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... Through the centuries, people have a deep respect, but often had anxiety for both Picasa doctrine (black magic) as the devilish art. Often from ignorance, but just as often out of pure superstition, but the major causes of these often unnecessary fear and superstition, we can certainly refer to the religious leaders. Although one can not deny that the area where they grew up had an important part in it. For example, on dark winter evenings they told each other certain myths, legends, fables and traditional or fictional stories, to warn each other for some bad or evil forces.


... And where people come together to tell their tales or to listen to each other's stories, something often than necessary exaggerated and extended, as it recounted really happened. The word fish-tale or of a mosquito make an elephant is therefore already occurred and certainly not exaggerated expression of earlier times.


Let's go back in time and start with the first society. There we have the primitive man, this was certainly one with nature and animals around him. This means that he not only took food from them, but also expel his manner of disease among others trees- own necessary knowledge of leaves and herbs, and this way of life was purely just to survive. Because of that unity with Nature, it also had a great respect for both the air and everything connected with it, as what took place on the earth's surface. This awe for a few smart ones the beginning of exploitation of the situation and the people meant in itself, it is abundantly clear.


... To mention one example, it had been in earlier times people were engaged in the life of the universe and the natural phenomena occurring on Earth, including the once mighty Incas; -


the Greek ;

-the indigenous tribes (also called "Indians"); -

- Egyptians,


- Celts, etc .;


It did not take long that some events could say in advance where many people aware of abuse made by example the village in which they lived, the threat to their alleged ordeal that if they did not perform a specific job (with or without an offering, banishment of one or more persons or a transfer of power) then the sun would disappear (logical and convenient if you already know in advance that there will be a solar eclipse): or some locally devised God will shake the earth to its foundations - and whether the mountain will allow spitting fire (well then even an impending earthquake or volcanic eruption was used): this gave some people in ancient times some power which resulted in wealth and privilege, they kept the population therefore deliberately stupid, and since that time most of humanity felt a strong need to establish themselves behind a "strong personality".


... In short, it has over the centuries made dependent on one or the other person happens to be a "charisma-like appearance, to give it the fault of success or failure in this world or in society, and the" leader " knew of course always turn to the key question about whether or not bearing debt ended up on the heads and shoulders of the standing population among them whether it was the will of their fictitious god (s).


Just take the shamans (native naturopaths), the dukuns (Indian witch doctors), the voodoo doctor (African witch doctor), to say nothing of scribes (Z.A. Pharisees, religious priests with their exorcism etc.): Take as an example the story of the Red Sea, which spring tide is know by now almost everyone, but back then it must have been an impressive and terrifying spectacle, for this not to mention the earthquakes, lunar and solar eclipses, volcanic eruptions, the rainbow and shooting stars; if someone got sick cattle earlier times was even often blame someone for the "evil eye." 


... It has in the success or failure of the harvest, always some gods invoked, whether it was a heavenly or an earthly God (a tree god, a forest god, water spirits, a carved wooden or stone hewn God; or the rice goddess of the harvest god, or a satanic God); The underlying reason was the same. Gullible people have actually created many gods in the world that it is impossible to mention them all one by one, because if there is a new development a God or an avatar is missing then it makes him still.  


Bali and India has one for convenience even figures and figures for the gods, otherwise they do not easily get what God one needs, as number 335 is the God of the air (= a demigod) and god number 983 is a vague demigod which one is actually still do not know exactly the function of this demigod of which are questionable existence is still debated, because in the meantime, made by the multitude of all kinds of gods, they lost the right track.


It did not last long in that people were accused as the cause of disease, and crop failures or natural disasters; then there was someone with the aforementioned evil eye, whether it was someone who was in league with the devil; Here in the West by Germanic and Anglo-Saxons, etc., this was all too often used to force people to Catholicism.


... Think of the witch persecutions of the past (the process of God's servants) and the like; the Spaniards have at that time in that way, nearly wiped out the Inca Population behalf of their God; in Africa was the Catholic faith, often by Christians, used to kill or exile, to subdue or to use someone as a slave.


This was when it held adage - it's karma - it's fate - it is God's sake ", which were used when, for example, despite good cause (by gods worship and or offerings) yet someone died or still failed harvests. Exasperating and amazing at this present time is the fact that some people have the nerve to when a child is stillborn - or a small child has died suddenly (possibly by accident) is that they have the guts to call that it is God's will.


... If indeed God's will, why do they claim that their God is a God of love, mercy and justice, while justice is currently lacking. Please do not come with the phrase, "It's God's time to act. Meanwhile, there are already over so many cruel and unnecessary death through the ages that this is no longer to catch up.



... The Vishnuh doctrine says;

"Gods are created by humans and classified according to human vision. Similarly, on the basis of the belief in one God, a purpose-oriented Christian, Muslim or sectarian society originated and developed completely by Christian, Muslim or other mythological laws and regulations. For instance created each for himself, including the Christian rulers, her own Christian society."



Terms such as "misleading" and "incorrect view", since Biblical times were used in line with their educational and religious teaching. In fact, it comes to this -> "who against their God or lawful system and education is usually wrong by their rules / laws, norms and values according to the principle:" I've always right and even if I'm wrong I still right ".


Later in history have religious leaders their ancient religious precepts and laws adapted to their self-devised liberal democracy system, entirely in Christian attitudes and to biblical model. The social repression that followed required everyone (religious or not) to slavish imitation, and opposition by dissidents on behalf of God have always been bloodily beaten.


... Therefore, there are no gods, and those who had believed in God usually area-based or family-related and thus were forced to move to the faith, but there were also genes with a narrow mind; the slavish imitators.


... The Bible is composed of various histories and mythologies of the ancient indigenous (Eastern) and Jewish (African) nations, thereby were instructive Eastern philosophies (including the Hindu philosophy, the Greek mythology, Germanic mythology etc.) as an addition and supplement use on their religious teaching and fully equipped with the necessary authoritarian and their standards acceptable changes therein.


Afterwards, the Bible was echoing peoples of distant lands, who also completed their own way their holy scriptures. But the passages, which warned the daylight, were simply omitted. And this is the absolute truth...

... In general, for God believers and similar hangers determines that the truth should be spoken only, provided they do not thereby be offended, because, believe professors meant by truth usually, what they themselves as "the truth" have devised.



The truth is nature


Religious leaders have a truly devastating hatred against people who were at one with nature, by this I mean the herbs women and men - because they, through their knowledge and solemnly live transmission often made redundant a religion.


... From ancient times were naturopaths are convinced that nature gives and takes, which means that Nature provides us with ample food, but if there is a shortage and if someone or an animal dies that has a natural or human causes so a forum for them based reasonably credible explanation: but to exert power and authority, the population had to be kept small and under control, but mostly stupid. Because religious leaders were convinced "how stupid they kept their supporters, the more religious they become and remain ..


... It is no wonder then, that the current religious beliefs and like everything detect a continuous deterioration in their church congregation. The current man of any religion, in the course of history gradually become more realistic through the hard way, and therefore frantically looking for a coercion-free identity in which the self-determination herein is expressed, frequently standing at the reintroduction of ancient customs and traditions of their own ancestors.


... I'm here include revival of - Celtic, Native American - gypsy (nomad) - African traditions as well as its application in practice.


The current humanity, who lives in a scudding and droning society itself fortunately attracts more and more back into ancient traditions and values (thereby realistically put aside their imposed superstition), for reasons that perhaps you yourself acknowledge namely that the unreliability of the current culture system in this society is tucked away in the so-called educational and pedagogical advice of the "holy scriptures" who preach a trend of denial against values, standards and content civilization, and from time to time be extra thickened according to their own views by religious leaders; but what's wrong with looking after their own grandparents and capture; care and love is a purely human sound obvious issue that many would rather forget out of self interest, while also forgetting that precisely this older generation often can give wise and legitimate opinions with regard to life.


... This older generation literally has worked hard in their mind hoping that their progenies would get better; but modern man is prone to boundless egotism and are often unwilling to do anything for another: the young generation should please do something back, even if it was only as a sign of respect or human decency.


.. .... It is a known fact that for example in large cities there are many elderly people who neck reaching forward to visit, but they rarely get because the current children or grandchildren have their own lives and thus no time.


... The doctrine of Vishnuh speaks of a clear tendency towards denial of human and eloquent interest towards one another, for how you want to help someone else if you do not know how those faring in this life? Pursuit of self-realization is good but one must be realistic and recognize that one needs some effort towards the ancestors and posterity, if one wants to live a good life...


... The present generation has become so by the example of their own (for) parents in this modern society. Through the ages, even honest people become harshly, corrupt and selfish, it was literally every man for himself.


... Luckily there are still people who appreciate tradition and I am referring to those with a bright outlook on life, realistic view worldly affairs, and that therefore dare get honest about it; hopefully this is the generation where the future will rest on. Under realistic I mean own honest look at the whole of society, appreciation feeling for nature, animals and human world around them, thereby assuring not guided by third parties and certainly not by superstition or fear of the "unknown". Modern man makes himself happy not so quickly swayed by governments with its sister organizations (these are the Ins).


... Do not think that superstition is no more in today's Western society, then you are sorely mistaken. Think about Friday the 13th or walk under a ladder, few people dare to walk under a ladder, because they prefer to walk around there anyway.


... To give a clear picture of what the Picasa Learning (Theory of black magic) and Devils Arts contents I will describe it to you here largely in the hope of preventing misunderstandings and incomprehension; I am glad that it should be brought out after centuries of silence, and I also think that this is done at a time when one does not easily panicked or confused when they read this. Modern man knows what to think through, and most allow themselves no longer fooled with fantastic stories.


After all, I light a smoke screen through which the so-called magicians and witch doctors, with their idiotic actions appear in a bright light.



The Doctrine of Vishnuh says:

"Whoever believes in evil, it attracts to itself or calls it, because the wicked and evil spirits are themselves hidden in the mind of man, which can be converted at will to negative forces."



Although one could argue long about what is "good" and what is "evil". Picasa and Devils Arts are two different concepts, each self-contained and each with their own identity. ... Picasa (black magic) arises from one's own mind and can be generated by prescribed breathing techniques. These breathing exercises are meant to arouse the inner power which each of us in it. This power must be to optimize, manage and control wherever and whenever it deems it necessary, regardless of the circumstances.


The use of the power of the neighbor without grounded arguments is prohibited, you should use this so only when one or the immediate environment truly at risk.



The Vishnuh doctrine says the following;

"The intrinsic power of the man that the one who controls enables too see clearly the elements outside thinking is the ability to convert spiritual food (oxygen) in the negative and positive actions. This teaches the body through breathing process to make economic use of the inhaled air, which converted back into the body in mental strength (concentration), willpower, muscle strength and intelligence. In this state of being creates invisible energy (Kebatinan). This is because the brains receive more oxygen and thus the hidden forces are addressed in man; this is black magic (the abstract power also called Kebatinan)."



From this inner strength that was previously dominated by certain individuals, many people have for centuries been a mess of it and later corrupted to all sorts of creations with evil intent. Picassa is harmless to practice when one learns to deal responsibly; while devilish art is the antithesis of this. With "black art" can create two extremes namely, -the good and the bad, considering the fact that good and evil are products of their own mind.



That is what the doctrine of Vishnuh says the following;

"The concepts of good and bad as well as the consequences of these are inventions and fabrications, which have originated from the brain of the man himself. Thus, in society the concepts of" good "and" bad "always balanced with the right sense of what the executive devised according to its values and culture."



What is Picasa?

PICASA is a Sanskrit word meaning "1. Call the spiritual forces, 2. addressing its own energy source, otherwise known as" Black Art ". Picasa is traditionally based on the energies of the inner power, and whosoever this is governed capable of superhuman feats.


... ... Many who whether in time of war or serious illness or accident, death literally have faced, can attest to the power provided by us. Precisely because of that aforementioned mystical powers they could heal or escape death or that viable reversals were in life-threatening situations. Aware deal with the Picasa doctrine requires great efforts in reaching an understanding come from one's own mind, and if one has come to this understanding, then one is able to go on the path of mystical life and is obtained thus the force to deepen and to do further in this doctrine.




  Devils Art is considered by many the ability to acquire spiritual powers of the dead and living beings, in order to take action against third parties. To ratify the invented rituals and conditions, are carried out previously unwritten acts and prescribed ceremony. Devils Art is created by malicious people to harm other people and goes against all forms of right feeling.


... In other words, the wizard can not perform any operations or services in accordance with a predetermined procedure, in force in the Picasa practitioner. This, because they have created and calibrated their diabolical fantasies to deceive fellow humans, by suppressing them mentally and physically, to subdue and keep stupid and tight. ... With devil art one can commit only those arts that goes against human standards and the general sense of justice (creating bizarre rituals, operations mostly related to practical action by all kinds of fake impressions.) One of them is calling creatures from the dimension of emptiness, so just conceit actual improvisation. The lurid techniques used here are the basis for bad thought.


... according to tradition with devilry can never good deeds are performed, but only crimes which additionally be equipped with a large portion of religious insight. In addition, an evil entity that resides in the mind of the thinking being, also calls opposing forces that are at the slightest sign of weakness his downfall (greed). 



* In other words, "Devils Art is a fantasy of the individual himself, and for whom" faith in God "and" Black Magic "is a serious matter and deeply believe in, then you will have no trouble believing that some people have claimed that Vishnuïsts can Conjuring *."


In Picasa teaching man is understood that, "gods, devils and evil spirits" in man himself hidden, which can be additionally transformed at will to "burdens" and-or "lusts". All the aforesaid terms include the original truth of "good" and "bad", nothing is good or bad, the thinking makes it so.


... All the notions that were common on the planet and still inextricably linked to the past and the present are all created by human living and thinking. And so this will still occur daily. It is the haughty and pampered man himself, who invented regimen for suppression of others; think this end the process by which the people through social indoctrination and abuse of the legal system (the common law and its application), or were forced by violence personally or through the democratic system of theistic belief by many government systems ..


... Violence is violence in any form; Take as an example the maintained form of psychological violence; "If the government is taking fiscal measures and citizen imposes all sorts of silly increases, the people should have to pay, this is also a form of violence, psychological violence that enforces automatically physical violence according to a legal provision,. Citizens must obey otherwise follow reprisals (including fines, injunctions in the name of any driver whatsoever, bailiff, hostage-taking and even imprisonment. ").


... For example, if a government is religiously formed, it will also be in an attractive way within its sphere of influence and surreptitiously, to somehow impose faith in God to the people by facilitating the provision for like-minded groups, for example by favoring the "educationsystem" and to strengthening those within its sphere of influence to be sure in view of the future; but provisions for dissenters, they will try to stop and exploit as much as possible so that dissenting fellow humans eventually the throat will be silenced in a social sense.


... ... In the middle ages and far earlier, one believer cut without any compunction other non-believer throats, and this happens nowadays too, albeit by other means of such scope!..


... Today, by most government systems to compensate for the aforementioned barbaric behavior, the so-called "democratic right" liquidated as means of power on selfish grounds, with the corollary that the rich are getting richer and the poor get poorer, and the criteria on which democracy rests, is noticing little in society.


... In addition, justice, righteousness, good and evil, where about is recounted in the Bible and by believers (read government forms) remained only a single argument to strengthen its own dominant position to do interesting and to win mainly souls for their idea, their church or group. The democratic law says, "one strives for justice", and that it often remains too. The pursuit of justice is often OK, but the deeds to that endeavor unfortunately often left out or used for their own sake!



Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh;

"One must always act with justice, and righteousness is taboo; each must unconditionally submit to the sense of justice and is then set to act against any living being, but the legality feeling is a desire of the materialist, generally a creation of greedy and evil humanity. All lawful sense is unlawful and unjust, because all that is rightfully belongs only to nature, only this form of legality is perfectly just...


... Man serves as a righteous thing to be grateful for the fact that they also may be part of Nature. Mankind must also generally fairly distribute the natural environment, and the environment determines the reproductive process of each individual, Flora, Fauna and things ...


... Everything that lives has, thanks to Nature, automatically acquired the right to use the givens of nature in support of the abstract and the tangible or visible body during its earthly existence in order to create a livable environment for themselves and above all for all that lives and must live ...


... Keeps forever in mind that Nature is our larder that should never be neglected and should never ever be destroyed;


- First, because sentient beings do not have that right,

- Secondly, because living being will dwindle and the end result of human exploitation of the Earth's natural elements in its various aspects of nature ... the destruction of the human race, - the end of the Earth's natural forces, - the end of this world.


But the Global Nature, so the Universe, which is greater than all gods will survive everything and perpetuating nature in a different extragalactic space for other life forms ..


.... * And if people do not tolerate each other and usurp power at the expense of other people's lives, and those lives that are under him (flora and fauna) destroy at will, yet one must collectively join hands around the world to destroy everything on it prematurely, so that living being who have yet to come do not have to undergo the miserable fate which awaits them in advance; After all, they have not asked for it..



The latest Salvation -

  ... When the last ice caps have melted and the last natural living trees are felled; as soon as there will be no difference anymore between day and night; this is the sign which the elements are about to collapse. And this is essentially our last chance to help restore the ecological structure of the Earthly nature ....


... But if the above warning signs are ignored, then the end of the world will be very close and will announce the decay of everything that has ever lived and for a very long time OR will forever no longer live; "This is the real Death."


... Who wants to be themselves should not be bound by time and space; After all, it belongs only to Nature, and who wants to keep complacency should always defend itself against the vain and evil humanity until Nature herself claiming their toll. Earth and Nature do not belong to us, but living being belong to Nature "....


... The "Nature" is the source and creator of all life, of all that is and was, only nature live forever."...


Gurubesar:  Lancar Ida-Bagus 




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