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Thus says the doctrine of “Vishnuh”:


Nature is the creator of life, credit where credit is due ...





I can tell right away when someone suffers mentally or physically in pain, it is often called. But not everything is visible, for physical damage is in most cases not visible from mental abuse, and nowadays there are a lot of people walking around the world who are mentally damaged.


… Maybe it helps to get my explanation in a better perspective on the hand of an attack on the life of a person with the victim as a direct object.

The direct model is facing an unconscious power play. The direct example of this situation, not only at that time but often the whole life affected by this incident. Of these, there are a number of examples.


Another form of mental abuse is often not far to seek. Take for example the manipulations by parents to children. This often quite extreme participate in making self-esteem and self-respect and carefully premeditated undermined according to a fixed set pattern.

That Pedagogical concept goes beyond the framework of the education that is supposedly good for personal development to be good to go through life.

There are also a lot of parents who should have been given a hefty beating instead of the children.

In the meantime, tribes walk around with psychological damage, which in turn passes in their dealings with the next generation – mostly unconsciously.


… The excessive behavior outdoors is often visible and can be addressed in principle, but the psychological domestic violence remains largely invisible – in which the effects are visible only much later.

And the vast majority of cases do have a religious background with therein the applicable ‘decency’ which in reality is no decency.

In other words, Christianity is an outright dictatorship! Obediently, doing as the Christian ‘values ‘ requirements and all the problems are gone. 

… That is a form of artificial forced peace and nationals will have to obey when “Christianization” is asked legal again by the majority of authoritative power. 

And applies to the ruling class, that if there is still no law then it makes have one. But this does not take away the discontent with the vast majority of the population because people simply cannot be ruled by manipulations by a religious tale.


… The same applies to Islam and all other religions. That is irresponsible and furthermore very unfortunate that there are people who believe and live by, but not weaken the mindset of people who have already outgrown such a phase, let these people alone!


Most of the misery caused by clashing religions, beliefs, cultural backgrounds, education, and a number of other living human factors is the order of the day.

The problems of today can no longer blame it on the fact that fewer people go to church, mosque, or synagogue.

It would indeed turn out well for the world if everyone adheres to the same religion or belief, and that applies to almost all religions and philosophies.



… I have in the course of time many religious movements lengthy closely observed and all their equipment checklist, and it shows clearly that it is indeed very sophisticated brainwashing. For all current religions is at length seen the same mechanism of brainwashing with a sense of God …


But… it’s not about their so-called notion of God, but the venom that is charged by religions in the minds of people. Despite all the evidence notwithstanding that it does not look like that God exists, as the so-called holy books telling, fanatical religious stiff remain insists that the book fit 100% and has the sole and authentic truth of God’s wisdom.


… But where one ignores is that “Believe” is a form of legalized insanity in which religion is nothing more than a selfish organization that emerged from a violent culture with a self-invented God as spiritual director to which the failure and criminal present the faithful fellow man can be shared.

These are actually primeval stupid people, even if they are academically trained.

 … Never forget that this kind of stupid people is the most dangerous predator in human form, who still roam this earth. In addition, the believer finds humanity in their distorted thinking that their God and religion need some protection.

Therefore a legion of religious countries has a few idiotic articles that get no sense including “blasphemy”. 


That is too crazy for words, God does not exist and what is not, can therefore not regarded as blaspheme!

It will be right safe for everyone when there is a law against religions!

As long as people are allowed to bother others by forcing their image of God and religion, I think I can say what I think of God.


… Every religion is one (God) slander for another, and believers claim to have the truth of a monopoly.


… But Keti-Koti has been, and now religious freedom should be abolished because after all, religion is nothing but a mixture of indigenous histories formed the opinion and fictions of evil people in book form.


**Keti Koti is a Surinamese term for “broken chain”; it symbolizes the abolition of slavery on July 1, 1863, in the former colonies of Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles and thus the end of a dark period in Dutch history.**


Believers, in general, have a bad temper, and if they have not been bad, they will be bad!

The fact that people have a religious tale maintain and helps continue by working on keeping stupid and retarded their progenies that discrimination, manipulation, and the great big lie that belief in God is called, as an inherited disease persists, it is bad!

Because of this belief in God, they immerse fellows in permanent illusion and misery, religion is undoubtedly the personification of wickedness, inhumanity, doom, and gloom.


There is no reason to believe that there is a God, let alone that there is any scientific evidence to also assume only the existence of a God. And then making laws about this is still really nonsense.

Should the ban on blasphemy be extended to other philosophies, including those of non-religious people “then I claim as non-religious I want to hear no word about God.


… Furthermore, throughout the world must “swear on the Bible” are prohibited and that believers may curses.

Unbelievers do not need such a prohibition or injunction, because they all curse by themselves when it suits them, it’s to each his right; therefore, no one has the right to force another to his belief in God or thinking! 

Cursing is just a word and is not always a sign of weakness, but some situations require it. Then curses also have a feature where some people are there at all to pass.

If people refuse to swear that’s their right to have that but saying “Goddamn” is far from blasphemy. 




The ban on blasphemy has, therefore, nothing to do with a sense of God or faith, it’s just an expression of religion.

Having a sense of God is actually something quite different from a belief in the standard definition of the Bible. 

Discussions about this topic with credulous come often unceremoniously down to “cast pearls before swine.”


Like almost all intrusion comes from the religious angle, it is nothing more than religion.

Religion is organized to give meaning to faith to impunity sorts of troubles and may cause woes between people, therefore faithful peoples are usually potential troublemakers and evil like the plague.


Indeed, some have very often used the words cunt and dick, but that they may know themselves, even though I do not like it. That’s the point. 

I will not require nor encourage curse but do not tell the dissident what he has to do, many will respond revolutionary.

This is the freedom that every man allows himself to say things that others do not like, just as I accept that there are people who say something that does not suit me, as their god concept.


To discontinue the centuries-long religious misery immediately, I think there is an anti-religious law that should be because organized religion is a system based on fascism, which certainly does not fit within a democracy.


… Belief in God is a sign of weakness so they do not have to think about existence and is also the biggest problem in this world.

Sausages behind religion and Bible or Koran and again legally stealing, swindling, the clod cheating, boozing in the church (well, the blood of Jesus eh), profiteering, war, and then coolly wash their hands in innocence.


… Not all churches are the same is sometimes called by fanatics. Well, then, “who is without sin cast the first stone!” What will it be on this earth very quiet?


Of course, believers do much good, usually inspired by souls hunting and self-interest which they through various charities and by themselves with a blood-funded project to set up a smokescreen, offering dispossessed an own cigar and thus cheat mankind to overcome people for their religion.

“And then bandied saying ooh, what are we Christians exemplary, look at us do good as Christian likewise”.


… In addition, Christianity may well proclaim that anyone who does not want to mess with the church is a sinner and a mistake man who will burn in hell forever… no that is okay, that’s not an insult. But oh that noise usually comes from the same religious believers who do daily what their God has forbidden them.

This will seriously respond to their vocation, to promote peace and harmony between people, never are among the possibilities.


With a number of like-minded founding a club, build towering complexes so that their views can be forced to others, infiltrate the education system so that souls are early-stage affected by their education, a television station (that would be prohibited by starting to be) to proclaiming the truth worldwide that the Church thugs club meanwhile has homemade.

This is a form of weakness because they dare not take responsibility alone. No, because they have self-made supremacy, is needed in order to their crimes pass the buck to the will of their God?

This actually comes down to this, churches and other organizations of similar scope are in fact the main criminal organizations that have to be banned from starting worldwide.


Religious people clearly herd animals and they are anxious to be alone because they do not know in general what they actually say and preach. I count myself to the crowds who know what she says, so I need to be not so lonely and scared.


… And “atheists” are not all darlings, just as Christians nor that. Atheists are no better people than religious people, and some will be feeling quite a bit better than the believers, but the only difference is the fact that atheists do not have to think they are good and great, and that their actions are based on such a hypocrite a higher authority.

 No, former President Bush, who even now suddenly found the right thing for his own people because it is the will of God … that’s really horrible scary, and what he has done wrong to his gullible Muslim brothers in collaboration with his faithful clique is completely justified according to the teachings of the Bible.

It had long been clear before former President Bush based his fictional story was collected in Iraq, he knew beforehand that the civil strife eventually nothing would lash out there.

After he has taken his revenge, his destroying actions would erupt by the Iraqi people in all its intensity. It’s also true.

 Believers are all the same everywhere, first, they look for a cunning method from their own brothers and sisters who stand them much longer in the way, to clean up.

The genocide of their fellow brethren is usually done by the hand of another, after which they that the enemy has asked for help, suddenly supposedly raise themselves as freedom fighters.

These occur so as to those who chase the fake liberator, the seitan, in order to suppress their own kind.

This was also the method of their former leader Sadam, now there is a dress rehearsal going. Saddam’s regime now will set a precedent, it is contagious, the malice is this believers deep in the blood.

It’s always the same old song and all just carry water to the sea.

 Meanwhile, the sworn enemy pigs eating and unclean reverse home that has done violent work in Iraq and now they took their gram on behalf of their god, notwithstanding all the needless bloodshed inflicted under his own men and the senseless deaths by the reckless bombing were triggered by the Iraqi people and other innocent people who were all indirectly or directly connected to the war in Iraq.


… It is quite clear that Allah again is at odds with God, and time after time the same two gods who always fight against each other every time know evil influence their followers, except that hundreds of other gods of other religions in this whole battle between God and Allah are not addressed.




Which god is merciful?

 Hopefully, a lot of new people are beginning to understand that the Bible and the Quran are not to be taken seriously because if the doctrine of the gods (Allah, God)was humane there would be no wars between people.

Then mutual wars are inappropriate and should now be widely world peace and caring towards each other.


Precisely those who should know better because of their piety do everything by their God is not allowed. Who’s the fool now?


Therefore, I do take not seriously anyone who says to profess a religion. A book based on evil must never be taken seriously. 

People who adhere to the Bible believe in fairy tales and things of God are impossible, thus unreliable at first hand.

This is even inhumane, irresponsible, and very cruel to keep progenies stupid to instruct the belief in a God of their great storybook.

These include the Bhagavad-Gita, the Bible, the Koran, Pikalong, the Torah etcetera.


… So no one needs to tell me that there are also dear believers who do good and charitable work etc., but then when it dears have their beneficent work done then they can also lie down meekly at the stake to keep it burning for another dear gullible fool.

No, we will never be friends, and if it is so bad, but still prefer to stay alone and is nice and quiet, rather than to go collect more misery.


Almost every family has ever been rubbish, even in mine. People can act just for selfish reasons and often without significant motifs are treacherous against the other in which greed and personal interests play a major role.

Parents, both young and older people can have scandalous attitudes towards those who always stood ready for them, as it often lacks a sense of responsibility in which selfishness and self-will predominate.

Mostly older people do not know better and feed their own children in much the same way as they are raised by their grown-ups and have unfortunately learned nothing gradually.


One should stop blindly accepting and transmitting stupidity to future progenies, and now directly from today.

This, because of the irresponsible behavior of the elderly following may never gain eternal and must belong to the past!


… For what concerns the youth of today or children of today are generally the most ungrateful creatures.

You feed them and do everything for them but still see an opportunity for people who have always been good for them to be nailed to a cross.

This, because they supposedly have a miserable life at home or at school… while she just because of their greed, wanting what others have and have been influenced by people who think the so-called good with them.

In such cases it is better for parents and people to whom this has happened, to keep this kind of unscrupulous character forever outside the door because they are, after all, already accustomed to draining out a nasty barrel.


… Life goes on and you do not need people who are already miserable and afflicted with malignant blood since this kind of people no matter what you do will fall over and over again in repetition.

Let the dirt sit there in the dustbin where it is already because there are plenty of people in the world who deserve to be Cherished, who know love, loyalty, and gratitude.


But there are still no laws against religions that are unheard of brutality towards fellow human beings. Especially religion in education should be immediately banned because children are evil influenced by the god concept and image of God.

Religions and fights are man-made. And yet war is in progress, then why stand still and wait and see when the next war is being announced? But already beginning to advocate for laws against all religions in your area.



… Every religious smartass nowadays knows how to handle religion as the constitution is based on the “big lie book”, especially on the “remission of sin grace theory” which is conveniently incorporated in Biblia and other religious books.

This means, “two dogs fighting over a bone, but almost every believer runs like race with it. Nowadays most believers often think as follows: “if he can do that, then I may as well, and I’m more reasonable than my fellow brother or sister because they are much worse.”

 … Thus, religious humanity trying to justify what should be completely banned but often find a way to circumvent bans, many inspired by their religiosity, and these promises never a good thing.”


 So have Christians throughout the centuries all kinds of rules and rights-styled as the Ten Commandments.

… Thou shalt not kill the man, but in the name of this faith, believers go to slaughter others, and this happens today, they still often than in subtle forms through democracy and a legalized way.

… The Christians who have 10 commandments even heard from others and gleaned, but do it as if it’s Christian heritage…


would have…  The Ten Commandments is a kind of value and system of illiterate people in primitive civilizations. A judge today that only would have the Ten Commandments at his disposal could do almost nothing.

… The ten commandments are from Egyptian mythology, on “Acts of death” and are at least 5000 years older than Christianity.


… The ten commandments, which according to biblical tradition, would have been created by God, through Moses, is only a small selection because it was originally more than 100 statements that an Egyptian to his personal God had to do to come to ‘heaven’.

For example, “I have not slain” became “Thou shalt not kill,” “I have not asked my brother owned” became “Thou shalt not covet people’s goods and chattels,” etc.


So the church was the first multinational. In the Middle Ages, for example, they sold phalanges of saints.

Of the ring finger of John and other saints, dozens of phalanges were available in Europe including certificates.

This is nasty and sinister, and this process is all over the world especially in third world countries, including Suriname, Antilles, Haiti, Africa, etc. acquired by local medicine men and until now still used in their superstitious rituals. … So … as soon mummify a baby, or supposedly possessed child abuse significantly in the most barbaric way, then pour over the oil and heat it, or digging up a corpse for obia purposes in the name of their God, and the party can begin.

And God in person will find it all okay, because “Satan and God are one and the same.”

After each capital crime is frantically confessed; a psalm song in conclusion and your sins are forgiven, and that’s it …… Ghoulish but true!

 Almost any sane person feels deep in his heart that religion is an invention of the evil humanity itself, and that the alternative “nothing” is very frightening for those who believe in a human-like God.

I “Let each one as a human being just in his or her own value,” but not their religion, because it is worthless and not worth repeating and includes in fact a twisted summary of the folk history of the oppressed peoples in global terms, alleging genocide of the innocent humanity and “misappropriation of another’s property and goods on behalf of God”!


 My value is that I let myself nothing banned by hypocritical believers who sit in church Sunday and Monday unconscionable fool the masses again. I find people who believe in God quite stupid and retarded.

No problem that one is a believer, but go that religious rules, which are applied to bandied about on other thinking people, to use by your own faithful brothers and sisters.

Kill each other as soon as possible so that you fraternally enter Heaven and leave the earthlings and different persuasions alone who do not want to belong to the group of believers!

And about respect, religions have never heard, yes only if you agree with them and fit their purpose. Otherwise, there are weather wars and quarrels needed to enforce or maintain their own position.


In the political world, there are examples of how religious people are able to maneuver everything to their own streets.

People are really not “working with God” but extolling themselves and with the adoration of the so-called honorable figures to be necessarily busy with God.

This clearly shows that a ban on blasphemy is not there for their God, but that is apparently for people who find that their God is a petty creature that their union deems necessary such as legal protection.


…  But a little God hears himself to intervene if we do something Him, She or it does not like. “He” has no guidelines and rules necessary to enforce obedience.

Study for this purpose once the Greek mythology and read how the Greek gods were furiously when one of their pupils was attacked or was unfairly treated by strangers or strange gods; or read how the gods, Thor and Loki, fought against each other in the Germanic kingdom of heaven (Valhalla (h) to avenge one of their beleaguered pupils by his enemy; or read how the gods Wotan and Asmanië tried to force justice for their pupils. And there was thunder and lightning in Valhalla where ambrosia and nectar (nectar and food) were served.


… Those were just fantasy gods, which unfortunately disappeared forever from world history, but their Valhalla leads for more than a millennium, another life in Eastern religion!


What is sin? 

Sin has nothing to do according to the Doctrine of Vishnuh be punished after death, such as church leaders with their followers would have you believe, but sin has to be punished during your life.

The word “punishment” is by default. It’s not so much a “punishment and reward”, likewise “Heaven” and “Hell” are not your place in the afterlife, it is pure fiction.

Heaven and Hell play out here on earth during your life.


… And Hell is formed by anything against your will by malicious people or self-inflicted or on behalf of Lady Justice (= God “Law is crooked”.) 

All this has, in reality, nothing to do with God (which God?) Unless God is tied to itself. Religions are all based on coercion and therefore all wrong.

The average person can consider scientific evidence as absolute truths, but that is because there is supplied evidence and that’s something you can forget about religion at all.


The only evidence that religion has, is the calibrated “holy writings” by churches which are in reality nothing more than old fiction books.

And then there are people who happen to take such a fiction book deadly seriously and imitate it.

Furthermore, a lot of believers often testify about respect, but it seems that it has nothing respectful as other people may not blaspheme God because it is prohibited by law.


… In short, the prohibition of blasphemy has nothing to do with respect, but what is really respect would be that someone without conditions and prohibitions are not guilty. Conversely, respect must be deserved or not lost in any case.

And that is awkward because the religious do not give a good example. They try to sell what they do not adhere to anything.

99% of the faithful do not respect even their religious rules, but they run it now trumpeting that their religion is the proper way and the truth which the Church leads to eternal life around. Tasty convincing and despicable!


In addition, believers may offend non-believers by calling them stupid and ignorant because they do not believe in God, but also allowed non-believers to “insult” believers by calling them Stupid and ignorant because they believe in a God!

A believer must speak out against the infidel that should be the other course, also possible.

 … Therefore, if there is a God who existed and I would be God, then I would be punishing all believers much harder than the unbelievers so that the believer populations on earth would decrease drastically.

As soon as there are sins committed by believers this would end up in my 8th heaven so that I can use them unceremoniously as building blocks for my newly built Palace.

This, as the faithful knew but deliberately committed sins and unbelievers did not, and thus less accountable, may remain on Earth and continue life on earth to benefit until death separates them.



Many centuries ago, there were many gods! Everything had to be declared and for all, there was a God.

Now, according to Christianity, there is one God. Not all religions, because the gods are now countless, but as believers altogether wise enough then they really understood that God most Seeing Him / Her / and fear as a legend-radical and nothing more because the believer is now in heaven?

He or she always comes into the hell of another religion on earth. And if you do not believe you will burn in hell, which is threatening.


… God and biblical tales swallow like hot cake and then do anything that goes against their beliefs or religion, testifies far from mercy and kindness.

Evil is simply them in the blood, and that sometimes makes me a little sad because when I get any closer to the pious man, I have the feeling of “never mind it will be never something between us.”


But funny thing is that there are people who genuinely believe that they were entitled or have additional rights.

The law of equality (= Natural Law) for all people forcibly removes the centuries from society. 

Instead came laws that currently apply in general and the results show inventive religious repression in conjunction with their inventions and fabrications (eg democracy, politics, shariah, jihad, who goes to hell and who does not, etc., etc..) 


Do love thy neighbor, do not kill fellow human beings, do not steal, and be compassionate, every person irrespective of his background always deserved a second chance.

… I totally agree. But the fact that it is just empty words, and that otherwise minded fellows get just any God pushed down the throats – where everyone is completely free to believe – is going too far.

It is usually presented as the absolute unquestionable truth, while the proof is zero. Therefore it is faith, and to the believers is currently the Darwinian evolution is the best theory to explain life on earth, but I have my doubts. It does not say what is right and wrong and still needs to be developed further.


 Believers can best say that unbelievers living in sin but should also not whine when people curse.

… You do not have to like it, but unbelievers, like me, also not like too much including not like to be rattled out of bed every Sunday, as church bells to be sound a quarter.

That can also be less noisy and shorter? Look, I just accept, and I expect that I should give up my unvarnished opinion on the faith and their God. 


… No, that is not in accordance with three-quarters of the fanatic Christian populations worldwide because their country is after all not the territory of the Islamists.

The foreigner has to adapt to the Christian culture. Lord Allah must believe thereto or “He” wants to or not, because even “he” here has no say in the Christian countries!


… So many “not” religious people love each other. Only “He” (the European God) allowed an unlimited variety of pranks against fellow humans, other strange gods can do nothing but just watch, and it seems there is only one God according to Christian standards, every other must submit or bow to the European God …. and so does this over and over again. 

The following motto for Christians is very popular, “Me, me and me, and the rest can choke.”     


… Believers are generally just ego trippers, as their motto is “Every man for himself and God or Allah for us all”. This is Sickly anyway!  






  …Credits to who deserves  


According to Biblia:

… “There are only one happy people, who get a good future, and that is God’s people, Israel …. exactly, and leave the rest dying. Now that’s a compassionate and merciful God.

A God that let innocent children and people suffer so that others who are guilty get a place in heaven, is for me smash!


… Therefore, “Get rid of all religions” Now and immediately, because this is unheard of cruelty!

The church bell has become totally useless, which bothers me on my Sunday morning as believers that come preach door to door “the Word of God”.

I have no problem with pious humans as they practice their religion or express themselves in their own private life, and unfortunately, there’s always so terribly wrong.

It need not be if people believe in religious myths, no problem but let dissenters out here as well as those who are not there to serve.


… As long as the believer mankind continues intrusive mass to proclaim their faith on the other, I shall continue to preach mine less faithful sound in forceful terms that may be secretly sincere construed as disrespectful.


Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“The achievable reality is: “When every man would make one another happy was the world happy. To make each other happy there is no need for God, but only understanding and charity, and the rest will follow it if one believes wholeheartedly with the other.”


I believe that “faith is only faith. Once this is presented as truth for all people, believers have a moral obligation to humanity to realize through at least the ability to prove the truth.

If religious people or the pope and his church mice cannot prove the truth, this is no longer necessary to believe.

There is no tangible evidence, it is false, it is a fairy tale about religious precepts and promises.

The belief in God is an old-fashioned and contemporary fiction no longer necessary because nowadays there are law books, that regulate the affairs of society and further religion is dangerous for humanity. There you will get war!


I’ll be honest with each person, and therefore I say my opinion when I want and where I want. If this is about religion then religious people have to swallow it.

As believers, disapprove of the mindset and lifestyle of dissenters and preach their opinion against them, that’s their opinion and lifestyle. And the view of believers is only believers apply, thus I paid no attention to it, because I’m not religious, nor I shall approach or weird feeling when someone says I end up in hell, or that my religious fellows are not let its value.

… That’s a laugh, because “Hell” is a fantasy of antiquity, and I will not be cold or warm. And do not let the other in its value is not an issue because the neighbor as a human being to his value is something that is obvious.

Thus search splitting hairs is also one of their favorite pastimes in order to obtain their equivalent, according to the statement “we are always right even when we are wrong, we still equal.” By this statement dispute with believers almost always ends in an endless debate!


 “And Blasphemy? This may be mocking a God or supreme being, or religious traditions, through spoken word, writing, or other expressions.

Say something or do what is supposed to be reserved the deity can be regarded as blasphemy. “

Anno 2013, the Dutch government deleted the blasphemy laws with a large parliamentary majority.

… Bravo Netherlands and now the rest of the world yet! Despite the abolition of the blasphemy laws by a majority of the religious Dutch government, she is working on a different nuance to still be able to suppress its Nationals. So hypocritical they are.


It is too crazy for words that blasphemy laws exist in religious countries because freedom of speech is below.


… An insult is an insulting expression that one’s honor and reputation may deteriorate. My mind could do this and people may agree with this view even before having heard of it. That something is said does not mean that it is not a general thought.

But is there freedom of speech? To what extent is it limited this freedom, if one may not say anything insulting?


… An insult to everyone else and a personal feeling cannot legally be recorded so that the use of common sense is a better solution here.

Freedom of expression should be unlimited and unwritten rules, norms, and values to decide whether or not they have something to say.

Use your own mind: if you would not like to hear of another, why would you tell them something nice? This means, moreover, that people with different values exist and the possibility that one is offended.


… Therefore, the removal of all religions has to do with the Constitution, an excellent idea, because religion is a restriction on the freedom of expression. Religions claim to possess authentic truth.

The problem is that there are many religions that have that claim. And if one would have equal than all the other thousands of religions automatically wrong, but if 1 million people a stupid thing it’s still stupid.


There are at least 4,000 different schools registered on the basis of the Bible and the Koran as the founders of a movement did not agree with the teachings and interpretation of an already existing group.



… Religions are man-made and there are a lot of schools because God does not know what he wants. What does he need all of these trends for? One is called “divinely inspired”! Thus the believer is trying to retrieve’s own right.

How fanatical people adhere to their religion, the more intense distorted the presence of new ideas. If an argument (usually a lie) but repeated often enough, then it is seen by itself once the sole and authentic truth.


… For the individual within a religion often is that there is a tension between their own ideas and the “doctrine” of religion and heritage of sin and sinfulness of the individual. Yet there persists in following as closely as possible the ideas.

Religion is a form of spiritual masochism “and then covers the voluntary mental flagellation called faith.


… It all begins with a painful story to be ‘us’ and ’them’. Persons NOT belong to the club, are actually regarded as inferior people. In any case, they absolutely do not enjoy the same privileges as a club member.

Those crimes are committed in the name of religious thought from one club against another club is called at least dubious.

History is littered with examples where the fact Übermensch behavior leads to violence – verbal or physical.


Religion is incurably bad for health and humanity. One of the biggest problems is that believers simply have extremely long toes that you step on straight away at the moment you are critical or slightly mocking towards their faith.

You do in everyday life but to say something about their god or faith, and they have been insulted.

… Maybe even believers should be less quick-tempered, would still actually a lot of them are solved by simply less to run fast lamenting there.

Incidentally, I see no difference between an atheist at a Christian who says that God does not exist and that the concept of God is stupid and a Christian who is an atheist trying to convince his faith in God.


…  The problem is so much that the faithful do offer a big difference in seeing here because they “are just right’.

They have the truth and others with no possibility of being right. Believers usually know better!


… Most people do not go to church. Many of them are very flexible in dealing with other people, they often have a mouth full of others and are anti-religion in their behavior, but when push comes to shove, they run toward hypocrisy.


… They are so hypocritical as a bishop under a lamp, they never go to church except at Christmas, and when they get married it should if necessary be done in the church because they find the wedding ceremony so beautiful, and when that marriage baby is born it must be baptized as necessary, and when they almost die then so need a minister or priest be taken for the last rites.

… In my eyes, this is the height of hypocrisy. This kind of religious scum are unreliable as the weather, the sun is shining today, and tomorrow it will rain again pouring from the sky!


The Vishnuh-Society has dealt with her own business and will, however, draw never involved in inter-religious differences and disputes.

The Vishnuh-Society believes that believers, at any time, can pummel each other to death so they peacefully enter their heavenly paradise. This premature death is deemed by religious to be regarded with the law as their ultimate heart’s desire to relish true. 

But this one-time trip to their God, however, can take place in a peaceful manner, by setting worldwide sacrificial altars where every believer can turn to anytime when he or she no longer regarded this earth as his residence. This is a better solution than to continue to belabor and kill one another.


Believers deserve heaven and are thus predestined. To facilitate their departure, I am out of kindness willingly prepared to assist voluntarily with the guillotine for the implementation of their exit to Valhalla and Heaven spheres so that the Christians have their hands free to fold and the Muslims on the spot to kiss the ground to go in prayer for their last holy sacrament.


…  For example, the Israelis and the Palestinians are of the same ilk. Young age is shown done, and if there were no Israelis and Palestinians, who were the victims and the tyrants of tomorrow?

It’s all God’s sake, and according to Biblia God’s sake be done in heaven so on earth, for God or Allah wants to free his followers out of this world and I hope fervently that it all happens soon.


… Therefore, I am often entirely happy at the thought of how nice it would be if all believers taken over the world of their religious strife and retaliation continue in the supreme presence of their God in heaven or Valhalla (h) with Allah lest Serenity returns on earth.

Who lives in Heaven is lifeless, and who ends up no longer belongs to the living Nature. So, God is dead, and now the evil believers yet. Die costs nothing, it’s free!


And as it looks like nowadays are fine between the world religions, because believers are nowhere safe for another. Thus one sees every day how believers rise against believers, while they commit against one another the most brutal atrocities that their God or Allah himself would ever come.


… Religionists also like to throw bombs at each other in the name of God and Allah, they bomb the sweetest viper rather staid and to live in harmony side by side.

The religious Armageddon (battlefield for the last Biblical and Islamic struggle) has already begun in all its intensity to destruction and elimination of all religions and all that religions have done so far detriment to humanity.


 I hear around me, that Christians dubs “Muslims squabbling or caterwauling” Azaan domestically do not wish to hear, and “to the Muslim prayer call” seeing it only as a symbol of domination, conquest, imperialism, and intolerance compared with other believers and dissenters.

Saying this, while Christians not giving the right example in each area.


But in Islam, religious freedom and reciprocity are taboos, and in Islamic countries, it is a Moslem forbidden to convert to Christian or atheist.

In most Arab countries, a Muslim can get several years in prison for conversion to Christianity, Churches also may not be built or anything that relates to another religion or reminiscent.

The sporadic churches that can be found there date from the French period (Renaissance) and are only for foreigners.

A Moroccan, Turkish, Tunisian, Somali, etc. must not enter church or synagogue under penalty of Shariah law based on the Koran.


… In Turkey, the land that was originally the first Christian’s is virtually ‘cleansed’ of native Christians by genocide and expulsion which also just about all churches were looted and destroyed, and others were transformed into museums or mosques.


… In Turkey, you can see clearly all facets of how Christianity was then crushed by the Muslims.


… The last Turkish Christian churches at that time could not evade destruction by Islam or escape Islamisation which is contemporary yet there is noticeable where remaining churches be transformed into a mosque.


In any Islamic country, it is for churches not allowed or prohibited to ring bells, but in the Netherlands, this is allowed under the Dutch constitution.

And where the Christian according to the Bible-based constitution unceasingly the same rights to his fellow believer shows the Muslim as their  Shariah law the same right fail rigorously.


… It is therefore for the Western Christian civilization absurd as a calibrated villain, to try to be the best villain of the worst.

It is true that Allah, the Lord GOD totally different from each other, but their actions and regions agree on anything their hypothetical higher power has to do.


Actually, no Christian civilization needs to grant privileges to Islam, which in their own country deprives other believers and dissenters of the same rights. Right for one right for all.

In all countries where Islam predominates dissenters were until the present day beyond measure discriminated drastically decimated and massively massacred without mercy.


… The Muslims simply abuse the Western or Christian freedom of religious experience, and when one puts the Koran alongside the Bible, Muhammad cursed according to Revelation 22:18-19.

Christians worldwide have yet to wake up to see that Islam is the West considered war zone that they do not fight with weapons but with the physical realities of the European democratic legislation.


Believers are clearly pathologically jealous, they begrudge each other the good life on earth as they constantly preach about peace, harmony, and love for each other.

… Unfortunately, becoming a lot of religious people worldwide passed too who like to fit in.

This in itself is highly truly indecent and unacceptable to the religious people who diligently do their best to reach God, but are not covered because of the ever-present selfishness by extremist religious fanatics who think only of themselves and all to join shelves.

…  Therefore, it is now high time to philanthropy a good prayer to address God and Allah for the benefit of all religious people in this world, regardless of race, rank, class, ethnicity, and religion.




Since “infidels” according to Islamic or Christian tradition are sinful people the only good Christian or Muslim is a dead Christian or Muslim, who cannot commit the sin again. This is in fact “the world message” that believers until the day around spreading through their violent and brutal behavior and propaganda story which was shot by inspiration of the Bible, Koran and all other sects resulting as the will of God or Allah.


… Therefore, I insist that believers in the name of God or Allah as soon as possible brotherly and sisterly guide each other to their Savior, because everything is for God’s sake.

According to the Bible, after all, everything comes from God anyway. 

… Or as you want, stay alive to Nature itself demands its toll and worship your God when you want and as often as you want, and we will respect this prayer behavior, but Live in peace with everyone on this earth!

Everyone is entitled to his own world, everyone has a right to life!


Again, “Believers belong in heaven or in Walhalla, and the unbelievers shall inherit the earth.

In heaven, there is no beer that’s why we drink it here. And this is also for God’s sake. So be it.”


Another point is why believers score very low to me, which cannot continue a decent discussion about faith. If there are no real arguments that can be put into a discussion then they do indeed not count on my respect.


… I Often have designated friendliness various theologians contradictions in the Bible and questions that indicate that things are not quite right, but I have NEVER been on a decent answer.

Always was turned around and mouthed absurdity, and said strange, vague, and woolly things like “Look around you, look at the sun, that’s proof enough?”

No, that’s certainly no proof that your God of all possibilities and other gods is true, come with something decent! And if not, then one also obtains from me no respect.


… With a typical atheist, you could discuss it or make jokes. They are usually open-minded fellows, which he does well with the other. But this can not be said of most believers, just look around you and ensure that you feel yourself on the basis of the current world, where each one is trying to do much water in other’s wine.


Again, if people do not blaspheme God BECAUSE of THE LAW MAY NOT that has absolutely NOTHING to do with respect. 

What is annoying, is the presumptuous Übermensch behavior of the average devout, which in many tonalities trickles down to everyday life. Their famous statement that “without believing you cannot function” is an example that could only come out of the throats of an insane believer.


… The “I’m better than them” is one of the pillars of their religion. And lying that they all can! Do they not?

… Place some religious people on a lie detector and see what comes out. The outcome will not surprise me at all, for those who promote their religion as the ultimate warning are the biggest liars of all time. How faithful, the worse the man.


It is clear that people who call every turn “thanks to God” are usually people with evil nature and selfishness like the plague. This is because their religion nourishes malice and fueling.


… The harder people call their God and continue to rely on all sorts of biblical texts and passages, the more misery and disharmony they sow around. 

In general, it is actually the biggest devils who bandied biblical texts in the mouth and on Sundays go to church, and then surrender their sin deeds to confession, and after the church service is over once again to repeat.


… Therefore, there is a curse on all religions and even those who consider religion as their cultural heritage!

One can at least never trust such people because their faith as Justice and Truth comes forward is “Right at will” and the “Truth” is interpreted by every believer entirely according to their own way of thinking. 

And all this under the guise of God’s Word as a guide for life, and when mistakes are made, one obtains indemnification and forgiveness of all sin acts of the church on behalf of God. 


I understand that a legion of believers are currently very hesitant and afraid to reach the heavenly life about which much is narrating their Bible, but do not be afraid because even Jesus of Nazareth did not initially see his heavenly father according to Biblia.

He was terrified to die, but in the end, his speech convinced him to take a good deed and he went on his way to his killers to be slain and nailed to a wooden cross.

… Jesus spoke clearly to Peter (one of his disciples) before he voluntarily surrendered to the righteous, who at that time was behind the Sanhedrin, to let beating physically and to crucify…


… See end (John 21:18-19): Jesus said to Peter: “When you were younger, you girded yourself and went where you wanted, but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands and another will gird you and carry you where you do not want. Follow me.” … He said this to shew by what death he should glorify God.


It is the believers in the Bible clearly advised a good example to participate in the death of the Biblical Jesus. Finally, follow once in your life the “Word of God”, and your actions will fall in Jesus’ name in the “good deed” for the preservation of Nature and of Nature all innocent beings here on earth.

… Prepares you all for leaving for a better world and looking forward to a better life in heaven. And because I’m not resentful, I will first exuberant dropping by as a token of my close friendship with believers to greet you all with, bye-bye and I wish you all a safe journey to “Never see you ever again.” Amen!


It is somewhat difficult to determine … but as the ‘great religions’ does not exist some 1600-1700 years or more back, it would probably otherwise have formed. Religions are primarily the result of a culture and then they go into a woven form using power domination. That is why religious trauma is deeply ingrained.


… The dilemma I presently consider is that the old claim on the sole and authentic truth of religion does much more harm than good. It’s Us and Them.

As a religious movement advertises more strictly or fanatical this “He-I ‘situation also creates stronger and feats of selfishness and discrimination. According to the history of the world, there are no exclusive Christian values.


… The morality of Christianity is gleaned from and based on, among other things, the ethics of the great Greek philosophers. Of course, when the Catholic Church had on the Bible (canon), all philosophical and mythical sources were banned and destroyed, schools were abolished, science was abolished, philosophy prohibited. Society in the Roman Empire collapsed literally (since it was the state religion) together at the hands of Christianity.


… Only 1000 years later, morality came back thanks to the newfound philosophical writings in Arabic.

Recovered at the hands of the cruel Christian Crusades nota bene. And so finally emerged gradually Enlightenment, humanism, science, and temperate life as we know it today. This is mainly due to the former oppressed sober Europeans, who have been liberated from the oppression of Christianity.

That the Bible still get taken seriously by some after the Enlightenment, is a shame but alas.


Christianity, as we know it today, is actually a residue, a by-product. Democracy and ‘humanistic’ values were already there before Christianity to the coup and had been for hundreds of years commonplace in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

In other words, believing mankind has invented the black yarn after the white yarn was already there. Religions are all birds of a feather and mutual holy matched.

The Prophet Muhammad Indeed, according to World History in association with his Moslems (see Ali Baba and his forty thieves) copied the Bible after the Christians had trespassed the Torah more than a hundred years before. Spacious views; all religions are Copy Cats from each other.


Religion actually comes from fear and survival instinct and is an organ that was through physical and mental violence led to the maintenance of order and common goals and values.

Now that we are extremely multicultural, we can expect that given all the noses are in opposite directions … conflict is ultimately inevitable.


…  One lesson that Europeans have apparently not learned from 1939 – 1945, basically now you see again the same trend but at a different level.

When did people in Europe become more civilized, from 1950 to 1980 or to date? Why? Precisely for that reason, I consider religion is dangerous to humanity, and therefore I call it fascism.

Not only because the term Übermensch however based on the idea that anyone who does not take refuge behind them is inferior. “Blindly follow, otherwise punished.”

See there the history after the issue of Catholics by acknowledging other religions. Gossip, backbiting, backstabbing present, and so on. And we have not even talked about all the manipulations in the name of religion or belief in those days (and before.)


Anno Domini means “the year of our Lord.”

Thus, there are numerous words used by so-called followers of Jesus Christ, but nowhere found in the Bible, but what is not in their Bible is just made there.

This is done so for centuries and still is! Therefore keeps coming boldly forward, that “not everything is visible to humans.”


The end is in sight, the religious Armageddon (battlefield for the last Biblical and Islamic struggle) is already in full force erupted into destruction and elimination of all religions, and furthermore, all religions have so far been done to the detriment of mankind. The end of religion is already in full swing.


… And as believers in their devout Christianity and Muslims conduct worldwide still have been busy destroying each other’s lives through Jihad and other forms of illegal and legal violence on behalf of their dear God, or Allah, and ideally, I would like them with a view to their death forward, in this my first and last request, and that is, “Will the last one, please turn off the light?”

This is to prevent energy waste that those who still remain on this earth can continue to enjoy full of life until Nature itself demands its toll, because “Nature is the creator of life, credit where credit is due.”





Vishnuh-Society/ Gurubesar, Archiefnr: 1-34 


  The epitome of insanity is faith in God, or a bottomless pit, and reign in the Netherlands compromise besides God!


I once received a letter in response to my letter to the Queen of the Netherlands, and the head of the letter sent to me by a former Minister of BIZA was flattering. 


She understood that I’m not just anybody. But then the answer makes no sense. Simply outrageous! She did not answer the question analogous to grant and with no mention of the possibility to obtain a facility by the government.


… But she does have shameless ostrich policy applied in its response, ie, an inflection to a topic that does not correspond to, or as part of my help request.

So my aid expectations were completely snowed under by religious interests and standards, see the three monkeys (see nothing, hear nothing but Silence).

This is again evidence that a form of government in which a monarch is a boss, is an insult to humanity and life. I’ve often wondered how the heck it is possible that monarchies exist at this time. Despite these questions, I have respect for monarchies.


One thing I know for sure is “Never trust an officer.” Officials are essentially the extension or the limbs of the government and government agencies, on behalf of the authority towards residents represent a legal form of oppression and violence (psychological violence)!


… And if the government does not create opportunities to help them in their efforts, socially disadvantaged and non-religious dissident citizens how do they then want to obtain the loyalty, unity, and steadfastness of all its residents? Never, Never so!


… Therefore, when it was possible, and there would be a God exist and I would be God, then I would punish all believers in the world much harder than the unbelievers because the believers knew better but have nevertheless committed sins and would, therefore, enter directly into my heaven.

These sinners would, therefore, end up directly to me where I will use them as building blocks, and they are forever fixed in my palace walls and masonry in the heavenly interior so that they never can sin against fellow humans and other living beings;  And unbelievers were ignorant and are thus a priori innocent and therefore much less to charge, which may continue to lead a happy life on earth to “bam”.


I’m not shod politics, but in my opinion, the national subsidy scheme is also based on discrimination against infidel dissenters like most religious government policy in this area globally processed in their distribution system. It is not part of the game without God’s hassle.


… In general, the European bourgeoisie actually relies on themselves and surrendered to the favors of their supposedly democratic legal system.

In the Netherlands, for example, there is little talk of democracy, which is clearly evident in the fact that when faith and party members are heard in appearance nevertheless ultimately often little or nothing is done for them.

But if there is an issue for a government solution is available then only the government and the upper-ten profiting and the bourgeoisie must walk over to his silly nuts. 


In religious countries, it rather destroys each other, “if one gets the chance to put together a heel then there is one quick without thinking of humanity and their religiosity.”

In addition, the pious privileged citizens do everything God has forbidden them to be still maintained their privileged position.  And that is Christian?

This is still one of the legions evident proof that democracy reigns supreme according to biblical standards, and most of which laws and regulations are drafted by believers. Hence, the present society is as rotten as a medlar!


Therefore let us not embarrass believers with their ballot theory.

“We Vishnuïsten” will never vote for someone because voting is an invention of the church/ hypocrites/ Pharisees and can also continue as an endemic form of religious pastime and be fooling husbandry of the masses!


…  You will be called a well-meaning government candidate a great election story palmed, then go vote but where you vote does not matter anyway because it is always discarded by the majority who suddenly wants something else to do with than the originally intended goals.


… The major parties try to spawn, but when it comes down to it they do nothing for you. If you agree with the small parties for your very good program, they are not heard and do not come to power because they are effaced by the major parties in a democratic manner and peppered with Christian standards.

All good things for the public after the elections are unceremoniously swept aside and the bad things are then promptly renewed revived by the dominant class.


…  This also means that dissenters of foreign origin with Dutch nationality by this unjust divide and rule system of European law is closing the democratic legal system. 

In other words, they are heartlessly forced to operate underground and go into the people and culture. This method will be adopted in the long run all over the world will leading to civil disobedience increase in reprisals by various groups, and there will always be a never-ending hatred that exists against democratic, Christian, and Islamic tyranny.


… So through coercion, combined with a religious tale exactly, one reaches the opposite. Look for this purpose in the current world situation regarding global issues.

The belief in God is just brought to mankind doom and gloom, one and all misery and discontent among people. However, the oppressed have themselves wisely everywhere silently and inconspicuously infiltrated society and in the government of their choice.


Some groups scrupulously imitate exactly the example of the former colonialists and religious murderers elsewhere in the world who were going to conquer foreign territory on behalf of the “Crown” which means mental and physical violence and the nations dominated and ruthless reached their intended targets.


…  The big difference between the Vishnuh-Society versus the newfangled and once murderous priestly, religious, and governing power is that it abhors genocide in its aim nor will it suppress her fellow man as we are peaceful in nature.

Nature will, who crosses her path, do every rub with dedication parry, and safety reasons to go head to the destruction of the evil and arrogant man. 


…  This is the result of democracy to biblical standards, and this has Vishnuh-Society taught, “If one wants to survive in a religious society, then one will have to do so hypocritically even than the innate hypocrite himself.”


… In other words, those who want to live together in harmony with their fellow men and wishes to be, according to the Christian rewarded democratic right must always deny all committed atrocities in his living behavior and therefore everything that they have done wrong, for their own benefit in violation of the law because it is rewarding.

This follows the believers and the church for centuries worldwide deny their crimes and or buck to the will of their God.


Today imitates believing mankind in the same way by wrongdoing in the name of their Bible, or on behalf of their interpretation of democracy, or what one means by that. 

Then the pious humanity is normally out of guilt with their criminal projects in the way of the church confession to obtain absolution.


… In most Western and Eastern countries where the constitution is based on the Bible or Koran, like the Netherlands, Suriname, England, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia and others traumatized by theistic belief countries have government supporters apparently free right towards the citizens arbitrarily and with impunity to exercise all sorts of injustice and therefore also receive a reward in the bargain.


… This is quite unheard of bad! And we must also live there to disbelieve and act?

No, never! Therefore, whatever one says to whitewash the religious criminality taken over the world, the established fact is that “God and Lucifer are one and the same!” Religion is worse than bad!


Today is today, tomorrow is another day, and after this day there will be more to follow, but never forget that every day is as short and as long!


Ask and ye shall receive no answer from us. Ask the Commissioner what denomination he embraces, and he will be silent as the grave. Ask the lawyer that his sympathy lies, and he will admit nor deny it.

Ask the citizens what ideology he or she adheres to, and they will not admit nor confirm. Why will the unbelieving mankind say no more?

… That is for self-protection against all forms of psychological and physical violence at the present time, where hypocrisy and brutality go hand in hand together.

It will be for the sake of self-preservation to maintain silence, waiting for the time to act arrives which malicious fellows will experience a tropical surprise in bitter chocolate. “



The man should have no illusions regarding the existing legal order because the so-called democratic order that is used in most forms of government (law) in global terms is intended to make to evade Justice systems. 

Legitimacy has become a rage almost everywhere in the present time, and justice is as usual still far away.


…In constitutional legality is only according to their own idea tolerated or exuberantly welcomed and justice will be rigorously punished.

And the majority of the victims of arbitrary democracy, democratic exploitation, and bureaucratic or judicial (read legal) oppression, will as previously explained several times, again the ordinary and poor citizens, and the materialists (= the elite class) will normally continue unpunished by their self-invented bureaucracy instigated by their hypocritical religious system of government, as has often been featured in the past.


… But nevertheless, every person has the right to the road, “the truth” and life. Only Nature is home to the truth, only Nature can know the truth.



By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus