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A Javanese saying goes:


"Never be surprised when one comes across the truth where it is not expected, and do not expect the truth to be mild."



The Truth is hard and can be very painful


The following 16-page letter I wrote, Priest Lancar Ida-Bagus of the Vishnuh Society, following the announcement published in 1999, in the Sranang Koranti, of Suriname's Hands of Suriname Foundation.


... In this message, the Surinam Dutch are called with the motto "Krin Kondré", which means Clean Land, to assist in the construction of their motherland and to change this from colonial influences, as well as signals that interference Non-Surinamans are unwanted.


.. Since the aforementioned message strongly appealed to me about "Unity in Suriname and Hands of Suriname, and in view of the commotion in the Netherlands and Suriname originally created by the Coup follower Desi Delano Bouterse and consortia, I have, through my epistle In which I expressed my sincere opinion, would contribute to the construction and future of Suriname and its people without personal perception. 







Unfortunately, the Vishnuh Society has not heard of her writing nor the Amansio (the liberation game), which the Surinam government received from the Chief of the Vishnuh-Society at the time, by registered letter. Not responding to the letter in question and historical gift witnesses a rude colonialist malignant behavior by the Surinamese government, because the last thing one can expect is a confirmation of receipt.


Unfortunately, a large part of the Surinamese people, as well as her government, were bad, hypocritical and more selfish than their former anxieties and rulers were, according to the statement "the students surpass their masters."


In any event, the Dutch government was so polite and social to answer our letter, even though we were not much wiser about it.



On behalf of the Vishnuh Society




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