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Hinduism blessed by the Blue Gods


The religious world upside down




















Hardcover book


ISBN: 9789463427074





I.B.L. (Ida-Bagus Lancar) 





Prasta anupasyati pu jaarhau ca avyayam dnanam yoga ca, eva ca dnanam asya Vishnu puru sotta mana purve prakrtim syat guna atitah ca paramah ca syat avadryah avapnoti.







The person who correctly and respects the imperishable wisdom and mystical power and sees the wealth of Vishnuh as the highest honor for nature is so elevated above the material modes and reached the highest goal of life and become immortal.




Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:

"We have pledged mother nature to beat the gods, if they exist, and not have compassion for them because they have brought only misery and disorder since time immemorial for all life on earth."



What follows now is hard, but true!


 1. India is the land of yogis and saints and blessed by the blue gods, in which human rights violation and humiliation of women arose with the advent of Hinduism.


a. ... First, we must diagnose the rape epidemic and determine through thorough observation of the symptoms by analyzing the aspects that are the cause in India from the rape virus.


b. ... Anyone who lives in India understands without a doubt the belief in God and the culture of their own people who commit these brutal crimes.


c. ... As part of their multi-theistic belief is rape and incest glorified in the Vedas and illustrated by their fanciful blue gods.


2. ... The most irrefutable facts showing that Hinduism is reprehensible, are calibrated to the Vedas to justify the heinous crimes of incest and rape as a "holy act".


a. ... This was no doubt a result of the strict practice of brahmacharya (celibacy), created and legalized by the masses of starving sexually psychopathic sadhus. It is these silly idiots, so called Brahmins and Sadhu, which motivated and committed legalized incest and rape and Hinduism for centuries perpetuated with the help of the interested elite class of that time. Thus, the contemporary Hinduism is completed with all its backwardness and detestable things...


3. ... Indeed, the Vedas recommends incest and rape as a kind of marriage. In the Holy Puranas, Lord Brahma raped (also known as Viraj) his 6-year-old daughter Sarasvati (also known as Padma or Savitri or Satarupa).










4. ... According to Hinduism were the crimes of pedophilia, rape, and incest the basis of the universe, and even animals c.q. the cow was subjected to rape theory and sanctified as the mother of mankind whose horns symbolize the resting place of the earth.


a. ... Yep, even animals do not escape the sex desire of the deities and were on the farm massively raped by the blue gods. And Brahma, later married his daughter Saraswati and they lived according to the Vedas together 100 years in a lotus...


5. ... In other words, Sarasvati was forced caught up to her death in the rape grip of her father. From this marriage came a son Swayambhumaru, who later had a father and daughter sex relationship, from which emerged the fire god Agni according to the Vedas. So there you have it, "What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb."


6. ... Agni had moreover, in the Holy Rig Veda sex with his own blood sister Prajapati and then fucked his daughter Ushas, and Rama married his sister Sita (Sitaram) when she was only 5 years old, while he was at the age of 30.


7. ... Lord Krishna lived in an incestuous relationship with his younger sister Subhadra he often shared with his brother Balarama, who were both aged at least 17 to 20 years. Read the so-called holy scriptures of the Hindu Vedas once well, it's all here written.





8. ... Their stories of love triangles and enjoyment can be seen and depicted in the Mahabarata as well as several Hindu temples like those of Khajuraho and Jagannath.


a. ... When the sister of Krishna, Subhadra was 20 years, the Lord Krishna took her too old for himself and let her marry his 40 years old cousin Arjuna, who later under the advice of his guru, his family lured into an ambush to Kurusethra and exterminated them to maintain the absolute power for himself.


9. ... In the Holy Rig Veda Pushan had sexual intercourse with his sister Shurya. In the sacred Rig Veda produced, the brother-sister duo Savitar and Ushas the gods Ashwini Kumaras. These later married his own sister, Surya and Savitr. Yama married his sister Yami. Manu, son of Vivasvat married his sister Sraddha.









10. ... Sukra and his sisters, Suka and Pivari. Satrâjita and his ten sisters. Nahusha and his sister Viraja. Purukutsa's queen Narmada received after the death of her husband a son through rape by her own brother. Draupada married his own sister who bore him Dhrishtadymuna and Draupadi. Dasaratha also married his wife, his sister Kaisalya.








11. ... The sagas go on in endless orgies, to absurd necrophilia and bestiality, so respectively sex with dead bodies and sex with animals.










12. ...Thus the myths of the deformed and monstrous gods arose among others Ghanesh, Hanuman etc. For this purpose select male and female animals, among other things, the cow, monkey, bull, donkey, elephant, sheep and goat, subject to their sexual divine authority...


13. ... It was all a big family fuck and incest to rape by these blue animal fanciers, which have led to the Kamasutra (the sex book of Hindu gods). The most famous Hindu gods were normless sex maniacs, brutal rapists, incestuous and primitive to the bone whose crimes in the present tense as an example used by current Hindu advocates.


14. ... And the victims until their death suffered under the yoke of their family and immediate relatives, were those who were inadvertently bombed later in history to Hindu goddesses. And these crimes committed by former Hindu gods, fathers, uncles, brothers, cousins and relatives, were condoned in the Vedas and made holy, as if "rape, gang rape & group sex" is the normal state of affairs within the ranks of the Hindu belief and should be normalized in the Hindu communities worldwide.



 During such "rape, gang rape or group sex" anyone came into his own







15. ... Unfortunately, in the Hindu community in Suriname this practice is also regularly the case where revealing the crime committed by a family member, become mandatory for the victim to experience this abuse as a taboo and karma, otherwise the abused family member may fear for his or her life. Surely Hinduism has really nothing to be proud of, it is in fact a great shame to associate themselves with the Hindu faith.


16. ... And this despicable polytheism (Hinduism) is Unfortunately practiced to this day and still promoted by much of the current generation superstitious adherents seen globally. 


a. ... This is certainly not a belief in God to be proud of! They are generally backward, primitive stupid and traumatized people who propagate the progress of this polytheism because they are convinced by ignorance and egoism of the correctness of their religious books and thus indirectly guilty of inflicting exploitation and misery on the other.


b. … Some Hindus who continue this stupid polytheism as their cultural heritage are often well-educated people and also well aware of the truth behind their belief in God, but in general interest feel nothing for mankind to tell the truth and so knowingly participate in subjugation and domination of other people. These are learned, arrogant and greedy fools, who think only of themselves and the rest must remain shrouded in misery and poverty, all thanks to their gods.


c. ... Thus, these kind of people keep their human productions permanently stupid and still be showered with an old curse and trauma as being their ancestral culture and mainstay that will continue to make victims in their ranks as a hereditary disease.


17. ... It is almost unbelievable and yet it is true, no wonder the abuses in India and the Hindu communities worldwide accumulate daily in all its intensity, rather than decrease drastically, in view of the women's humiliation and rape epidemics that there are the order of the day and have firm grip on daily life in India and the Hindu communities worldwide, and are found to be normal by the majority of the Hindu population.


a. ... But fortunately for this backward form of polytheism is the inevitable end in sight and no way can be averted by the Hindu Gods with their so-called great powers, who actually comprise the ridiculous foolishness of Hinduism. 



Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:



“The only power that is greater and more powerful than all the gods, is the power of Nature.”




18. ... Of course, not every Hindu agree with past misdeeds committed by their gods as shown in the Vedas, but most unfortunately still in quiet hypocrisy. And to the outside world are Hindus very friendly and tolerant, but indoors it's a real funfair on the altars with the worship of the blue gods..


19. ... Although on the one hand the images of most Hindu gods at the sight of them are repugnant and sinister, in which righteous people the chills running down the back, and on the other the drawings of the Hindu gods are in the eyes of lovers indeed beautiful and equipped with all the pomp and circumstance


a. ... But the fact remains, however, that those who sympathize with Hinduism and calls himself a believer Hindu are consciously or unconsciously guilty and totally agree with the previous malpractice of Hindu deities which are recorded in the Vedas and other so-called holy books which are characteristic for Hinduism.


b. ... Even though the modern Hindu does not intend to act according to the recommendations of their blue gods, even though they done no one anything wrong, but because they would prefer to be in company with the wolves in the forest they underline the fact "not to think differently" than their co-religionists, and thus also show solidarity and sympathy for the Hindu philosophy and ideology. ... And “Who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl.”


20. ... Fait accompli is that this creed is similar show of sympathy for IS, which currently applies almost everywhere in the world penalties and imprisonment, and this certainly applies to all world faiths, with a self-invented God as their leader.


a. ... Good or bad Hindus do not exist, good or bad believers do not exist, just as Adam and Eve never existed...


21. ... In Hinduism it is basically down to this; who unscrupulously cheated his own family or neighbors, immerses them in the evil religion which they live or raped or murdered, and in whatever way causes suffering is sanctified by their faith in God.


a. ... A similar tolerance rule is also present in all world religions in which the theory of absolution is reflected in every belief in God in their own way.



b. ... Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:


"Those who harm their fellow human beings consciously, with a bias to reap forgiveness for their crimes because of their belief in God are really heartless and evil people who may not apply forgiveness under any circumstances and for which absolutely should be no place among the living."



22. ... Even though this fact above endlessly denied by contemporary and modern Hindus, which the fantasy stories of the Vedas very tactfully managed to gloss over the preservation of the values odious and degrading standards of Hinduism, they can nevertheless not deny and conceal the real facts. These bandits (Pundits), the Hindu radicals and the so-called saints and Hindu priests of the present time are today responsible for all the misery and human suffering that characterize Hinduism...


23. ... This, because the above groups of people advocate the continuation of Hinduism and endlessly continue their fables and other religious nonsense which are portrayed too beautiful to be true to the gullible Hindu population.


a. ... This means that children's rights, neglect and child abuse in which children are forced by their gullible parents or family to turn to litter and lead a vagabond existence, and other human rights violations, are accessed with hands and feet.


b. ...  And this is all because of the caste system which was created by former elite class for the oppression of their fellow man, which in one word includes the largest "Bullshit" of Hinduism.


































24. ... All the aforementioned abuses are among others in the current India and Nepal is still in force under the proud and privileged Hindu population.


a. ... The so-called holy places of the Hindus, Catholics or Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and furthermore all believers, are actually the places of evil where there is no blessing of nature in peace, given the misery that prevails in those countries and the discontent that is calibrated to the religious humanity. Are these the gods that man should be proud of? No!!!



25. ... Thus saith the doctrine of Vishnuh:

"Vishnu (h) is not the protector of evil and inhumanity, but Vishnu (h) is the protector of all innocent living beings."



26. ... And this polytheism (Hinduism), bathed in the blood of human rights abuses of the highest degree, as Hindus are proud of their peaceful religious culture, which is actually against all sense of justice of nature and humanity!


a. ... The Hindu religion is in no way a continuation but a destruction worth waiving all injustice and human suffering in the respective communities. This is the kuwalat (natural punishment) of Krsna-murti.


27. ... And the gods? Some Hindus claim that Hinduism has thousands of gods, others are talking about millions of deities which a legion cloaked in a variety of aliases. But their demand to give a list of names of all the gods and deities them in a dictionary then it is immediately referred to the general sense "goodness only all know this." This is easily said, especially when one realizes that "goodness" is no longer among the living which we unfortunately can not put "him" or "her" on this question.


28. ... And daily sneak all sorts of fantastic tales invented by Hindus there to justify the atrocities occurring in the Vedas and to condone, also because of the so-called radical Hindus who regard the Hindu religion conservatism as their cultural heritage.



a. ... This, says the doctrine of Vishnuh:


"How pious the mind the bigger the beast. And how often they pray to their god, the greater the misery they get over them."



29. ... Who despite all the misery that Hinduism has brought him or her and still profess Hinduism is certainly mentally disturbed and supporter of sadomasochism, this is, having fun in receiving pain.


a. ... This kind of hardened believers must at perceived injustice or abuse by co-religionists and family, then go complain to their blue gods they regularly worship with myrrh, sprinkled with flowers and watering with oudeur, and should not go cry on fellow humans. 


30. ... All of the above is similar and also applies to the faithful of other religions, which have repeatedly received misery by their faith in God, and until now, but still linger like a parasite to their belief in God.


a. ... Despite the many sacrifices that have taken by Hindus since the genesis of their religion for their blue deities and still, have these never brought any benefit to the believers.


b. ... On the contrary, the devotees were just standing plunged into long-term poverty, misery, selfishness and cruelty that persists to this day and as usually will end up in a hopeless existence for all of them who remain narrow-minded.


c. ... Religions in general, will only benefit the developers and their leaders, and this is exactly the case with the rest of the faithful humanity of other world religions which until now cling to their almighty gods who will only bring them the "destruction or "hell."








A life lesson from the textbook "Diyajah Wijayanti" of the Vishnuh-Society


The doctrine of war philosophy. Act 35. 7-12 & 6.



a. -"Who, by a third get discriminated which as a fact waiting grave violations against humanity, then one must not capitulate to this, but rather the present third party immediately turn their back, because every human life is valuable, everyone is human.


b. - Who in a cultural, religious or whoever is undesirable and unwelcome, should not lower himself to proceed with human filth nor self-abasement, because no one is more or less than another.


c. - Who lowers himself, subjecting himself, allowing himself to do so humiliated and self molestation by another, or the religion or culture of its own for parents or peers, rightly deserves nothing else than misery and a miserable existence until the end of his life, because people who let themselves be used with impunity as a chamber pot and humiliate have no respect for life and are thus unworthy of life..


d. - Who accepts aware inhumanity of another human being lacks the sense of self-esteem, sense of honor and shame must immediately go under, because who does not appreciate themselves and life, that is a fact of nature, has no right to life.


e. - Every human being is derived from and is subject to nature, which is a part of the universe, therefore, is the human being, in essence, similar to each other. No one can and must themselves fitting higher than another.


f. - Who does not want to learn the lesson of life will consequently never endure the harsh reality, because who clings to self-reliance and self-abasement automatically seeks pain adoration, sadomasochism and self-destruction.


g. - Who has presented itself outlawed in favor of the evil spirit, can not call himself neither man nor beast, but a self-made product that is shot from his own thinking and feeling.


h. - Individuals and communities that meet full self-surrender to the other have with them their right to complain forfeited whatever happens to them by another, and that, to acquiescence to study themselves and their own share of what is going to dare to face .


i. - Who spiritually and if necessary fight back physically by surprise or molestation by another, without regard to risk their lives or for living conditions, will eventually prevail as the one that has prevailed in the weakness and self-underestimation of the other.


j. - The limbs of the human body are not only meant to grab something, walk and stand, but also to defend the body and protect against molestation by others, to realize a peaceful existence for where human reason is the same as hostility.


k. - Who does not surrendered nor wish to be governed by another must defend themselves so that control, oppression and slavery is not possible. Life goes on, but fight for it so that life indeed goes on or die as a free man in dignity while maintaining identity.


l. - Who in order to survive dies in the battle to avoid the permanent repression by another, assured himself also of the charity which progenies not enter a miserable life in which one was. Or stay alive but stop with self-abasement and the forcibly dutifulness imposed on you towards the other. Humanly speaking, one has the living beings, who still will come not automatically let be part of the submissive situation in which one lives, after all descendants do not ask to be here."









... Nature has created itself through its own natural power and ever of each living being develops a prototype with the instinctive tendency to conservation of the species.


... Not God created man in his image, but Nature has created man and man created God in his image! Man has created God in his image means, "God is man himself!


... Also, heaven, hell, reincarnation, devils, angels and all the religious nonsense are created in the imagination of the religious humanity. Life is a gift of nature, sprung from water, with the aim of making life better for everyone.


... Life is a matter of "living in peace and freedom" and not "exist" in constant trampling by another, accompanied by exploitation, abuse, fear, violence, poverty and pain, to end finally as an animal that no longer is useful and should be slaughtered, so only useful for the food supply.



Thus said the teaching of vishnuh:


"The people who yield to its tyrants will lose more than life and property. Then it dies out. "










Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:


"It is better to die than to continue living under the yoke and arbitrariness of the ruler because when death is established as the result of a hopeless existence, it is wise that the overwhelmed man making itself useful by dying together with one or more of his attackers."






The Quasi-righteous mankind


31. ... Right Grounded Hindus who do not apply the leach divine conduct, which occurs in the Vedas and non-compliance conscious, are those who live in reality and not close their eyes to the truth.


a. ... This kind of faithful Hindus is usually happy and loving in their present existence, but nevertheless they still "howl with the wolves" in the forest and are therefore not to be trusted.


b. ... "Howl with the wolves" means that someone participating with the rest, because it gives him or her favor, despite the fact that the person in question actually does not agree...


32. ... And for conservative Hindus, who have difficulty with the truth shall stand, "whom the shoe fits, wear it", they live in the past and are surrounded in the present by an unhappy and loveless existence. This kind of religious Hindus cannot be trusted as well, because unfortunately, they do not realize that they have a kink in their brain and thus the backwardness in their polytheism perceived as quite normal...


33. ... It is enormously scandalous that Islam today is mercilessly been criticized by Islam haters and supporters of other world religions in which among others the accusations of pedophilia, oppression etc. addressed to the prophets, which referred the bellicosity and all evil are decided, while all of the above must be written with conviction to the credit of Hinduism and Christianity.


34. ... Most Hindu gods and Biblical prophets practiced diligently pedophilia, incest, rape of men and animals, oppression of fellow human beings and furthermore, they did everything they have forbidden their followers and subjects...


a. ... All the earlier prohibitions, which the church then imposed on the oppressed people and only were reserved for insiders, were broken at one point by the deprived and disadvantaged people and taken over, so that the religious curse in today's society and almost worldwide, is still in vogue. 


b. ... One of these former prohibitions clearly addressed in the backward population in predominantly Catholic Columbia, where one of the innumerable morbid passions, which was at that time practiced only by nationals of their rulers, mission priests and missionaries, today by Colombian residents are considered as their ancestral customary law and popular culture.


c. ... This subordinated and Catholicism abused South American nation is unfortunately degenerated into "Donkey fuckers", that in the course of history rape of animals and animal abuse has mastered that should be immediately banned by law.  And this form of bestiality is nowadays considered as normal by religion traumatized and by the spoon-fed Roman Catholic population over there. 

















d. ... And the poor animals are well equipped with a will, but they have no choice in the human world. The animal will and must man be willing in everything, and recalcitrant behavior is often rewarded with a firm beating. This repulsive behavior once again confirmed the fact that believers are generally hypocritical people in which each interprets the Holy Scripture according to their own idea while bestiality is strongly condemned in their Bible: See ..



... Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith; neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto; it is perversion (Leviticus 18:23); And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be slain; and ye shall slay the beast (Leviticus 20:15); And if a woman will be approached to any beast to have to lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman and the beast; they shall surely be slain; their blood shall be upon them! (Leviticus 20:16.)



e. ... It is very sad that there are people around the world who maintain a strange form of folk tradition that could not be derived from their ancestors and whose origin can not be traced back to earlier tribal traditions. Many of these folk rites, manners, and customs, are colonialist contributions which were mixed by folk domination with the original indigenous customary law that gradually the historical development by the descendants of the oppressed nations has become their cultural heritage.


f. ... So most of the former peoples, tribes, and groups, has transferred at one time by ignorance, the violence forced upon remainders of the religious world domination, from father to son and unthinkingly put into use and that still continues to this day as being their ancestral culture.


See a clear example of what child marriages lead to slavery that continues to the present time by so-called traditional family rules and customs with dire consequences for those who are exposed to coercion. 


g. ... In other words, most reprehensible practices currently around the globe by various indigenous breeds are used by legend, almost all from the former captors. These have their supremacism and repentance wars for land theft and people rule applied a lot of nasty elements as leverage on other people against which must be global resistance so that all foreign reprehensible things which do not fit into their culture and ancestral history finally become part of the past.


35. ... Conversely, some nations and countries deliberately deepened and identified with the repulsive theories, traditions, way of life, customs and traditions of their primitive ancestors whereby salvation, unity, cooperation, progressiveness, love, solidarity and peace with all men do not belong to the possibilities, but just propagates the opposite of all this, where selfishness, power relations and racial discrimination determined the downfall of the future. This is directly the case with the Hindu population, which came in the footsteps of their ancestors by the imitation of the examples of their Hindu gods, unto this day.






36. ... It is probably well-intentioned from the earlier authors who have messed in the original Vedas and then from here have created the Bhagavad-Gita, as a general book of Hinduism and thereby our ancestor Vishnuh gave a key board as the creator of the Universe...


37. ... But the truth is very different, because Vishnu (h) and the ensuing Vishnuïsm has nothing to do with Hinduism.


a. ... The Vishnuh-Society is entirely separate from Hinduism and thus does not wish to be associated, even though the Hindus "Vishnu (h)" expressed as their chief god and afforded him all kinds of amazing powers.


38. ... Remember; mortals can not conjure or create miracles like these are attributed in the Bhagavad-Gita to the blue gods, and our ancestor Vishnu(h) has nothing to do with the idiotic philosophy of life nor with the former barbaric method and the inhumane practices of the Hindu Gods. And Vishnuh-Society also wishes to have nothing to do with this ...


39. ... We are Vishnuïst (read Visnoewist) who profess Vishnuïsm, and the Vishnuïsm is a philosophy or philosophical movement, that deny the existence and can existence of gods.


a. ... Originally Vishnuïsm originated from the Sanskrit word Vishnu(h), it means "the self", "themselves", "single", containing the name of the developer Vishnu(h) of the Vishnuïsm...


b. ... The original word specifies what the Vishnuïsm really means, that man is central. The Vishnuïsm is an active denial of any divine reality whatsoever and emphatically states that Nature is the creator of life.


c. ... Vishnuïsts assume that from the very beginning of existence Nature is the cause of everything and therefore rejects the notion of a divine creator of the universe.








































The destruction of the divine world is going on worldwide

and present a fait accompli.


40. ... And who honored the theories of Lord Brahma, Manu, Shiva, Indra, Agni, Rudra, Yama, Ghanesha, Rama, Hanuman en Krishna, worship the ancient philosophy of rapists, incest offenders and evildoers, all of which have brought only disaster for the Hindu population and still bring, as well as poverty, racism, oppression, haughtiness, selfishness, backwardness, lack of love, cruelty, inhumanity, backstabbing and human rights violations.


a. ... And all the aforementioned divine practices are still being promoted these days by unscrupulous religious wretches among others, the so-called Hindu saints Indian priesthood, the like-minded white collar criminals and all who have an interest in this, taken globally.


b. ... In fact, former Indian power mongers in collaboration with the writers of the Vedas and the Bhagavad-Gita portrayed themselves and thereby their character, way of life and philosophy of life written down to their progeny, nothing more.


c. ... Through all the splendor, richness and brilliance with which the female deities in the images are surrounded in the Hindu religion and books are displayed proudly on the believer, this is the reality hidden from humanity.


d. ... But the truth of all the opulence, grandeur and pomp with which the goddesses are surrounded as proposed in the Vedas, for tackling the opposite, because the so-called Hindu Goddesses include Saraswati, Matangi, Lakshmi, Sita, Parvati, Durga, Kali and other female personalities whose names were not recorded at the time, were in fact victims of the Indian caste system.


e. ... The former Indian women have not at the time received the honor, glory or prestige as they nowadays are displayed in the Hindu religious books and alluded to their skills and abilities, but rather lived under the yoke of male society in terrible misery into submission from them in which they were obliged to surrender physical randomness according to the backward Hindu polytheism.


f. ... It is very likely that in India at that time out of guilt versus female humiliation and other abuses against humanity, then the lyrics were adapted in the Vedas, in which women were excessively devised to prevent relapse into believing Hindu population. For otherwise who would give birth to their children?

To this end, the alleged wifes of the Hindu Gods were immortalized into goddesses. Some of them have, as male gods, won multiple limbs to emphasize their value and pampered in the holy books with all kinds of fictitious anniversaries and celebrations making the evil which is hidden in Hinduism will still condoned.


g. ... In fact, the current Hindus worship the so called goddesses not at all by their self-invented rituals and festivals, but they are at the present time dishonored again. Hindus acknowledge by their commemorative celebrations precisely the fact that the alleged goddesses during their life time and time were used as lust objects, dishonored, assaulted, raped and abused by the Hindu gods. This is today still the case in India where thousands of girls and women are sold as cows and goats for marriage and often face lifelong abuse and deprivation. And this is found to be normal by the majority of the Hindu population.



h. ...Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh:
"The most powerful beings on earth are women, because the woman can create life from her body." The female gender was there first, but the man was not yet, and the woman had another natural possibility at the time to multiply living beings, such as snails that can be masculine and feminine at the same time.

... When the male sex was not yet there, the woman did exactly what nature expected of her about multiplication with the facts by the play of nature. The man was born of the woman. So the male gender did not exist without the female gender. That is the way it is, but not as religions make mankind believe." 



i. ... The so-called Hindu heroines have indeed not asked to be bombarded to goddesses as a reward for the dishonor and rapes they have to undergo in life by their relatives (these were the Hindu gods.)


j. ... Therefore, there is a terrible curse on Hinduism, which will continue until the destruction of this vile religious behavior is a fact then the curse will pass in peace and unity of all Hindus. But as long as this has not happened yet, the suffering will only be the outcome of their existence.


41. ... Unfortunately, however, the changes in the sacred Vedas meant no progress for the Hindu women in general and can be seen to this day as a very poor consolation.


a. ... This is because Hinduism still raging in the Hindu population, which gradually by religious leaders knowingly is woven together with the Indian culture and its continuation occurs through the upper layer. Because there used to be a legion of people carrying the same name as the Hindu gods and goddesses is difficult to ascertain as to which Krishna, Rama Lakshmi, Saya, Siva and Durga exactly goes in the Vedas.


b. ... For this are the developers of Hinduism responsible who have used at that time the common names for their religious imagination and which also prominent figures in Indian history have contributed, which intertwined continue to live with Hinduism by those who nowadays take the former religion inventions as truth.


c. ... Because of this, evil can cling in the ranks of the Hindu population, causing humiliation of women and other human rights violations through the Hindu faith, renewed are seen as perfectly normal things that belong to the Hindu community and religious culture.


 42. ... Remember that the fables and legends (Ramayana) in the Vedas interpret the behavior and beliefs of former dominant clans whose stories have remained fragmentary but gradually the Indian historians development were acquired by concerned family clans and exaggerated to their idea.


a. ... Then, in the course of history, al the collected works compiled by spiritual representatives and popular leaders of the superstitious Hindu tribes and peoples and incorporated in their holy book, which later become known in history Bhagavad-Gita.


b. ... Exactly also like once Christianity with the Bible, Islam the Koran and furthermore, all other faiths have done for centuries with their holy scripture, with its own identity and distortion of domination and oppression of fellow human beings. So the Indian nations are absorbed into Hinduism en spread worldwide.


43. If you all well in the final analysis, then, in general, all religions evenly matched, no one was and is sacred. That's why I throw them all on the big stake. Therefore away with all religions without exception whatsoever, it is all rottenness, all of which only lead to amorality and destruction of all natural values of humanity!!..


 44. ... The Vishnuh-Society is non-religious, but honest to young and old and is unable to dissemble with someone.


a. ... The Vishnuh-Society respects every honest man as long as other people also respect dissenters. We make it our goal, to sweeten the lives of everyone, so it is not at all our intention to talk to someone to hurt or unfounded guilt..


b. ... Furthermore, Vishnuh-Society makes no distinction between believers and unbelievers. As a believer or unbeliever misbehaves, she says simply indiscriminately.


c. ... Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, self-defense and self-preservation, and as the opinion of a person is not in line with those of others, this does not mean that one is not a righteous man. Everyone has their own opinion what no one else has.



45. ... Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

  "A good man is one who from charity and compassion, regardless of theistic belief and unbelief, do good and not pretending to be good."



a. ... So people, do good to everyone regardless of belief or disbelief, race or color where this fits within your ability and desire nothing in return for what you have done voluntarily and on the basis of people love for the other.


b. ... People who have been brought up without values or inappropriate or amorality were raised, which can not always be determined in advance, are generally incredibly ungrateful.


c. ... One may have meant a lot for the other as a human being to life, but some people remember eventually only those few silly and often trivial things in their lives that others, unfortunately, can not do for them and in fact represent nothing in compared to what others have done for them.


d. ... And when someone's behavior negatively changed against the other, then that person is usually understood this immediately and venturing to feel aggrieved about that, but that his misconduct caused someone's reticence the other often does not understand in his selfishness.


e. ... Do not expect anything back for the helpfulness that you have exercised for the benefit of others, but as the needy still showing gratitude, this gives great satisfaction and the realization that values are not tied to race, rank, position, origin, religious or political beliefs.







Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:


"We are warriors and peaceful, but if it can not be otherwise,


we will fight if necessary also in the belly of the beast."





What follows is just a tip of the iceberg of what Hinduism can do with the lives of innocent people


46. ... So I know the true story of a woman from the Surinamese Hindu community, who as a child of five years until her 9th was abused repeatedly sexually or raped by her uncle, so under threat that if she would say something to the outside world, would be slain.


a. ... The parents of the victim approved this abuse probably good, this view of the fact that they have made no attempt to notify the abuse of their daughter to seek redress at the family member that is a brother of her father...


47. ... Besides racism, which is commonplace in the Surinamese Hindu population, are also within the family abuse cases in the Hindu community interpreted as karma and made acceptable, but the other way is shameful for the whole family when family abuse should be made public or when a Hindu married or intercourse with someone of the black race...


48. ... And as if it is quite common, are abuse cases interpreted as a family secret that may not be disclosed to anyone, and marry someone of a different race than their own people, is considered as high treason.


a. ... Today miscegenation accepted by a handful of open-minded Hindu families, but daily life has expressed sadly, and so far, that this acceptance sooner or later have repercussions for all involved which gave rise to today mostly, mutual distancing and personal contempt. 


49. ... On closer view, the victim mentioned in this story have been very lucky, because in order to prevent disclosure of abuse by a family member, the victim will normally on somehow silenced, including poisoned, or broke as liar and cast, or slain by the family or incited suicide, and all this to cover this shame. In other words, "mouth shut, otherwise you will suffer for it!"


a. ... This morbid misconduct of the Hindu family in accordance with the statement, "If the gods have recognized rape and incest and sanctified in the Vedas to obtain wealth and happiness, this is also accepted and traceable by supporters of this benighted polytheism in which superstition plays a very big role.


b. ... There must be a human sacrifice within the family in exchange for Success, wealth and happiness. "So, as a condition to be rich and powerful, someone of the family are screwed." 


c. ... This still stinks! Unfortunately, worldwide, a countless number of victims, preceded thereto in the course of time that can not retell their personal story !!!


















50. ... Read the Vedas, where inequality, racism, inhumanity, cruelty, jealousy, abuse, selfishness, greed and mendacity are part of the Hindu religion culture.


a. ... So not only Christianity and other major religions of the world to know the dark side of human rights abuses and evil, but Hinduism spans herein the crown, which is entirely surrounded by the countless frenzied fictional rituals and customs as originating from their gods, while all of them were invented over the centuries and concocted by the evildoers, these were the so-called saints, the spiritual representatives and the authors of the Vedas and the Bhagavad-Gita, thus created by evil people and rapscallions.


51. ... The victim's father, who now is no longer alive, was a quiet and good-natured man. According to eyewitnesses, he loved his eldest daughter who was for many years in the rape grip of his brother, but unfortunately, he has shown no balls in life when his beloved daughter screamed for help...


52. ... It is also possible that his wife, who according to reliable sources knew from the beginning of the abuse and her brother in law encouraged to intercourse with her daughter, this fact jealously has kept secret from her husband, so that the father of the victim unknowingly has entered his grave and cremated, without being given the chance of revenge on the rapist from his daughter, who for years his eyeball in her early youth has dishonored by force under the watchful eye of the family babysitter...


53. ... Unfortunately also this man during his lifetime suffered under the yoke of his superstitious bossy wife. And the mother of the victim who survived her husband is someone who disdainfully looking down on others, and if the occasion should arise, even would like to join the rapist of her daughter on the tea as an ordinary matter. This is already often happened in the past, because she is the only one who is good, and the rest within the family and dissenters are bad in her eyes.


54. ... Besides a bad mother can justifiably be said that she is a bad grandmother who never should have been a mother in the first place and a shame in all maternal fronts for motherhood in general.


a. ... In addition, this female person is a big hypocrite slime, primarily to achieve her goal and to stumble in the lives of others. This selfish and mentally disturbed Surinamese Hindu woman cannot be mentioned as a grandmother because, from well-known sources, she has measured two sizes in comparison to her grandchildren. This is what she has been doing for years with her own breast, the oldest of whom is always disadvantaged compared to her two other children.



b. ... And the Ins are the profiteers who will drop her one day as a brick and truly be a nail in its coffin, because those who talk to her mouth are unable to keep a secret and continue to tell the gossip on who will listen, to do interesting, and "walls" have ears.


55. ... Although her misconduct and dishonesty within the family is a common phenomenon, I can confirm all this myself through personal observation and from pure experience with this human and not hearsay by third parties.


a. ... And with everything she arbitrarily used the words, "thank God" or "it's a gift from heaven." Moreover, it is known that she was in her homeland teacher and personally has received proper training.


b. ... Unfortunately, it is nevertheless found that she still remained a big boob. Usually missing in these people not knowledge but understanding, because not knowing (knowledge) is the principal, but understanding (mind) thereof.


56. ... The human in question exactly corresponds to the designation of "learned ignoramus", these people are idiots who believe in miracles.


a. ... Once her grandson asked her how rain occurs, she said "if it rains, the angels are on the piss." And this stupid human being called herself to have been "teacher" in her homeland, and unfortunately, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Besides, she is like most believers selfish, arrogant and deceitful like the plague, because she can lie as the Bible! Unbelievable but true!..


57. ... Furthermore, one would at least expect a former teacher knows some decency, but the above is no question, because she often do in her own interests allusions to others and several times has pushed its made-lying and making suspicious statements prompt in someone else's shoes in order to protect herself.


58. ... And this kind of imbeciles thinks others are more backward than they. This despicable misconduct is not only sprung from her polytheistic background, because apart from her Hindu-minded upbringing, she also believed in the fairy tales of the Bible and Jesus, and furthermore, in all that relates to religion and therefore expects to be a holy person...


59. ... So a confused, sickly and unhappy human with a fatal twist in her head, which believes that love and friendship are for sale by faith.


a. ... In this way, religious people try to purify their guilt and shortcomings with the doctrine of absolutism which their religion provided that they may at any time be able to clear himself of their former vile misconduct with whom they have ever done wrong, that during the passage of the time has come to gnaw on their conscience...


60. ... Not only the victim's mother knows this family secret (family abuse), but several members of the family are aware of, but rather conceal themselves in silence and have no honor to their abused family member. And these call themselves relevant family, when it suits them well. But stand up for the other, this does not exist in their family dictionary, unless they themselves are at risk...



61. ... The relatives who know nothing of this family evil can not be blamed, but i doubt it wether they will be still in action after notifying and avenge the injustice witch the victim has to undergo in her early youth, even thought it was only its own honor. But even in this ignorant group of blood relatives I see in advance no rosy prospect, because usually the apple does not fall far from the tree...



62. ... Remember; The spiritual damage caused to the victim and the mental pain that is left to the innocent child through abuse by a trusted and immediate family member, she wears tacitly for life with it, and will never be wipeable.



63. ... Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:
"Everyone needs to stand up for his oppressed fellow man, because everyone is part of nature, but who also suppressed the innocent fellow man in any way is an enemy of himself and hastening his own demise."



64. ... Knowing all this, I may as Vishnuïst not deny the above injustice, therefore I take it for that victim, that against her will dishonor has been done by her uncle with physical and mental violence.


a. ... Somebody has to stand up for others, for the purpose of nature is to make life more easier for each other and were necessary to protect each other without paying attention to danger nor mitigating circumstances.


b. ... Nature does not sleep, because those who this victim in this story have ever mentally and physically tortured, have suffered severely and some of them now suffer still surrounded in a meaningless and unhappy existence. "What you do not want done to yourself do also another not." 



Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:


"Hinduism has, like other world religions also everything in the house among others, "Holy Dhivali", "Holy monkey", "Holy priests", "Holy cow", but also "Holy cow shit."










 Oh what are the believers still so good, so pious, so gentle


 so wise, so human and very kind!


 65. ... This is the general method of religious man. For example, in the Hindu countries, first they kick out their precious offspring of the house to get rid of their parental duties and responsibilities, then they go down all temples in serious devotion to worship their gods with endless rituals in order to safeguard themselves from their inhuman and malicious behavior, because they believe to be forgiven by this ceremony by their blue gods.


a. ... Hereby the relevant sinners chanting shamelessly for granted the basic concept of "karma" or "fate" as a generally acceptable magic word of salvation and grace, in order to pack their ill behavior tidy.


b. ... Life goes on, and the gods take pity on their offspring, which whirls around somewhere like an outlaw, who is entirely on his own and is despised at will. 




 Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUs88p8wtBM






Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vI3JNFTUpA



Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFeMUNmIk5k



c. ... Of course, there are many cases like poverty and chronic illness, where parents are forced to engage in self-sacrifice, and unable to look properly for their children, making degradation occurs and both sides slowly drifting apart and take on a life of its own. But where is the community that should be right in this compassionate to one another? Have the gods except selfishness and inhumanity, these believers not learned what the concepts sharing, unity, care for each other and solidarity imply?


66. ... But also take a look at the so-called Christian and Catholic countries around the world, such as Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Suriname, Jamaica, etc., not to mention the Muslim countries such as Morocco, Saudi-Arabia, Indonesia, Gambia, Tunisia, Bangladesh etc., where less fortunate living in poverty, where children and adults trapped in a cycle of violence of their religious society; God and Allah are there clearly the boss...


67. ... The former colonists, or the Western countries and Saudi Arabia have ever introduced the evil religions in the present Third World countries with the associated deprivation and inhumanity.


a. ... But in their own country, in which is double standards and the gap between rich and poor is huge, the privileged have everything for themselves and their children well controlled with the resulting revenue, they still generate from that relating to disadvantaged countries through a religious trauma that their ancestors brought there earlier...


68. ... And still there arise churches, prayer houses and mosques like mushrooms out of the ground in order to consolidate the established religion until the end of time.


a. ... Because of this, the poor people remain stupid and retarded in the grip of faith in which, above all, lovelessness, selfishness and all forms of human rights violations used by the ruling religious class inside and outside the letter of the law on the population and play an important role for the benefit of stakeholders in this religious society...


69. ... In almost every country that used to be a colony, under the banner of Catholicism c.q. Christianity and Islam, the traces of repression are still evident.


a. ... Abuses such as famine, exploitation of man and nature, illiteracy, child abuse, neglect, violation of human rights, mutual cruelty, rape, female degradation, overpopulation, pollution and deforestation have emerged, because the indigenous peoples have for centuries held stupid and tight with the whip, so they were depending on their rulers...


70. ... When the colonies became independent, most countries were once again faced with a dictatorial, corrupt and brutal regime and large class differences, where a small very wealthy religious group, most descendants of colonialists and collaborators, reigns over a very large group of people which can hardly meet the basic necessities of life.


a. ... Their government leaders were in fact carefully raised by their predecessors and especially inherited the bad manners of them...


71. ... The peoples and countries (including the West and Arabia) who do this division and impoverishment which arise in backward countries have to realize once that all the luxury and comfort that they enjoy, mainly obtained through the exploitation of nature, of distant lands and peoples and still obtain.


a. ... And, in order not to feel too encumbered offer above powers under strict conditions to development assistance, which is not much more than one of our own cigars...


72. ... This form of assistance by the West and others, also will eagerly supported by its hypocritical religious citizens, most of which are united in so-called charitable foundations with their supposedly well-intentioned projects, but blinded by guilt of what their former ancestors did to the people, not to realize that they do more harm rather than bring progress in those countries.


a. ... This keeps the people in third world countries glued to help from the pernicious West and learn not to be independent to fend for themselves nor do they feel the need to take initiatives, but can just as zombies cease their hands, begging and remain idle.


73. ... Thus the poor disadvantaged nations are helped ruthlessly by the progenies of their former exploiters and oppressors, to the latter laying on of hands, with respect to the consummation of the destruction of their values, at least from what still remains after all these years of oppression and domination, and perpetuating their incompetence on behalf of God / Jesus or Allah or in the name of democracy, or what one arbitrarily defines below......


74. ... Dissociated from the above, at least 90% of the so-called charitable organizations make terrible abuse of poverty in poor countries, where scandals are the order of the day and just as its narcissistic government to enrich themselves unscrupulously on the backs of the poor through lie and deceit on development and adoption of which the latter amounts to child trafficking.


a. ... And the remaining 10% who do good, do not quite get their money, these are the individuals that blend into the crowd and where one often hears nothing....


75. ... Many organizations are so-called "good", they deliberately set no moral boundaries, and also set any moral questions which extract their "good intentions" as desirable, in order to own need to keep open the flow of money for subsidizing bodies and donations by gullible people for their organization, and thus able to operate freely and carefree in those countries, while processing side colonialism in their efforts.


76. ... And if the religious society encourages injustice and cruelty against fellow human beings in its laws and regulations, why should we then adhere to these rules and laws, which the religious state and legislators, based on examples from their holy scriptures, which sometime in the distant past by malicious people and unscrupulous criminals under a non-existent God (s) were conceived?


a. ... And the modern descendants are currently in the footsteps of the former ruthless religious bandits with all the unpleasant consequences. See the Vatican:

















b. ... Places of worship and religious organization and all that which relates to religion are essentially similar institutions, promoting selfishness and also human debasement, decline and fall of humanity and which, moreover, keeping mankind stupid and backward through a detour.


c. ... And this religious process is nowadays legally and nuanced forms practiced by all people who interpret religion as "the way" of a good, happy and peaceful life in harmony with all living beings on this earth, but where only the opposite of their beautiful religion stories unfolds. God Faith in any form is therefore as an inherited germ that heralds the end of life, and that the righteous man would never admit.


d. ... And if their Merciful God / Allah is so powerful as their Holy Scripture preached eagerly, let "he", "she" or "it" then personally take care of his followers, who suffer under the yoke of the faithful mankind by transporting the duped believers immediately to its pre mirrored paradise.


e. ... According to the Bible, Jesus was at that time after his resurrection simply incorporated into Heaven. According to Biblical prints Jesus indeed floated up attracted by a light beam. This has occurred, according to the Bible, forty days after he was nearly beaten to death and died finally nailed to a cross, after the spear of a Roman soldier pierced his stomach. And in Heaven, where according to the Scriptures of God is peace alone, and where war, misery, famine and all worldly evil do not belong, should the believer on earth certainly not be withheld? 


f. ... It is most emphatically not real and inhuman of god, that religious people only in old age, or first brutally must come to an end, or atrocious to be maimed, or suffer the evil of the devils, before to be able to qualify for a place in paradise there above!


g. ... I therefore strongly support that believers rather enter Heaven without fuss, so that innocent earthlings continue their lives in peace and tranquility on earth in harmony with all living things, until nature claims its toll?



Trial analogous laws of nature


77. ... The Vishnuh-Society thus has no confidence in any secular legal system nor to any religion, but only on the justice system of nature, because who burns his buttocks to sit on the blisters.


a. ... And who does not want to be tried in accordance with natural principles, should have thought more about the consequences of his act (s) and, above all, should not touch his fellow man without his consent. In general, one should repay evil with evil and goodness with goodness.


78. ... In the Bible, and be held in various sacred writings of the world religions, "there will be no wickedness repay with evil". Unfortunately, the faithful since Biblical times never responded to their religious teaching, but always shrouded in injustice, brutality, selfishness and hypocrisy.


a. ... Look for this purpose to the former method of religious humanity and carried her contemporary world, the faithful do everything exactly the opposite of what some commandments in the passages of their holy scripture commands them to act on the basis of justice towards people and nature. 


79. ... The Vishnuh-Society is a non-religious order of world citizens, that its position derives from natural laws and regulations, therefore no one should expect from her that she is satisfied with the pain and misery that is caused by another and that this is her members unpunished happen. The reply versus injustice that one or more happens to its members by third parties is not compatible with the actions that believers undertake to assault, rape, murder or other injuries of a fellow by another.


a. ... These religious naive people go unnecessarily, unlike our reprisal method always like helpless sheep to the streets to protest against senseless violence. In addition, they scream and yell desperately to legal measures and steps to be taken by the government and calibrate themselves as their religion in complete illusion.


b. ... The complainants believe that the state, which encourages correct injustice, must find a solution to their problems or needs to proceed with prosecution of the perpetrator (s) to avenge their pathetic companion, the victim of violence by one or more of their own faith species.


c. ... It basically comes down to this: "The accomplices of the criminal's gang ask their boss, who is the main villain, to find a common repository for their booty."


80. ... Unfortunately, their cry actions by the government barely or insufficiently supported in their idiot clamor for justice and finally have to take what the government requires them. It is of course everyone's right to be as they want to be and act according to their own thinking and feeling.


a. ... So it is our right to be as we want to be and will continue to act against anyone who with impunity thinks physically or mentally to be allowed to violate one of us or unfairly treat.


81. ... There are also people and governments linking peace to retaliation and their revenge publicized, this is the process of malignant believers who after revenge attacks on fellow believers clearly prove how wicked and inappropriate cruel they are in reality.


82. ... Remember it well; believers are basically hypocritical people become so by prolonged brainwashing by faith or the spoon-fed by their immediate environment.


a. ... Those who respectively are religious and want to stay, or those who have persuaded to a belief despite the reality that is happening before their eyes, do not know better or do not consciously know better because of their profiteer behavior or factually partly conscious about the severity of the kink in their brain so that they constitute a great danger for humanity. 


b. ... Most of the believer does the other evil with eyes open. And even if these does his best to be sweet and kind found by the society, nevertheless one can never trust these people, because at times when we least expect them, they are more changeable than a leaf on a tree. "As the old cock crows, so crows the young."



83. ... Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:


"Every righteous man must only moderate due to honor killings, in all silence and then only against the person (s) who have caused harm towards his fellow man. The righteous man should always act indiscriminately in all reasonableness and fairness for truth and justice according to the natural composition, "An eye for an eye tooth for a tooth."



84. ... Whoever not avenges the injustice done to him or her in this one-off life, who will do it for them for satisfaction of the mind? ... Not in life or after death by a god in his fictional heaven / paradise or nirvana, because these do not exist. And obtain redress in accordance with local laws and regulations that were invented by power mongers for their own benefit, imposes no grist to the mill in many ways.


85. ... World history has repeatedly made it appear that laws and rules are made to be broken arbitrarily by legislators, because it applies normally "no action is taken until the situation deteriorates to crisis point" while the alleged situation should have been resolved long ago to protect life.


a. ... Who is not protected beforehand has no soul to satisfaction, because evildoers can in advance freely commit their intended crimes whereby the victim is tortured or penalized with a loss as a result.


86. ... Look here for the process of the most civilized countries with a democratically elected government, which "play their own judge and take the law into their own hands" is the order of the day.


a. ... For example, in the Netherlands are socially weak in austerity measures by the government as first financial curtailed in which right and wrong rigorously go together. Thereby the poor people ruthlessly kicked even deeper into misery than they already were located, and totally disregarded their social or personal situation.


87. ... The government, which should be for the bourgeoisie, gives, in reality, a bad example to the population because it takes in the above example to advance the law into their own hands, they take arbitrary decisions and carry them out without consulting its citizens on that according to the democratic legal system.


a. ... And if there still ,unfortunately, be a referendum because of a biased codecision of the government, the result nevertheless is not considered in the final decision by the ruling class. So hypocrisy at its best.


88. ... These national laws, and regulations are applied randomly on the bourgeoisie according to the changing standards of the government. And the elite class almost always escape the administrative measures of the policy so that the rich are getting richer and the poor get poorer.


89. ... And when someone knocks on justice for urgent assistance or for personal protection, this is often impossible due to all sorts of articles of law. Normally, the needy citizen receives protection only if he or she has been wronged or after it has been bled to death.


a. ... So until things escalated right measures are taken and the Christian legal system, so hypocritical that she is, is rushed into action with no effort be spared to identify the wrongdoers and bring to justice. 


90. ... And this help comes, as usual, often too late for the victims, because “when the steed is stolen, the stable-door is locked.” It is largely not in the modern Christian society that 'prevention is better than cure ", except when a situation suits the law or as an influential or famous person yelling for help, only in this case they seem to qualify for emergency assistance by law.


91. ... And in numerous cases, be criminals under all kinds of legal paths through human rights huggers, by lawyers and by bribing prosecutors, protected from prosecution. Therefore, in most cases, the perpetrators go unpunished or almost comes off with a milder punishment than would be the intention.


92. ... The victims, however, which are still alive, often do not experience the desired satisfaction, but mostly from the so-called decent people in society they blamed for the onset of their problem, or they are discouraged by the judiciary. Protesting usually does not help, as far as is possible, and those who are dead, have to take this.


93. ...And in cases where the victim or the alleged culprit eventually become recognized by law in his right, rewarded or rehabilitated, then this is due to the fair view of public opinion, and not because the judiciary would like it so much, because to admit from their mistakes cost the state a lot of money.


a. ... And to avoid this issue, the legal system swear by God and all the saints to envelop the innocent person lawfully in debt in one way or another by law and regulations.


b. ... And to talk himself well they like to refer to the underprivileged, disadvantaged and third world countries where injustice, oppression and corruption form a unit and that judicial errors and abuses are regarded in those countries as the most natural things in the world.


c. ... Christians mean by that compares their mistakes with the abuses in these countries mean nothing, thus are of no significance, because abuses can take place in any legal system!


d. ... But they in no way mention the fact that they themselves are guilty of the relevant judicial errors and deliberately made mistakes, that too often occur and are normally applied arbitrarily on the democratic bourgeoisie.


e. ... Legislators and the judiciary violated at their discretion and arbitrarily all laws to their prejudice. This, while is written in their law books that "a constitutional state in which freedom, legal certainty and legal equality for citizens is very important in which civil protection also enjoys his rights and freedoms, against citizens and against the government. The judge determines whether a person has complied with the law or not, and if someone has broken the law, then the court may impose a penalty and/or a ban."


f. ... But as a rule of law including the judiciary does not judge righteously, but maintain legitimacy by their self-devised codes that can be applied arbitrarily on the citizens, the citizens can still forget about his rights. And to whose advantage justice is based on legality be lucky, but those who can not experience this happiness, at least get a trauma of this legal system.


94. ... Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:


"Man should always protect themselves by association with realistic-friendly nature-minded people, setting limits and by following the natural law as a guide and protection of life against evil fellows. Unity is strength, that only nature has a monopoly, but who cherishes his life, which is a gift of nature, is to identify with nature through which one has been warned in advance and to be regarded highly by nature. Unity with nature should be the aim of everyone."



95. ... The Vishnuh-Society has respect for life, but who does not respect the lives of others will not get respect, who gives the other pain by virtue of his faith in God and belief will get back twice what she or he has caused at the other, and who raises his hand against anyone this has already sealed his fate three times.


a. ... And humanly hope that the wrong-doer anyway sometime soon gets its appropriate punishment without anyone in advance any action is taken, can certainly be regarded as an active form of gullibility.


96. ... It is actually quite logical when the wrongdoer in due course by his misconduct indeed experiencing the flip side of the coin, because "the pitcher goes so often to the well that it comes home broken at last.”


97. ... That someone without action will still be punished for this purpose is certainly not in accordance with a curse or through a God or Satan, because if they had to wait for the vengeance of God and Satan, one would take root locally.


a. ... And because a curse is the same as "hope over the circumstances" in which the criminal exposed as a result of his crimes, caught, destroyed or killed, it "therefore makes no sense to weep there where tears are forbidden."


98. ... Curses are negative but empty words proclaiming the doom about someone, but they are basically worthless. And if the human being has enough patience and wait long enough it can witness the destruction of his enemy by the logical consequence of his indiscretions, without a curse having to speak out, at least if they can muster the patience to wait so long until something happened to the detriment of the bad guy.


99. ... But it can also happen that a perpetrator, after a long wait, not suits an alleged result of his bad deeds, because life for the benefit of the person concerned has taken a happy turn and thereby forego his rightful punishment. Then the victim has the right, as the government and the judiciary, to take matters into their own hands by with or without the help of like-minded, to resolve the unjust act against anyone who still has to serve his sentence for his previously committed crimes against humanity.


100. ... Fair is fair, evildoers shall at all, what they have been up consistently against their fellow human beings to accept the consequences and be consistent, because their demise is unavoidable and can not be redeemed at the Vishnuh-Society with money nor regret vindication.


a. ... It is a primal known fact that nature people never give their enemy or bad guys a second chance, according to tradition, because the way of the evil-doer is irrevocable their deserved comeuppance, this is particularly "Matkamayau." And usually forgive is a fact, only after the gravedigger buried the body of the culprit and tamped the last sod above. It is a natural phenomenon that nature people arbitrarily judge every wrongdoer and not wait for adjudication of the legal justice system, on the injustice which has been caused by one or more of its members by another. The Vishnuh-Society also belongs to the community of nature who wants to live with everyone, but nevertheless, want to keep themselves and not entrust their lives to outsiders.


b. ... And despite being together, with the outside world, it has done no promises. Therefore, she also does not worry about what others say about her rigorous approach. But Vishnuh-Society has only promised protection to its members, and it fulfills this obligation'd like a sense of duty dictated by nature. 


101. ... And God nor Allah, nor any other god of religious humanity, will interfere with the punishment which their gullible brother or sister rightly deserves, but rather with satisfaction to watch as the sword of retribution affects the human rights violator for truth and justice. And if you like, "this is the will of Allah, and the desire of their God. Allah and God are "with" the faithful and "pro" the faithful, but also "against" believers, to where the believer was improper and unfair to his fellow human beings and nature, and thus the righteous mind a license has provided to "eye for an eye tooth for a tooth" to the sinner (es), and wherein this, no protection of his God should expect, nor his angels and Satan either.



102. ... Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:

"Nature theorem dictates; a life for a life, a hand for a hand, a foot for a foot, a gift for a gift. Each victim has the right to take justice into their own hands. Every innocent man who has experienced suffering through another may still take revenge on his attacker, this is one of the unwritten laws of nature.


... You must return everything to him retroactively, which have also given with malicious or benevolent purposes, because he who sows storm will reap the whirlwind, who sow peace reap peace, whoever sows destruction will reap destruction, whoever sows goodness will reap goodness, who sows love will reap love and whoever sows honesty will reap honesty. Nature gives and takes, and also protects itself from time to time where this much needed and desired for its survival."



103. ... So said the teaching of Vishnuh:


"Whoever makes himself Nature's own and understand that nature is the source of life, assured himself of respect and protection for his / her life."


a. ... Thus, nature is the undisputed the creator of life; honor where honor is due."



 And God will not appear as usual, nor to hear anything from him, because God is nothing but illusion, a meaninglessness of the ignorant and evil man.


Remember this well:


104. ... Two people who from their youth as husband and wife stay together until death do them part, does not always mean that they were meant to be together for life and that their union should be seen as a form of unconditional love for each other, but there are a number of other social factors play a major role throughout the life of people, that people stay together in a loveless existence, even though this aspect is not visible in the eyes of the other, because habituation, religion, culture, family honor, children, shame, and a number of other cardinal factors are the causes of it, that people stay together in a loveless or loving existence.


105. ... Typically, a person can decade long loving to others, but suddenly changed in the eleventh year, the loving man in the devil or female devil, which has always been in his or her hidden. In general, one knows the other not even well after twenty years, even though they live every day with that person, because even a man can change drastically after twenty years in what one would expect from that human being.



106. ... So says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

"Religious and superstitious people are both very dangerous, they are generally seemingly tolerant, pious and peaceful that you should never trust...

... And people who believe in a god and also are superstitious, are the most dangerous, and it does not matter who it is. This is because people who believe in fairy tales and things that appear only in their twisted brains not to take seriously and are a potential danger to their fellow man...

... Those who survived this kind of people in history, were the ones who were crazier and more dangerous than they, because someone who could be a danger to his fellow men which is crazy, one should fight with madness. Remember; the only condition to survive this kind of brainwashed idiots is to be crazier and more dangerous than they are."



107. ... Religion in whatever form, is, in fact, a conspiracy woven around fear and terror, and the faithful souls are usually all afraid of purgatory, because the man in the pulpit tells them weekly, they will end up in hell or purgatory if they do not tremble at their God/ Allah/ YHWH. It is the most vulgar form of intimidation...


108. ... Church Heads are really foolish mendacious men who earn a fat fish sandwich by spreading the fear of death. At the same time people by those miscreants repeatedly milked out a substantial part of their income. Fear makes believers who are frightened by their religion, most generous, but they are not generous in general, but more generous towards its own believers and the church.


109. ... In general, believers are not merciful out of the goodness of their hearts, but only because they fear the wrath of their evil god they seemingly good-natured and generous, thereby applying double standards and behave as a group of animals who do everything to protect their territory from outsiders.


110. ... Most religious people think that by giving money to their church thus redeem their sins and moreover believe thereby to can reserve a place in heaven. In the Middle Ages poor wretches were buried outside the cemetery, but influential people in the church under the floor...


a. ... For this, they were very deeply affecting their pockets, because they thought this way to generate a priority position and to get closer to God, and the churches there also were eager to abuse...


111. ... The above-mentioned behavior of bribery, is in the modern society no secret and is usually practiced by white-collar criminals and wealthy people, because who has money and want to be exempted from prosecution has the option to redeem the debt or loot in the judiciary, and who want luxury should also dig deep into his pockets.


a. ... Petty thieves and ordinary people who cannot escape judicial proceedings are those who have no money...


112. ... Belief is power, and money plays an important role. Look for this purpose at what the various religious clubs every week bringing in donations and how they deal with that acquired capital.




113. ... Almost everyone lives in the shadow of the great religions which hides a lot of variety, and realistic anxiety is healthy, but the interpretation of the fear of hell and good from evil by religions, is downright degrading, unmerciful, unjust and unconscionable, making realistic healthy fear within religious groups can be no question but rather implies the opposite.


a. ... The only right that the faithful mankind now has, is the law of silence.


114. ... There are numerous philosophical works of famous philosophers with indeed wise words containing information that the average person today can fall back on and nobody unnoticed can pass, eg "weak people take revenge", strong people are forgiving " "intelligent people ignore everything", etc.


a. ... Although most philosophical views attaching predominantly religious influences, all these nonsensical philosophical truths are based partly on the reality which people are often lured to apathy, some even decide to epigonism.


115. ... Another one of those idiotic texts that does not make sense in reality. "The secret to just be happy is to accept what happens to you in your life and still managed to make the best of it."


a. ... This last is another banana religious truth shod reminiscent of Biblical absurdity as "one man turn the other cheek," "do not return what the other has done to you", "forgiveness is the best healer", " it is God's work ", etc..


116. ... This kind aforementioned philosophical texts can only be made up by believers to justify their misdeeds on behalf of religion, which includes a license for the evil religious humanity in order to be allowed to hurt their fellow human beings with impunity in which the victims should accept these affronts as his or her fate.


a. ... It is therefore quite logical that the foregoing acceptances based on humanity by nature people absolutely can not be tolerated, thus will not be settled without measure. And the offender should this secret, the sensitive lesson waiting for him or her, namely "what you do not want doing to yourself, do it another not", even know how to make the best of this and consider the resulting beating as the will of God or Allah.



117. ... So says the teaching of Vishnuh:


"He who guided his life by all kinds of flowery philosophical ideas, which are understood only half of it and personally take any initiatives relating to the life, will not stand the test of time."



118. ... The Vishnuh-Society is basically peace-loving, but the wrongdoer who has done one or more of its members physically or mentally wrong, she will reply in proportion to his or her act. And this criminal case is within the Vishnuh order a personal matter between the culprit and the victim (s) and no one else's business, not even the so-called legislative power that in everyday life the civilian people lawfully, in her quest for justice harms unconscionable. This, while the ruler himself should devote to law enforcement and truth for a just solution for everybody instead of bullying citizens.



119. ... And when the judiciary cannot find anything to harm someone, she does everything with a sham because "law" in this often is just as crooked as their statute books which they learn to be unjust and ruthless towards fellow human beings compared to the opposite.


120. ... Look for this purpose at the way the judiciary, for instance in the Netherlands, evaluated a criminal case. If anyone ever has in the past undergone imprisonment for committing an offense, and later in his or her environment a similar offense is committed, the ex-con is usually immediately eligible to be put arrested and imprisoned.


a. ... It occurred in 99% of cases, that the courts almost always sentenced the ex-offender out of laziness on the basis of his or her past, even if the accused person declared the offense of which he or she is accused, cannot have committed and therefore has a conclusive alibi.


b. ... It is generally very easy to accuse or defame someone without evidence and without being certain because abuse is legally permissible in contemporary society in a roundabout way. And witnesses who smell money or for themselves discern advantage may lie as the Bhagavad-Gita and the Bible together, but unfortunately it is permitted anyone to own interests may lie behind the scenes, for or against the other, and are unpunished may speak allegations and false confessions against the other.



121. ... But the police and the judiciary are a champion in lying and cheating because they can lie even harder to emphasize their so-called concern and sense of justice and to force a conviction rather than to be independent in their research. They would rather give someone a kick after and come with all sorts of accusations that someone may not have done, but in fact they are trying to shift tactical, missteps committed by them in someone else's shoes.


a. There should be an individual and in-depth research with a frequency of once in a quarter to the ins and outs of every police officer, so that honesty, impartiality, truth, proper behavior towards the citizens in accordance with law and justice actually comes into its own. And obvious inadequacy of the data subject it needs to be unceremoniously kicked off the police force because rabble does not belong there.


b. ... And so far manageable proposition of Justice and others that they "catch crooks with crooks" is incorrect and inhumane, because criminals are as faithful to the most unreliable kind of people that solidity and trust cannot be measured. ... The judiciary also as well as officials from the Ministry, the ministers, the Cabinet of the King (in) or president and the opposition of the government must periodically undergo a similar test of reliability for the proper performance of their public duties law and justice for the benefit of everyone.


c. ... For the justification of a fair and proper application of rules and laws on the citizenry, the government apparatus should remain clean of religious and other evil human influences in its entirety. Where the judiciary has the nerve to condemn people despite psychological reports from researchers and others affiliated with the legal system and judiciary, which states that the accused is innocent or the fact that someone being accused could not have done anyway?


d. ... However, the Court will find it necessary to give innocent people a long time to punish and excluded from society. This comes down to "You measure other people's cloth by your own yard." Meaning: "A Person who is untrustworthy is unlikely to trust others."


e. ... This is not "justice" but "injustice." It is therefore not surprising that this at least 40% of prisoners who are imprisoned convicted innocent, based on bullshit of the civil service and the judicial process, whereas in society a large number of convicted people walk around freely which have committed one or more offenses facts,  some of which very serious crimes, but which no place is in jail or their sentences may serve outside.


f. ... Worldwide there is nowhere to find a company that's lying, cheating fellows, operates crime and the bourgeoisie treated unjustly such as the judicial system and the government.


122. ... But not all officials are bad, but who is not poorly grounded will show his help conduct and benevolence to the citizenry. But do remember this, "the braver the spirit the crueler the beast", therefore never trust an officer, even if it is a beloved family member, because if it is faced with a choice, one often "chooses his own skin and betrayed you before your eyes."


a. ... Officials are essentially sworn servile extension of government, representing a legal form of oppression (legality) and psychological violence on behalf of the authority towards residents. And the government knows exactly what kind of people he chooses and educates for the performance of its duties.


b. ... These are mostly inexperienced insensitive career-oriented young people and harsh dash hunters without life experience, which usually think they have a monopoly on truth. This kind of people are the ruthless government servants in a society that often ordinary citizens make life unbearable with the often arbitrary invented laws and rules of their employer.


c. ... Then here in that most officials are themselves usually afford above the lawmaking ignorant are screwed and often do not realize that they are being deprived of their rights by these bastards. And by knowing their rights, a legion citizens do not know where they should turn. This is due to the almost impermeable jungle at the cost bringing legislation raised by the government in order to make it as difficult as possible for the unfortunate citizens to obtain justice that public money could cost. This means that 80% of the bourgeoisie, the injustice that they're regularly being caused by the civil service and the government, will let impotence happen like in a movie.


123. ... The majority of the bourgeoisie in the underclass of society usually let unused their rights. This is due to the long and debilitating burden aggravating way that the impoverished citizens by personal circumstances, can not honor. Also play in this ignorance and pride an important role, but mainly by the often inhumane tedious and agonizing tantalus barrier of rules and laws of the authority figure that ordinary people generally can not meet. Because of all the deprived citizen is left with the stress and deep resentment against the government and society.


e. And if one considered the policies of the governing power in the final analysis, it almost escapes no one that the government has made it easier for themselves in every way, but for the bourgeoisie, this means an insurmountable reality in a tangle of government regulations and hazy administrative measures that in fact characterizes the religious and democratic society.


124. ... An officer will always obey the law, but as soon as that becomes the target of his superiors, or as soon as it dares to crawl through the loopholes of the law to make a personal gain or scrapped inexorably through the system, then it is also finally done with this.


a. ... And when the demise of an official took place, only then will his eyes open naturally and suddenly realizes that all that time for authoritative third party has dealt with inhumanity.


b. ... But as long as the officer is not deceived, he will experience his government position as chosen by the system.


125. ... In a democracy, the legal system does not normally associated with truth, because the poor citizens often pushed by judicial bias as deep as possible in the shit so no escape is possible for the person concerned.


a. ... It is well known that Judicial authorities usually so irritating to rotate around a case that the subject a priori is found guilty before a court judgment is pronounced. ... This is called injustice.


b. ... Furthermore, the government regularly advertise through posters and the media, that the best friend of the population is the police, but she does not say that this companionship is only when it suits the police and Justice.


c. ... Police officers are trained to serve as first and foremost national interest, but the bourgeoisie is for those of inferior importance.


126. ... The workers Guild in service of Justice and the government is essentially terrible people that together with the public administration is not pro the bourgeoisie such as one thinks usual, because the majority as the official is not humanly handling their service with respect to the civilian people, and therefore unreliable.


a.  ... Even though the government drool that Police and Justice is for the safety and protection of the public and national interest, but do not hesitate to 100% of that the intended safety and protection are usually only to find in favor of their bosses, this is the government and the judiciary, but the bourgeoisie must legally pay the bill.


b. ... It is frequently done in the past, despite circumstantial evidence an innocent man has been arrested and brought to justice and that the judiciary hypocritical looked the other way and their victim in acquittal from prosecution, to whitewash sketchy strewn with tax money (compensation) and thus thought to have softened the pain of their judicial error.


127. ... Justice initially never took into account the personal pain and damage caused to the environment and privacy of their victim, as if this were the most normal thing in the world. And this practice is still happening.


a. ... It has also repeatedly shown that detainees were found innocent yet were imprisoned, but later were made prematurely at large, it almost never has been due to police or justice but to those who have campaigned sure to provide exculpatory evidence in which it is someone's innocence.


128. ... And who tried the police, employees of the prosecutor, the prosecutor and judges, which respectively have committed intentional mistakes, pleaded guilty and eagerly handed out punishments without having taken into account the accuracy of the police and the public prosecutor delivered explications and information?


a. ... If one wants to have a good performance in a society in which it is alleged careless to live in a democratic state, then there should be an independent body to detect faulty officials and rigorously punish indiscriminately, because nobody is inviolable.


b. ... It is for each one of great importance that the civil service, police and justice will take all human life into account and not to tarnish, but devotes himself to the truth for the benefit of everyone.


129. ...  There should be laws in which employees of police and justice are not immune, but punishable by handling criminal cases including those involved in mistakes should undergo as much punishment as the injured party so that justice and their employees handle less careless with criminal cases in which man is central.


130. ... Additionally become firmly asserted in a Christian society and rule of law that everyone is entitled to a second chance, but this second possibility is confined only to their Bibles and law.


a. ... But in practice, the person who has ever been wrong by whatever event, after his or her release from prison, life in society made quite impossible.


b. ... Is this compassion and Christianity! No, but the epitome of hypocrisy and religiosity !!



131. ... And when it comes to facts, I hear ad nauseam the cries of countless good people around me, "Confucius said this ..., Confucius said that ... or the famous philosopher Plato said this ... Aristoteles said .... or Freud said that ... or Ghandi said ..., Buddha told ... or the Bible and Jesus ... the Koran ... the Torah ... the Vedas describes ... the Tripitaka says ... etc ... etc., but one never says anything about the original miraculous truths that in distorted form in the so-called holy books appearance and were used by ancient philosophers, must be regarded as directly from the general population of antiquity.


132. ... All those original sayings of antiquity were previously cast in a new housing by these persons and bodies who since mankind has incited genocide, murder, repression and other human rights violations. Thus innocent fellows have done unconscionable mental and physical violence and incitement to apathy towards the reality of life.


133. ... Later in history are legion newfangled Western and Eastern philosophers, religious organizations, churches, cult leaders and sympathizers, these earlier examples taken over and many of which eventually ended in epigonism.


a. ... They are also, as their striking examples of the past, with people's property handled easily and lavish to the oppression of fellow human beings and nature, and to this very day.


134. ... People that were dominated by a variety of otherworldly things during their lifetime, are usually driven into oblivion after the mortician (someone who washes dead bodies and embalm) has transferred their corpse to the grave-digger..


a. ... That's why people put all those beautiful religious theories of the so-called saints and philosophical beliefs of all those so-called scholar hypocrites safely aside and let you no longer guided by third parties or your life, but go and live in peace and harmony with everyone! 



135. ... Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:


"Man does well to believe in his own strength and not that of a non-existent, unknown, invisible, imaginary magician!"



136. ... Worst of all is that most of the religious Priests, Rabbis, Imams, etc., emphasizing the existing texts and verses from the Holy Scripture in their reading at its discretion to hold on to their often illiterate gullible listeners. They throw oil on the fire by inciting their vision rather than to make speeches in their ranks on the basis of peace and solidarity with all people.


137. ... This seditious behavior was typical of the way the Roman Catholic Church throughout the centuries, which continued until the average human being could read and write themselves. As a rule, the faithful do not always understand what is written in the Qur'an, Bible, Torah or Bhagavad-Gita, given the way in which Christian people, Muslims, Hindus and others are now act towards their fellow human beings on the Trinity, in particular peace, unity and coexistence.


a. ... So gullible to listen and read what others say or what one reads, remains a dangerous phenomenon in the wonderful world of faith.


138. ... For example, the Koran indicates in no uncertain terms the purpose of the 'Jihads', as well as killing their perceived enemy in which the 72 virgins clearly discussed.


a. ... So the Muslim terrorists do not just blow themselves up. No, they come with old verses from the Quran stating that they expect above 72 virgins after a heroic act, or enter Valhalla. Nota bene, the name of their paradise is annexed from Germanic mythology which refers to the Germans Heaven.


b. ... In other words, the Muslims will after their death totally misguided because the Germanic gods will not open the gates of Valhalla for them.


139. ... So the Islamic community of men on earth is, in fact, waiting no paradise after death where young virgins make their appearance, but only a great illusion and will undoubtedly refer to hell. This is because their saints have failed in the Koran to come up with a Muslim heaven for Allah followers, and in Valhalla or "Germanic gods empire", their stay is not allowed.


a. ... But even in hell the Muslims are not welcome by Satan because hell is only for bad Christians. I, therefore, propose that the dead Muslims emigrate to a distant unknown planet, where the living can not bother them, and where they can live in peace with each other, for there is plenty of room for many more Muslims, and build mosques there also allowed.


b. ... And Muslim women are not disappointed, because they anyway know in advance that after their death for them, no place is reserved.


140. ... The believers generally do not realize that they actually rely on fuzzy tales of far earlier times of the nations and countries, all of which were created in a time when people were convinced that "the earth was flat as a penny" and that "when one would sail far enough over water, it would crash into the abyss and would end up in the realm of dragons."


a. ... This was also the time when it was believed that there was a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow waiting with a big pot full of gold coins.


b. ... People, people still .... Take a moment to the reality of today and you can focus that all holy scriptures are full of fairy tales, fables and stories from the land of Utopia.


141. ... In religious countries religion taught in schools to teach children so-called respect for dissidents, but the opposite of this is true. Religion directs the arrows on the youth, to people as young as possible prone to religious control. Young people are already confronted early with religion, it is literally forced upon them.


142. ... Young children are usually loyal to their educators. They do not know better and therefore be manipulated, because they can emulate their examples unperturbed. And they can lie as if they invented the lie book itself. This they usually do, because of their environment in which they grew up and raised by the adults who supposedly love them or get spoiled.


143. ... Children never bother to preconceived false stories that another may be hurt or become immersed in misery.


a. ... Unfortunately, this kind of youth into adulthood always end in trouble because they missed the sense of honesty and correct perception in their youth and this will linger in their falsehoods with social poverty effect, and "The child is the father of the man." This means," as someone like a child is brought up, exactly as it will be later also as a man or woman."


144. ... It has also been shown over and over again that when these children in adult state have finally regained their minds, usually in very old age, most of them would suddenly express regret to the person to whom they have ever done deliberately harm in their innocence.


a. ... But as their former victims may not live or have no desire to forgive her former tormentor, which in itself is quite understandable, because it is everyone's right, it must also be accepted by the ex-Judas.


145. ... It is very unfortunate for the child, who has not asked to be manipulated during her childhood by the supposedly loving parent or familiar surroundings. Unfortunately, the victim has suffered greatly under their mendacity, harassment or conspiracy, which also has the right to a good life, but mentally for a long time its been withheld.


146. ... But the former bully has had in his maturity also badly affected, because the adults have made grandiose abuse in his early years of his childlike innocence, to harass or too humble one or more fellows.


a. ... Children have compulsory education, but cannot simply be exposed to religious imperialism, which has no respect for another institute. Religious Education is an active form of pure propaganda and indoctrination that is used by religious parties and the authorities at schools, as a means to spread their religious teaching.


147. ... The school should under no circumstances be a safety net which children cannot escape religious organizations, which penetrate everywhere with the religious virus in order to bring young people into contact with Jesus / Krishna / Allah. The main goal of such organizations is not the interest of the youth, but mainly to spread their religion.


148. ... And especially the youth by religious imperialists seen as prey and must be protected against by all means, instead of surrendering them to it.


a. ... The righteous mankind should be alert to the way in which religious organizations are trying to gain control over children and adults, as it has been running into a lot of religious countries out of control. 


149. ... Youth is the future of tomorrow should not follow in the footsteps of their pernicious religious ancestors and through religion fucked up parents, but to bring true relief to everyone in society, so that selfishness, dissension, discord, ruthlessness, disrespect, discrimination and everything that goes against humanity and nature will belong entirely to the past and is banned worldwide.


150. ... Finally; Whatever your belief in God is, never forget in all of this, that children are sacred and under no circumstances may be exposed to oppression, brainwashing, racism, resentment, hatred and lovelessness...


a. ... Small children do not discriminate in principle. They usually do not see the difference between race, color and improper behavior, but it is usually the parents, the school and society, which play a crucial role in the education of youth and can transform into racists or arbitrary behavior towards fellow humans and society...


151. ... Young children are innocent creatures that need a fair and equitable education, so that they learn that every person is equal, because no one is more or less than another. They are the generation of the future that will eventually have to live together and to make life easier for each other. This is the intent of life "live and let live".


Man, underestimate nobody,


 know what you're up to


 and a warned person counts for two



Atheism occurs steadily throughout the world because people are aware that each is a product of living nature and that God is a creation of conceited humanity. Only in Saudi Arabia, there are 1,500,000 atheists, in Pakistan more than 4,500,000, and Suriname now has nearly 100,000 atheists in the case of Vishnuists and last year this number was still 60,000, Indonesia 7,000,000 and so on. And the number of unbelievers grows with the day so that the world will totally change in togetherness and peace with all people, equivalence and unity. And everywhere in the world, atheists most of whom have united and for obvious reasons see disclosure undesirable. Some groups choose to operate underground, so every atheist grouping has its own reason to be known or to remain unknown.



Also, we Vishnuhïsts are silent in everyday life, and because part of our community partially shudders open publicity, it does not mean that we do not exist. For many of us who live in the country of birth and descent occupy a public function, it is so wise to be out of sight because of our ungodly background to prevent prejudices by malicious people.



We Vishnuïsts pursue the goal of nature, and the purpose of nature is to make everyone's life enjoyable. We are, in principle, peace-loving and give each one a good and healthy life, but if we are to be threatened with mental or physical violence, we are "hard" but "righteous" and whoever is wrong is punished in proportion to the person's perception Bible.


Everyone has the right of self-defense when his / her life is at risk and one is forced to defend himself. Even Nature defends itself from time to time for where defense is necessary. We can be your closest neighbors or colleagues, your employer or manager, and can cooperate with you, meditate or talk, but we will keep our opinion, our pursuit and our position in society for ourselves and let you think about what you want.



The Vishnuh Society is always ready for the battle, unlike other atheist groups who wish to remain passive for some reason. In recent years our community has grown enormously worldwide. The Vishnuh Society wishes for its members "Right" and "Justice" and has absolutely no confidence in the government or democratic system or the rule of law. Consequently, she has traditionally resolutely opposed every hostility to prevent repetition for the protection of her community. This, because today, a lot of pious and evil people of all kinds of alloys walk in various ranks, states and classes in society, committing crimes against humanity and exploiting their immunity to escape their punishment. And the lion's share of this was served by the laws of the unjust law that "Lady Justitia" uses as "Law and Truth," but in practice, this means "Law is Crooked" which, in most cases, does not provide a culmination of criminal law for those who are really looking for "Justice" and satisfaction. No one is of steel, everyone is vulnerable and every living being is mortal regardless of race, rank, status, origin, religious or political conviction. So the king, citizen, police, judge, director, politician, teacher, officer and general, they all bleed.


In a society in which the constitution is based on the Bible / Quran, most people of their own concern surround themselves with lies and constructions about another, and think to be unpunished. Most of these have often not been taken into account that they simply "expose the truth" to their lies. And "the truth" usually includes the falsehood which these kinds of hypocritical people (also read government leaders, politicians) tells about different-minded fellow human beings, to conceal their malice, to favor oneself, and to tweage between people. In doing so, they often use legitimate use of the unjust law and regulation of the system to commit mental violence to the citizen. This can be because the rules and laws are intertwined with the legitimacy of the society in which they live.



It is here for ourselves and God for all of us, and I, Me, I, but the rest may just choke. And where assistance is provided on the basis of human perseverance, it often happens with adolescents, which in the long run is detrimental to the needy. So the right-handed person would rather not get help, because he later regrets having received help.



Even though many claim that they enjoy the protection of an illusionary higher power and claim to be merciful, the fact remains that they are defying their innocent fellow human beings and doing all kinds of human rights violations, calling at the same time "God Bless you" or "with God's blessing, "etc., usually those who belong to the badness of the earth with an unprecedented dose of cheerfulness. In addition, these types of figures often surround themselves with a variety of self-spoken verbs, usually derived from their religious fairy tale book to impress others and to show how good and wise they are, but in reality, they hide in many words and flowery sayings their own shortcomings, offenses and inhumanities.



Those who are infected with a bad intestine usually think they are more and better than the other. In addition, many people do not live well and healthy with their fellow human beings and find it normal to trample the other through gossip. After all, pious people obtain according to the "holy book" forgiveness in confession when they request their untimely god for absolution for their sinful deeds. Normally they like to sit in the church/mosque, but before the church service has ended, most have already figured out a dirty plan to blame others with a clean slate. In addition, they have the habit of measuring two sizes to harm fellow human beings. People who show this kind of behavior are unreliable figures, which sooner or later sew the other one way or another. And also with regard to the aforementioned applies; "Whoever fits the shoe pull him on."

 A reasonably thoughtful person with a portion of common sense with sense of responsibility for himself and for his fellow human beings would not turn to worship or continuation of a religion and religious proclamation, largely the cause of genocide and subjugation of fellow human beings and still promoting the religious reproduction of malice, in a false curse of false peace, hypocrisy and compassionate greed?



You have three types of people in the current society in which we live, these are "the privileged convinced elite", "the profitable unscrupulous runners" and the companions forced by society and family. "Against this latter, I say; Be strong and stay true for yourself, because once you will be able to free yourself from the yoke in which you are forced to self-conserve yourself. And the condition for this liberation is not due passively when it's going to happen, but by actively working on your salvation. So fight where to fight!



Thus says Vishnu's teaching:


Who makes his hand into a fist cannot hold anything and neither can anyone put anything in his hand. Be aggressive and alert and reject self-destruction, because no one has the right to control and oppress his fellow human beings. And who gives a good and healthy life to his fellow man "has the right to life, self-defense and self-preservation.


… Nature has created everything on this earthly nature, but who do not want a good and healthy life for his fellow human beings, equating itself with nature while self-evolving by nature, it has no right of self-preservation or self-defense, and may also not have a place among the living. Man is equal to each other, no one is more or less than the other.”







152. ... I wish every living being the best, and grants everyone the good life and not suffer during life, and further I am in favor that the villain under no circumstances should escape punishment. Furthermore, I hope that everyone as long as possible to experience the best of life in good health, and that above all the best for themselves derive from it, and as far as possible, generally favored the other.


a. ... For the sick, I hope that they survive this nasty phase and beyond, in good health, some happy years tie to their lives. Most believers go after their sickbed certainly to their God according to a legion scriptural interpretations, and who has misbehaved in life qualifies for God's forgiveness through a few Hail Mary's by the person concerned or some other ecclesiastical person (their last holy sacrament.)


b. ... I myself am incredulous, but if I were a believer, I would ask the gods for love of peace, solidarity, equality, justice, love and happiness for all citizens of the world. Further, I pray that the killings be stopped with or without implements of war of innocent people and children. I love everything that nature has in his bosom, and will, therefore, keep everything in order to protect nature and its contents, and the only thing I hate therefrom under the evil spirit is killing people.


c. ... But I would not pray for people whose belief in God allow all these wars and genocide of innocent beings that injustice, oppression, poverty, caste system, racism, misery, torture, and other human rights abuses justifies, allowing many evil has been given a place in life that since Biblical times around the world has revealed in carnage, misery and destruction, as presently is the case. Believers are basically warlike people making peace and working together will never belong to the future, and it does not matter which religion whatsoever, the unreliability is in their blood.


d. ... All religions preach about faith, hope and love, and they use terms that also happens to be present in their so-called holy scriptures. And meanwhile, as a race, religions daub each other, or kill each other, for who followeth the most oppressive and most murderous belief in God.


e. ... Who does not steal and do not inherit will work until he or she dies, is the underlying thought of godliness. People make war because one man has something that the other wants too but cannot get because of the theistic belief of one party does not comply with the divine faith of the other, for the one God speaks the truth and the god of another is a filthy liar.



f. ... But the utter truth is that "we all have to eat, drink, breathe, urinate, making bowel movements and all have red blood. And when we come to the end of this earthly existence, then we die, we arrive between 6 boards under the ground or cremated. Back on earth will never be done, even God is not successful.



153. ... I would like to emphasize that people who say their honest opinion, are not all racists. I acknowledge that my interpretation of the contemporary religious mankind negative stereotypes play a role, which can inadvertently show a clear picture of some fellow men."


a. ... The Vishnuh-Society will forbid nobody his religion, but they will play a role in facilitating a respectful dialogue so that initiatives arise from society, for everyone to be themselves, which everybody does right.


b. ... Religion is a tradition of human rights violations, and to prevent this evil from ancient times, there must be a public debate and policy are made so that religious evil disappears from human life.


c. ... The Vishnuh-Society seeks equality and unity for all people and therefore advocates that people face the reality that one becomes more aware of the power of nature and its place in it with everything that lives.



154. ... Thus said the teaching of Vishnuh:


"Not God created man in his image, but Nature has created man, and man created God in his image. This means; "man" is "god" himself in person who absolutely has no right to decide on life and death, but only nature has the right to pass judgment on "to be" and "not to be". Life itself proves continuously, that nature, which comprises the Universe, has also spawned life, which implies a beginning and also the end of this life."


a. ... We are Vishnuïst, for us there are no borders in defense of an innocent being, our eyes are open, our view is widespread and mind-expanding, never more crusades, no more racial hatred and racial distinction, the religious man directed to ruin himself, is like a mayfly.


... The end of all religions is at risk, because people who sin against nature's own things and appropriating power at the expense of other people's lives, which suppress lives and put themselves above others, have already sealed their end. It is enough, nature now presents his bill, and the gods have long been off."
















  Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus

 Adhipathi:  Lancar Ida-Bagus






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