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 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“A successful life is not dependent on coincidence, but a succession of successful times, achieved by our own efforts.”



By comparison, the man who in life has passed adversity has yoked his ability to achieve his goal. The decision to focus all his energy on a particular goal, he made a beginning with overcoming the greatest difficulties in his life.



 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


“The man who has a lot of success in life is the one who obviously has seen a definite goal early in his life and has been designed to achieve these capabilities on that goal. Unfortunately, success never long. Success is similar to a cake that everyone wants to eat it and when the cake is eaten, one sees no more.


… But be successful in your days, or years, always vigilant and consistent in relation to everyone and everything, that you are not caught up in a tangle of intrigue, ingratitude, and ruthlessness. Successfully developing a painkiller, but does not cure. Anyone who observes vigilant and steadfast decisions will unconsciously grow to their full satisfaction. Setting a goal is the key to a successful life.


… The most important step in that direction in the first place, having the patience that inevitably leads to the pure determination of a particular purpose. Knowing and understanding are not the same, but walking apart from each other. Not -the science” is the main thing in life, but “understanding it.”





To determine something purely one needs every day a fixed arranged directive that must be met.  He also needs to take everyday time at rest to come in order to determine his mind and possible intended purposes.  Select, if possible every day sometimes for possible targets, which is for you important to study. Think of as many as possible to that goal and create for yourself a concrete representation of the target if you have one already owned. Hope springs eternal, and the power of thought focused on the quest itself, reinforces the approaching target.


… Do not be afraid of failure when it arises during your pursuit of progress from time to time. For long view, one will find that all concepts include straight, curved, top and bottom, wealth and power created by the creativity of the human mind and this, either for evil or for good, should be used to achieve life purpose. If you look on the world stage, you will see that those who achieve much have given their lives a purpose, which they oriented themselves fully and their mode of action has always been of nature which is necessary to achieve their goal.




One can self-discover his special talents, things or skills in a number of ways, to undergo a self-test. There is no set method that is suitable for everyone, each person is different. One could initiate to gather ideas from the media, which arouse your interest. Please check back regularly for a particular line, which gives you the idea of
 a deep-seated interest or natural inclination. Stay attentive to the slightest indications of special skills or talents you possess. Through this method, you soon get some idea about the strengths of your personality and your abilities.


Whenever you discover a talent or strong side, you should enumerate several possibilities for that to develop. Write everything globally and take them regularly through to ensure that they remain suspended fresh in the memory. Focuses particular attention on one (1) target at a time, so do not do several things at once. Get organized, and brains will be once in a goal-oriented function as an excitation mechanism, which trigger thought processes so that the effort of the individual will be fruit bearing. Your actions will answer your expectations and thereby bring the events to establish that you expect.



 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“If the individual accepts that it will achieve its stated goal, it must continue to work diligently on one (1) task until she carried it out. Always taking the following into your mind, “not just reach, but the pursuit” of the target gives the greatest satisfaction. “




Be especially patient in achieving your goals and persist in your endeavor. It is quite possible that one may at first no more than a few minutes a day spent on the work, which is essential for everyone.



 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“The better one decomposes the task into elementary components, the easier it will be able also to perform awkward and complicated tasks. The idea that one can not do something often comes down to an unwillingness to accept the risk.  Doing the work that should be done with the regularity of the clock and target your goal at a pace that suits your mood. One should focus on the efforts to be undertaken, but not the results.


… Do not waste time waiting for inspiration from others, the work itself raises the momentum for further labor.  Keep busy, even if it was just to keep mind and body in shape. Dwell on a promise by another and themselves do nothing to strengthen their own position brings no one any good.


… Be especially wary of situations in which the great enemies of peace may arise include greed, ambition, envy, anger, hypocrisy, and arrogance. If these internal enemies of the peace forever are banished, mankind would thus be very helpful. And then we can live together in peace without unpleasant consequences will be attached.”





“Greed” arises when one thinks to need certain things when it is not so, and if one gets the feeling that what they depend on is going to be decreased. This form of greed is today worded as “going with the development” while they themselves were often equipped with things that are still useful and still be able to operate them for years before it must be replaced. It’s all there for the have, and yet these people complaining bitterly about their own material (read money) weaknesses and how pathetic they really are. … Many of these types of complainants have barely enough to eat every month to get through, and yet these troublemakers have almost everything that a person in a financially weak position only can dream of. Want it more and preferably much larger, because the neighbors, family or someone from acquaintances has it and can afford it easily.



AMBITION comes from their own dissatisfaction with everything that man interferes with his life including the work is performed for the cost. But this human thought is highly unjust, one should be just satisfied with everything they have built themselves. One man is not another. No one is equal, everyone has their own talents and abilities. While it is wonderful to set a high goal and then to succeed, but excessive ambition can lead you aiming too high with your goals. Discover and learn to know your limit!


… Do not go looking for more than one can handle! Be content with what you have achieved with your own gifts and abilities because it does not apply under to the other. The only thing one can have over another is material happiness.


… Who will win a lot of the lottery, or get any other material benefit, would be wise to keep his head cool and mainly not guided by his enthusiasm. Remember, life is relatively short. Living beings live once on this earth. Realize that when the time for him or her almost passed on this earth, people, therefore, have nothing more to material things.


 “Envy” or jealousy is normally incurred by a comparison with what we have achieved over others. It is the evil human nature to begrudge anyone else what one does not own. But it is necessary to also have what the other has? And because one individual can not afford itself the person whom it can afford to do it may not have?

… Be glad someone else has and can afford. Than People can also benefit with the eyes or not? But realize yet in all this, that there is something nobody can take away from you,  that’s your dream because it is safely encapsulated and only you access to it, waiting for the happiness that the time and the day will reveal how this dream tangible.



 Disillusionment is not created by not possessing things that others do possess, but by not engaging in the given possibilities and opportunities. Exactly, if one is offered the chance to improve their own life chances, we must seize this opportunity and not go to wait for a better opportunity. Every opportunity is an opportunity of a lifetime. Grab all opportunities offered with both hands and say goodbye apathy (listlessness). 


SHELF GRAM can encapsulate the individual and paralyze his decisiveness. Whenever one is angry one must consider what is happening. Has anyone criticized or ignored you? Man must never be bothered by criticism and further, attract nothing of themselves or let their behavior determined by others.



PRIDE develops from the need to honor impression others with features that one has not. The wise man recognized and acknowledged its limitations, acting humble and unconditional acceptance that he is different from others. Everyone is different and when it allows itself to penetrate well, one will recognize that every human being creates his own battle in life. When helping someone with his life struggle, one has begun to achieve the overall goal, which is togetherness that dissipates egotism.



HYPOCRISY formed when one based on arrogance puts herself on a higher pedestal than another, while dissenters begrudge a good life, but behaves as if it is the other well disposed of. So always be wary of people, who bandied the term faith placed in the mouth by virtue of its religiosity, because hypocrisy is the evil man’s own.





“self-confidence arises from two distinct practices: 
1. -the pertinent focus on the objectives; 
2. -to reduce unnecessary decelerating dependencies.


 It creates a certain urge to act in a certain way when trying to meet the expectations of others in order to be accepted by them. The equity to bring them fully expressed is limited in this way. This is dependence. Above all, be not sensitive to the unspoken and often unconscious way in which others demonstrate criticism or rejection. When you find that your reactions are based on existing or imagined disdain, do not go with the people in discussion about what you think you have observed.  You might get frustrated by your response, confrontational and logically provoke that reaction peculiar to evil people. Let them commit to proclaiming what they preach after all everyone has the right to freedom of expression and self-preservation.


…  Every human being has the right to speak. Each one has a story to tell what no one else has. Avoid any tendency to go into sarcasm or spitefulness and recognize that everyone has the right to think what he wants, and close the discussion, basta.



 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:
“By staying positive in every way, one will in the long run only received positive comments from others. One should focus on their own attitude towards others and concentrate not on the results. Not just reach, but the pursuit of the objective gives the greatest satisfaction.”



That is, one should not have to worry about what others will say and think. Banish depression and do not be afraid of criticism. One needs to take stock and decide only purposes that are more in line with their own interests, needs, and abilities. One should first explore the extent to which one neglects his own needs and what factors in life lead to wastage of power. Avoid in your life automatic willingness to bear kinds of burdens of others. Do not be self-evident available for friends and relatives so that they can not simply seize your time. No one is loved by this, but the positive satisfaction that it gives must be weighed against the negative price to be paid by giving up your own free choice.



 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“Do not go about pondering if you refuse requests from people who claim too much of you as an individual. In the long run, it is better your family and friends know what you like to do for them is voluntary, because you want to, and not because you do not dare to say No. If one is able to withdraw into himself (to retreat), this will return the confidence and ability to reinforce goals to pursue. This also gives the manpower to tolerate inner disappointments and uncertainties and to listen to your own thoughts and feeling. This will also help people to develop themselves so that one can understand its essential purpose. Spend some time with yourself through daily, talking to yourself, and make yourself familiar with your own thoughts. This can be done while walking outdoors or relaxes, either at home or elsewhere. This will give people the opportunity on good terms to come up with his feelings and thoughts so that one can adopt the strategy again and again to achieve the objective.”


 He who cares for the welfare of others would first have to secure his. If this is not the case then care for others makes no sense and is not intended to honor. Keep your own value, and let that take away from anyone. 



 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“Respect him, which also shows respect. Consider that one can learn from everyone. Each of us has to tell a story, everyone has a perspective that no one else has. The best way to understand people is by examining it from as many viewpoints as possible because one of the strongest features of the phenomenon is the ability to ignite the friendly fire.”


 Improve your position in life is mostly a matter of acting in its sole discretion. Also lucky in many cases is the result of taking appropriate action. If one is passive and take sufficient care of his own affairs, one may be the victim of all kinds of adversity. If one gives something to the effervescent and lay down with bad luck, there are often reasons. Sometimes the feeling is not present or in part to intervene in a situation.


… Some people are unconsciously afraid, and some often blame society for the things that go wrong in their lives. The society has indeed helped to derail in life, but if one continues to blame society and others and not take action themselves to strengthen the mind, one will remain traumatized. The trauma keeps people from seeing their own share in what is happening. Passivity reality becomes far away. People who continue to carry his childhood with themselves and feel overwhelmed by adversity wrong behavior of parents and other stakeholders will never be committed to undertaking for an attempt to improve his fate no matter who is to blame.



 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh: 

“Who wants to succeed in this life should be boss about their own fate. This gives the individual the courage to try out recent stuff for the willingness to think the unthinkable, and to be alone it takes courage, also for the willingness to take the risk be laughed by third parties. Many people reach after many efforts the highest rung of the ladder and find at one point to their horror, that it stands against the wrong wall. To avoid this one should be steadfast and persevering in every time span. Man cannot prevent everything, but start to build self-discipline when the moment of truth arrives. Although many people do not know their own weakness, there are perhaps only a few who know their own strength. “”  


Every individual has the ability to explore the force in itself. It is with the man as with soil containing a gold vein, but whose owner is unaware. The time man wasted in his daily life by thinking about their inadequacy would be better used to investigate the gold vein in themselves and the things one does.



 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“Kindle your own fire and pursue your goals without worrying about failure, rejection or criticism, so that the unique combination of factors are released, which is hidden in man. One will find peace when one brings its own solutions and actions in harmony with its nature and purpose. Attempt to understand, then one will experience and see that everything quite easy. Succeed in life also involves a combination of elements. One of them is patience, which is the key to succeed in life, and life is managed by exercising patience just as Nature relative to life has exercised patience. For what difficulty the individual also is made, the method of creative patience is the proven way to a satisfied solution.”



Every sensible person sees around him sad examples of what occurs when people fail to use patience in their lives. This is mainly due to the three major enemy in humans.



 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“The three great enemies of mankind allow that the individual fails to pass on their own research into the effects of discouragement, which stimulates the surrender and the impatient man does give granted.” 


… Disappointment; the property which anger arises, which blurs judgment and a feeling for choosing the right time of the individual. Therefore one may have the urge to react to sharp under pressure and get into a panic and lose self-control. Therefore genius is nothing but an unusual aptitude to practice patience. One should not be set on setbacks but the ultimate reward for patiently persevere…


… In moments of frustration man can do to lose his temper over something, but by encouraging himself in, the courage arising from this will eliminate the despair resulting from frustration. If the individual does not encourage himself who will do it for him at the essential moment when it is needed? Talking to yourself is a wise option and a perfectly normal case. Who does not talk to himself will never understand the inner man…


… If you’ll take to act calm in a crisis situation yourself then stores that calm about the people around you. So you can get in many ways an awareness of the value of creative patience, to see what it brings about in the lives of other people or by seeing life itself.

… Nothing can accelerate the resurrection of the sun and nothing can change the rhythm of time. Those things have eternal patience and as an impatient man is wise, he can learn from. Bottom line is that no matter who or where you are located, but also to reach out to the patient, that each of us is available, and to persevere in the effort to acquire it…


…  Patience is the key to life to face. It is advisable to restrain every day an anxiety. People who do not overcome a fear every day have not yet learned the lesson of life. It certainly does not make sense to completely banish the fear of human life because when it was humanly possible, it would be practically undesirable, since normal “fear preserves” and “abnormal fear paralyzes. Normal fear stimulates people to increase their collective prosperity while abnormal fear of poisons human and contorts his emotional life. It is certainly not the intention of losing the fear but to restrain him and the boss. “




Usually, the fear of man is based on remnants of some need, or out of fear of his past or childhood. Many times, if someone is tormented by the fear of death or the thought of punishment in the afterlife, or bad experiences from his childhood has unconsciously projected the reality at all. Or someone who is experiencing an inferiority complex and rejection in his early youth he or she has stuck with making a powerless feeling of failure so that a suppressed bitterness towards life is ingrained in him. As people become aware of their fears, they turn out to be more than imaginary.



 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“Man can be the boss of his fear by exercising courage. Courage is the firm intention at nothing and no one to be overwhelmed. How frightening it may be, courage makes it possible for the man to cope with any anxiety. Courage defies the fear and that, therefore, the boss while cowardice reinforces fear and these individuals are the boss.  Man needs to build up permanent dikes of courage to be able to keep the flood of anxiety outdoors. Courage defies the fear and that therefore the boss, while cowardice reinforced fear and is in control of the individual…


… Who compared life courageously let in advance at nothing to overcome, but who has already fear for what is to come, is already pre-conquered and defeated. Fear is the weak link in humans. But to survive the man, then one needs to channel and manage all anxiety. Mastery requires self-discipline, willpower and courage, and a lack of courage, willpower and self-discipline is nothing more than a rationalization for unwillingness and capitulation, in which courage willpower and self-discipline spiritually bound and dumped to lose the battle of life in man….


… The life of man is worthless if he himself is not behind it. Simple is the way of life and simplicity is its part, but those who despise life, even despises himself, but whoever loves life will survive all the evil aspects of life every time with ease. Who remains unmoved when he comes across something pleasant, will not be surprised if he suddenly would happen something unpleasant. Finally, all the worries that plague mankind will disappear in life when one admits that one is fallible after all.”




By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus