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 PICASA SUTRA Part 1 = A Statement of Darkness 






So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

  .. “When the wise man is mature he will explore the things and phenomena of the world and perceived the distinguish things in what is true and what is false and distance themselves of the untrue, and further still only have to stick with the truth.”





 Regarding diyng, life and death concludes the doctrine of Vishnuh the following: “Every living creature DIES anyway sooner or later. That’s because everyone since its inception is subject to the cycle of Nature. Only Nature will live forever, provided it is not destroyed or destroyed by the evil and arrogant man. DEATH knows no color, nor distinction of race, rank, class, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs. Every living being is perishable, so everyone will inevitably go the way of all flesh. Everything is mortal. Only the Nature will repeatedly survive the man with the greatest ease”.








So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


“The man is certainly not better when he dies. That does not mean that man should die as soon as possible, because it was not him differently when he dies! But the man would not even be well advised to hasten his death, as if one would admit to it, so there are “better” to be, one will only begin with the end of life. In addition, the man must die anyway once his agony approaching and he should not expect, that he can prosecute been living under better conditions in another world……


…..Man should not deceive themselves, because what mankind in general learn about more substantial degradation of human dignity, death, usually based on complete ignorance of what is at the rear of the death or could be. Incomparably longer than the man lives on earth, always takes life without him. In the vastness of time measured is the life of man actually too good to be negligible compared with the geological periods that have already passed and such depths of time, which still lie ahead….


…..Therefore, humanity will, willingly or unwillingly in the future have to go through and endured many harrowing experiences before it understands that every living being is part of this earthly nature and afflicted with earthly (natural) properties and transient conditions, such as .. “Life” “Dying” and “Death.”






 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


“There is no life after death, because this is exactly like all mythologies, only an illusory fiction. Remember that religious leaders also do not know how and in what manner or in what form this life after death will take place, just as no one knows how this looks, promised afterlife.


…  Therefore, there will always be two kinds of religious people, those who believe in fairy tales and those who believe in fables, but beware there is no way, because the gullible humanity does not know where they believe and what exactly is faith. The conviction of the religious and the appropriate interested mankind about the existence of a hereafter, can be explained as the result of hundreds of years of religious domination and the result of social oppression, which according to a fixed preconceived pattern by church communities and stakeholders, from generation to generation only has led to acceptance of the professed by the majority belief system , the religious trauma…..


…. Spirit” and “mind” apply to humans as the most important assets in favor of changing times. Everyhing is  Mortal, everything ceases to exist once, and as a living organism dies, then his life-atoms and the corpus go down together. Man consists of all that part of this earthly Nature, whose five major soil physical elements-earth, water, fire, air and ether. The living being is created when a certain element of life prevails, as this claim continues manifests his character. Nature has man actually enriched with two minds. A senior who resides in the head, the brain, and lower that resides in the body.”







So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


“The spirit was like a piece that holds the impressions, which the man gets what he observes around him and absorbs. We distinguish three kinds of spirits: the spirit of man, the animal, and plant. The spirit of man is the most developed, because man can think, unlike the animal, because it has no intellect, but has the property to the senses to observe. Further, it has an instinct so that it can move…..However, the plant can only defend, feed, grow and produce fruit. But in man are these three kinds of spirits combined as fixed part. Then the mind is entirely made ​​up of atoms and is therefore a physical principle…..


….Man breathes the atoms of his own soul, and inhales the atoms of the comprehensive energy or super spirit. This is the air. Therefore mental atoms go under with the body, when man dies. The spirit, brings in the veins and nerves all impressions and is similar to a blank slate, and this blank page, can be described only by experience, that man inflicted in his life. Because the mind is made of atoms, it is therefore impermanent. The mind is basically an immaterial principle that gives consciousness to the body…..


….Mind and body are the two facets of the same being. What seems unlikely does not have to be impossible. Self-realization is a very profound understanding and should in no way associated with / to material facts. Never forget that life and existence are two different concepts, each with its message of life and Nature hidden in the living being.”





 When the human personality continues to exist, according to religious institutions that exist with earthly standards measured will continue as long as people are born on earth and die, and this has never occurred, because mind and body are impermanent, for “Dust thou one and all returns to dust.



So says the doctrine of Vishnuh: 


“The only conclusion which must draw on every living creature “die”, “death” and “life” is that “death is a state of absolute termination. Everything stops, and all the tangible and intangible body become one again with the building blocks of Nature. It is no different, how this one too would like to see differently , and preferably in a Biblical perspective. Furthermore, should have an existence after death, religious guesses to be left out of consideration, because these since time immemorial and so far could not give a concrete picture about religion guesses and biblical statements by religious leaders and stakeholders through the ages, about death and life after that.”






So says the doctrine of Vishnuh: 


“The fact is that all near-death experiences are caused by an interaction of various biological explainable factors. An apparent death experience is no visibility in the life after death. All near-death experiences, called apparent death, caused by a lack of oxygen in the brains. This lack of oxygen leads to hallucinations and is not a glimpse into the afterlife as churches to unsuspecting and gullible have to believe, until now….


….Therefore, believe in God and the afterlife is useless waste of time. Believing, faithful and faith lead to waste of resources and squandering of precious time and energy. In contrast, think wisely and for the salvation of the human spirit in all its activities. “


The development of the last few centuries, and even earlier, from which the newly passed decades shows that mankind involuntary for centuries will facing full of shocking events.



 So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

  “But the individual will not be a witness of its own productions, because life is way too short. Therefore mankind, who knows this, should try as many as possible to make the world viable and livable for her children, with the hope in mind for their part to participate to that reality. And its progeny, however, will just mayflies such as themselves and will be dragged mercilessly through the life flow into the eternal future, How far away and where, no one knows…..


…. Therefore stand as a man of flesh and blood always realistic in the world of tangible things. Do not be foreign to the cosmic event and be especially never a recluse in this exciting world of physical phenomena. Man must endure the real issues and proud to establish that this earth, with its paradisiacal and less heavenly manifestations, is not an incomparable success. But, when one imagines a life without physical and mental limitations, without the ruthless director of the unshakable laws of nature and without the inhibitory restraint by “emptiness and time”, then one will find peace. Once more; So is man only wise when he has fully exiled impatience and wait for his time to die comes, because if the man has banished his whole impatience and  approaches the physics happening on this planet than no reality will anymore pass or escape his attention, than one will find peace.”


In other words; try to see all things at all times realistic and in the correct proportions , because the concrete world is so fascinating in its reality, it is not always sensible to go further investigate the aspects Nature. Research means in reality often break instead of making. The question of whether life not exist under conditions which are incomparably better than this, including in the physical environment, as a living being, takes place, is a personal matter.



So says the doctrine of Vishnuh: 


“Man shall at the precise moment of his death during that incredible transition to time, do not discover the emptiness of matter, for there is no life after death. And the man will never know how he was encapsulated during his earthly existence in the spirit of the times. Also, he will not be able to “see” what they understand life on earth, only a useless facet of a large – life full of surprising forms of life.”



This means that man will not find his religious definitions, arrogant religious fictions and fabrications such thinking, that it has built hanging earthly existence; because if the light in the eyes is blown one will no longer have a sense of time and space, they will not be able to think, hear anything or see, not feel, so everything will then cease. The wise man must make regarding life no illusions about life after death, that he is not disappointed in his human imperfections.



So says the doctrine of Vishnuh: 


“The living entity is only dead when the brain have ceased operation finally, until it will be considered to have entered the death.  The al-understand, already-seen in the life after death is only one of which is entitled only understood by an earthly consciousness and can be seen (ie the memory of the dead by the living left behind), so obituary. There is no afterlife, there is no life after death, there is no heaven, there is no supreme power who brought everything to justice, there is no religious code, that all this might make accessible recoverable / because once the mental and physical functions, that give life to the body cease to function the spirit atoms (= mind) together go under with the body. Everything turns to dust, dust you are and everything will return to dust. Nature is composed of dust and life is created from dust. Life is ever shot by a combination of chemical aggregations.”


Through various Natural forces the man and all living creatures ever originated on this earth Nature. Actually should all man know this, for how can you be thinking of the timeless and non spatial existence in which one is entered, if one is not aware of the transience of living beings = plants, people, animals and things?”



So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


“Do not be afraid of death, everyone will sooner or later die and decompose. Only Nature will remain as the only realistic source of life forever. Once the man knows this for sure, he will no longer have great fear to pass to this other life. If man wants to be protected from that disappointment, he should no longer voluntarily undergone a fundamental transformation. But if he remains fixated on that which is only of concern to him (egoism), which is “Can I also meet with those still living on earth, After I am dead? than he will never find no means of peace of mind…..


….If man exercised selfishness and thereby not realize that every living beings regardless of life form as valuable as himself, one will never know the only truth of the living entity and about himself. And that’s one of the many features of the real physical and spiritual death. The living entity is therefore once to die once during his earthly life. “



In other words, if man overcomes the fear of death, it will no longer fear to die when the time for him / her …. is there. But the spirit of religious humanity wants to project and hopes for a response from her god (s) and, therefore, they always run the risk of being disappointed by their own forced naivety. Everywhere there is a great danger to life, because we are on planet earth. The hunting instincts of living beings on earth is designed to kill living beings. Fear does not exist, it is a choice that one makes. Who consciously chooses fear has not yet come to know the basic values ​​of life but who has eradicated the fear  will each time survive the deadly instinct at all times of life with ease.



SO SAY believer FIGURES 

  Belief Confessors often say with great conviction, and we will live after death, because according to our minister / pastor / elder is an afterlife and a supreme power that watches over us and also brought everything to justice, our God is number one, our Lord is holy, good and merciful. Unfortunately, the wise man will experience nothing but the opposite of all the aforementioned god fictions.





Indeed, if life after death is possible then why are not clear and the meetings took place under normal conditions? Does it mean that some dead souls have been able to detach from their previous existence less than others. Did that man does not believe enough or paid enough contributions to his church to be eligible for a place in the biblical heaven. Whether man has not sufficiently fulfilled his religious duties on earth, or not killing enough or deceived people etc. for their god (s) or Satan or for their holy spirits?


… The Quran and the Bible often speaks about cherubs (angels called outcast = fictional winged figures and diabolical spirits of the same strain), as the utter revolutionaries are sent from the realm of the spirits in exile. Because Seraphim (= fictitious biblical winged figures) and eliminated cherubs according the founders of religions are not earthlings but come from other thin material existence, would, according to them, in principle also be possible for the earthly man to achieve that tenuous physical existence after death. Cherubim and Seraphim are according to biblical teachings not people, but they have a different, a past life, perhaps in the same circumstances as a man on earth. Thus the religious tumult bald for heaven, paradise and spirits arose.  


The more people supposedly blissful die with their holy scripture envision how curious it is also the nature of this other life, whose mystery humanity in the course of history has been occupied. Hence the believer humanity often gets the feeling to be done deficit by its own god (s) because it continues capitulated on earth to their  pernicious guesses, while those who died have therefore encountered a further,  and if it is also know how it is. Therefore, the believer often feels aggrieved. That’s why I like to recommend believers the following “go to Peter or God above and let anything and nobody stop you”, and I am quite prepared to help the faithful on their way to heaven. Our motto is “good riddance, that is “resting in the shack.”



So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


“Keep forever in mind that death is philosophically a state of abrupt termination, everything stops: thoughts, plans, ideals, career, love, etc. There is no heavenly paradise, there is no afterlife, there is nothing there, but if there is a benevolent power or something up there, man can as yet know nothing. Furthermore, there is no religious code or something of that nature, that all this could make accessible to humans, but because the believer in his inmost do realize that there is no afterlife, it has therefore no hurry to own this another Life to achieve.”



 In other words, only dreamers are stuck in their fixed idea of life after death and the afterlife, while they are confident in their whole innermost, which in reality is no “Heaven” or “Hell” or “God” and there no such thing as Satan exists or something similar in human form with hooves and horns on the head. But if there is a Satan existed than believing figures usually mean himself thus, for projecting their hobby, than the evil is literally and figuratively in their blood!


We are infidels, worse can not, but we give everyone a bite of bread, lots of success and happiness in this one-time life, and believers we curse straight to their choice, to hell, heaven or Valhalla or where their supremacy by their Scriptural provision resides somewhere in their warped brain!



 END OF PART 1…You’re welcome with the best wishes and thanks to nature; honor whom honor is due. 

  Gurubesar: Lancar Ida Bagus