th century was in the Tower of London, the French Charles Duc d Orleans, he sent his wife love poems which he called Valentines. Since then it has been the annual reflexive use of sending gifts and poems set to February 14th.


11. Fireworks: Fireworks on New Year's Eve - this use is taken at the hands of Marco Polo, it has taken during his travels to China to Europe and the use of fireworks on New Year's also taken as such. In the Chinese party goes through the same time letting off many skyrockets and many big firecrackers made of mats, to chase away evil spirits (including a terrible monster called Nian), which s' night in winter the environment made unsafe, people were so afraid that they stayed inside until it was discovered that this monster was afraid of red color, fire and noise.


... From that time they knew what they had to do so with the new year the good spirits can enter. The clergy of antiquity and especially the Catholic Church had for many numbers an explanation that does more to own superstition than based on credulity.


… The aforementioned number 11 do you know already and there are more, you take the number 13 which is called the devil's number ie the unlucky number and this because it is a prime number that immediately comes after a salvific (12) number. Take the number 3, one has a father, his mind and his son made the well known trinity. The number 7 is called the number of perfection for three + four = 7, you have the triune God + the four earthly elements is seven.




Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


“So "faith, superstition and believe only lead to wasted effort and squandering of precious time and energy.”



 … Now you know who have made the first religious steps to global human rights violations and genocide throughout the ages.


... Now you know who the direct descendants of the biblical white collar criminals are and where the first Bible societies found their genesis and still exist (the Vatican.)


… Believing mankind must actually ashamed deeply for the resulting fact that it still adheres to the doctrine of the person (the assassins of faith in the Jewish "God"), who has humiliated and destroyed their ancestors inexorably in many ghastly manner, even now.


Long before the Germans went on the rampage and lived in caves (troglodytes), the Jewish people as well as its culture was well developed. Later in history have Germanic (it all started in Italy) Jewish chronicles annexed and then they undertook from time to time enemy concerted steps to kill the Jews. Before the Second World War began, the Pope, has the German demagogue Adolf Hitler blessed and this encouraged the extermination of the Jewish race and killing of dissidents in order to bring about the total destruction of the Jewish people, so that the truth of their religion as well as its origin for the world is hidden.



So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"The mind of man is home to the living fantasy, and who urgently need of troubles and misery, his God, the devil, the angels and the church is the best choice!"


 ... Think that effect to the numerous ancient civilizations and peoples like the Inca Empire and people that were murdered brutally by the Spaniards; think of the Oriental peoples of the former Mesopotamia, by spiritual leaders and with the help of the Catholic faith with history and all were exterminated. This brutal and inhuman behavior had over the centuries inherent to nature of faith professors who created all this only from selfishness and material gain, and with great contempt for life. These were / are the evil religion leaders in person, so the true gods where believing mankind ever talk about and still.



The doctrine of Vishnuh says:


"Everyone who is greedy and as a result who think differently suppressed them to silence, or kill with physical and mental violence or without a valid reason is undoubtedly completely incompetent and divine (= highly malignant)."


 This ignorance was formerly as well as nowadays still interpreted as karma (destiny.) And if god professors during their raids, a finger got from the other, they tried mostly all his might and with the resources available to them (the Bible as God's word and on behalf of his will which may happen) to obtain the desired. And most preferably they are appropriating surreptitiously the whole arm, because such practices can not bear the light.


... To come back to the pope; where birth control and retain the most needed in third world countries, the pope in his pride forbids the pill, well knowing that he would have less followers when the faithful still would use the pill, indeed every true Catholic is obliged to his church a monthly give compensation, it is logical that the Pope do not let eat the cheese of his bread. The general slogan as a cover of Bible societies and churches is as follows herewith; how stupid the people how faithful it is.


One knows the stories or which church leaders from the history of the Bible their own church community have indoctrinated, among others "when it rained then were, they thought, the angels who urinated on Earth from Heaven," is someone raped or molested, then that was the will of their "God, etcetera." And someone dies in cruel fashion at the hands of another person or in any other way, it was already their "God" that man has same called unto him. This is because God supposedly in heaven would need a building block. When all that man happens to negative or positive, was that their "God" or the Lord Jesus, that there in one way or another had a hand in.


... In everything the faith professor gets up or is attributed to the work of their sadistic "God." How else one thinks how the Catholic Church and other applicable prominent religions got their wealth? Only by deception, oppression, malice and genocide throughout the ages. Just remember at the time of the Spanish Inquisition and other Bible societies and sects conducted wars of conquest since Biblical times. 


… Do not forget that they have acquired their wealth through incest and unlawful appropriation of another's goods and chattels and by destroying other people's lives on behalf of the will of their evil "God." Which Christian humanity does present regarding relief operations to third world countries are concerned only appeasing the human conscience.


... Of course try god professors in collaboration with their religious leaders globally to keep a smokescreen as good boy and philanthropist, but meanwhile it is using that aid occasion, quietly continue to destroy other people's lives by introducing their now custom religion and self-devised law books , all of which were rewritten based on Christian values and biblical inspiration. Besides, this was complemented by Christian democracy or what society understands itself thereunder. And this is reflected in all current systems of government, because meanwhile nationals be utilized thoroughly, while elsewhere the government plays the Saint Nicholas, from purely personal interest. It is obvious who today are the Pharisees of old.


 … The doctrine of Vishnuh is also meant to each individual, to show the way, who wish to establish themselves and awakened. This so people the solidarity with the miraculous nature and realism of the world to realize in time. In the course of history, abuse of ancestral learning by miscreants led that one ancient writings with humans useful philosophical doctrines and viable ways of seeing, or wrong in its view, was interpreted and chronicled. In biblical times for each population group had its own version of the origin of the universe and of life, and each for himself appointed as an element of nature as their "God."


The Indians example, had Manitou as their main deity (the earthly nature.) The Germans had Wotan (the Germanic god), Thor, etc., and, like the biblical stories they knew a place of prosperity and a place of relentless punishment. These original survival learning, family chronicles as sagas, equations and the like, were initially ancestors developed in order to hold together their own group, but mainly from the need to survive, and to the everyday reality do not neglect in all circumstances. And was one of the main conditions to survive by always act in accordance with the living, nature and risk aspects. The aforementioned aspects are evident from Germanic mythology.


… Mind you, not the version that faith professors during their development might have invented, in order to impress the native Roman and other ancestors and mainly served to humiliation of the indigenous peoples; but the authentic Germanic doctrine which the lifestyles of the various Germanic peoples, ancestors and progenitors are described, still contain the original facts regarding the ancestors Woden, Thor, Frija, etcetera. And this pro biblical teaching is much older than the Bible which contains the authentic story of the German race, their tribe ancestral life doctrine (the Germanic gods doctrine and philosophy), inherent in many ancient and modern state religions.


... It is undoubtedly very shameful that some people have repressed their tribal ancestral gods doctrine and replace it with a new design philosophy through the book = Biblia. This kind of slavish imitation by modern profiteers testified far of respect for their parents / ancestors.


... Epigonism initially did its entry from the time that Bible supporters for profit created the Bible, which they later have further expanded in history for selfish (read religious) purposes. Almost everyone wanted to take advantage if they were religious or not, and much later it was common among the oppressed peoples, so today at no longer clear who can and who can not be trusted in the Christian or religious society.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh the following;


"Greed and Ambition can make humans foolish and evil things to believe."



But humanity can still give something back by rehabilitating her own ancestors. Now the 20th century at a time when Johnny, Peter, John and everyone claiming to be inspired by "something" or unexplained forces, whether they have seen the light of Jesus or influenced by their "holy virgin (= girl)" Mary, and so forth. … Therefore, it is under my feeling now also the right time someone stands up for his Germanic or other ancestors, namely Woden, Thor, Arjuna, Krishna murti, Kwakoe, Joliceur, Boni, Bagwan Krishnah and many others. Realize this, however, that people can be inspired by ancestors and guides.


… Therefore the Vishnuh-Society will support anyone who see the good in their Bible (philosophy) and transferring these good things in accordance with the reality and living conditions on fellow neighbors.


... Later in history (anno 1520) when the Old and New Testament was rewritten respectively and written by Bible societies, many world nations went individually or in groups and parallel own direction in order to familiarize themselves with another identity, to ground themselves into a new life teaching, or to discover their own egos by another route or to rediscover themselves.


... Thus many nations have their salvation in the Bible or their salvation found in Satanism or rallied under the influence of other foreign gods, ghosts, demons and vacuous creatures, or rallied in combination of all these (ie the sectarian experience.) Note that the term cult is also used to and inappropriately, because that concept is derived from the Latin (so again Bibles) and "Sect" means "group of people united around a religious idea and / or religious leader, usually as a separation of a greater religious movement."


... "The doctrine of Vishnuh is not a "religion" but a survival doctrine that man get to know themselves and the place of nature and everything that lives in it to determine pure.


It is human nature to be afraid of the unknown, because if people can not change things, they change the words, like the societies based on religion for thousands of years have done a long time, and still do until now.


... There were also Eastern tribes who chose a different path, and others continued their ancestral tribe teach faith as Vishnuh-Society, who chose the middle and neutral way, namely, "the tribe parental learning from Vishnuh". And these ancestors remained herein, loyal, steadfast and persevering until the bitter end, without having done previously innocent creatures injustice.


The Vishnuh-Society is friendly and respectful of everyone as a living being that, except in cases where the society not in any way can be expected to continue its philanthropic behavior towards the other, which has apparent way unlawful misconduct shown or showing against the other, thus should be based on justice under no circumstances the opportunity to join and also may not qualify for loving and longsuffering behavior.


The Vishnuh-Society is humane, liberal and where it is needed is tough but fair. The thesis of Vishnuh-Society reads as follows; "Well forgive but never ever forget because all which formerly came at the hands of arrogant people again and again by human greed and lust for power is susceptible for repetition and therefore will never be barred as long as greedy and malicious people walking around on this planet.


Therefore, at all times Be mindful, because the greedy and arrogant humanity is caught up in a tangle of malice to their own thinking and in accordance with their own delusions. So they will always fall into repetition in their religious behavior because they are stuck in their religious frenzy.


... Mankind needs no misery but peace with all virtues whatever one can invent together as prosperity, peace of mind, happiness and love. And all the good things that life sent automatically to its commitment with this earthly nature are just minor issues. We still meet all of these things on our way, because we (all living things) are part of the time and are chained to this.


The time does not move forward nor backward, but living things move slowly in time. " Regarding mutual peace is sensible that people not only pursue the path of righteousness and peace, but also to perform. Striving alone is taboo, but the actual fulfillment means life. In addition, the peacefulness to the needy are considered to be his servant and not as an imposed obligation. So everyone who exercised justice and this will be considered as his servant, always survive the unjust man permanently.


"Peace among all people is achievable by cooperation and harmony in the exercise of mutual respect and the application of understanding and charity. That is, that man by using charity to his fellow-creatures will again find the way to solidarity, justice and mutual understanding. And above all good human qualities are actually in man himself (= each individual) hidden, which include the common factors of "Peace" and "good".



 Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"Self-discipline is a guarantee of sincerity and a good life with all natural beings. By submitting to a healthy self-discipline, the individual will be able in every situation every time merely admit that which the individual in all reasonableness and fairness permissible and justified. Thus, the individual will not tend to get overdo it because excess harms. Usually, all that is too much, in fact unhealthy.”



Those who practice righteousness in all sincerity and this realization based on the moral law and the purpose pursuit of absolute knowledge of the spirit already have the ability to persevere until the bitter end regardless of the various risk elements in varying conditions and circumstances.


... The man has no illusions regarding the existing rigid order, because the so-called "rule of law" which is used by contemporary politics is primarily intended to make to evade justice systems. Legitimacy is now almost everywhere prevalent, and justice as usual still considered taboo.


... In a constitutional state legitimacy become tolerated or exuberantly welcomed by the ruling class and justice is rigorously punished. And the majority of the victims of any democracy, democratic bureaucratic exploitation and oppression will, as always, are the ordinary and poor citizens, but the elite class will normally be spared again as many times has occurred in the past.


… Time and space are endless, so the sensible man is wise to first completely banned the impatience and quietly wait for the time to act comes. Keeps the sake of reality forever in mind that the definition and the end result of religion and gods is the destruction of the earth; the end of all life; the end of the world; "Gods do not exist and Biblia is Fake."



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


”We are Vishnuïst, for us there are no borders, our eyes are wide open; our view is widespread and mind-expanding, never crusades, no more racial discrimination and racial hatred; believing mankind itself focuses on the merits and is like a mayfly. The only right that the religious humanity actually now has is the right to remain silent, nothing more! "



Although history has shown that religion promotes malignancy is nevertheless today the religious belief in its religious preaching in almost all religious countries reckless encouraged and firmly supported by the legal authority that her way of thinking, upbringing, education, legislation, standards and values based on the supposedly holy scripture of the ecclesiastical power.


…. Therefore the Vishnuh-Society versus this legalized evil has no choice, therefore she gives her opinion just furious and very seriously. From the heart there is her opinion actually come, but who the shoe fits, wear it and let especially the shoelaces not just stand. Who has not been charmed by what she says, which owns the real thing no people love and therefore does not belong on earth at home, but the nonexistent Heaven is surely his home. Who has no love for nature and life and for his fellow man, must inevitably follow its ultimate soul desire.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


- God and damnation is all perky humankind preaches;


- Their neighbor non-believer must pay for;


- The devil and demons are rampant in their brains;


- Of the 10 commandments and love they have never heard;


- And they use only those scriptures that suit them well;


- Reality and life sentence they do not know;


- Dumb and hypocritical as they are called;


- Wherever they come they sow injustice, grief and fear;


- With the devil and demons they make guileless numb and scared;


- Courage they never had, they are just to name a coward;


- And that their waiting a heavy ordeal of their own God, I do not tell them? 



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"We do not believe what we write and tell, but we write and tell only what we have observed and observing that mankind in general realizes and understands that what previously happened at the hands of evil people in the future may never be repeated and thus forever should belong to the past. 


… Faith and Belief, here we do not, as we are not holy neither hypocritical nor Chosen by God (s). Furthermore, we are not "religious" or "faithless" but we are "Vishnuïst" (read Vishnoewist) and completely inspired by the realistic survival learning of the Vishnuh-Society. Moreover, we are not Dutch, Indonesian, Surinamese, Indians, etc., but earthlings, so living beings ever created by earthly forces of nature.


... It is not relevant for the Vishnuh-Society that people born in an area that carries a certain culture and name. Everyone is born on earth, and we are actually all Earthlings. Thus, everyone has the right to be anywhere on the globe. We are all rightful heirs of the Earth. The Earth does not belong to man, but all that is belongs to Nature and Nature is for everyone! "



Now nearing the end of this book I, "Lancar Ida Bagus", turn as current Abbot of the Vishnuh-Society just back the clock. That's all I'm saying. This is because I not have the right to bring the gullible humanity sobering because purification of religions is the task of the religious and evil humanity itself, and this purification is already now widely evident, because look how the pious in world scale ruthlessly slaughter each other in the name of their Savior, or on behalf of Allah.


… I am only to reveal the teachings of my ancestors and this by telling people that love except only read, but also to learn something of survival thechniques from past peoples and their ancestors. I am also convinced that modern humanity will definitely learn a lot from the survival learning of the ancient Vishnuh-Society, which in all the centuries of the Church's world domination has managed to keep himself standing.


... Thus, everyone who wishes to remain itself and maintain its own value would receive support from us until the end of time. The Vishnuh-Society protects, represents and respects every living being as an individual and her followers are all individuals in an even larger individual (= the Vishnuh-Society.)


… The Vishnuh-Society is not conceited, therefore they do not hesitate to ask for help and material support by offering one or more learning materials to everyone who want to do something for someone else. But if you still want to give us something, give from your heart and your sanity without harboring ulterior purpose.



Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:

... "Hopefully, the vain humanity understands, on a good day, that large trees can be cut down and that small boys can grow rapidly."



...  The Vishnuh-Society knows very well who she really indebted and who will get help. In addition, the society knows who will remain only suspicion in the future and who will only apply prohibited. Humanity has throughout history demonstrated time and again that she was stubborn and obstinate, and in this respect it is largely still the same.


… Look for this purpose with an honest look at the Europeans, and especially the Dutch and the government, who are used to point to another with the famous finger, but they do not have the guts to examine their own morbid heart, let alone they go there once honestly explain who did what in the past.


... Remember that the lineal descendants full representation in government and anchored in a closed society. The belief of its oirs be explained as the result of hundreds of years of religious domination and the result of religious and social oppression, which led has to generation under a fixed preconceived pattern generation to acceptance by the majority professed belief system; the religious trauma. Historically religion as such as a weapon of progress used to enrich the elite group.


... Commonly, people who actively support the belief in God socially often good, but who adhere to a different faith or belief, is systematically suppressed. Today this is no longer the case, because the belief in God brings the rich more benefit, then this is the case with the poor believer.


... In other words, the monkey comes out of the sleeve. One believer is so troubled by his other gullible fellow, that repetition in the future, the outcome will remain of centuries of religious subjugation as a token of centuries of dominance and abuse of power by evil and arrogant people. And the result of all these factors together subjugation called ignorance.



 Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"Who is good for Vishnuh (himself), also possesses the ability to be well disposed another. Charity is a purely human matter of course, that may be used under any circumstances as power to bind another to politics, religion or church. Faithful or disbelieve, do not matter. Man can also help each other without having to ask anything in return. Who gives someone something with ulterior motives may exist here only forced affection. The Vishnuh-Society want unconstrained love everyone exactly as she loves unconstrained nature, and not by materialism or spiritual or social coercion.


… One must let each in his esteem without binding to the gift terms or conditions. And who Vishnu (h) nowadays still deified by name, may safely continue its course, because it will actually make no difference if we would prohibit emphatically deification of our ancestral tribe name Vishnu (h). And the name Vishnuh inherent in Hinduism, was once just a mortal flesh and blood. Vishnuh was the ancestor of the family clan, Ida-Bagus, Ida-Katut the Pandito and Banjar-Pande dynasty. And a family clan is a group of people who are considered to be derived from the same ancestor.


... We Vishnuïsts are non-religious, and according to Biblical interpretations pagan, thus born sinners. But our wicked conscience commands us in advance to share our knowledge with fellow people who involuntarily or of any religion whatsoever can use our knowledge to protect themselves against malicious peers...


...  Every living thing on mother earth automatically has obtained the right to use the givens of the miraculous nature in support of the abstract and the concrete body during its earthly existence.


... Never forget that nature is our pantry and only "source of knowledge", which never ever neglected nor should be destroyed;- primo, because we (living beings) do not have to right; - Secundo because we will dwindle and the end result of human exploitation of the earth's natural elements in its various natural aspects is the early demise of the human race and the end of all life, the end of the earth's natural forces and finally "the end of the world.


...But when the individual for her God's Ideal or otherwise still prematurely wish to die, then die the sweetest alone or together in dialogue with like-minded people who also want their earthly life to flee at an early stage, but let others who still feel nothing for death for what they are. See their earthly temptation whatsoever as God's sake, just like your zeal for self-sacrifice is the will of your merciful God! The distant past has been repeated but unfortunately every time, because the past relates to the present and the mindset of the present humanity.


… Today is today and yet to come tomorrow; after tomorrow comes a new day; then follow endlessly several days but never forgets that each day is as short and equal in length.


... The earth and nature not belong to us (humans), but we are living beings belong inseparably to Nature. Therefore, people; Live and let others live."...



… The next portrait is depicted here is called "Matchbox", so named by the Vishnuh-Society. This portrait present here as an example of a harmless fantasy devil that has sprouted from the hand of a Vishnuïst. This Matchbox poses as a "dressman" and not as a particular kind of monster or demon according to religious interpretations.
Name: Matchbox

Surname: Satana



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"Nature does not discriminate because of this we are all one. The monster shot from the miraculous nature and is not visible from the outside, but the monster is usually inside the hidden nature of man and therefore rarely recognized by externals. Handsome, ugly, etc. are human concepts that are irrelevant to Nature. Everything is shot from the miraculous nature, everything is nature's own. But who the evil power and malice of one or more samples or devils want to experience should certainly not be with us. "



… The Vishnuïsm is not concerned with monsters, devils, angels or ghosts or something of that nature. But those who want to know a devil or angel must go to the people who believe in Satan and similar dubious spirits or creatures. Sure enough, I tell you; the devil is the brother of the angels, just as Adam and Eve belong together.



The Doctrine of Vishnuh says: 

"Whoever believes in evil, it attracts to itself, because God and the devil hidden in the mind of man which can be transformed by it at any time to negative and apparent positive forces."



… Thus, the true, full devils and angels (= the religious humanity) for whom the unsuspecting humanity should be very afraid, however, still live today. This normally fill still faithful to the banks at the front of the "Devil's House" which for centuries "Church or house of prayer etc." is called!..


...  In general, the most evil demons often sit in their cozy church congregation, with a serious face and innocent to confess their sins to the priestly power, or lustily singing psalms. They are convincing pious bending or kneeling with hands folded in prayer to their God, but before the Mass is over, they have several plans already figured out how the next day they can go cheat clod or how to make money fast on the back of unsuspecting fellow men, or victims.



So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"How pious the mind, the greater the beast!"



… Remember some facts relative to a Vishnuïst. A Vishnuïst is explicitly non-religious, she also knows no distinction of race, rank, status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs. The Vishnuïsm does have a strong opinion about everything that has to do with religion, but discrimination or reverse assertion to whom or whatever is in the doctrine of Vishnuh nowhere on the agenda, because the doctrine of Vishnuh is assumed that everything around us is encompassed by the miraculous nature.


... It Vishnuïsm assumes, that the very existence of nature is the cause of everything, and therefore rejects the notion of a divine creator.


… Therefore, a Vishnuïst is not authorized to discriminate something from nature, as each is originally from the miraculous nature. We are all one. Therefore Vishnuïsm is publicly accessible, everyone is human. Everyone deserves a fair chance to present themselves effectively as a Vishnuïst. Furthermore, a Vishnuïst is a philanthropist who loves all that nature includes and constantly is out there to protect and defend nature and the innocent creature in the varying temporal aspects under all circumstances, regardless of belief in God and disbelief and regardless of their size, quantity or weight of the opponents.


Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"A Vishnuïst is someone who is a friend of himself and automatically a friend of everything and everyone. But who is no friend of themselves, which can never convey the notion of friendship to another, and can not have all the human living factors that play a major role in friendship.


... One must first be a friend of himself before being able to proceed to the realization of all dutifully dictated by nature with respect to life, which includes the love for nature and for life and for the comprehensive and indestructible universe.


... Who, can not find the elements of nature in themselves, which will not understand or recognize the value of life, and also it will not be able to proceed to the realization of harmony with living beings.



So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"Who is a friend of everyone, always tells it like it is, because it is a serious crime to go along with others in order to maintain the friendship. Who wants friendship with one another must be sincere to each other, loyal and humble. No one is more or less than another. And this is one of the obvious rules of nature, live and let live."




 Gurubesar Lancar Ida-Bagus



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