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FND. Vishnuh-Society


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Establish a branch of the Vishnuh-Society in your hometown?

This is possible!

Begin for yourself in your country and region as Putuh or Putuh-Agheng of the Vishnuh-Society. Live and let live!



Who is Vishnuh-Society?


The Vishnuh-Society is an ancient body of non-religious world citizens that, from her philanthropic base and ancestral empiricism, fellows will help to get through a healthy and good life, according to its age-old educational system.


When someone somewhere in the world decided to set up a Vishnuh association or community, then its formation takes place analogous to the laws of the country where it settles.

The “Foundation Vishnuh-Society Netherlands”, committed to a global network of branch offices, associations, and communities that adopt the learning of the Vishnuh-Society and cherish it.


The “Foundation Vishnuh-Society The Netherlands” (F.V.S.N.) supports and assists start-ups, which create a Vishnuh community.

Who wants to be Putuh and want to lead a Vishnuh community in his country of residence, must collect a group of people who endorses the learning of the Vishnuh-Society. Everyone gets a chance, you have to have a little personal courage and steadfast principles and character to lead a Vishnuh community.


The “Foundation Vishnuh-Society Netherlands” is the initiating and coordinating body that spreads the authentic by Hindu-Buddhist priests of the Vishnuh-Society developed survival learning, as defined by the heir of the Vishnuh-Society Gurubesar R.R.Purperhart/ Lancar Ida-Bagus.


Conditions for starting a local Vishnuh-society c.q. association in your country?

a. A “group of people”, “Putuh” or “aspiring Putuh” that a group of “candidate members” has collected, and the intended start of a Vishnuh association in his country of residence, submit a request to the “Foundation Vishnuh-Society Netherlands” for approval.


b. The board of “foundation Vishnuh-Society Netherlands” invites the applicant (s) and then comes together, in any way discuss the feasibility of an association in his or her hometown. To this end, relevant information will be provided to the concerned directors about setting up a Vishnuh association or community under the auspices of “foundation Vishnuh-Society Netherlands.”


c. A group of people who submitted the request for the establishment of a Vishnuh community, elect from among themselves a chairman, secretary, and treasurer. The offices of secretary and treasurer may be combined in one person. Further provisions in force in the establishment of the association by a Putuh apply here too.


d. With at least four aspiring members include the directors Putuh or aspiring Putuh the starter process can begin. The board, the Putuh, or aspiring Putuh signs a letter of intent and receive relevant information and guidance.


e. The foundation Vishnuh-Society provides the bylaws for the association with full legal capacity. An association with full legal capacity is an association whose articles are included in a notarial deed. Legal capacity means that the association is an independent bearer of rights and obligations.


The association with full legal capacity can have the same rights and undertake obligations as every (adult) citizen. Such an association can, therefore, obtain registered goods (immovable property registered at the Land Registry) and have the name, enter into loans, and even his heir. Subsidy Granting agencies often require subsidizing association to have full legal rights.


f. An association or community can also be set up without notarial intervention, this is a society with “Restricted Legal capacity”. This means that an association with limited jurisdiction, especially in two respects his rights have been restricted:


1. – the association can not acquire registered goods (for example, its own building), and no heir; they may well accept legacies (money or property from someone who bequeathed to someone outside the circle of heirs).


2. – the directors of an association with limited jurisdiction are generally alongside the association personally liable for debts (sometimes even after their resignation as directors). So the director, in this case, the Putuh, aspiring Putuh or a group of people with their private assets liable for the obligations of, inter alia, room rent, and expenses.


General: The financial obligations to which any society or community is bound to be absorbed by the dues that members pay to the association.


g. The Vishnuh-Society expects from the Association of Limited Legal capacity, that these nationwide register by signing up as an association in the Commercial Register, to limit their liability.


h. The board of the associated signs the agreement which binds the association automatically to the provisions of the umbrella organization the “foundation Vishnuh- Society Netherlands “.


i. In the case of a small association management tasks can also be combined in one person; one is president, secretary, and treasurer at the same time. This is for a novice association not abnormal. The board operates independently and can consist of a minimum of one to several people. The association started without initial capital but prescribes itself a strategic plan with a budget and the establishment of the association is a fact.


j. The board of the association explores regulated local support on interest and compliance, in meetings, conducts exploratory talks with each other, looking for suitable board members, sponsors, and other opportunities to expand the group, and also all activity which is related or its can be connected, all in the broadest sense.


k. The association c.q. community builds its network further, collects and guides members who sign up and organize meetings and other activities that may be conducive to the practice of the survival learning of the Vishnuh-Society. The board holds broadly supervise proper compliance with its obligations to the Vishnuh-Society and its activities.


Has this piqued your interest?


Please contact us for more details with your request to set up a department of the Vishnuh-Society where it is desirable. Everyone is welcome, male and female, regardless of race, rank, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs.

Email: o.v.v. creation request “Vishnuh community.”


 Note Well: 

The Vishnuh-Society does not aim to change the world, but those who want to be a member will have to follow our procedure. Criticize our admission policy/ rules is pointless. Otherwise, we are not waiting for adventurers but Vishnuh-Society welcomes only earthlings. Who is free from fear, the sincere spirit has no bad intentions and wishes to be admitted by Vishnuh-Society, will be received as a full member. Who truly wants to learn Pencak Silat, will submit to the rules, norms and values and the adat of the Vishnuh-Society. 


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