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Thus says the doctrine of “Vishnuh”:


Nature is the creator of life, credit where credit is due ...





I can tell right away when someone suffers mentally or physically in pain, it is often called. But not everything is visible, for physical damage is in most cases not visible from mental abuse, and nowadays there are a lot of people walking around the world who are mentally damaged.


… Maybe it helps to get my explanation in a better perspective on the hand of an attack on the life of a person with the victim as a direct object.

The direct model is facing an unconscious power play. The direct example of this situation, not only at that time but often the whole life affected by this incident. Of these, there are a number of examples.


Another form of mental abuse is often not far to seek. Take, for example, the manipulations by parents on children. These often take quite extreme forms whereby the self-esteem and self-respect are very carefully and premeditated undermined according to a fixed pattern.

… This pedagogical concept is part of their religious upbringing, that it is supposedly good for someone’s personal development to be able to go through life well.

… There are also a lot of parents who should get a good beating instead of the children. In the meantime, tribes walk around with psychological damage, which festers in their dealings with the next generation – usually unconsciously.

 The excessive behavior outdoors is often visible and can be addressed in principle, but the psychological domestic violence remains largely invisible – in which the effects are visible only much later.

And the vast majority of cases do have a religious background with therein the applicable ‘decency’ which in reality is no decency.

In other words; Religion in general, including Christianity, is an outright dictatorship! Obey, act and walk as the Christian values command, and all problems are gone. That is a form of artificially forced peace and subjects will have to obey, once “Christianization” is once again made legal by the majority of the authoritative power.

… And for the ruling class, if there is no Law for something yet, they will make one. But this does not take away the discontent with the vast majority of the population because people simply cannot be ruled by manipulations by a religious tale.

… The same applies to Islam and all other religions. That is irresponsible and furthermore very unfortunate that there are people who believe and live by, but not weaken the mindset of people who have already outgrown such a phase, let these people alone!

Most of the misery caused by clashing religions, beliefs, cultural backgrounds, education, and a number of other living human factors is the order of the day.

The problems of today can no longer blame it on the fact that fewer people go to church, mosque, or synagogue.

It would indeed turn out well for the world if everyone adheres to the same religion or belief, and that applies to almost all religions and philosophies.



… I have in the course of time closely observed many religious movements and all their equipment checklist, and it shows clearly that it is indeed very sophisticated brainwashing. For all current religions is at length seen the same mechanism of brainwashing with a sense of God …

But… it’s not about their so-called notion of God, but the venom that is charged by religions in the minds of people. Despite all the evidence notwithstanding that it does not look like that God exists, as the so-called holy books telling, fanatical religious stiff remain insists that the book fit 100% and has the sole and authentic truth of God’s wisdom.

… But where one ignores is that “Believe” is a form of legalized insanity in which religion is nothing more than a selfish organization that emerged from a violent culture with a self-invented God as spiritual director to which the failure and criminal present the faithful fellow man can be shared. These are actually primeval stupid people, even if they are academically trained.

 … Never forget that this kind of stupid people is the most dangerous predator in human form, who still roam this earth. In addition, the believer finds humanity in their distorted thinking that their God and religion need some protection.

Therefore a legion of religious countries has a few idiotic articles that get no sense including “blasphemy”. That is too crazy for words, God does not exist and what is not, can therefore not regarded as blaspheme! It will be right safe for everyone when there is a law against religions!

As long as people are allowed to bother others by forcing their image of God and religion, I think I can say what I think of God.

… Every religion is one (God) slander for another, and believers claim to have the truth of a monopoly. But Keti-Koti has been, and now religious freedom should be abolished because after all, religion is nothing but a mixture of indigenous histories formed the opinion and fictions of evil people in book form.


**Keti Koti is a Surinamese term for “broken chain”; it symbolizes the abolition of slavery on July 1, 1863, in the former colonies of Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles and thus the end of a dark period in Dutch history.**


Believers, in general, have a bad temper, and if they have not been bad, they will be bad! The fact that people have a religious tale maintain and helps continue by working on keeping stupid and retarded their progenies that discrimination, manipulation, and the great big lie that belief in God is called, as an inherited disease persists, it is bad!

Because of this belief in God, they immerse fellows in permanent illusion and misery, religion is undoubtedly the personification of wickedness, inhumanity, doom, and gloom.



There is no reason to believe that there is a God, let alone that there is any scientific evidence to support the mere assumption of the existence of a God. And then making laws about “Blasphemy” is really crazy. Should the ban on blasphemy be extended to other philosophies of life, including those of the non-religious”, then I demand as a Non-religious that I no longer want to hear a word about God and relatives.

  … Furthermore, in the whole world “swearing on the Bible” should be prohibited and believers may swear, and unbelievers do not need such a prohibition or commandment, because they swear automatically when it suits them, it is everyone’s right, therefore no one has the right to impose his religion or way of thinking on another!

If people refuse to swear that’s their right to have that but saying “Goddamn” is far from blasphemy. 

Swearing is just a word and is not always a sign of impotence, but some situations call for it. Then swearing also has a function that some people completely ignore. If people themselves refuse to swear, that is their right not to do so. Saying goddamn is far from blasphemy.

The prohibition of blasphemy, therefore, has nothing to do with a sense of God or a belief, it is only an expression of religion. Having a sense of God is actually quite different from believing in the standard definition of the Bible. Discussing this subject with the gullible often amounts to “throwing pearls before swine”.

As almost all intrusiveness comes from the religious angle, it is really nothing more than religion. Religion is an organized interpretation of religion in order to be allowed to cause all kinds of troubles and misery between people with impunity, so believers are usually potential fighters and evil as the plague.

Indeed, some have very often used the words cunt and dick, but that they may know themselves, even though I do not like it. That’s the point. I will not require nor encourage curse but do not tell the dissident what he has to do, many will respond revolutionary.

This is the freedom that every man allows himself to say things that others do not like, just as I accept that there are people who say something that does not suit me, as their god concept.

In order to immediately stop the centuries-long religious misery, I think there should be an anti-religion law because organized religion is a system based on fascism which certainly does not fit within a democracy. Believing is a sign of impotence so that one does not have to think about existence and is also the biggest problem in this world.

… Lounging behind a religion and Bible or Koran and legally stealing again, scamming, cheating, drinking in church (well, the blood of Jesus isn’t it), pickpocketing and waging war, and then casually wash your hands in innocence.

… Not all Churches are the same is sometimes vehemently shouted by fanatics. Well then, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!” It will be very quiet on this earth then.

Of course believers do a lot of good, usually inspired by soul-hunting and self-interest in which they put up a smokescreen through all kinds of charities and projects financed by themselves with blood money, offer the poor a cigar from their own box and thus cheat the people in order to conquer the people with their religious teachings. .

… “And then inappropriately saying ooh, how exemplary we Christians are, look at us being good and doing Christian!”

  In addition, Christianity may proclaim that anyone who does not want to join the church mess is a sinner, a wrong person, who will burn forever in hell …. no that may be said, that is not an insult.

… But oh, that religious cry usually comes from the same believers who daily do everything their God has forbidden them, so that seriously taking up their vocation to promote peace and harmony between people will never be possible.

Founding a club with a number of like-minded people, building towering complexes so that their opinions can be forced on others, infiltrating the education system so that souls can be influenced at an early stage through their education program, using a television channel (that should be banned immediately) to to proclaim the truth worldwide, which the ecclesiastical crooks club has now made their own.

This is a form of weakness because they do not dare to take responsibility alone. No, because for that they need a self-invented supremacy in order to be able to shift the crimes they committed to the will of their God?

… This basically boils down to this, Churches and other organizations of this kind are in fact the main criminal organizations that should be banned worldwide immediately!

Religious are clearly herd animals and they are afraid of being alone because they generally don’t know what they are actually saying and proclaiming. I count myself among the crowd that knows what she’s saying so I don’t have to be so lonely and scared.

… And “atheists” aren’t all sweethearts, just like Christians aren’t. Atheists are not better people than religious, and some will feel quite a lot better than believers, but the only difference is that atheists are not so hypocritical as to think that they are good and great and that their actions are based on a higher authority.

… No, ex-president Bush, who still thinks he has done the right thing for his own people because it is God’s will. …that is terribly scary, and what he has done wrong to his gullible Muslim brothers in conjunction with his clique of believers is completely justifiable according to the teachings of his Bible.

It had been clear for a long time; before ex-President Bush went to Iraq on the basis of his fictional story, he knew beforehand that the civil strife there would ultimately be no help at all. After he got his act together, the destruction by part of the Iraqi people would erupt in full force. It has also come out.

 Believers are all the same everywhere, first they figure out a clever method to clear their own brothers and sisters, who have stood in their way for much longer.

… The genocide of their fellow-brothers usually takes place at the hands of someone else, after which the traitors who have asked their enemy for help, suddenly set themselves up as freedom fighters.

… These appear to be the ones who chase away the false liberator, the seytaan, in order to take matters into their own hands in order to rule their own species according to their own ideas.

This method was also used by their former leader Saddam Hussein and now it is repeating itself. So Sadam’s regime has been followed by a legion of splinter groups. Treason is contagious and malice runs deep in the believers’ blood.

… It is also always the same song everywhere and all simply carry water to the sea, in which the Bible serves as a guide. Meanwhile, the sworn swine-eating and thus unclean enemy who has kept his home in Iraq to his heart’s desire and done the preparatory work and meanwhile taken his wrath on behalf of the Lord, returns home contented, notwithstanding all the needless bloodshed among his own men. . Furthermore, there should be no talk of the senseless deaths she has inflicted through reckless bombing on the Iraqi people and a legion of innocent people who have all been indirectly or directly involved in the war in Iraq.

… It is quite clear that Allah is again at odds with God, and it is, again and again, these two same gods, who again and again fight against each other and every time manage to maliciously influence their followers, except for those hundreds of other gods of other religions that are not included in this whole battle between God and Allah.

Which God is merciful? Hopefully a lot of new people will start to understand that the Bible and the Quran are not to be taken seriously because if the teachings of the gods (Allah and God) were humane. There should then be no wars between people, but on the contrary there should be Peace all over the world and care for one another long ago.

… The very ones who should know better because of their piety AND SO-called WISE WORDS FROM THEIR BIBLE BOOK do everything that is not permitted by their God. Who’s kidding who now? THOSE ARE THE RELIGIOUS WHO FAKE EACH OTHER AND THEMSELVES DAILY.

Therefore, I do not take seriously anyone who claims to adhere to a religion, because whoever supports a religion book is not in his right mind, because he believes in fairy tales and in things that are impossible for God, thus unreliable at first hand.

 It is inhumane, irresponsible and very cruel to keep the progeny stupid by further feeding them the belief in a fantasy God from their great fairy tale book. These include the Bhagavad-Gita, the Bible, the Quran, Pikalong, the Torah, et cetera.

 No one needs to come and tell me that there are also dear believers who do good and charitable work, etc. If this is indeed the case or should be the case, well, then when these dear ones have finished doing their beneficent work, then they may then lie meekly on the pyre to keep it burning for another dear gullible fool.

… No, we’ll never be friends, and if it’s that bad, better stay alone and be nice and quiet, instead of collecting more misery. There has been a mess in almost every family, including mine. People can suddenly behave treacherously towards others on selfish grounds and often without significant motives, in which greed and personal interests play a major role.

… Parents, the elderly and young people alike can be downright scandalous towards those who have always been there for them, as they often lack a sense of responsibility, in which selfishness and stubbornness predominate. Older people usually don’t know any better. They have, as they raise their own offspring, have often been raised in the same way by their old people, but unfortunately have learned nothing from it along the way.

From now on one should stop unthinkingly accepting and passing on stupidity to future descendants, now and immediately, since this irresponsible behavior of the elderly should never be imitated in today’s society and furthermore must become a thing of the past forever!

… As far as the youth of today, that is, children of today, are generally the most ungrateful creatures. You raise them and do everything for them, yet many see the opportunity to nail people who have always been good to them to a cross, as a result of their supposedly miserable life at home or at school. They refuse to admit their greed, such as “wanting” what “others have.”

… Usually many are influenced by people who supposedly mean well. In such cases, it is better for parents and people who have happened to this to keep such unscrupulous figures out of the door forever, because they are already used to tapping from the filthy barrel.

… Life goes on and you don’t need people who are already sick and afflicted with bad blood, as these kinds of people, no matter what you do for them, will repeat themselves again and again. Let the garbage sit there in the garbage can where it already is, because there are plenty of people in the world who deserve to be cherished, who do know love and loyalty and who are thankful in the bargain.

 That there are as yet no laws against religions is unheard of cruelty towards fellow human beings. Religion in education in particular should be banned with immediate effect as children are maliciously influenced from an early age with the concept of God and image of God, because religions and battles are human work. And if there is a battle going on, why stand still and wait for the next war to come?

… Start advocating in your area for laws against all religions, because every religious clever nowadays knows how to get along with their religion, as the constitution is based on the “big book”, especially on the absolution theory which is cleverly incorporated in Biblia and in the Quran. This implies; ”two dogs fight over a bone, but almost everyone likes to run with them.

  Most believers today often think like this; if he may do it, so may I, and I am more reasonable than my brother or sister, for they are much worse.

… Thus, religious humanity tries to justify what should be totally forbidden, but often finds a way around prohibitions, often inspired by their religiosity and it never promises anything good.”

For example, over the centuries, Christians have adopted all kinds of rules and rights, such as the ten commandments. Thou shalt not kill a person, but then in the name of this faith start slaughtering people, and this still happens today, albeit often in nuanced forms through democracy and in a legalized way.

… The Christians have only heard and gathered those 10 commandments from others, but they pretend it is Christian heritage. The Ten Commandments is a kind of norms and values system for the illiterate in primitive civilizations.

A modern judge who had only the Ten Commandments at his disposal would be able to do almost nothing. The Ten Commandments come from Egyptian mythology, concerning “Acts Before Death” and are at least 5,000 years older than Christianity.

 The Ten Commandments, which according to Biblical tradition were created by God through Moses, are only a small selection because they are originally more than 100 statements that an Egyptian had to make before his personal God in order to get to ‘heaven’.

… For example: “I have not killed” has become “Thou shalt not kill”, I have become “My brother’s property not coveted” has become “Thou shalt not covet other people’s goods”, etc.

Thus the church was the first multinational. In the Middle Ages, they sold phalanges of their saints. Dozens of phalanges of the ring finger of John and other saints were even available in Europe, including a certificate. This is filthy and lugubrious and this method has been adopted by local medicine men all over the world, especially in third world countries such as Suriname, Antilles, Haiti, Africa, etc., and is still used in their superstitious rituals to this day.

… Just mummify a baby, or severely mistreat a supposedly possessed child and then pouring gasoline over it and then setting it on fire; dig up a corpse for Obia purposes in the name of a God, and the party can begin.

… And their God in person was all right with that, for “Satan and God are one and the same.” After every capital crime, confessions were made with a psalm to conclude and their sins are then forgiven, ready…… Macabre but true!

Nearly every sane person feels deep in his heart that religion is a fabrication of evil humanity itself and that the “nothing” alternative is very frightening to those who believe in it.

I “Let each one just in his or her own worth, as a human being”, but not their despicable religion, for their religion is worthless and not repeatable. Religion in general is, in fact, a distorted summary of folk histories of oppressed peoples worldwide, including genocide of innocent humanity and “unlawful appropriation of other people’s goods on behalf of God”!

My value is that I will not allow myself to be banned by hypocritical believers who sit in church on Sunday and again unscrupulously cheat the masses on Monday. I find people who believe in a God to be quite stupid and retarded. No problem that one is a believer, but go and apply those religion rules that are applied to dissenters every now and then to your own believing brothers and sisters.

… Kill each other as soon as possible so that you enter Heaven brotherly, but leave the earthlings and other denominations who do not wish to belong to the religious group completely alone!

 And religions have never heard of respect, yes, only if you agree with them what suits them. Otherwise, wars and quarrels are needed to enforce and maintain one’s own position.

In the political world, there are plenty of examples of how religious people are able to maneuver everything into their own lane. In reality, people are not at all ‘occupied with God’ but with glorifying themselves and adoring the so-called honorable figures who must be concerned with God if necessary.

… It is clear from this that a prohibition against blasphemy is not there for their God, but there is apparently for people who think that their God is a petty creature who together deem such lawful protection necessary.

… But a little bit of God should intervene Himself if we do something that does not please Him, Her, or It. “He” doesn’t need guidance and rules to enforce obedience, does he? To that end, read about Greek mythology how the Greek gods raged when one of their pupils was harassed or mistreated by strangers or by strange gods. Or read how Thor and Donar fought each other in the Germanic heavenly realm (Valhalla(h)) to avenge one of their beleaguered wards by the other, or how the gods Wodan and Asmania forced justice for their wards. And there was thunder and lightning in the Valhalla, where ambrosial and nectar (god drink and food) were consumed.

… Those were great fantasy gods, which unfortunately have disappeared from world history forever, but their Valhalla has been living a different life in an Eastern religion for more than a millennium!




What is sin? 

In fact, sin has nothing to do with being punished after you die, as church leaders eagerly want their followers to believe, but sin has to do with being punished during your lifetime. The word “punished” is for want of better.

… It’s not so much about “punishing and rewarding”, just as “Heaven” and “Hell” are not your abode in the afterlife, it is pure fiction…. Heaven and hell take place here on earth during your lifetime. And hell is formed by everything that turns against you by evil people or by your own doing or on behalf of Lady Justice (= the God of “Right is Crooked”.)

… All this really has nothing to do with God (which God?), unless one equates God with oneself.

  Religions are all based on doctrine and therefore all wrong. The average person may consider scientific evidence to be absolute truth, but that is because the evidence is also provided and that is something that you can completely forget about religion.

The only evidence that religion has is the church-standardized “holy scriptures” which are in reality nothing more than old fictional books. And then you happen to have people who take such a fiction book dead seriously and follow it. Furthermore, a lot of believers often talk about respect, but it turns out that it does not show respect if other people are not allowed to blaspheme God, because it is forbidden by Law.

 In short, the prohibition of blasphemy thus has nothing to do with respect, but what real respect would be is that one without conditions and prohibition is not guilty of it. On the other hand, respect should also be earned – or at least not lost. And that is where the trouble lies, because the religious themselves do not set a good example.

… They try to sell something that they don’t adhere to at all, 99% of the believers don’t even follow their religion rules, but in the meantime they are walking around proclaiming that their religion is the Right way and the Truth that according to the church leads eternal life. Very convincing and despicable!

 In addition, believers are allowed to insult non-believers by calling them stupid and ignorant because they do not believe in God, but in the same way, unbelievers are also allowed to ‘insult’ the believers by calling them stupid and ignorant because they do believe in a God! If a believer is allowed to speak out against the unbeliever, this must of course also be possible the other way around.

 … Therefore, if there was a God and I were God, I would punish all believers much harder than the unbelievers, which would drastically reduce the believer population on Earth. As soon as sins are committed by believers, these would immediately reach me in my 8th heaven, so that I can use them unceremoniously as building blocks for my new Palaces to be built. This, since the believers knew better but still purposely committed sins and the unbelievers did not know and are thus less accountable, they may remain on earth and continue to enjoy earthly life until death do them part.

Many centuries ago there were many Gods! Everything had to be explained and for everything there was a God. Now, according to Christianity, there is only 1 God left. Not in all religions, because the gods can no longer be counted nowadays, but if the believers are all wise enough, they will really see that God, like most see and fear Him/Her/It, is a legend is and nothing more, because which believer will end up in heaven? NO ONE!!

 … But he or she always ends up in hell of a different creed here on earth. And if you don’t believe you’ll burn in hell, that’s threatening. God and Biblical stories swallow like sweet cake and then do everything that goes against their faith or religion, is a far cry from mercy and charity.

 … Evil is simply in their blood and that sometimes makes me a bit sad because with every approach to the pious person I get the feeling of “never mind it will never work”.

It is funny, however, that there are people who sincerely believe that they were or are entitled to additional rights. The law of equality (=the Natural Law) for all people has been forcibly removed from society over the centuries. These have been replaced by laws that currently apply generally and reflect the result of inventive religious oppression in combination with their inventions and fabrications (including democracy, politics, Shariah, Jihad, who goes to hell and who doesn’t, etc. etc.)

 Love your neighbors, do not kill a fellow man, do not steal, and have compassion for everyone, every person regardless of his background always deserves a second chance. I totally agree with that. The fact that those are just empty slogans and that dissenting fellow human beings just get a God shoved down the throat where everyone is completely free to believe – goes too far for me. It is normally presented as the absolute indisputable truth, while the proof is zero. That is why it is faith, and for the believers, at the moment Darwin’s theory of evolution is the best theory to explain life on earth, but even there I don’t ‘believe’ in it. It does not say what is right and wrong and still needs to be developed further.

Believers may well say that unbelievers live in sin, but then there should be no whining when cursing is taking place. You don’t have to like it, but unbelievers like me don’t like it so much either. Like being rattled out of bed every Sunday because church bells have to ring for fifteen minutes. Couldn’t it be less noisy and shorter? Look, I just accept that, and then I also expect that I can give my honest opinion on the faith and their God.

 … But oh if their gullible Muslim brother, in the minaret with or without sound amplifiers, inaugurates the Azaan (call to prayer). No, that is not allowed, after all, it is not their territory, the foreigner has to adapt to the Christian culture.

… Their God Allah must also believe in this whether “He” wants to or not, because even “He” has no say in this!

… So so much -Not- religious love each other. Only “He” (the European GOD) can play all kinds of tricks without limitation, other gods are not allowed anything, and it seems there is only one God, everyone else has to submit to this European God … yes, and this goes on and on .

… With the Christians it is “Me me me and the rest can suffocate”. Believers are in general just ego trippers, because their motto is “Everyone for himself and God or Allah for us All”.

… That’s Sick, isn’t it?!







According to Biblia:

… ‘There are only one happy people who are heading for a good future and that is God’s people, the people of Israel … exactly, and let the rest perish. That is a merciful and gracious God.

… A God who makes innocent children/people suffer so that others who are guilty can get a place in heaven, can fall apart as far as I’m concerned!

… Therefore, “Down with all religions” Now and immediately, because this is unheard of cruelty!! The church bell, which has become completely useless, disturbs me on my Sunday morning as the faithful come to proclaim “the Word” door to door.

… I have no problem with the pious if they practice or express their religion in their own private sphere, and unfortunately, things always go so terribly wrong there.

 It shouldn’t be a problem if people believe in religious myths, but leave dissenters out of this as well as those who don’t like it.

… As long as the religious masses push forward in proclaiming their creed to the other, I will continue to proclaim my less-believing sound in strong terms, which may secretly be taken as disrespectful.


Thus the teaching of Vishnuh says:

“If every person would make a fellow neighbor happy, the whole world would be happy. To make each other happy, there is no need for God, but only charity, and the rest will follow naturally if one means it wholeheartedly with the other.”


 I believe that “Faith is only faith. Once this is presented as the truth for all people, believers have a moral duty to humanity to prove the truth by at least having the ability to prove this presumption.

… If religious humanity or the Pope and his church mice cannot prove this, believing is no longer necessary. So there is no tangible proof, it is untrue, it is a religious fairy tale about rules of life and promises. The belief in God is an old-fashioned invention and is no longer necessary today. Today there are legal codes that regulate the affairs of a society, and religion is perilous to humanity. That will give you war and misery!

I will be honest with every person and that is why I say my opinion when I want and where I want it. If this is about religion, then religious people have this to swallow. If believers disapprove of the thinking and lifestyle of dissenters and proclaim their opinion against them, then that is their opinion and lifestyle.

… And the opinion of believers only applies to believers, so I don’t pay attention to it, because I am a non-believer and I will not feel addressed or strange when another one says that I will end up in hell or that I do not value the believing fellow man. That’s a laugh, because “Hell” is an ancient fantasy and it doesn’t make me cold or warm. And not allowing the other in his value is not at all an issue, because letting the neighbor in his value as a human being is something that is self-evident.

… Thus, looking for nails at low tide is also one of their favorite activities in order to prove them right according to the statement “we are always right, and even when we are wrong we are still right”. Because of this statement, disputing with believers almost always ends in endless debate!

“And blasphemy? This may be the mockery of a God or supreme being or of religious traditions, through spoken word, writing or other expressions. Also to say or do something that is supposed to be reserved for the deity can be considered blasphemy.”

… In 2013, the Dutch government has scrapped the ban on blasphemy with a large majority of the House of Representatives. Bravo Netherlands, and now the rest of the world!

It’s crazy that there is a blasphemy law because it includes freedom of speech. An insult is an insulting statement that can damage one’s honor and reputation. My opinion could do this and people may agree with this opinion even before hearing it. Just because something isn’t said doesn’t mean it isn’t a common thought.

… But is there a freedom of expression? To what extent are you limited in this freedom, if you are not allowed to say anything insulting? An insult is different for everyone, and a personal feeling cannot be legally defined so using common sense is a better solution here. Freedom of expression should be unlimited, whereby unwritten rules, norms and values should determine whether you can say something or not.

 Use your own mind: if you wouldn’t like to hear from someone else, why tell them? This does mean that people with different standards and values exist and there is a possibility that you will be insulted in your actions.

 … Therefore, removing everything that has to do with religions from the constitution is a very good idea, because religion stands for a limitation of the freedom of expression. Religions claim to possess the only and authentic truth.

… The problem with that is that there are many thousands of religions that have that claim. And if one *should* be right, then all those other thousands are automatically wrong, but if 1 million people commit a stupidity then it’s still stupid.

At least 4000 different schools of thought and movements have been registered based on the Bible and the Quran because the founders of a movement disagreed with the teachings and interpretation of a pre-existing group. Religions are man-made and there are a lot of currents because God doesn’t know what he wants. Then what does God need all these currents for?

One is supposedly “divinely inspired”! Thus the believing man tries to prove his own right. The more fanatically a person adheres to his or her faith or religion, the more distorted the displayed ideas become. If a statement (usually a lie) is repeated often enough, it will automatically be seen as the only and authentic truth.

 … For the individual within a religion, there is often still a field of tension between his own ideas and the ‘doctrine’ of the religion and the heritage of the individual’s sin and sinfulness.

 … Yet they persist in following the ideas as closely as possible. “Religion is a form of spiritual masochism” and then covers the voluntarily chosen spiritual scourge called faith.

… It all starts to become a painful story only because of the ‘us’ and the ’them’. Persons who do not belong to the club are actually regarded as inferior people.

… In any case, they absolutely do not enjoy the same privileges as a club member. That crimes are committed in the name of the religious ideology of one club against another club/clubs is, to say the least, dubious. History is littered with examples where the given ubermensch behavior leads to violence – verbal or physical.

Religion is bad for public health and humanity. One of the biggest problems is that believers just have extremely long toes, which you step on the moment you are critical or slightly mocking their faith.

… You only have to say something about their god or religion in daily life, and they are already deeply offended. Perhaps believers should be a little less burnt, a lot would actually be solved by just walking less quickly!

Incidentally, I see no difference between an atheist who tells a Christian that God does not exist and that the concept of God is stupid and a Christian who tries to convince an atheist of his belief in God. However, the problem is so great that the believers do see a big difference in this because they are ‘just right’. They have a monopoly on the truth and others cannot possibly be right.



 Believers usually know everything better! Most don’t go to church anymore. Many of them are very flexible in their dealings with fellow human beings, they often talk about others and are anti-religion in their behavior, but when push comes to shove they run towards hypocrisy.

 … Believers are usually as hypocritical as a bishop under a lamppost, they never go to church except at Christmas, and when they get married this must be done in the church if necessary because they like the wedding blessing so much, and if it comes out of that marriage a child is born, it must be baptized if necessary, and if they are about to die, a pastor or pastor must be called for the last rite if necessary.

… In my view, this is the height of hypocrisy. These kinds of figures are unreliable as the weather, today the sun is shining and tomorrow it will be raining again!

The Vishnuh-Society minds its own business and, however, will never take sides in mutual religious differences and disputes, because it believes that believers may at any time beat each other terribly until death follows and can peacefully enter the Heavenly paradise .

… They should rightly consider this early passing of the faithful as their ultimate heart’s wish that really does come true. But this one-time journey to their God, however, can take place in a peaceful way, for example by setting up sacrificial altars worldwide complete with guillotine where every believing person can go anytime when he or she no longer feels like it on this earth and kills himself, instead of continuously persecuting, beating and killing each other in cruel and inhumane ways.

Believers deserve heaven and are thus predestined. In order to facilitate their passing, I am willing, out of charity, to voluntarily assist in the execution of their journey to Valhalla and the Heavenly Spheres with the guillotine so that the religious, among others, the Christians have their hands free to fold them and the Muslims in kiss the ground on the spot to pray at the eleventh hour for their last holy sacrament.

… The Israelis, for example, as well as the Palestinians, are of the same cloth. Learned young is done old, and if it weren’t for Israelis and Palestinians, who would be the victims and the tyrants of tomorrow?

According to Biblia, it is all God’s will and God’s will be done in Heaven, so here on earth, because God or Allah wants to liberate his followers from this world and I sincerely hope that it will all happen soon.

… Therefore, every day I gloat about how nice it would be if all believers all over the world continued their religious struggle and retaliation in the supreme presence of their God in Heaven or in Valhalla (h) / Jenna with Allah so that serenity may return to earth. Who lives in Heaven is lifeless, and who ends up no longer belongs to the living Nature. So, God is dead, and now the evil believers yet. Die costs nothing, it’s free!

And it seems that things are going well between the world religions these days because believers are no longer safe from each other anywhere. For example, one sees around them daily how believers rise up against believers, and in doing so they commit the cruelest atrocities against each other that their God or Allah himself would never have thought of.

 … Religious also like to throw bombs at each other in the name of God and Allah, they prefer to bomb each other’s viper brood instead of living sedately and in harmony next to each other.

… The religious Armageddon (battleground for the last Biblical and Islamic battle) has already erupted in full force to destroy and abolish all religions and furthermore everything religions have done to the detriment of mankind until now.

For example, I hear around me that what Christians call “Muslim squabbles or howling cats”, the Azaan, do not want to hear in their own country and see this “call to Muslim prayer” only as a symbol of domination, conquest, imperialism and intolerance towards people of other faiths and dissenters.

…Saying this, while the Christians themselves in every area are not setting the right example either.

  … In Islam, reciprocity and freedom of religion are taboos, and in Islamic countries a Mussulman is forbidden to convert to Christian or atheist. In most Arab countries, a Muslim can be detained for up to several years upon conversion to Christianity, and no Churches are allowed to be built or anything related or reminiscent of another religion. The sporadic churches that can be found date from the French period (Renaissance), are only for foreigners.

… For example, a Moroccan, Turk, Tunisian, Somali, etc. may not enter a church or synagogue under penalty of Shariah legislation based on the Koran.

Turkey, which was originally the land of the first Christians, has now been virtually “purified” of native Christians by genocide and expulsion by Islam, during which almost all churches were looted and destroyed, and others were turned into museums or mosques.

 … It is clear to see in Turkey how the Muslims raged against Christianity at the time, they crushed Christianity in all facets. And the last Turkish Christian churches at that time could not escape destruction by Islam nor escape from Islamization which is still noticeable today where remaining churches are transformed into mosques.

It is true that in every Islamic country it is not allowed or forbidden for churches to ring the bells, but in the Netherlands, for example, this is allowed according to the Dutch constitution. But where the Christian accords the same rights to his fellow believer according to the Bible-based constitution, the Muslim rigorously denies the same right according to their Shariah law.

… It therefore makes no sense for Western civilization, as a villain, to try to be the best than the worst. It is true that Allah and the LORD GOD are completely different from each other, but their deeds and tricks overlap in everything that has to do with their hypothetical higher power.

In fact, no Christian civilization should grant privileges to Islam, which deprives believers and dissenters of the same rights in its own country. Isn’t it Right for one Right for all? But in all countries where Islam predominates, people of other faiths are discriminated against to this day, drastically decimated and massively massacred without a rooster crowing.

The Muslims simply abuse the Western or Christian freedom of religion, and when one puts the Quran next to the Bible, Mohammed is cursed according to Revelation 22:18-19.

… The Christians worldwide should wake up, because Islam globally considers the West as a war zone, which should not be fought with physical weapons.

Believers are clearly sickly jealously, they begrudge each other the good earthly life while constantly preaching Peace, love for each other, and harmony. Unfortunately, a lot of religious worldwide are overlooked, who also want to be part of the warring believers.

 … This in itself is highly indecent and unacceptable for those who are diligently trying their best to reach God but are not addressed because of the pervasive selfishness of extremist religious fanatics who only think of themselves and take everything to themselves.

… Because of my philanthropic attitude, I unabashedly stand up for the rights that benefit these disadvantaged religious groups. That is why I think it is now high time as an unbeliever, who means well with all believers, out of charity to address a good prayer to the God and Allah of Religious mankind for the benefit of all religious people in this world, regardless of race, rank, position, origin and religion.



Since “infidels” according to Islamic/Christian tradition are sinful people, the only good Christian or Muslim is a dead Christian/Muslim, who can then commit no more sins.

… This is in fact “the world message” that believers are spreading around them to this day through their violent and bestial behavior and propaganda story which has been inspired by the Bible / Quran and from all resulting sects such as the will of God c.q. Allah.

… Therefore I insist that the believers worldwide and in the name of God / Allah exterminate each other as soon as possible and guide each other brotherly and sisterly to their Savior, because according to the Bible everything is God’s will, and everything comes from God / Allah, right?

… Or as thou wilt; keep living until Nature herself takes its toll and worship your God whenever you want and as often as you want, and we will respect this prayer behavior, but then also Live in Peace with everyone on this earth, without imposing your will to the other !

… Everyone has the right to their own experience, everyone has the right to life! Again, “The believers belong in heaven/Jenna or in Valhallah, and the disbelievers will inherit the earth.

Another point why believers score very low with me is that it cannot be properly discussed. If no real arguments can be put forward in a discussion, then one does not have to count on respect from me.

 … Often out of friendship I have pointed out contradictions in the Bible to various theologians and asked questions that indicate that everything is not quite right, but I have never received a decent answer to it. They always turned around and spouted nonsense, weird and vague things were said such as ‘Look around you, look at the sun, that’s proof enough, isn’t it?’

… No, that is certainly not proof that your God out of all possibilities and other gods is the one, come up with something decent! And if not, then people get no respect from me either. You can argue with an average atheist or make fun of it. They are usually open-minded fellow human beings, who have good intentions for the other, but this cannot be said of most believers. Just look around you and make sure yourself on the basis of the current world view, where people try to put as much water into each other’s wine as possible. 

Again, if people don’t blaspheme God BECAUSE THE LAW DOESN’T ALLOW IT, it has nothing to do with respect at all. What worries me is that the presumptuous superhuman behavior of the average devout seeps into everyday life in many tonalities and their famous statement that “without faith, you cannot function” is one such example that can only come from the throat of an insane believer.

… For example, listen to religious Suriname, scandalous how they glorify Christianity while their ancestors were slaughtered by Christianity in the name of God. The “I am better than them” is one of the pillars of their religion.

 And lie those religious people can! Do you think not? Just hang some religious people on a lie detector and see what comes out of that. The outcome will in no way surprise me, and look at the politicians in Suriname and elsewhere worldwide, they are pathological liars. Remember, those who promote their religion as the ultimate warning are the greatest liars of all time and the master swindlers. The more religious, the worse the person.

  It is clear time and again that people who repeatedly call on “thanks to God/ “Gran-tangi masra Gado” are usually people of evil disposition and selfish as the plague. This is because religion feeds and fuels their malice.

 … The harder one calls on one’s God and furthermore completely relies on all kinds of Biblical texts and passages, the more misery and disharmony is sown around. Just look again at the Surinamese population who do not allow each other the light in the eyes, try to make life as difficult as possible for each other and where hypocrisy in mutual interaction predominates. And when a charitable group or person does something for another, it is always accompanied by frequent godliness, including “god bless” and just advertising for themselves and often also for the church and pretending to be pious while the hypocrisy drips from them. If one wants to help someone, Help or give with a pure heart, then go away and shut up! Also take a look at all the religious countries around the world where waging war, shooting each other to pieces, smashing each other’s brains and cruelty are part of their lives. Is all that normal? Is that called living together in Peace and in harmony?

In general, it is actually the real devils who take up biblical texts at random and go to church on Sundays, and then confess their sins there, but after the church service is over they repeat themselves and go out. to cheat the clod again.

… Therefore there is a curse on all religions and on those who regard religion as their cultural heritage! In any case, such people can never be trusted, because what their creed offers as Right and Truth is “Right at will” and the “Truth” is interpreted by every believer entirely according to his own way of thinking.

 … And all this happens under the guise of God’s word as a guideline for life, and with mistakes made one obtains indemnity and forgiveness (absolution) from all sins by God (the church.)

I understand that multitudes of believers are currently very hesitant and fearful of attaining the Heavenly life, much of which is narrated in their Bibles, but do not fear, for even Jesus of Nazareth, according to Biblia, initially did not want to visit his Heavenly Father. The so-called “Jesus of Nazareth,” according to the Vatican story, was terrified to die, but in the end his reason convinced him of his good deed to be done and set out for his killers to be killed and nailed to a wooden cross.

 … Jesus spoke clearly to Peter (one of his disciples) before he voluntarily gave himself up to the whims of the godly, who then rallied behind the Sanhedrin, to be physically beaten and crucified.

 … See this (John 21:18-19): Jesus said to Peter: “When you were younger, you girded yourself and went where you pleased, but when you grow old you will stretch out your hands and another will gird you and take you where you don’t want to. Follow me. †

This he said according to the Bible, to indicate with what death he would glorify God.”

It is thus clearly advised by the Bible to believers to take a good example of the death of the Biblical Jesus. Finally, follow “God’s Word” in YOUR life, and YOUR actions in Jesus’s name will fall in the category of “a good deed”, this is for the preservation of Nature and of all innocent Natural Beings here on mother earth.

… Get ready without delay for departure to a better world and look forward to a better life in seventh heaven. And as I am not hateful, as a token of my deep friendship with all believers, I will be the first to wave them effusively with, I greet you all, bye-bye and wave goodbye and I wish you all a good journey and see you never again. Go after “Masra Jesus” as fast as you can and don’t wait until you get old because Masra Gado needs every believer in Heaven. Amen! Only those who actually follow the example of the Biblical Jesus are the real Christians, but those who follow Jesus only in the word are the fakes and hypocrites in spirit! These kind of guys should never, ever be trusted.

It’s a little tricky to determine, but if the “great religions” hadn’t existed some 1600-1700 years ago or more…it would most likely have formed differently. Religions initially arise from a culture, after which they continue in an intertwined form through domination of power. That is why it is deeply ingrained.

… The dilemma I face today is that the time-honored claim to the sole and authentic truth of religions does more harm than good. It’s Us and They. As a religious movement profiles itself more strictly or more fanatically, this “He-I” situation also becomes stronger and examples of selfishness and discrimination arise.

According to world history, there are no exclusive Christian values. The morality of Christianity has been collected and based on, among other things, the ethics of the great Greek philosophers. Of course, when the Catholic Church finished the Bible (canon), all philosophical and mythical sources were banned and destroyed, schools abolished, science abolished, philosophy banned.

… Society in the Roman Empire literally collapsed at the hands of Christianity (since it became the state religion.) It was only 1000 years later that good morals returned thanks to the rediscovered philosophical writings in Arabic. Rediscovered at the hands of the gruesome Christian Crusades.

 And so, eventually, the Enlightenment, humanism, science, and moderate life as we know it today gradually emerged. This is mainly due to the formerly oppressed sober Europeans, who fought their way free from the oppression of Christianity. It is a pity that after the Enlightenment the Bible is still taken seriously by some. But in the backward disadvantaged countries such as Suriname, Guatemala, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, etc., the religious curse has taken on a life of its own, leading to misery and destruction of the population.

… Christianity as we know it today is actually a residue, a by-product. Democracy and “humanistic” values existed before Christianity took over and were commonplace in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire for hundreds of years.

 In other words, believing humanity invented the black yarn after the white yarn was already there. Religions are all soaking wet and are mutually sacred. After all, according to world history, the prophet Mohammed copied the Bible in association with his Mussulmen (see Ali Baba with his forty robbers) after the Christians had violated the Torah and other existing histories a hundred years earlier. Broadly speaking, all religions are Copy-Cats of each other.

 Religion actually stems from fear and survival instinct and has been an organ that maintained order and common goals, norms and values through physical and mental violence. Now that we are extremely multicultural we can expect that given the fact that all noses are in opposite directions… conflict is ultimately inevitable.

… A lesson that Europeans apparently did not learn from 1939 – 1945, in principle you see the same tendency again, but at a different level. When was Europe as a people more civilized, in 1950 to 1980 or until now?

.. Why? Exactly, that’s why I consider religion dangerous to humanity and that’s why I call it fascism. Not only because of the term Übermensch, but because of the idea that everyone who does not align themselves with them is inferior.

… “Follow blindly, otherwise be punished”. Just look at the history with the problems surrounding the Catholics with recognizing other religions. Gossip, backbiting, jealousy, backstabbing, and so on. And then we haven’t even mentioned all the manipulations in the name of a faith or religion in those days (and before.)

Anno Domini means “the year of our Lord”. For example, there are a legion of words that are used by so-called followers of Jesus Christ but that do not appear anywhere in the Bible, but what is not in their Bible is simply made up. This has been happening for centuries and still is today!

 … Therefore, it is briefly stated time and again that “Not everything is visible to humans.” And since believers in their devout Christianity and Muslimness worldwide are already busy destroying each other’s lives through Jihad and other forms of illegal and legal religious violence on behalf of their dear God or Allah and ideal, I would like to wish them in view of their demise. hereby forward to my first and last request, which is “Will the last one turn off the light please”?

 … This is to prevent energy wastage so that those who still remain on this earth can continue to enjoy life to the full until Nature herself takes its toll, because “Nature is the creator of life – Glory Whom Glory is due”.





Vishnuh-Society/ Gurubesar, Archiefnr: 1-34 


  The pinnacle of insanity is the belief in God, in other words, a bottomless pit and to rule in the Netherlands is to compromise with God!


I once received a letter in reply to my letter to the Queen of the Netherlands, and the headline of the letter addressed to me by a former minister of BIZA was flattering. So she has understood that I am not just anyone.

… But then the answer starts which makes no sense. Just outrageous! The Minister of the Interior did not answer me analogous to the question about subsidy, nor did he mention the possibility of obtaining a facility by the government. But she did apply shameless ostrich politics in her response, namely, a declension to a subject that did not correspond at all to or fit into the context of my request for help.

 … Thus my hopes for help were completely snowed under by religious interests and standards, see the three monkeys (See nothing, hear nothing but keep silent.) This is yet another proof that a form of government in which a monarch is at the head is an insult to the humanity and life. For example, I have often wondered how it is possible that monarchies exist today. Despite this question, I only have respect for monarchies that have developed under their own power without having robbed or oppressed fellow humans and foreign lands. But I certainly have no respect whatsoever for monarchies that have committed all kinds of human rights violations for their own benefit.

One thing I know for sure is “Never trust an officer.” Civil servants are essentially the extensions or limbs of the government and government bodies, which on behalf of this authority represent a legal form of oppression and violence towards residents (mental violence!)

 … And if the government does not create opportunities to accommodate socially disadvantaged, non-religious, and dissident subjects in their pursuit, how will it obtain loyalty, unity, and steadfastness from all its residents? Never!

 … Therefore, as quoted before; if it were at all possible, and there would be a God and I could be God, I would punish all the believers in the world an awful lot harder than the unbelievers because the believers knew better but nevertheless committed sins.

… They would therefore immediately end up with me in my heaven where I will start to use them as building blocks for my new heavenly shelter and also be immortalized in my palace walls and the heavenly interior, so that they can never sin again against fellow humans and others living creatures ; and the unbelievers were ignorant and are thus a-priori innocent and therefore much less accountable, they may continue to lead a happy life on earth until “bam”.

I am not politically inclined, but in my opinion, the national subsidy pot is also based on discrimination against unbelieving dissenters, as most religious governments have incorporated the policy in this area into their distribution system worldwide. Without God’s hassle, one simply doesn’t belong with the rest.

… In general, the European bourgeoisie is basically left to their own devices and at the mercy of their so-called democratic legal system.

In the Netherlands, for example, there is little talk of democracy, which is clearly shown in the fact that when fellow believers and party members are heard in appearance, often little or nothing is done for them in the end. But if a government solution is available for an issue, then only the government and the upper-ten benefit from it, and the bourgeoisie is allowed to go to their nuts.

 … So that’s how people take care of each other in believing countries; “if one gets the chance to make fun of each other, then one is there like the chickens without further heeding humanity and their religiosity”. In addition, the pious privileged citizens do everything their God has forbidden them to do in order to maintain their privileged position at all costs. And that’s Christian?

… This is also one of the many evident proofs that democracy reigns supreme according to Biblical standards and of which most laws and rules are drawn up by believers. That’s why today’s society is as rotten as a medlar!

That is why we are not fooled by believers with their ballot box theory. “We Vishnuists” will never vote for anyone, because voting is an invention of the church/hypocrites/pharisees and can also pass as an ingrained form of religious pastime and for the madness of the masses!

… You are told a nice election story by supposedly well-meaning government candidates, then you vote, but what you vote for does not come true, because it is always discarded by the majority who suddenly want to do something different than the originally intended goals.

 The big parties try to placate you, but when it comes down to it they do nothing for you. The small parties, if you vote on that with one for your very good program, they are not heard and thus do not come to power because they are also effaced by the large parties in a democratic way and interspersed with Christian standards.

All the good things for the citizen have been unabashedly brushed aside after the elections and the bad things are then promptly revived by the ruling class.

 … This also means that dissenters of foreign origin with Dutch nationality will be heartlessly forced by this unjust divide and rule system of European law to operate underground in order to blend in with the people and culture according to their own ideas.

In the long run, this practice will lead to civil disobedience around the world, increased retaliation by all groups, and there will always be a never-ending hatred of democratic, Christian, and Islamic tyranny.

 … So through coercion in combination with a religious fairy tale, one achieves exactly the opposite. To do this, look at the current global situation with regard to global problems. The belief in God has brought to mankind only hell and damnation, all misery and discontent between people.

 … To this end, the oppressed have wisely infiltrated the society and the government of their choice all over the world, silently and unobtrusively, some groups of which scrupulously imitate the example of the former colonialists and religious murderers, who on behalf of the “Crown” set out to conquer foreign territories elsewhere in the world by means of spiritual and physical violence and to dominate foreign peoples in order to achieve their intended goals without mercy.

The big difference between the Vishnuh-Society compared to the newfangled and formerly murderous priestly, ecclesiastical, and ruling power, however, is that in our pursuit we will not commit murders nor oppress the other on behalf of a God because we are peace-loving in nature. But Nature will fend for every bump that crosses our path with devotion and for safety’s sake lead the way to the destruction of evil and conceited humanity.

 … This is the result of democracy by Biblical standards, and from this, we have learned that “To survive in a religious society, one must also be more hypocritical than the innate hypocrite himself.

in other words; whoever wishes to live in harmony with his fellow human beings and who wishes to be rewarded according to Christian democratic law should always deny all wrongdoings committed in his living behavior and therefore also against everything that one has done wrong to one’s own advantage in violation of the law because it is rewarding. This is an imitation of the believers and the church who have been denying their crimes worldwide for centuries and/or shifting them to the will of their God.

 … Today, believing humanity continues in the same way by doing everything wrong to fellow human beings in the name of their Bible, and-or on behalf of their interpretation of democracy or on behalf of what is understood by it. Then, normally out of guilt, pious humanity turns to ecclesiastical confession with their criminal projects in order to obtain absolution.

 In most Western and Eastern countries in which the constitution is based on the Bible or Koran, such as the Netherlands, Philippines, Suriname, England, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia and all other countries traumatized by the belief in God, government supporters apparently have the free right to arbitrarily and with impunity to commit all kinds of injustice towards the citizen and also receive a reward for doing so.

 … This is unheard of bad! And should we unbelievers also live and act accordingly? No, never!

… Therefore, whatever is claimed worldwide to condone religious crime, the fait accompli is that “God and Lucifer are one and the same!” Religion is very bad!!


Thus the teaching of Vishnuh says:

  “Today is still today, tomorrow there will be another day, and after this day more will follow, but never forget that every day is equally short and equally long!”

Ask and you will receive no more answers from us. Ask the commissioner what denomination he adheres to, and he will be as silent as the grave. Ask the lawyer what his sympathy is for, and he will neither deny nor admit it. Ask the citizen which philosophy he or she adheres to, and they will neither admit nor confirm anything.

… Why won’t the unbelieving humanity say anything more?? This is for self-protection against all kinds of mental and physical violence in the present time, in which hypocrisy and inhumanity go hand in hand. Silence will be maintained for the sake of self-preservation until the time to act arrives which the malicious fellow will come to experience as a tropical surprise in bitter chocolate.”




In fact, people should have no illusions with regard to the existing legal order, because the so-called democratic legal order that is used in most forms of government (rule of law) worldwide is intended to evade justice systems.

… Righteousness has become a fad almost everywhere in the current time, and justice is, as usual, still taboo or hard to find. In a constitutional state, only legitimacy according to one’s own ideas is tolerated or exuberantly applauded, and justice is rigorously punished.

 … And the majority of the victims of arbitrary democracy, democratic exploitation, and bureaucratic or judicial (read also legal) oppression, will, as happened repeatedly in the past, again be the ordinary and poor citizens, and the materialists (= the elite class) will normally always jumping off the mark through their self-invented bureaucracy – instigated by their hypocritical religious system of government, as has happened many times in the past.

 Nevertheless, every human being has the right to the straight path “the truth” and life. Only Nature harbors the truth in itself. Only Nature can know the truth.



By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus