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by Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus







My Message to the World



Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys:


This is my message to anyone who lives in this world and comes straight from my heart, without regard to race, rank, position, origin, political or religious beliefs, without fear or favor. And for those who abhorred the truth is that in a lot of cases, hard to hear. And who does not want to know the truth must therefore not read this treatise. And if the shoe fits, wear it.


There is a widespread belief in God. How come? It is calibrated in world history that for centuries people in towns and villages were ruthlessly hunted by faith fanatics worldwide, usually with unbridled violence and through indoctrination of innocent people have forced to their religion.


Your ancestors, of all races and nations, were massively slaughtered like animals by the former head of religious institutions. This can be compared as the method of contemporary sects including IS, Boko Haram, Taliban, Army of the Lord, etc. that terrorize fellow human beings in the present time, in the name of their God and the former inhumane practice of world religions as an example have followed.


This cruel suppression system was later in history by concerned residents intercepted, copied, laid down in laws and regulations, twisted at will, mixed with politics and finally learned to the people as the ultimate and correct form of the faith in God.


The world religions are most certainly also responsible for all human suffering and dire consequences on this earth because their previous horrendous method to convert the world peoples to their faith, contemporary applied by the sectarian groups to sow death and destruction in the world everywhere to realize their goals; have to do follow suit..


In other words, the three main churches which previously formed the trinity (Torah, Islam, Christianity) and since Biblical times killing each other and begrudge each other zealous of all, are the actual main perpetrators and instigators of global violence and amorality, so that their right to exist by law should be immediately banned worldwide. They have been the impetus for the formation of violent sectarian groups who have committed horrendous crimes in the recent past against humanity, and generate all to present their misdeeds on the orders of a headstrong copy based on the self-invented and written God writings of the existing religious powers; and according to the Bible / Koran, Torah and other religious writings hitherto used as an example to justify their extensive human rights abuses on behalf of their God.


And discrimination! .. Is an invention of the Church, because in earlier bibles were bad people depicted black with curly hair and-or straight hair, and the good people were displayed in white with yellow hair. Later, other less colored peoples added to the already discriminated peoples and races, and so was this intensely vicious discrimination emulation by all religion-loving people worldwide. Especially religious leaders and Heads of State were not afraid to make a mess of it so that discrimination today incarnated in today’s society and in everyday life.


All the reasons in the world today to all religious heads, cult leaders, heads of state, the Pope and Bishops, Rabbis, Imams, and other Muslim leaders to take immediate effect of detention and to submit to a judicial and criminal investigation. This should be done in order to prove the world nations that crime does not pay. At the same time should be set aside all religious books without delay, and a renewed “book” will be written in which all nations and races of the world, ubiquitous and are united as a unit. And the Constitution should be amended immediately worldwide.


Fait accompli is that the world religions very seriously complicity should be charged to all crimes committed by sects in question, and all of this proves that God, Allah, Lucifer, and Satan are one and the same.



… I had a dream that a just God, if it existed, therefore, would like to have nothing to do with the religious mankind, for he/she/ it would think: rot on believers; there rests no blessing on your madness; Let the believers themselves checked by a psychiatrist, unless this is not as crazy as them, and solve your problems yourself. You have shifted over the centuries arbitrarily enough ugliness in my shoes! “…








… Not God created man in his image, but Nature has created man and man created God in his image! Also, Heaven, Valhalla, Hel, Reincarnation, Devils, and Angels were created in the imagination of the religious man.


Mind and body are one, and both are of a material nature; the spirit atoms control the atoms of the body. The individual spirit lives of the supermind, this is the air, because the difference between life and death is the breath. Every living creature eventually goes the way of all flesh. This means that the individual mind is also lost when the body dies, for the mind is inseparable from the body. Man lives after death only continue in the memories of the survivors, so obituary.


There is no God, nor heavenly paradise or Valhalla or Nirvana or hell or something like that, where man enters or may live on after his death. Only Nature lives forever because it is the source of all that was, of all that is and all that will come. “Nature” does not belong to man, and man also does not belong to himself, but man belongs to Nature. We are all products of living nature that the universe, including nature, falls under, is greater than all gods.


… Gods and Devils are on earth in the minds of the gullible, hateful and evil humanity and Heaven, Nirvana, Valhalla, and Hel include the environment of what has been good and evil created based on tyranny and conceit.


World history has shown, that people with money and power systematically, can let their subordinates believe weird things where the educated fools, the headstrong illiterate, unskilled and innocent children are the beloved victims of religion-related organizations. Usually, believer misfires in this genre are well-educated people who nevertheless insist that when it rains, “the angels are on the piss.” They have knowledge but it lacks the necessary understanding.


Just look at the world and the people around you and see how this religious virus unscrupulous continued by supposedly well educated religious people, who are trying to keep their offspring and descendants as stupid as possible with their religion Nonsense, so camouflaged their folly and their stupidity is perceived as quite normal. These are the people who actually do not set a good example to their progenies, this is partly because the religious humanity, in general, is so bad that she experienced her badness as perfectly normal. Therefore this problem, Religion Madness, to be eradicated or exiled worldwide without delay.


So have a legion people in former times are too intimidated by evil religious foreigners. This has now arisen a spiritual problem in those countries where the epidemic disease, which is called faith in God, there prevails in all keys and embedded in the policies of the society as an inherent and unrelenting pathogen.


Religions and fight are people work, mostly created and maintained by the madness of selfish people. Everything like to use at the expense of other people’s lives, “Me, me and me, but the rest may just choke “and” manipulation to your own idea or according to faith all belong to the calibrated values of the faith in general.


Thus, the believer humanity drags contemporary with a religious curse around most of which it has acquired in the course of history and then from generation transferred to generation in their progenies, so this curse until now incarnated in society to destruction and misery of everyone.


It is very easy to judge something when someone has never been involved, but it’s all happened so the violent upheaval of world history by earlier religious leaders only benefit was and is for their offspring, even now. Take a comparison of Western to Third World countries, where the descendants of the oppressed even everyday wear the aftereffect of all rear positions and feel like their oppressed ancestors already once been positioned by the former pious world domination on behalf of God.


Fair share, there was not, even not yet! Therefore people, keep the honor to yourself and stop from now on with the carry, transfer, and continuation of this religion curse in your ranks who traditionally imposed on you by your immediate vicinity. Open your eyes and come to yourself, because one does not need God in order to survive and to be happy because nature is the creator of all that is and was, who created life on this earth with the instinctive tendency to the conservation of the species. Living creatures should support each other because the purpose of nature was and is to make life more pleasant for everyone.


… And let in all the harshness of the Bible and other books religion-based constitution, traditions, rules, and laws of the government and the credulous ancestors cooked in its own fat smother, so that people no longer be affected in charity and love for humanity towards each other. People should help each other, and selfishness, which is part of religion, to leave forever belong to the past. Everyone, religious or not, has a right to equality and this is in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world is currently hard to find.


The Vishnuh-Society strives itself to help the progenies of the formerly oppressed peoples to regain their self-esteem and recover from the two ancient diseases called “Colonial Imperialism” and “religious imperialism”, by telling the story of their ancestors, which After all, their ancestors themselves could never do.


And if perhaps there among you also some who are disillusioned by our message and feel insulted. Let me reassure you, those feelings are misplaced.The Vishnuh-Society respects every sincere man as long as one respects dissenting people too. The Vishnuh-Society aims to sweeten the lives of everyone, so it is not at all our intention to talk to someone to hurt or unfounded guilt.


But you will probably ask why it is necessary for all those painful events of the past to rekindle. What happened, happened. One need never be ashamed, for the atrocities committed by previous generations? One can not simply forget and only look ahead, or pray and trust that everything will ever be okay?


…No ….Many of today’s social problems have arisen from the mistakes made by the wrong ancestors. By studying the past, one will be able better understand the genesis of the problems in society. This historical awareness will make everyone able to control these problems and in searching for solutions.


One can then occur, for example, that one falls into repetition and can give the originating negative and destructive ideas from the past a positive turn and convert it into constructive plans. One should not wait, but in working on a cozier and juster society, preferably in this life and on this planet in order to make life more enjoyable for everyone.


To achieve world peace one must begin to ban worldwide religious education in all schools. This is because the youth at an early age is heavily loaded with strange and inexplicable differences. They only become aggressive because they learn from religion to discriminate and distinguish between races and peoples, while everyone (religious or not) is the same.


Look here at the transient world history and study the behavior and way of thinking of the thousands of educated religious leaders and God-related shod statesmen worldwide who responded to almost everything with slaughter and genocide. They have, for all the answers just sown death and destruction or by means of manipulation of the population in all ranks, based on greed, selfishness, conceit, and lust for power, without paying attention to the well-intentioned commandments of their God, except when it suits their purpose..


Exceptions were the heterodox related world leaders including Hitler and Mao, who, because of religious injustice and other social misconceptions of that time were driven to use their chance and to present themselves to statesman. But once in the intended position, they have unfortunately their hatred against any kind of religion transformed into racism and here welded to complete destruction against innocent religious and dissident fellow human beings and then proceeded to the impoverishment of its own people, which should never be the intention.


And look at the times of day when some leaders because of their belief in Allah invent all sorts of religious foolishness to consolidate their religion by including Sharia aircraft, Sharia Land, gay hatred or introduce a gay ban, where years of imprisonment and in addition promoting Islamic or other religious apartheid regimes, Christian hatred and xenophobia in their country.


 Most wealthy people on the planet, such as the Dutch royal family, British Royalty, Brunei royal family and others, as well as 98% of wealthy individuals around the world, have become the legacy of their ancestors, who do not actually have earned in an orderly fashion, but despite this also took advantage and do until now still based on their inherited position, are not blessed by what God whatsoever, but their success achieved by aiding suppression of conspecifics and owe their wealth to the theft of natural resources, which by no means a great achievement but only contempt for tackling mankind and exploitation of nature and natural products in general.


I wish these people as referred to above will still reflect and part of their acquired achievement in the foreland represents for the benefit of the underprivileged who have nothing in society, in global terms, but by the selfish religious society worldwide are forced to lead a life of poverty and miserable existence on this earth.


… All dehumanizing rules and laws against the other have the pious leaders all fanciful for their dear Allah or God at all costs to make it appear as if it exists, while the ones that invent all these crazy inhuman rules and laws out of guilt, already have done all that their God has forbidden them, and all this, when in reality and according to world history the Islamic faith is not originally derived from their ancestors, because Islam is an excerpt from the Old Testament of the Bible, which also partially the New Testament in the Quran is processed, said only extreme separation of Christianity; see Abraham is Ibrahim, Mary Maryam, Moses Moesa, Jesus is Isa in the Koran and so forth.


The stories in the Torah, the holy book of the Jews, come from former indigenous peoples and existing religions. And the Bible had its origins in Judaism, which is a distorted summary of the Torah followed by the Koran. So the Torah came first, then the Bible followed and a century later the Koran reared its head. In other words, the Arabs have at least one hundred years, the time spent together with their whizzes or scribes to dress in the holy scripture (the Bible) to their own idea, and what did not fit into their way of thinking, they just left out and also have a lot concocted in their divine writings, that since then “Koran” has become known.


In almost all holy books come as coming from past civilizations a lot of common wisdom, which is completely overwhelmed by all the Poppycock, which it is written, this is because even fools to speak and write wise words. So the so-called holy books written by human hands, even though people by God / Allah inspired by letting them write down everything he/she/ it whispers, cannot be accepted as sacred because people make mistakes. And a holy book is only holy and perfect as God / Allah writes it himself, and as far as I know, is not (yet) happened.


And instead of charity, solidarity, world peace and equal rights for all people to aim at mother earth, commit these pious religious heads daily theft of natural resources to enrich themselves while they push mercilessly their nationals even deeper in the shit that they were already facing.


They think in their arrogance to be better than their fellow man and this also let their subordinates believe, as the ultimate evil of them dripping, by capturing this kind of human rights violations in laws and regulations. Come revolted people, because this is still crazy?


All in all recent world history and the recent facts of this time clearly proved that his good religious shod is in no way and no a prerequisite to living in peace with other people, but a sense of love for each other and equality for all means peace, solidarity and love for all.


But as it looks today, where believers discriminate against each other and nowhere safe for each other, unity is a priori a lost cause, because they all together are afflicted with malice and selfishness, so that the faithful humanity already does not deserve her stay on mother earth. Therefore, I salute this kind of believers on behalf of the Vishnuh-Society at this … Bon voyage et long retour (Go and never come back) bye bye and swing swing and never see you again on this earth; Amen.


Terms such as “every living creature appears after his death to the supreme court”, “the final judgment is only to the almighty creator”, “God’s mill turns slowly but surely”, “each person will be held accountable in the hereafter / Walhalla for his sins”, etc. … are all bullshit theories or the insane statements and imitation of mindless people who act only as a “pass-through hatch” of the already established religions. God does not exist, the Devil, Heaven, Nirvana, Valhalla, and Hel either.


Each one will ever go the way of all flesh, you are dust and to dust all return again. Even the most pious, kind-hearted believer and unbelievers, the bad and cruel, innocent and peace-loving people throughout the ages have suffered before she died, and was, therefore, God’s sake? No … but everyone dies one day, one before the other later, is painful or painless, and it does not matter what you have been up to during passing years before one is precarious.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“It is better by noble boldness to run the risk and undergo half of all evil, rather than continuing cowardly and lethargic for fear of what will happen.”



Only Nature is Incorruptible


Remember children of men; 

… There is a lot written in the Bible and in the Koran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Torah and furthermore in other religious books, but nowhere is there the text “Do not believe everything you read.”



Nobody should by my natural compilation start to feel guilty nor addressed, but who are bothered by the saying “who the shoe fits, wear it” needs than from self-esteem to go very urgently skyward to God. Because by him/ it or her one hears at home and here one must also live forever because on this earth there is no place for people who do not know people love towards their fellow men and the comprehensive nature, which is the source of the life and the history of it stored in it.


Let no one deceives or any longer guided to the religious slaughter block. Nature is since time immemorial and until now remained pure, and God, so “the evil religious humanity” still exists today that has united into regular cast so-called humanitarian bodies, that at global level desperate undertake all kinds of newfangled attempts, under the guise of helpfulness to convince innocent fellows of their religious frenzy so that they remain stupid and will remain blinded by religion tales that since its genesis and to date, touching neither here nor there, but have become synonymous on injustice, hypocrisy, cruelty, madness, misanthropy, misogyny and anything that goes against the natural sense of justice.


Also, the precursors of these believers and followers through the centuries in their delusion of self recognition for the society to which they belong, all concepts themselves invented to justify their injustices and evils compared to fellow earthlings but mainly on the basis of a small contribution so-called “non-profit”, to continue to earn on other people until the end of time…


… It is not difficult to make billions of blood money grow by some of distributing the interest for so-called charities and hereby keep doing simultaneously evil in a religiously tinged philanthropic jacket and ever win souls causing the misery continues to grow on this earth, such as interest on interest. A fox will lose his hair but never his pranks!


The purpose of nature is to make this single life on this planet for everyone enjoyable. Everyone must do well in its capacity for his fellow man, whether believers or not, without distinction of race, rank, status, national origin, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs, etc .. Who actually do well without harboring ulterior motives, reap gratitude and love as his part, the two great values of life.


This is Nature’s intention “live and let live.” One should not ruin each other life but to make the best of it for everyone. This should continue until the time for the living creature on earth ends and is the body’s going the way of all the flesh and the spirit again dissolves into the immaterial matter of nature which they found their genesis…


… There is no God who adjudicated everything, and there is no Heaven, Valhalla, Nirvana or Hell, or a religious code that could make accessible all this because spirit and matter are impermanent; Dust thou art and to dust all return back. It is no different, however much some would like to see this very differently.


Therefore people be happy by continuing to reality and to live in reality. Live now and do something good back to the continuation of the life cycles of nature in all its natural life forms. Be good for nature, for your fellow human beings and in all fairness and equity for all other life forms and otherwise for anything nature or the universe has produced so far and still will bring forth forever.





Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys,


The Vishnuh-Society is an ancient body of non-religious world citizens that help from her philanthropic base and empiricism fellow men, to live healthily and safely in accordance with its age-old educational system.


Additionally, Vishnuh-Society wishes everyone all the best, who loved this earthly nature and the earth seemed like residence above the Heaven / Valhalla / Nirvana or Hell. Even those who believe in “up there” is for our part also qualify for a spot in the sky / Valhalla / Nirvana or Hell, prefers today rather than tomorrow. So Vishnuh-Society wishes everyone the best.


To achieve its objective, so fellow men to be better, the Vishnuh-Society has made a request to the world humanity regardless of rank, class, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs.


The Vishnuh-Society rather asks her fellow man as a favor, instead of her followers to go murder fellow men, rob homes and property and commit all sorts of atrocities against them, such as Christianity, Islam and other similar religions have done for centuries on behalf of God and Allah in order to be materially better off making these religions today have reached the position of the rich and powerful on the backs of other people and on blood money of the world population.


We are Vishnuïsts, we have learned to nurture respect for life, we thus have no evil intentions towards fellow earthlings. The Vishnuh-Society is humane to all living things. The society is not able to molest nor oppression of fellow human beings in order to collect funds and thus goods in order to be able to professionalize and print her books, hiring painters and draughtsmen and buy buildings such as churches for centuries have done worldwide…


… Look at the Vatican and other world religions what these do with the blood money that they have for centuries plundered together and through the exploitation of the oppressed nations, and still managed to angle from the purse of their gullible victims, by means of all sorts of devious tricks and dubious charitable projects. In this way, the existing religions have enhanced their chances of survival and its fictitious religion consolidated.


The Vishnuh-Society has in the past never ceased to material things or to increase its power, and what it has not, it can not spend. Life is given and take, the Vishnuh-Society must also have from other people, but not of God (s) because gods do not exist but were once self-invented by conceited people as a refuge to justify their committed wrongs and to condone. ..


Therefore, the Vishnuh-Society does on behalf of its members in this application to the world of humanity, which may seem unusual and asks you to her greatest desire is around the world to spread its survival doctrine and that all activities of the Vishnuh-Society to be centralized in a permanent home.


The Vishnuh-Society is not only just searching for a philanthropist who has something for his fellow men in order to support our global project financially, but the society is also looking for earthlings. We are all earthlings and natural givens are also assigned to anyone. Every man should live according to the natural standards, as scriptural in nine provisions in bygone times were recorded by the Vishnuh-Society.


Everyone can believe in any religion, a man may also preserve freely what they want, but remember that Earthlings are people;

1. – who give others a life;

2. – to be honest with themselves and especially against his fellows;

3. – to abstain from religious and colonialist behavior, (not murder, even harm no other people, no suppression, no involuntary indoctrination into a religion, religious practice only to the respective holy book limited and space in question, and no further. );


4. – to abstain from conceit, arrogance, and discrimination, because no one is more or less than you;


5. – who are far from greed and selfishness;

6. – which has responsibility for his fellow men, because everyone is equal;

7. – which have respect for Nature and Life, because Nature is the origin of life;

8. – which is loyal, faithful and steadfast in spirit;

9. – who knows no distinction of race, rank, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious (read political) conviction, because everyone is entitled to equal treatment. Everyone has the right to life and self-determination.


This list of the nine (9) properties are the characteristics of righteous Earthlings. And for those who obey, the Vishnuh-Society is their best friend and ally.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“Who does not want to hear our story should just buttoning his ears. And who does not want to know the truth should not read our essays and books. And if the shoe fits, wear it!”



In observance of all the nine provisions, I would like as unbeliever happy to enter any church, mosque, synagogue or any other house of worship, and laugh as loud as loud singing as those present in the house of the relevant believers or adapt to their veneration way, because it’s great fun because of the knowledge that one does not have to be necessarily religious, whether Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslims to enjoy together or reminisce with fellow human beings.


The Vishnuh-Society is tough but fair and honest with everyone. She says it like it is instead of hypocritical and sucks up with fellow human beings.


The Vishnuh-Society seeks to achieve its objectives for the benefit of their oppressed fellow human being worldwide, who is entitled to a better and happy life like everyone else on this earth, and if you think that you in any way could help the Vishnuh-Society to achieve its goals, then you are welcome with us.


On behalf of the Vishnuh-Society thank you very much for your attention and wish you all a loving and healthy life.



Accompanying note by Gurubesar: Lancar Ida Bagus


I can as a mortal person not bless living being as Thanksgiving, only nature is capable of this, but my gratitude to you is great for your kindness and positive contribution, understanding, and donation to the Vishnuh-Society, and comes straight from my heart. Any contribution is welcome.



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