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 Pencak-Silat education in your Place of residence







The Vishnuh-Society is an ancient body of non-religious world citizens starting from its charitable and empiricism that help make fellows life safe and sound to come through in its century-old education system. 


The organization of the Vishnuh-Society occurs analogously to the laws of the country where it is established or located. The society aims at a global and national network of dependances or associations which its combat doctrine Pencak-Silat, adopt and spread.


The national organization “Foundation Vishnuh-Society” supports local and international associations and guides them in starting a Pencak-Silat Association, in their own hometown. Anyone can do it, one needs a little own courage and principles and steadfast character to run a Pencak-Silat Association.


Pencak-Silat teaching is not intended for competitions, this according to the ideology of the Vishnuh-Society that this doctrine is designed to survive and is not to be regarded as a martial arts competition that will be held to win trophies or similar fight as the calibrated martial arts organizations including understanding and doing.


The precondition is that no competitive games will be played in relation as indicated above. Associations may be mutual performances, hold demonstrations in the feasibility and control of one or more Pencak-Silat fighting techniques and organize in the broadest sense.


The Vishnuh-Society is the initiating and the umbrella organization of the members of its associations and executive institutions, which educate the Pencak-Silat authentic learning developed by Hindu-Buddhist priests of the Vishnuh-Society spread as defined by the heir and Gurubesar of the Vishnuh-Society R.R.Purperhart / Lancar Ida-Bagus.





Conditions for starting a local Pencak-Silat union?


 A. a “group of people”, “Putuh” or “candidate Putuh”, a group of “candidate members” gathered aims at starting a Pencak-Silat Association, in his own hometown or elsewhere in the Netherlands or abroad, shall submit a request to the Vishnuh-Society for a private service.


B. The Board of the Vishnuh-Society invites the applicant (s) and come together to discuss the feasibility of an association in his or her place of residence. To this end, the party (ies) shall provide the Board relevant information about setting up a Pencak-Silat Association, under the auspices of the Vishnuh-Society.


C. In case of an application submitted by a “candidate Putuh”, it first must be a time to be determined in training and have profiled in the knowledge of the Pencak-Silat teaching of the Vishnuh-Society before he can move on to an owners association.


D. The study of knowledge acquisition and training in Pencak-Silat, as stated above in sub c for aspiring Putu’s, is not this apply if the Vishnuh-Society has no objection related the direct start to the “merging” of governance, learning, and teaching by the applicant/ candidate Putuh. To this end, the candidate must have demonstrated that it is able to do independently in a pedagogically appropriate manner can provide Pencak-Silat classes.


E. In cases where a request is submitted by a group of people, they choose from among themselves a chairman, secretary, and treasurer. The offices of secretary and treasurer may be combined in 1 person. Further provisions, which apply to the establishment of an association by a Putuh be here the same.


F. With at least four prospective members include the board, the Putuh or aspiring Putuh the starter process can begin. The board, the Putuh or candidate Putuh signs a letter of intent and is provided by the Vishnuh-Society of relevant information and guidance.


G. The Vishnuh-Society provides the statutes of the association with limited legal. This means that the new association is not established by the notary and that the driver, in this case, the Putuh, candidate Putuh or a group of people, with their private assets liable for the obligations include room rental and expenses. However, this can be compensated by the contribution that members pay to the Association for the Pencak-Silat classes.


H. The Vishnuh-Society might expect the association with limited legal capacity, that registers as a union in the Trade to limit their liability. An association may inherit nothing and no register of goods, such as buying a building or loans. However, the association may obtain bequests and certain parts received from an estate, such as money or goods.


I. The Board of the Association signed the five-year zero-hour agreement that the association automatically binds to the provisions of the umbrella organization, the Vishnuh-Society. This contract is governed by how the services compared to the Pencak-Silat Classes will be delivered to the association and the required fee, the association must contribute to the society for teaching materials, guidance, and support name used annually. Since the Vishnuh-Society is a nonprofit institution that seeks sustainability, its very minimal fee.


J. The new association will have a start-up period for the duration of one year and for as long as necessary, free of charge, assisted by the Vishnuh-Society during that year. The association shall be deemed to have fulfilled his duties in the initial period of one year and ability to have built up in order further obligations to qualify.


J. The new association will have a start-up period for the duration of one year and for as long as necessary, free of charge, assisted by the Vishnuh-Society during that year. The association shall be deemed to have fulfilled its tasks within the initial period of one year and have build capacity to independently be able to meet their further obligations.


K. Management tasks can be combined in one person, one is president, secretary, and treasurer at the same time what a novice small association is not abnormal. The board operates independently and may comprise at least one to several people. The association started without initial capital but writes itself a strategic plan with a budget and the establishment of the association is a fact.


L. The board or the association regularly explores the local support base on interest and cooperation in meetings and exploratory conversations with each other, looking for a suitable board for sponsors and other opportunities to enhance the group and all that which can be related to all the broadest sense.


M. The association builds its network and collects a voluntary working Pencak-Silat demonstration and promotion team, guides members who sign up and organizes outdoor training and other activities that may conducive to the practice of the Pencak-Silat. The board holds broadly monitoring the proper implementation of its obligations with respect to the Vishnuh-Society and its activities.






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