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The non-existent God / Allah is a man, according to the Bible / Quran and other so-called holy books.


What is true about this?


The Bible, the Koran, and other so-called holy books treat women as rightless, unclean and backward beings.

… But given the evolution theory, this can not be true.



That the so-called holy books are written by men is a clear thing, but that gives the man no right to position the woman as an inferior being and subordinate to another.


The humiliations mentioned in the books of God concerning the woman emphasizes the fact that the so-called sacred books are in reality of zero and no value and that the man has devised the god concept for their own benefit and for the humiliation of the other.



Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh:


“The most powerful being on earth is the woman because the woman can create life from her body.

… When life arose, the female gender was there first, but the man was not there yet.

… At the time the female sex had another natural possibility to multiple living beings, just like the snail-like being, which can be masculine and feminine at the same time.

… When the male sex had no right to exist, the female sex did exactly what nature expected from her regarding multiplication with the facts through the play of nature.

… The truth is, that the man was born of the woman.

… Without the female gender, the male sex would not be there now.

… That is how it went, but not as the world religions have allowed humankind to believe so far, and still continues with their Adam & Eve absurdity.”



… It is also, in fact, a great shame that people of a different sexual orientation, including lesbian women, bisexuals, transgenders and homosexual persons (L.H.B.T.), are portrayed in almost all so-called holy books as inferior, dirty and unworthy.


… However, most of the discriminated counterparts, unfortunately, have no self-esteem and also have no respect for themselves, because in self-salvation, the humiliations by another and the Bible, they allow themselves to be religious.


… They are submissive to a religion that disdains them. This can be clearly seen in the Biblical passages in which they were portrayed as a sex object, seductress, conspirator, deceiver, betrayer, liar, contemptible, filthy, contagious and unjust.


… The Vishnuh Society respects every right-minded person like no other, but she rightly places a comment on all the groups that adore a religion, while they are deeply humbled by the so-called sacred scriptures and are portrayed as filthy, worthless, unclean and inferior creatures with which one can sully with impunity…


… The LGBTs or the people oppressed by faith who are aware of this problem, but nonetheless take the word of the Bible as true and use the concept of God in everything, are regarded by the Vishnuh Society as the most contemptible people never to be trusted, except for the minor beings and those who are family bound or environment related and can not distance themselves from the religious yoke in any way.


… This kind of religious people that, according to the so-called holy scriptures, may not be accepted is very dangerous in handling. The majority will also do everything for their own sake to be accepted…


… The Vishnuh Society speaks from experience and knows that this kind of believers are usually unscrupulous and can walk about corpses to reach their intended goals.

… This is because this kind of discriminated people do not know and have not learned self-respect and often from a hidden vengeance strive to humiliate fellow humans as it happens to them through the sacred books written by people.



Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh:


“Those who do not know self-respect will not be able to respect another and those who have no self-esteem can not value another person nor value anything.”



So someone who does not respect himself is unable to respect fellow human beings because the disrespectful person can not sense what respect is and what respect means.

… When someone worships a person or something while being seen as dirty by this, then the worshiper also considers himself dirty and unworthy in which self-esteem, self-respect, and respect are generally in contact with the past, which means that they cannot show respect to others, because they do not know what respect is.



… Especially in this kind of people, one has to be mindful of social danger, since their behavior is similar to the behavior of the former treacherous Surinamese slaves, who, in order to divert attention away from themselves, did everything to be loved by their master.

… They acted as a telltale for when their species wanted to flee from the plantations or did something that was forbidden for a slave at the time by colonial Christian rule.

… These black traitors were also the merciless executioners.

… They were used to punish runaway male and female slaves by torture, ill-treatment, and rape, and this in the cruelest ways one can imagine.

(see the Creoles )


… These bloodhounds in human form did their torture with unprecedented sadism to please their white masters. But with the zeal they were working on, nothing changed their inferior position; despite their service, they were deeply despised by everyone. And they never received any thanks from their owners, for they were, despite their slimy and treacherous behavior, most despised by their Christian masters and regarded as the worst scum of slavery.

… Later, these slave traitors underwent the same fate as they had thought and done to their own kind.

… Their Christian masters were also ruthless in God’s name.


But not every creole/ slave, Indian, Hindustani, Javanese or other population group has at the time allowed the above-described behavior, but most, unfortunately. This is usually noticeable on the cross around their necks and their fervid religious behavior that characterizes the vestiges of their ancestors’ past. 


The progeny who feels addressed by this should take it as it is, and the science that could trace back to the descendants of those former traitors and who did or did not betray treason, cannot be retrieved nowadays.


Nevertheless, the truth is hard to hear for those who would rather be deaf in connection with slavery and the colonial past. **



Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh:


“Those who do not respect themselves do not know what respect is and will not be able to show respect to others.”



And whatever these people who are discriminated against by God’s faith will also do to be loved by someone else, they will continue to taste the salt of the earth and especially where they think they are at home in spite of all their effort and exaggerated piety.


… This is because religious humanity is invariably hypocritical since the Biblical passages that treat the humiliation and contempt of this kind of people will continue to exist as the word of their evil and merciless God. These will be reused time and again by anyone with impunity, on behalf of God. And God / Allah will, as usual, also like this forever.


… Today, the hypocritical religious preachers of the Christian faith, for their own sake, preach a moderate and adapted religious doctrine to save the church from ruin.

… They claim to willingly accept the salt of the earth under pressure from the people, apart from their religious doctrine.


And the people brought up by the faith of God do not see that a murderer’s book, the Bible and the like, cannot bring peace or change to their lives.


… Many are eager to recognize the love of the mass murderer, their Lord god up there. No wonder that in a lot of countries and also in Suriname a mass murderer is adored by the religious population and put on a pedestal. Young learned is old done, and the example follows.



Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh:


“The goodness is praised but dies a bitter death, because goodness is deceived by the appearance of badness.”



In doing so, the believing mass assumes the fictional biblical interpretations as true, among other things, that Jesus took away their sin.

… World history, on the other hand, has shown that Jesus was a Robin-Hood figure of his time.


… He was murdered by the jealous religious government gang because he was primarily a pagan, and secondly, he undermined their authority.

… Jesus pointed out to the poor civilian people their rights, self-esteem, and self-respect because at the time the poor people were being horribly exploited by the religious majority.


The religious curse that rests on Christianity always exerts heavy pressure on the life of the Christian man through which the believers repeatedly fall in opposition to repression, genocide and widespread human rights violations in the name of their evil invention, God.

… This fact applies to all religions.


People never forget that the disputed passages in the Bible/ Koran / Torah and other religious books remain in force at all times until they have been removed.

… As long as the non-existent God / Allah does not let the texts of humiliation and oppression against humanity be removed from the so-called holy scriptures, the groups of people who are considered inferior, unjust and unclean remain doomed as the salt of the earth for all eternity.


… They will retain their title for the time being and are known as unclean, lawless, filthy, and on which the application of all terms will continue to apply, for the humiliation of this kind of people, who have been discriminated against and regarded as inferior beings by the so-called sacred writings since Biblical times.


Those who believe in God / Allah and value the evil fairy tales of the Bible / Quran / Torah, Bhagavad-Gita, etc., must indeed take into account the inhuman texts contained in the sacred writings which means that their lives for God are worth nothing. God knows no pardon for the believers nor mercy, thus, unthank is God’s reward.


And the moderation of the current preachers of Christianity, as opposed to women in general, homosexual persons, lesbian women, transgenders, and other people scorned by God’s faith, is just a smokescreen to deceive fellow men and make money from them according to the statement, “You declare Your inheritance to us otherwise you will burn in Hell.” 

Not only the Muslims but Christianity, as well as all other religions, share this opinion.


Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, but someone must tell the truth and not, like many, hide behind so-called tact and false humanity by suppressing the truth and keeping his fellow man stupid and insecure.


People who, according to the bible / Quran, are despised by God / Allah and are set down as rightless and inferior beings, but despite all these humiliations by the Bible and God / Allah continue to adhere to the faith of God are the weak-headed who have no self-respect nor self-esteem and will remain the salt of the earth until their death, unencumbered and inferior, the despicable beings as intended by God / Bible / Qur’an.


This kind of fellow human beings presents itself as prey of the followers of God / Allah / Bible / Koran and other so-called holy books and therefore has no right to complain and speak, even though this type is treated like dirt, killed, abused, spit, cursed and trampled. These people have made this fate their own by adhering to the religion that sees them as worthless creatures with which anyone can do whatever they want at will. And all this in the name of Allah / God.


… Even though this kind of pathetic figures licks the ass of God / Allah or any god, God / Allah does not love them but is despised by him for all eternity. It is all written in the so-called holy books, and what once written is indelible! But if God / Allah had actually loved mankind regardless of race, rank, status, ideology, belief, and sexual orientation as claimed by many believers, He would long be His representatives on earth, these are the Pope, priests, Rabbis, Pope , Mullahs, Imams etc., have ordered to completely remove all texts of humiliation from the so-called holy scriptures and have them adjusted humanly for the benefit of everyone and everything.

… I have no sympathy for this kind of backward fellow man who, despite the humiliations that apply to them according to the holy scriptures and who, despite this daily practice, still adore the Bible. These people are undoubtedly sadomasochist (people who consciously or unconsciously enjoy receiving pain.)


…. So the women and all who in the Bible / Qur’an and other holy books as inferior beings are stained like people without rights and despicable beings, are not the children of God and will therefore remain the salt of the earth with which everyone, at will, is allowed to do what one wants on behalf of the same God / Allah, which they fanatically worship.


Furthermore, I can not respect this kind of backward people either, because how should I respect someone who is resigned to the misery that is inflicted on them by the other and let everything happens as in a movie, and then with angelic voice saying “if God willing” or “it is God’s will”? How ridiculous can someone be??

… In any case, I have no respect for any believer even though they do so well through charitable organizations, because they nevertheless consciously continue to keep backward and stupid innocent fellow human beings including the youth, the illiterate and poor population, the immature and the mentally handicapped people who need protection instead of binding them to an illusion that is calibrated to cause misery in all times and to make victims on behalf of a God who does not exist.


This kind of believing people do not set a good example to their progeny, but they stimulate other weak-headed people and the innocent humanity to self-destruction and self-abasement as if this kind of people has no right to exist and is doomed to trample and serve as a footmath.



… Also the preachers and interested religious educators who are supposedly moderate and allow the salt of the earth in the church and within their circles to save the church from ruin and to make themselves loved again among the feeble people will also end in the Hell of their dear God, just as anyone who lives in a state of law offers a searched criminal or fugitive from the state or provides protection is also punishable under the penal code.


… That’s why I rightly call this kind of gullible people that despised and considered worthless by God / Allah according to the Quran / Bible / sacred script and what is more, as the worst kind of human beings that has no self-respect or self-esteem and thus is unreliable in dealing with fellow human beings that can never make a value judgment about everything that nature has in its bosom.


However, history has shown and until now that God / Allah, * this is actually the evil religious humanity *, is not merciful, but unrelenting, inhuman and evil as the plague.


… Just look at the world around you and find out that God/ Allah is only a fiction of evil people who have created a religious doctrine in order to condone their crimes against humanity.


… Meanwhile, there are hundreds of gods and goddesses to whom one can pray, but there is not one who answers.


Despite all the badness promoted by the Bible and other religious books, I want to reassure the religious man by saying that not everything in the Bible, the Thora, the Qoran and in the Bhagavad-Gita is wrong, “only the page numbering is correct and the used paper is of sublime quality.”




 By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus