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Lontarcit. the Vishnuh-Society: 

“You know and let know, wisdom comes not from the East / West / North or the South, but” WISDOM “only born in the one who is honest to himself and especially towards his fellow man.”


My legal name is Roberto Rudie Purperhart and my priest name is Ida-Bagus Lancar, born in Suriname. My autobiography “Pencak-Silat” began on my 3rd year (1961) in the cluster association Vishnu (h) in the midst of my Indian (Javanese and Balinese) Grandparents/ priests, which was located in the district Commewijne *. Over here began my education and pedagogy in the learning of the Vishnuh-Society led by my grandfather Bhupathi “Ida-Bagus Siyang”. Anno 1965 this ruler died. After this, I received the “wasiyat” from the deputy abbot of the community, the Reverend Poniman Banjar Pande.



A “wasiyat” is a testament consisting lontar writings on teaching in the adat of parental prohibitions and commandments. In mrt. 1965 I was using the “Suwalapatra” (traditional rite of Ida-Bagus dynasty) renamed and listened from that moment to my wasiyat priest name “Ida-Bagus Lancar”. When it was not clear to me what this was all about for me in the future because I was still playing with marbles ….


The name Ida-Bagus descended from the priestly dynasty , that since establishment of the Indian Archipelago (anno 145) as well before as loyal followers of the “Vishnuh writings” were always subservient and ” Ida ” was the name of our matriarch (the wife of Vishnuh) and ” Bagus means beautiful, handsome, bright, clean . ” And my first name ” Lancar ” means ” purifier ” in Sanskrit, especially of folk tales and family histories of past and already long gone former Archipeleze Hindu-Buddhist and Javanese kingdoms.

My venerable masters (= my family clan) all strains from the Ida-Bagus priestly dynasty and as such the custodians of the Vishnuh pleadings. The 12th generation of the Vishnuh-Society still retain both ancient 7de/8ste century standards and principles, and thus in no way accept any other form of law.


… Therefore, the vishnuh-society focuses exclusively on the writings of “Vishnuh” and still guarding these doctrines on conservative grounds according to the principle, “retained as she was .”  This conservative attitude is based on the science of the patient past of the Indian archipelago.


In order to prevent abuse again of this learning by third parties, the Society decided in the 14th century by ancestral predecessors to general secrecy, to which followed resulted in the priesthood of the Vishnuh-Society in particular by Ida-Bagus dynasty.


The conservation of the Pencak-Silat had to avoid the 195-fold learning systems of the “Vishnuh-Society” can be never abused by incompetent because the “Pencak-Silat Learning in the Hindu-Buddhist past, also at the time of Portuguese, English and Dutch domination have caused the Indian archipelago (modern Indonesia) irreparable damage, because the learning of Vishnuh wrongly and unnecessarily was used and applied by practitioners. These recruited by Vishnuh priests among the people menfolk was trained to be a Pendekar (patron, warrior) with the aim to offer to the people physical protection. This Pendekars were according to the physical examination is entitled to use violence, based on the moral right.


Thus these “fighters” only learned what their situation and environment were considered necessary. Furthermore, they had to follow stipulated above precepts and codes of conduct imposed by the Vishnuh-Society. On the basis of self-defense elements from ten animal styles of Pencak Silat were teaching by Vishnuh priests distributed via Pendekars, intended primarily for the benefit of the common good (but without the scientific background.)


… This Vishnuh-Society is solely responsible for my education and upbringing in the “Pencak-Silat” and the Learning of Vishnuh and only appreciates facts of things that they themselves cherish all from father to son and always jealously protected. So outsiders just do not get access to this society.




In 1969, a Dutchman was unanimously recognized in the Vishnuh-Society, named Gerrit M. van Praag (Neerlandicus.) He has taught me the Dutch language, European history, and social sciences at the request of my grandparents (Vishnuh-Society.) And this man we called “Gerard from The Hague”, because he told a lot about the aforementioned place whatever its birthplace…


… Gerard from The Hague was respected as one of us. He gave his former way of life in a hermit’s life in the Vishnuh-Society and put himself at the service from then on European linguistics including Dutch, Latin, Greek and ancient Roman. From this reverend teacher, I learned plenty of society overseas that I would never have to face in the future; ” I thought.”

On a good day the Reverend van Praag discussed with the Vishnuh supporters the opportunity of capturing the pusaka of the Vishnuh-Society in Europe , in order to keep the transition to the outside world manageable as well as for protection in a constitutional where the reliability of this only based on the globally defined modern law and legal system , if we want to show that we are still at least exist .

This plan was initially due to the adat no progress because the Adat benefit and is intended to protect the “Pencak-Silat”. In this way was the ancestral learning still retain its original authenticity and remained inaccessible to outsiders. The impermeability of the Vishnuh learnings which characterized this cluster-society was the oath compared the Vishnuh-Society namely, ” to preserve as she was .”     


… After all, “Pencak-Silat” is not a martial art that matches can be held, but the Pencak-Silat is a martial arts/ combat doctrine which only a part is united in the 195 books of the Vishnuh-Society. Pencak-Silat has a philosophical background which focuses on humanity and the man learns to neutralize mental and physical violence. The place of human beings and all living things is paramount. One must learn to live with everyone, so avoid things like uncertainty and fear as stress and overwork. 


 The Vishnuh-Society has never let mocked because everyone who was pushy and had no business being above all in the vicinity of the Vishnuh-Society risked to be considered as an enemy or intruder. He/ she who gave so far after a personal reminder of Prajurit (guard/ executioner) to retire no hearing, lost his life. Partly as a result, countless passers must pay for their curiosity with death. Nevertheless, life went in Vishnuh-Society to the extent reasonably well, until in 1975 the community’s rumored that in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world “Pencak-Silat” is given by people in today’s Indonesia.


… But according to our travel on the trek from the Vishnuh supporters , also in accordance with the histories of the Vishnuh-Society, which are directly related to the 14th, 15th , 16th, 17th and 18th century migrations of Javanese , Balinese , Sumatran from the island Bali, there can be no question of the fact that Indonesians had access or could have original Pencak-Silat learning.


My ancestors, the Vishnuh-Society, and its supporters went away together from the Indian archipelago under the auspices of the Ida-Katut Alit and Ida-Bagus dynasty taking with its Lontar. They followed the equator and headed through the continent of Africa to South America (this happened in 1370 t / m 1813.) Moreover, the learning “Vishnuh” since traditionally been drawn up in the Lontar language (see list defined learning 16, 52 & 77) of the “Vishnuh-Society”. Implemented by the Vishnuh-Society language version is derived from the Sanskerta (= Sanskrit) and as such only in its own right is passed from hand to hand.


Being Vishnuh-Society, the succession keeper of the “Pencak-Silat Learning” still according to the adat maintains 8th century living standards and defensive principles, the superior of the Society decided to send a few keepers (Prajurits) to the Netherlands with the mission to punish the sacrilegious, no one has the right to tarnish an ancestral name.


… The Vishnuh-Society reasoned as follows : ” First , the name “Pencak-Silat” soiled by strangers improper, and secondly the content of the Indonesian martial art Pukulan , Mersilat , Persilat or Bersilat , which unfairly by Indonesians called” Pencak-Silat “is united only inconsistent with the actual facts of the authentic “Pencak-Silat as were developed and recorded centuries ago by our ancestors.


Reportedly organizing Indonesians under this name matches in the form of physical combat, as if this item “Pencak-Silat” the 195 “Vishnuh” teaching systems since traditionally was a combat sport in which they held earlier games in the sense of the sport and cups.  Furthermore, the term “combat sport” and their concept of ‘martial art ‘ is associated with the name Pencak-Silat. This thus means an insult to the Indian ancestors of the Indonesian archipelago and the Pencak-Silat Battle doctrine. Therefore, the Society decided to send Several Prajurits to Europe to teach the Indonesian sacrilegious a sensitive lesson.


But Mr. van Praag convinced the Society that a peaceful strategy and prudent approach was much better. As heir, grandson, descendant, and follower of the priest generation Ida-Bagus it became clear to me that my job and mission is to fully realize the peaceful mission, about revealing the learning of “Vishnuh” to this country. I had a rock-hard training, which means that the only thing I’m afraid of is, “if the sky falls on my head.”


After it was made known in the Vishnuh-Society that the strategy of M. G.van Prague is adopted the Vishnuh supporters argued as follows: “Because the Indonesian archipelago since 1945 or 1947 no longer bears the name Indies but contemporary Indonesia is called, is in punctual mutual consultation by the Vishnuh-Society unanimously decided to call the “Indian martial art” provisionally for a period of five years of “Indonesian martial arts”, thus it will be seen that we are peaceful in nature. In the meantime, Gurubesar Lancar Ida-Bagus will figure out whether that name (Indonesian martial arts) over five years, can be maintained for the future. The Gurubesar Lancar Ida-Bagus is an heir and our future Superior, who has the final say in this. If he finds that it is appropriate and clear instructions are provided so that the name of “Indonesian martial arts” at this time may not remain valid for this part of the learning from Vishnuh, but that the authentic name “Indian Martial Arts” to be maintained, we will acquiesce us unconditionally in his decision. The learning “Vishnuh” indeed applies to all Indonesian population more or less, currently residing in the archipelago, but it depends on the behavior of the current Archipeleze residents themselves if they obtain reparation and be redeemed from their faith and oppression trauma that they in all these centuries have suffered by traitors and collaborators from their own ranks.  ..


After a serious study, I obtained the night of April 14, 1979 to Gurubesar of the Vishnuh-Society and Gurubesar “Pencak-Silat” in the highest degree the “Secaar Sonten” (= one hundred flowers), or the 10th Dan (= Sanskrit for height, spiritual level.) Before I got the traditional allocation of Vishnuh-Society. The day before my departure to Holland pleaded Reverend M.G van Praag, or I as the supreme representative and future abbot of the Vishnuh-Society at least to tell his countrymen what the contents of the “Pencak-Silat” really is and if I want to transfer an entire style to the Dutch people for my return to the society 


So he said, “Ignorance is the devil’s ear in the West.” 

Revealing the Learning Vishnuh is my mission and rests on my shoulders the responsibility and mission to introduce the new era of Vishnuh and “Pencak-Silat” learning and to restore the ancestral names of the Indian archipelago peaceful way and to capture the learning Vishnuh according to Western lawfully and deposit.




Upon my arrival in the Netherlands in December 1979, I went to the Indonesian Consulate to Tobias Asserlaan in The Hague, where the undersigned made known his capacity and then as such made
 a request for cooperation to the benefit of the “Pencak-Silat” generally. I spoke to Mr. Abbas Basri, who introduced himself to me as an employee of the Indonesian Department “culture and development and personal adviser to the Ambassador Amat Kosashi. This gentleman was assisted by Mr. Cucu Samsoedien. Both men pledged to me on behalf of their employer (the Indonesian embassy) all the help I needed for the realization of my mission. Shortly after our first meeting, the Association “Garuda” was established. 


The aforementioned gentlemen also had a group of Indonesians ready, who wanted to be taught in the Pencak-Silat style Garuda (eagle) so that they can later independently operate in association or in a group. Mr. Samsoedien Cucu then informed me that the authentic Pencak-Silat for Dutch standards “is worthless.” According to him, the law does not value traditional awards as I have been given by the Vishnuh-Society and that I could give not anyone outside an explanation about my origins and background of the Vishnuh-Society. He also introduced me after he had seen to preserve the lontar scientific books under his management. I absolutely refused, and I answered him that I am solely responsible for my ancestral books and no one else. Visible he rested therein because since then he asked nothing more.


My biggest concern has always been the books of my grandparents, who never ever can come from leaking. At that time I also declined strongly, despite repeated requests from Cucu S. and his clique to keep the Lontar books in the safe of the Indonesian Embassy. I had from the beginning no confidence in their protection, but gradually I was about to translate some documents for the Pencak-Silat training that I gave at the time for them.


In June 1980 I was asked specifically by Mr. Abbas Basri, no one was allowed to know that I’m coming from Suriname, also if I do not perform social conversation with their supplied members. And traditional characters on my body, I was also never shown to anyone. According to Mr. Abbas B. and S. Cucu Europeans think very differently about certain characters, but mostly I could not mention a single word about the Vishnuh-Society, otherwise, Europeans can be seen the Vishnuh-Society as a dangerous cult, even if you do not, “remarked the gentlemen. Moreover, every Surinamese now is a suspect, given what is “currently”  going on in Suriname”, he ended his speech. With this, they meant the Surinamese coup that took place earlier (February 25) in 1980.


I came on my 22nd year of life to the Netherlands and had full confidence in my fellow man. I knew toot or bladders and have about everything to be fooled by others, because of that I was initially fooled by many. So I accepted the job offer from the present Indonesians and was under the impression that they knew the Dutch law better than I do. They were still in the majority and had all kinds of knowledge of the law that I could well come in handy in the definition of the learning of the Vishnuh-Society; So I reasoned. Both gentlemen concerned reassured me again by saying that they were good for me and that everything would be fine. I would get a building from them in which the learning of the Vishnuh-Society can be accommodated and centralized in a permanent place, as I had requested urgently.


… I was not naive, but in the beginning, I took it all in, I was a rookie 22 years old. I had to make sure I got a residence permit and decided to comply with the advice of my “benefactors”, that I thought at least.


… At that time I was also alone, I did not know anyone else and had, therefore, no other choice than to start with teaching at Cucu S. and his Indonesian group. I then took me straight away for later, after I had my orientation in this society, to continue alone. Another kind of job I can not do, I’ve come up with my own job, as Gurubesar of the Vishnuh-Society with its ancestral traditional family duty of succession, therefore I have no European diplomas because the learning of the Vishnuh-Society is a Vishnuh-matter. I only targeted advice and financial help to professionalize my ancestral papers and documents and to buy a building.


For the first time in the Netherlands, I was teaching in a gymnasium Ferdinand Bolstraat The Hague to a group of Indonesian people that go from age 25 to 54 years. The classes were divided into groups of 15. I was a part-time service of the association Garuda and my contact persons were Cucu Samsoedien and Abas Basri. In one of the conversations with Abbas and Cucu, I understand that the information provided by them of Indonesians have long been living in the Netherlands and the rest are still in Indonesia and also gave private lessons in their village community and that my classes are a breakthrough in the spread of the Pencak-Silat in general.


During the initial discussions, negotiations, and training with the aforementioned cultural attachés, I showed clearly intimated that it is therefore highly advisable to Pencak-Silat as they learn from me as well as the learned combat systems must remain subject to the following terms in its original state ;

1 ) – There are no matches can be held in it , because they can not hit each other because this is a sign of contempt for each other as human beings;

2 ) – The Pencak-Silat learning should be accessible to everyone without respect of person, and without regard to race, rank  class, ethnicity, political or religious beliefs,


3 ) – Complete transfer of a style to the Dutch society, to righteous Dutch, as a sign of respect and honor towards my venerable Dutch master Gerrit van Praag because it has enabled ensured that the purification of ancestral teachings as well as the rehabilitation of an ancestral name no massacre, did take place.


The Indonesian cultural attachés heard me attentively and promised me cows with golden horns. Furthermore, they assured me their full cooperation, that it will assist in the realization of the wishes of the Vishnuh-Society. But unfortunately, they left after some time of reflection nothing more to themselves, they assured me that it all came good.





The Pencak-Silat training in the gym went well and for the fanatics among the group of Indonesians were occasionally organized by Mr. Cucu outside training in the forest behind the Houtrusthallen (in The Hague.) On the first Sunday of November 1980 there was an outside training, but only with Messrs S. Cucu Abbas and Basri was said.


….We had agreed to jointly 9 am to train in the parking lot next to the Houtrusthallen after a forest training would follow. When I arrived at the appointed place, I found nowhere Cucu S. and Abas Basri but found three strange Indonesian types which were waiting for me and greeted kindly. They shared me that Mr. Abbas and Cucu Samsoedien were prevented and that they had been allowed to train in their place.  One of the three Indo walked back to a blue-black Mercedes and sat in the car watching us. I had no objection to teaching strangers.


I thought it was suspicious and had my reservations, but oh well , I did not want to debate, and I stood for hotter fires. When we drafted to begin the training and I wanted to take the salute of the Eagle Style one of them remarked that they did the style of Tapac – Sutjie. I replied that I gave the Pencak-Silat teaching from Vishnuh and that he had to meet them as he trains under my care. I do not know Tapac – Sutjie but the Pencak-Silat Learning from the Vishnuh-Society – which they will have to submit training with me, it has no sense otherwise, I said.


After I had given an explanation on the feasibility of the Eagles salute and this had decreased was one of the men during the training remarked that they were accustomed to straddling to face an opponent and not sideways. I then replied that we always stand sideways to the opponent on the basis of safety, in a fight against an enemy they can never stand astride, but always sideways, so that one is assured of the safety in a real fight.


… I had to point out again here because they were becoming repetitive. At one point they asked irritated if I wanted to prove the alleged safety by me, and one of them without warning immediately attacked me. What then followed was indescribable, it all went too fast. After several seconds the first attacker fell to the ground immediately thereafter his friend attacked who also was on the ground after a few seconds and like his friend also remained moaning in pain. Then I took into account a combat trick and shouted from where I stood if all was well with them, and what does that mean their hostility towards me. After all, I had never seen anything or done to them, and finally, I know them only a few hours.


Meanwhile, the third Indonesian hurried riding in the blue Mercedes and stopped near his companions, stepped out of the car and hurried to his screaming friends. As he talked with them, he kept an eye on me. Then he pulled the two injured himself in the Mercedes and then drove away quickly without further notice of my store. I heard one of them whimpering against the other: “It’s your fault, why did you not shoot!” While I was a little later walked to the tram stop to home address, I realized that I had survived an attack from a malicious Indo-grouping. On the next day of training in the Ferdinand Bolstraat, the Indo-group was significantly silent. Afterwards, I asked Mr. Cucu Samsoedien some explanation regarding the reasons for his absence at the Houtrusthallen.


I wanted clarification about the two men who might take his place. I asked Mr. Cucu what their physical attack on my person had to do. Mr. S. Cucu looked at me very anxious and negative and asked me for forgiveness with the words “I’m sorry Mass, I’m sorry.” Then I asked him again, what was his part of this whole affair. Instead of giving an answer to my question, he cared about the welfare of my attackers. He replied: “The two Indonesians claimed that they have put you several times with a knife, but it just seemed like the blades can not strike.”


“They also saw how daggers stabbed them in their kidney area that loomed out of nowhere. But from the outside, they could not detect any traces of blood. A doctor (Mr. Tan) of the Indonesian Embassy has determined that the Indonesians have suffered during the skirmish; a ruptured kidney. But the two injured Indonesians also claimed that you were surrounded by unknown forces and some of us have become terrified to you, therefore you are now considered by most of us as the intangible and the wrath of the ancestors.” Furthermore, he did not say a word about his concern for me, nor the earlier angry attack of the Eurasians in question, or their hostility toward me, which to me just meant he had something to hide with that scum.


I assured mister Cucu Samsoedien that there was no knives nor stabbings and nor sorcery, but that the two Indonesian attackers constantly looking to benefit from any movement took to interrupt the lesson and it was disturbing. After my admonition and explanation they were probably heated and went without any warning one at a time to attack, they behaved even before the commencement of the training peculiar and the way in which they inquired came mockingly out of their mouths.


…  I have this cowardly attack just defended myself in a fraction of seconds, otherwise, I might have been injured and who knows maybe even worse given the aggressive way in which the attacks were built. They attacked me, one after the other as if they had agreed that. But my story was probably not credible in his eyes, and he avoided any eye contact from that. So I felt like I was on the accused bench while I was attacked by, to me, two unknown Eurasians and not the other way! I only used my right to self-defense, nothing more.


At the time I knew no one else … except myself. I only came to the Netherlands. I could tell my story to anyone else than myself. I then had a lot of grief and this was always the temptation to go back to my home country. I had to return back from my supporters when I noticed that I’m ridiculously made or disrespectful handled by strangers. People who amorality raised are usually very ungrateful, I’ve noticed. The subsequent training days were tense. Then always came the realization by me, that it is tiring to have handled with people who are very superstitious, gullible and petty-minded, and it is also very tiring to reason with people who do not know what they are talking about .


In December 1981 I was given by Mr. S. Cucu informs its members shared the feeling to stand under pressure by my ancestral forces and for that reason the hall at 1 January 1982 has been canceled. They thanked me for my classes and that was it . I was stunned and did not know how to think or what to do against them. I felt empty inside, abused and abandoned , but I left it at that .

It came to me then an era of backbiting and envy which turned out not come by itself. For me, challenged an awkward time, which apparently meant to me that I had to maintain and orient me here. The more that this bureaucratic culture and asphalt jungle for me was absolutely wild strange. Luckily for me, I have learned from my teachers and family clan more than just theory. I decided to go give private lessons myself and thus collected within a short time a group of people around me and gave great pleasure to the teaching of Pencak-Silat .


While I spread the “Pencak-Silat,” through the provision of training in various sports gym in the Hague, I was met by several Indo-ethnic approaches which ranged from RMS (Republic Maluku Selatan) and similar anti-Indonesia ethnic minority groups. They were already convinced that I would help them against the Indonesian regime with the help of Pencak-Silat. These groups frustrated Moluccan immigrants went away faster than they were heard of me, I can not cooperate in their fight for freedom because I do not feel involved in their history. Moreover, I am not a Moluccan no Indonesian, with their whole thing I have nothing to do; I have said…


I had maybe not refused them because of my position on that I received unsolicited enemies. The gentleman who represented the Moluccan group and also spoke hinted that I should find no refuge in this country because the Dutch are still bad guys, exploiters, and hypocrites of the first class, and Dutch no longer allowed to earn Indian Archipelago, and therefore nothing that everything that comes from or otherwise relates. This because of their previous merit in Indonesia where they have become rich through land and people exploitation and thus nothing should fall into their hands anymore…


… I have politely and quietly listened to the RMS story. To their question, why I need to promote our Pencak-Silat combat doctrine of the Vishnuh-Society in Europe and especially in the Netherlands to the descendants of the original people’s exploiters and murderers of Indonesia and Suriname…


… I replied; I was completely aware of world history; I know that Dutch and other Europeans have kept wreaked among indigenous peoples globally including in the former Dutch East Indies and Suriname; I know all of the Germanic suppression methods, from slavery to those of their beatitude; that the current Dutch generation is not responsible for the crimes previously committed worldwide by their evil ancestors; the Pencak-Silat learning is for everyone, except for people who want to hurt other people unfounded.”


… After they have listened to me, these perky RMS supporters walked away without saying goodbye. These guys are obviously not only intrusive but also very inappropriate in their behavior and also quite rude. They have in all the years of their stay in the Netherlands no manners taught by their old folks. And given their historical narrative of the Indian Archipelago to their traitorous ancestors and the proportion of Indonesian refugees here in Holland, they have had in my view no history lessons in Dutch schools. And this kind of people wished to be trained by me in the Pencak-Silat combat doctrine of the Vishnuh-Society!


… No…. Never. People who do not even know their own history but there supposedly to compete for I trust not a whit. The betrayal she sits deep in the genes, and for such people, I did not even take the trouble to create a place for them within the ranks of the Vishnuh-Society.


Mind you, before I arrived here in the Netherlands I did not know much about RMS or something like that, I knew that they were all descendants of traitors and defectors, but I did not know I these guys here would be found in large numbers in the Netherlands. For me, it was an extra sensation. I made the RMS supporters clear that I am not anti-this and anti-that, but I have come only to bring my mission on manifesting the Vishnuh-learning in particular Pencak-silat teaching to a conclusion and had/ have no message to/ for rebellious elements.  




After I got tired of the countless and mostly transparent conspiracies of these so-called Indonesians, which were directed against my person humoredly I left in 1983 to the north of the country (province of Groningen.) I ended up in Hoogezand and moved into a house in the Joh.Vermeerstraat. But even there I was not left alone with gossip and hypocrisy again made
 her appearance, which I had meanwhile known as the favorite weapons of Indonesian hypocrites.


One evening in November 1984 , when I was with a faithful disciple named Remko Lohr, had a workout in the gym Bao Trieu , which was located somewhere on a side street in the center of Groningen, we were after our Pencak Silat training encircled by Risakotta, Frans Veetman, Hendriksz and a number of other Eurasians which their names are as yet unknown to me …


… This is because I had said earlier in the newspaper (The Newspaper of the North) during an interview that besides me “no one actually practiced Pencak-Silat the way she was .” Thus these people have been marked at the gym, where we had rented for our training just came over and surrounded me, because they were offended by my statements .


… The true purpose of their attendance is me until now still not entirely clear , but Mr. George Frederiksz from Leeuwarden stepped up to me and handed me as a seasoned businessman on behalf of the group present a sheet of paper on which is written and signed: ” 1 +1 = 3 followed by a drawing of a ” phallus ” (= erect penis) with the top in large letters the inscription ” Kontol ” (= Javanese word for Penis.)


In other words , these Eurasians were not clear with peaceful intentions , for they left through that sheet of paper with contents prove who they actually were . They had a Phallus signed but the balls were forgotten…


… That says a lot about these people, so they have no balls. Point one , they can not count, because to my knowledge is still 1 +1 =2 , and secondly on the paper has drawn phallus was probably their last name or family insignia which in my opinion in this context could not do much good…


… I had understood that the present rag paper what I got in the hands of these stray Indo Group was their business card.

They called themselves at the time “The Kontolgroup” (= stiff dicks group) and given their family arms they are ” Phallus – supporters” because who now runs around with a piece of paper containing a signed erect dick in the hand? For example, a business card like this, I’ve never seen before in my life which I received from Mr. George Frederiksz.


… How is it possible that people can stoop to such a low level? A gray Indonesian-looking man named Risakotta, as a mob boss amid the group sat on a chair took the floor, and there was nothing but nonsense from his mouth, later transpired after I got their piece of paper in my hands, just bullshit. 

When I asked whether he was a guru he gave freely admit that none of those present that belong to him nor he was a guru, but that they are all trained under a master teacher especially Thomis where they learned techniques and gave classes on the basis of to others.


… After I had listened to their alleged grievances,  I spoke Risakotta in Dutch and asked him why the head teacher Thomis itself did not show up to talk to me. Risakotta replied that Thomis got busy….


….Then I said I ‘m a Gurubesar from a non-religious monastic order and that I had spoken Mr. Thomis earlier in a municipal gymnasium in Gorecht East (Hoogezand) and had brought him a courtesy visit. There he told me personally that he, in fact, was not a guru, but simply by virtue of his sporting past he developed a fighting style, in particular, the “Harimau Kuntao Bongkot” and has named it Pencak-Silat. The Dutch love of his sport Thomis personally told me and since he is Indonesian, he has been called for convenience Pukulansport “Pencak-Silat “.


… I played out my argument and said in Javanese against Risakotta that I cannot engage any discussion with students from other teachers, that I was tired from the workout and go home, and I along with my student Remko Lohr walked out of the gym and the invaders as coming from the Thomis-group left standing bewildered at the gym behind us.


Granted, they have not chased out or attempts to take action against us. Talking is allowed, but benefit our body is extremely forbidden, this message was for their happiness them well clear. Chattering may, but keep your hands off us! But where this Bongkot group actually has?


…. However, according to their own story that they are not practicing Pencak-Silat but like so many others only use this name at random. I have no intention to argue with people with limited comprehension nor against those who do not know what they are talking about because arguing with such people is very tiring or impossible.


That was one of the many intimidations of the Thomis sports group. Honestly, if it was true to a confrontation, people would die. I was very tense at that time. I felt hounded and threatened. I took me immediately for at the slightest suspicious movement of the Indo Group in a fraction of a second if the first to cut of the throat of Risakotta sitting in front of me on a chair, to sow bewilderment and panic around me than using just time to go like a mad bull, mata gelap.


… In a battle confrontation you first kill the leader of the agitating group, occasionally the rest will follow. So I learned from my grandparents because to save the mortal body I must be crazier in an unequal combat situation than crooks-mad by that time create order the most unthinkable, the most horrible and most unexpected attack the enemy ruthlessly beat off.


I was fully prepared with a razor-sharp coat of arms behind my belt that I would have avidly used in the heat of battle on an uneven battle of more than seven men against two persons. Beyond that I was responsible for the safety of my student during that interview just stood next to me, I had to make sure that when a fight would break out he could retreat unscathed because personally went for just me. At that moment I thought of my grandfather who taught me to always stand up for myself and be ready for my members and take their mistakes.


… The true stories of Dutch victims do not lie that this kind of figures derived from the Indo-community willingly operate in the Netherlands in a group and beat up other people to unleash their grievances or when someone does not suit them. This kind of violence at that time was rife. They are cowards because when they are alone they dare anything and say hello smiling and submissive, but if they are more than they dare to do…


… These Eurasians have made me very badly underestimated so that it would work in my favor as a reckless and destructive reaction do not expect it from me, I was in their eyes, but still only a stupid pathetic standing Surinamese. They probably felt very strong and they were in the majority, so I knew for sure that none of these Eurasians would survive once they are overconfident and it comes to blows that day…


… I also wanted to use this opportunity to deal with all of these Indo-bullying group once and for all. I could not wait to crush the Kontolgroup but the physical threat that I expected of them left out.


I would have torn them like a wild beast that the world in a very primitive way acquainted with Pencak-Silat.


… Therefore Pencak-Silat is not a sport, but a battle doctrine. Pencak-Silat is meant to survive malignant humanity regardless of size and weight in all aspects of time.


… Pencak-Silat is scientifically developed for the battlefields, for a fight to the death, it is not a sport nor a ballet, but a deadly serious matter.



 I know I am unfortunately not a magician, not a Rambo figure, and the use of a cutting weapon in conjunction with the Pencak-Silat techniques would, if it were true, to a fight with the Bongkot group have been on my right of self-defense against an evil force majeure. 


… I felt like a cornered cat, and a cat in distress makes strange jumps. I ‘m not strong, I ‘m just a little guy, but I ‘m not fragile. Furthermore, I do not have the look of a fighter, I avoid as many hassles that even people who have to know me for years say, that I’m too nice for this world, because I often in my legal theory practicing that of “Oh let Yet”.


… Furthermore, I cry secretly in impotent rage when someone does me grief , but otherwise I do for anyone to step aside when my life is likely to be at risk and ” I confess ” that I was on that night intended with good computing precision to kill these repentis as much as possible before I got hurt.

 I had meanwhile calculated the distance between the gang and me already and knew exactly how many men stood back and beside me. I had my battle strategy already assessed and determined in anticipation of what was to come. My position on that precarious moment was “I have nothing to lose and let me mistreating or beat up by anyone.”


… In The Hague, I have my attackers left alive on the battlefield, but that does not happen to me anymore in my life that my attackers leave the battlefield alive. I’m in some cases deliberately primitive and who lives according to our doctrine raises his hands to someone who then has no right to life. Hitting is a sign of contempt for the other, and “Self-defense and self-preservation to free speech is all his life right” and what you do not want to be done to yourself do not than another.



Thus the doctrine of Vishnuh says:


“who raises his hand against another should no longer be alive.”



Through this action encirclement of the Groningen “Harimau kuntao Bongkot” group or the “Kontol group” and thereby the absence of their head teacher Thomis, the group in question demonstrated its malevolence and sickening cowardice. And their head teacher has made it clear by sending his disciples where cowardly conduct came because he personally did not dare to come and talk but did send his disciples out on me to recover his dirty work.


… There lived a few houses down the same street where I lived an A. de Haan, who was apprenticed to the Pukulan instructor Henry Thomis, always watched closely my Pencak-Silat transactions in the parking lot from his rear balcony. He also witnessed my courtesy visit to his teacher Thomis in the gym to Gorecht East in Hoogezand. On that day I entered the gym and I saw Mr. Thomis decrease greeting his pukulanstyle at that time. Then he came straight to me for an interview, after he gave Andre de Haan the leadership of the present group.


… So there you have it, an unknown neighbor who lurks through his binoculars to another is just as guilty as the perpetrator himself.


I can name names of those involved who have all contributed to smear and how they did their bit. And all this I have carefully chronicled in my book “Only Nature Lives Forever part 2”. And all that is described here, for the time being, is just a tip of the iceberg.


… But let me now everything still in it, life goes on, and I do not let me make life miserable by such insignificant figures. Someday I will take revenge, but first I must translate the books and record was my motto and then allowed for me the fucking break with them. This is the truth as actually occurred. For this, I have independent witnesses who can confirm my statements.


But despite the hard facts and reason to suspect I was still out of humanity, that the head teacher may not be aware of the intimidation visit by the “Kontolgroep” which has called the name “Henri Subandi the Thomis” as their head teacher. And as his successors, the apple does not fall far from the tree, and “they” who by virtue of their profession are all thought to be able to afford and thereby possibly claim to be inviolable impunity will soon encounter themselves.


… Certainly, It’s actually too much honor to mention my former enemies in my book but I will this once mention their former tough pronunciations. Some of them, told almost everyone who would listen, to work as a (detective) in the Corps police in Groningen. Thomis also told almost everyone that he was court officer and his son was a cop. As if one should be afraid that they work with the police or that one should feel intimidated. In the Indo latitudes, it might be a great achievement to work with the police, but there also comes a time to an end. Gossip I do not, because slander is one of the many malicious hobbies and inveterate malignant properties of malicious people like my overconfident opponents.


And concerning my current position, I am disapproved to participate in work in this society because of the medical observation that I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and thereby has a Psycho Test, which was commissioned by a government was conducted, found I can mean for some people and organizations in this society a great danger. My spontaneity and laugh in my face were taken from me over the years.


… There has in recent years gradually something snapped in me, without that I realized this. I could tell here, it’s me in all those years has been excellent in the Netherlands and I was unshakable, and setbacks have endured tough etc. But I have nothing to fib, because I shoot anything with it, besides I do not have a steady job but am completely dependent on the Dutch state and enjoy this end of a single person on welfare. And whoever gets me out of here, because I have monthly just enough to not dead yet?


I’m only human with flaws, imperfections, and quirks like any other human being. I have also red blood when I cut me. In spite of all this, I have not filed a charge of Indo and Moluccan threats. I have the authority, which I consider to be responsible for the attempt on my life in The Hague or their helpers are not taken to court, then I have never anyone liable or demanded compensation for non-pecuniary damage, which I have experienced that resulted from years of willful incitement by their actions.


… I have proposed to me during that time to keep quiet and not to annoy, while in the meantime more than once the vile actions of these Indo Groupy took the blood from under my fingernails. I sometimes became so furious that several times my family-weapon came to be sharp. It was me at varying times do not care which of them belonged to the Groningen police. I wanted them so badly bruise just by stretching my arms, I wanted to be primitive rage crazy and throw me into the deep between them and pave a menagerie of it. Police or not, anyway just head off was my motto! Well, people can actually get someone so far, I know all about it! But I controlled myself and reasoned as follows: “as long as they with their dirty mouth only bark around and no bite me, then fine with me.”


I have my reasons to be angry. I’ve spent years being treated by a psychologist because I use over 30 years walking around with a trauma affected by evil people and institutions from a very low class. These can all be held accountable for the mudslinging in question.


  At one time this was all too much for me and I decided to set up a research after I had taken an appropriate training first. So I studied “Private Detective”, successfully completed in 1996 and started immediately with the detection of my tormentors.


 In addition, I have all the investigative techniques used that I’ve learned. I now know all of them, and I also know things they do not know yet.


… It is allowed to learn from your enemy but those Eurasians had grandiose underestimate me again. I could have to bruise them in my nocturnal surveys. They were never alert and always nonchalantly in their contact with fellow neighbors, who were on my side. They were very vulnerable,  but that they did not realize themselves, they were for me an easy prey.


.. The doctrine of Pencak-Silat kept me from to attack them, they had indeed done to me physically nothing so there was no reason for me to lethal strike in their sleep. Nature was in all these scavenger hunts everywhere with me, because when my anger rose at times at the top, nature whispered in my ears the next, “do not be a thief of Nature, only Nature can take a life; Nature is the creator of life, life is a product of Nature. As long as one person does not hurt the other physically, nature is the only nominee who decides over life and death.”


However, I was not curious, but I just wanted to know if my assailants also slept and what they do in their daily lives when they thought they were alone, safe and sound on the bench. That’s all I needed to know, I’m a warrior, not Nature Thief.


… Because for years I’ve lived a retired life that Eurasians had become so arrogant that they are in all those years did not realize that they played for a long time with fire. They are vile to the bone and moreover worthless swagger-makers when it comes down to it!  It is expected that one who knowingly kicks a sleeping Tiger on his tail will get big fuss, if not today then tomorrow and unexpected as a thunderbolt from a clear sky, and we Vishnuïsts come out of nowhere. We strike and disappear as if we never were.


And my supporters in South-Amerika wanted revenge and was ready awaiting my decision, she was ready for an overseas visit to the Netherlands and was bursting with impatience to strike lethal. But no, it may not come for me as far as this is no solution. Besides, should not be used gratuitous violence, according to the substantive head rules of the Vishnuh-Society, however much they might feel spiritually hurt. Natural law says; as long as one person does not physically hurt the other one has to keep his hands out of his fellows (s). “We are warriors, as traditionally raised with generosity, appreciation, and respect for life, as long as people with their limbs stay away from us.


I had that Eurasians may bruise on the basis of repercussion by denial of the natural law and deny depicting the main line, and as a manner that the grieving process and whine of their relatives would be heard at all in Indonesia.


  And to prevent me from suspicions, I would have used indigenous skills for this silent warfare, which no suspicions would be aroused, on gains which in the past by my ancestors were successfully applied against a legion miscreants and hostile tribes which I, as this happened, for my misdeeds would have freely gone along with the neberoeclan (a branch of an indigenous tribe that joined at that time by the Vishnuh-Society, also Vishnuïsts), which specializes in antique assassination techniques. My clan was then ready and very impatiently and anxiously waited for my signal to be involved in my vendetta against Indo scum.


Today I am very happy that I’m not religious, not hypocritical, therefore openly can say my opinion to my hypocritical fellow neighbors, I hate them because of their hypocritical religious behavior against fellow human beings.

… To come back to my life story: I am also very pleased that my ability to mentally think it does not go in all those years, and meanwhile, I’ve freed myself completely from the mindset of “revenge” and furthermore not succumbed to….


… This fact is for me the clear evidence that the teachings of the Vishnuh-Society in this society seem harmless to his fellows and function sufficient to mental problems to cope. Thus I came to myself mentally again and have abandoned any revenge, which I formerly harbored against certain elements and society. I decided to opt for the middle ground, by continuing to keep what I already had and to stay where I was and further continue the goals I have in mind.


.. I do not choose the right, nor to the left, but I choose “Vishnuh” and stick to it as historically, but without following in their footsteps as they once would have done on the basis of revenge, ordering the matter destruction, by bringing ruin and destruction to all who had caused them any harm. That was before, in which survival was a must and where laws and regulations do not yet exist. Nowadays we fight with the pen, and if we are forced to do so we are ready with Pencak-Silat.


 I abhor violence in any form, nevertheless, no one should neglect the coercion exerted by the government, whose power lust and stubbornness in maintaining the society can lead to savagery by fellow citizens. Therefore, the man who wishes to be maintained in order to avoid unpleasantness by fellow humans, to gain sufficient knowledge to be able to actually mentally and physically resist or to be ready for confrontations with the inhumanity of the society in which one lives.


I intend to write my autobiography to be honest with my fellow man and not conceal my revenge and thinking, so that they understand that I’m just a human being and therefore be just as sensitive and vindictive as every other living thing, but guided by self-discipline and humanity have managed to retain my humanity and have remained forgiving with respect for all living things. 


… It would be the mission of the Society-Vishnuh not do well in Europe, where I would take over the job of Neberoe and the calibrated “Nature Thief.” It would also be a good example for humanity when I was going to play judge and jury and a vendetta against mass Indo scumbags had caused. That the non-religious way of thinking of the Vishnuh-Society by malicious people used as a handle and alliance in their selfish struggle, it is abundantly clear.


We Vishnuïsts are as we are, and we are in advance everyone favorable as a living being, we are all products of nature and living beings are actually connected. Understand, I do know that there are a lot of Indonesians and enthusiasts worldwide launched by Indonesians practicing sports activity, which they also called Pencak-Silat. But the multitude of their membership does not bother me.


I’m just saying that they do not practice Pencak-Silat whatever they do. Even though their movements are so fluid and so beautifully and so Indonesian as it can be, and even though they are all together world champions and joined all sports associations in the world, and even though it is practiced by three-quarters of the global population, and even though there will be a Ratu or Sultan in all, substituting that wants to guarantee what she meant in Indonesia under Pencak-Silat, the fact remains, however, that if “one-million people commit a blunder, it is always a blunder . “ 


The indisputable fact is that all of them do not practice Pencak-Silat as was originally developed by the developers, the Vishnuh-Society. This is seen from the captured Pencak-Silat Doctrine and my profession and based on the history of my ancestors about Pencak-Silat.


…  In addition, I as a Gurubesar or professor, and successor and priest of the Vishnuh-Society in recent years arbitrarily taken the liberty to study all Pukulan operations of the naming themselves Eurasians and Indonesians! These groups pretend to be that the relaxed Karate what they actually practicing is Pencak Silat, but this is boldly ridiculous. This does not mean that they are entitled simply to intimidate other people because they are in the majority; this gives also non the right to impose silence to other people through backbiting and bluffs, in a social sense.


I have never attacked anyone nor I offended in their Pukulan sports operations and their Pukulan costumes, which reminds me of the colorful Macaws, which in my former Surinamese and Brazilian residential fluttered screeching around, but were so clever to get out of our neighborhood as if they knew that if they would come by us in our proximity to food can be introduced.


… Furthermore, I have not made me worry about their with deviousness which I lost many novice members. Because of their smear campaign backstabbing I experienced a decline in membership, but nevertheless, I left this perky Eurasians in peace, but the reverse was not the case. They were regularly engaged in finding all kinds of crap so I stopped my Pencak Silat-mission in the Netherlands. Why? I can tell my story anyway?


… No one is obliged to believe my story or to hear or to follow it or love! I do my own things and I even brought my own job to the Netherlands which I can generate the most necessary cost of living to live and to complete my mission. Nothing more! I can train people in various disciplines including survival learn from the Vishnuh-Society, the authentic Pencak-Silat, and beyond that, the doctrine of Vishnuh can something come to mean for many people.


… Pencak-Silat is not just a martial art, but a doctrine which is very useful especially for those who seek more than just the material. I am Gurubesar of the Vishnuh-Society in the line of the Ida-Bagus dynasty.


My thought was, and still is; “there are a plenty of people in this world and there will undoubtedly be an insignificant number of thoughtless people who would rather see me go out. But there will also be more than enough sane people left who will come to love with all my weaknesses, values and norms of me.” But I can and will learn from the other, and we learn from each other in harmony with norms and values to the extent possible.


… Because of the loss of income, which I have undergone, in the Netherlands, I had to go looking for another kind of work. I followed this end various written studies and worked in various positions employed, and wherever I worked I made a lot of overtime for several national companies. And this I have done all to come into the material so that I could accomplish my mission still ahead.  But working for others while you resist enough work itself is redundant.


… Eventually, it all went not so well with me because I felt oppressed all the time and more or less forced to the neglect of my cultural heritage. I barely had time for myself, let alone that I had the time for the task for which I came in the Netherlands. Also, the Dutch society is to blame for suppression of Vishnuh-Society, and from me personally because almost everywhere, where municipal institutions promise assistance to individuals in their pursuit, I humbly raised my urgent request, but I got each time zero on my request without giving reasons.


… In the Netherlands c.q. Europe and perhaps in the rest of the world where religion dominates the everyday life of man will generally be argued that everyone has equal opportunities. This is not true because of the majority of the population, inwardly proceeds with tacit discrimination, especially when they will not get their right to a particular group or individual, nor can crumble with a finger in the pie, but rather big chance walking on a heavy beating in proven misconduct on their part. To leave here; I’m a warrior and I’m not alone anymore. 

 Furthermore, I have had my board members who have committed treason in my ranks, who helped me first and still only tacked later, aware of greed and selfishness because “Pecunia non olet” making my financial position was Decimalised. So I have a long time stagnation encountered with the commitment of the Vishnuh-learning and other contemporary social activities in general. 

Fortunately, I met except corrupted Indonesians and Indonesian-Dutch with their greedy benefiting supporters, even wealthy Dutch and Dutch residents with a noble heart and in possession of a sense of responsibility for others, conscious and without conditions have deployed my mission zealously to be improving. So I was advised by authoritarian organizations to record, capture and deposit worldwide the “Pencak-Silat,” and the associated learning of the “Vishnuh-Society”.


… Then I got arising from the letter to Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands, the Ministry of Culture the board to capture a thing of the will through its advisory body, and by law “to protect the name ” Pencak-Silat.


I’m not a businessman, so I never let myself in with the bureaucracy because sometimes I did not see the trees for the forest. This means that I financial and other bureaucratic matters entirely left to third parties in full confidences which on examination “a lot of abuse” is made of.


… I’m not gullible towards my fellow man, but I wanted to trust my fellow man without cherishing ulterior because I’ve always been taught to first positive thinking of the other before the negative. But unfortunately, many have taken advantage of their chance to fool me. In most cases, many malicious parties just talk the Pencak-Silat of the Vishnuh-Society in their favor. I gradually my spiritual wounds cleaned and my mission stoically continued as a warrior to the bitter end behooves to do.


… Also, warriors make mistakes, and it is not reasonable to blame a limited group of people attributable. The perpetrators were the volunteers who have benefited from the actions of the highest bidder. They also have their greed with the slightest displeasure of all premeditated driven someone to play the short straw. Where a person makes mistakes there are still more to it, who have been guilty of the same mistakes.


“The man first thinks evil of others before the good.” This life spell is perfectly applicable in modern so-called civilized societies such as the Netherlands, where the value of its nationals be reviewed and assessed by the sensationalist mass according to the statement, on its material achievements “Today one is approved and disapproved tomorrow” as a religious or materialistic society it is. I tell this from my own experience, people, “They benefit conscious of you until you have no more, and then they’ll drop you like a brick.”

Once people exhibit this behavior will always fall back into repetition. And in this cursed place, they will continue to repeat against fellow human beings until they encounter the wrong, then it will be done forever with their perverse and villainy.


 One needs the aforementioned form of epigonism not pursue. It is possible to stay by yourself and maintain your self-esteem for the value of life is being yourself.


… And from my teachers, I had learned to “first think the good from others before the bad”, but when the evil eventually manifests to you, act according to the guidelines of “Vishnuh”: “Good insight favor, and sow righteousness have an everlasting gain.” Owing Vishnu’s guidelines, my speech has brought me only interest so far, because in the end the malicious Indonesians cases in their own den.


My conclusion with regard to the groups in this society who pretend to practice the “Pencak-Silat” reads as follows: what this over here and elsewhere in “Pencak-Silat” understanding, based on fuzzy images from their colonial past without any factual but are lost in a maze of utopia and the apparent know the path of ego-tripping, which this kind of companies is founded, and this in the company of greed, ambition, envy and pride, the four enemies of peace. And the only passages in which the  group in question are in each case on professions is that they are of Indian blood and who is therefore entitled to use the name to perform the “Pencak-Silat.”


Specifically, the Indonesian interpretation on this subject (Pencak-Silat) means to me, that they have only heard the bell without having to know where the clapper actually depends. So everyone, without respect of persons, who claims to practice Pencak Silat, but when it comes down to people talking about games in the sense of the sport, who keeps his own grandmother for a ride.


… The relaxed Karate what actually is practiced by Indonesians and Eurasians cannot be compared even remotely with the authentic Pencak-Silat as originally developed and defined by the Vishnuh-Society centuries ago, whether it is Pukulan “or karate and other martial arts derivative techniques where for the convenience called Pencak-Silat to have connected.



My conclusion is:

“My venerable masters (= my family clan) had at the time in Suriname absolutely right in saying:” It’s in Europe and in Indonesia just a very sad affair.”


… During my stay in Europe, I gradually understood why the party Eurasians categorically denied me, they saw me as a great danger in this for their own livelihood. Their martial arts empire threatened to collapse, which they had built laboriously.


… In addition, it was obvious that mankind would find out that everything about “Pencak-Silat”, dished up by them over the years to the public, ever would come to be called into question. And some who in the course of time their egos have jacked by the name “Pencak-Silat” and therefore occasionally launched a lie for its own sake, were the greedy abuse of European curiosity and urge the European quest for the mystical possibly hidden powers of the universe.


In the beginning, it reminded me a lot of satisfaction that the name ” Pencak-Silat, ” yet announced. Thus I had intended to leave the Eurasians “therefore” in their own value as I saw at a glance that in this society is also enough room for me ( = the Vishnuh – Society .)

I then reasoned as follows : “If these Pukulan athletes can survive with their picture of the Pencak-Silat in this society, then I can also, after all, there are plenty of people who want to know more than their noses, and many of which are receptive to the authentic or open to the origin of the emergence of something.


… I came to Europe to preserve my ancestral books by recording and publishing and to provide education in the learning of the Vishnuh-Society. I have to achieve my goals and not to hold a match against anyone nor to fight against people or convince through the use of violence by my right because we are not religious.





All the “Indonesian Bersilat supporters’ expressed negative bubble talk, together represent the characteristic of oppressed awards.



… They called me “the magician”, if that were true then everything would have gone to me very easily. I would transform my tormentors blows it to Mars and never have had the intrigues of attackers who have posted in this society himself on a higher pedestal load. In addition, I would at once all malicious persons and bodies, the poison that belief in God is called, and the continuation of this poison spreads on other people conjure away from the Earth to a distant planet so they can not infect innocent people anymore…


… This would also give away all the religious wars, away with all the churches, the fires of religious poison, and all for a peaceful earth, but also so that people like me, who are already oppressed by supporters of churches spiritually based on their own interests be punished for what followers of the Bible have done to them so that the suffering of these oppressed people is softened and further can live in peace with all the people on mother earth.


It does not make sense nor reason to cover up by saying something entirely certain, “the Gurubesar is a wizard of the Vishnuh sect and has indomitable satanic forces”. This is a typical religious ruling, which in recent times was expressed by malignant Indo religious figures and their sympathizers in order only to win the mass, and greedy people are usually malicious in nature.


Therefore I recommend to everyone: “Behave in such a dignified and never” go claptrap “because remember that it is very exhausting to argue or quarrel with people who do not know what they are talking about. If the Indonesians or Indonesian-Dutch do not even know what a definition is, then it has no sense to cry where tears are prohibited. “


…  And so you see and experience it, “if people can not change things, then they change the words.” Following this is the second generation of regret-to-tors, which are from different areas of the Indonesian archipelago originated were set in their own thinking and ideas. In my view, caused by the illogical hate sentiment that is imparted by their grown-ups (hence the “1st Generation”.)


 In other words, age does not necessarily mean that it is always demonstrated wisdom or common sense. In this fashionable era is the 2nd generation of high likely come after the colonial obvious facts which their parents have kept always jealously guarded hence their frustrated attitude to the society around them.


… In the past 32 years, I have much incriminating testimony against the present groups in this country, I wherefore priori not want to sit with them at the table. 

But I leave everything as it is now and I will once tie in this all their vile and loud sounding gossip  together into chords, provided they stop defame themselves by their attitude of constant rejection, denial of all values
 and motives, and that they especially stop telling negative talk about the Vishnuh-Society, its supporters and me in person.


… Hopefully, they have learned that “large trees can be cut down and little boys can grow.”


I had a suspicion that the perpetrators of my operations and progress constantly were watching in cooperation with the Indonesian Embassy. One of the passers in the Garuda time lived in Groningen, which at the time regularly copied my workouts and that I hold responsible of gossip and slander in the north of the country.


… For clarity, I want to emphasize, that I just concern about securing the learning of the “Vishnuh-Society”, and then I just want to accomplish my mission and live in peace with everyone.


The name “Pencak-Silat,” as well as the learning of the Vishnuh-Society are now patented. Never forget that what in former times on the Indian archipelago has happened also includes European ancestors, thus the current generation more or less concerned.




“Nature does not belong to man, but we are living beings belong to nature. We are truly earthlings. It does not matter where we come from. Earthlings are we and earthling we will continue.”


 I’m sure trained to take any oppressed group whatsoever on this planet. Someone should still protect, defend and rehabilitate, and as a confrontation of whose kind is inevitable, I will eagerly defend their self-worth with my life, after all, they were the pioneers where they ought to be proud of and which one must have awe. 

I hereby say emphatically that I am a follower of “Vishnuh” and not a supporter of any company or government. The hardships and social humiliation which I had initially competed in this country, I will never forget. 


My venerable teacher (now deceased) M.G van Praag charged dearly on my endurance which I , actually I’m still alive , will not fail , partly out of gratitude for the dedication he has exercised his language lessons to me within the Society . Gerard van Den Haag told me during my study in the Vishnuh-Society about a Holland that he knew and as such left , but he was unlikely suspect that the social climate and the friendly of his countrymen with the maelstrom of progress would mutate dramatically. Nevertheless, I respect the natural asset in his theory that, “the path of righteousness is life and peace-loving my servant.”….


…This peace-loving theory of late M. G. Prague is in antithesis to the conservative doctrine of the Vishnuh-Society that, “when we talk about the enemy , you have to cook fury and resentment , and if you stand in front of them you have to be colder than ice , are harder than granite and steel , more cunning than the most cunning fox and finally ruthless than the swamp adder.”


And these two foregoing theories I use depending on the circumstances. In other words, “whoever wants peace who will get it, but whoever wants war will also enjoy.”…..


…In short: “The only thing I am afraid of is if the sky falls on my head.” I have from the beginning do prove the dignity of Vishnuh by my positive attitude towards fellow human beings in general and my stroke and vigor I had curbed, but now is the last straw! I would like to say emphatically that I am a living being, like all of you, and just as invalid as any other living thing on this, also inhabited the planet by man.


This is my general biography until now, as my vision and these findings which I have summarized on the events in and around my mission over here in this country. This is my life as it is and was and what malicious people have made in the course of time they have to justify themselves.


… For good measure of human decency is true that he who wants to know from someone that itself should ask the person instead of turning to the neighbors to gain information about its close neighbors such as the Dutch (read also European) culture is common, according to the Biblical serving hatch principle. This is because it seems an important part of Western humanity does not have a personal opinion, and this will allow easily result from laziness or their ingrained misanthropic setting, which includes the characteristic attitude of fellow human beings who through lack of self-confidence have a pessimistic vision of the society.


The contents of my autobiography describe my personal words and primarily for all sleepers, I encountered on my way in recent years. That statement contains what I’m concerned no trace of insult or hatred, and I expect that all internally and externally is taken to heart, and my message is conveyed without concealments to the masses.


… The authentic Pencak-Silat of the Vishnuh-Society is public, thus accessible to anyone interested. Who really wants to practice Pencak-Silat or wish to adhere to the teachings of Vishnuh will naturally find their way to find us. I did not come to the Netherlands (Europe) to found a kingdom nor to preach a religion, but to restore the combat doctrine Pencak-Silat developed from animal techniques by the Vishnuh-Society in the year 185 of the Indian archipelago, to establish myself and to preserve the story of my family clan (= the Vishnuh-Society.) NO MORE.


Again, I’m not here to bring a new faith as “belief in God”, because of “faith” or “believe” only lead to a waste of resources and squandering of precious time and energy. Faith is pain and sadness because believers cannot even get along with each other’s faith, faith is war. And I’m here to destroy this war because it is bad for everyone. Life is way too short to worry about “who will” fight and “nothing” is right. In any case, we practice (Vishnuh-Society) not what Indo-groups and Indonesians understood under Pencak-Silat where they organize competitions within the meaning of the sport.  


… But let me nevertheless remain positive, and my trip to blur with the motto of my grandparents and my mind: “Having the ‘Vishnuh’ books is a great honor for us, and for this to be allowed to keep them in order to continue on a good day, means for us much more. 

 Every living thing here, who consciously or unconsciously standeth or supported the Vishnuh-Society, either in thought or otherwise, from that time and furthermore to-be a blessed creature with a good will and a protege of “Vishnuh”.

The reader is thanked for reviewing this letter and for your attention. 


Yours faithfully, 

Lancar Ida Bagus <> R.R.Purperhart Abbot of the Vishnuh-Society 1979 ………