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By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus


According to the Bible / Quran and other so-called holy books, the non-existent God / Allah is someone of the male sex.

… What is true of this? The Bible, the Qur’an, and other so-called holy books treat women as disenfranchised, unclean, and retarded beings. But given the theory of evolution, this cannot be said of women.

It is clear that the so-called holy books are written by men, but that does not give the man any right to position the woman as an inferior being and to subordinate it to the man.

   The humiliations mentioned in the books of gods concerning women emphasize the fact that the so-called holy books are in reality null and void and that the man has consciously invented the god concept for his own benefit and for the humiliation of another.


Thus the teaching of Vishnuh says:

“The most powerful being on earth is the woman because a woman can give birth to life from her body. When life arose, the female sex was there first, but the man was not yet there.

   The female sex, at the time, had another natural ability to reproduce living things, just like the snail-like creature, which can be male and female at the same time.

  … When the male sex did not yet have a right to exist, the female sex did exactly what nature expected of her in terms of multiplication with the givens through the quirk of nature.

  … The truth is, the man is born of the woman. Without the female gender, the male gender would not exist today. That is how it went and not as the world religions have led mankind to believe and still continues with their self-invented Adam & Eve absurdity and other nonsense.”

 … It is also essentially a very great shame that people with a different sexual orientation, including lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and homosexuals (LGBT) are portrayed in almost all so-called holy books as inferior, dirty, and unworthy of human dignity.

 Leviticus 18:22

22 “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin. 


Leviticus 20:13

13 “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them’


However, a large part of this kind of discriminated human child, unfortunately, has no self-esteem and also has absolutely no respect for herself, let alone respect for others. This is mainly because in self-reliance they accept the humiliations of the Bible/Quran by being and remaining religious and in imitation of this project their self-devaluation on others.

… Most L.H.B.T.s and straight women submit to a religion that deeply despises these types of figures. This can be clearly read in the Biblical passages in which the aforementioned figures are portrayed as sex objects, temptress, conspirators, tricksters, traitors, liars, despicable, filthy, contagious, and disenfranchised.

All women are punished for Eve’s sin and placed under the rule of men.


A sincere man can still be found, if only one in a thousand, but a sincere woman cannot be found.


… The Vishnuh-Society respects every righteous person like no other. But the Vishnuh-Society correctly places a comment on all the present groups who adore a religion, while they are intensely humiliated by the so-called holy scriptures and are portrayed as filthy, worthless, unclean, and inferior beings with whom one can mess around with impunity.

… The LGBT people or the people oppressed by faith who are aware of this shortcoming, but who nevertheless accept the word of the Bible / Koran as true and use the concept of God in everything, are considered by the Vishnuh-Society as the most despicable people who should never be trusted.

… Except for the immature beings and those who are family or environment-related and can in no way distance themselves from the religious yoke in which they are maneuvered or find themselves.

 … This kind of religious people, which according to the basis of the so-called holy scriptures should not be accepted, are very dangerous in their dealings. The majority will also do everything in their own interest to be accepted.

  … The Vishnuh-Society speaks from experience and knows that this type of believer is generally unscrupulous and can walk over corpses to achieve its intended goals. This is because these kinds of discriminated people have no self-respect and have not learned it. They often seek, out of a hidden sense of revenge, to humiliate fellow men like themselves, as recommended by the holy books written by human hands.


 Thus the teaching of Vishnuh says:

“Whoever has no self-respect will not be able to respect another, and whoever has no self-esteem cannot value another nor value anything.”


So, whoever has no respect for himself is also unable to respect fellow human beings, because the disrespectful person cannot sense what respect is and what respect exactly means.

  … When someone worships a person or something while they are seen as dirty, then the worshiper automatically considers himself dirty and unworthy in which self-respect, self-worth, and respect, in general, are in contact with the past.


Thus the teaching of Vishnuh says:

“Whoever knows what respect means, but does not understand the concept of respect, cannot show respect to another.”


… For these kinds of people, women in general, including those with headscarves and the LGBT community, one must be very aware of social danger, since their behavior resulting from disrespect is comparable to the mindset of unscrupulous traitors such as the former treacherous Surinamese slaves who, in order to divert attention from their evils, did everything they could to endear themselves to their slave driver.

For example, the former Surinamese Creoles acted as informants for their white masters when their peers wanted to flee from the plantations or did something that was forbidden for a slave by colonial Christian rule.

 … These black traitors in colonial times were also the merciless executioners who were gladly used by their masters to punish runaway male and female slaves through torture, ill-treatment, and rape, in the cruelest ways imaginable. (See the creoles

… These bloodhounds in human form, the henchmen of the slave drivers, carried out their torture work with unprecedented sadism in order to please their white masters. But the zeal with which these brown-black traitors acted did not change their inferior position. Despite their servitude, they were deeply despised by all.

They never get any thanks from the white community. After all, despite their slimy and treacherous behavior, they were most despised by their Christian masters. They were considered the worst scum of slavery.

… Later, these slave traitors suffered the same fate that they had planned and inflicted on their ilk. Many of them were tortured for a long time and hung on iron hooks from a tall tree to the delight of their white bosses. Their Christian masters were also ruthless in God’s name.

But not every creole/slave, Indian, Hindustani, or Javanese at the time allowed the above-described behavior towards the oppressed black community, but unfortunately the majority did. This is usually evident in the cross around their necks and their zealous defiance which characterize the vestiges of their ancestors’ past, and they are more faithful than the Pope.

  The progeny that feels addressed by this must take this fact as it is. And the science that could trace back to the descendants of those former traitors about whose ancestors did and whose ancestors did not commit treason is now beyond retrieval.

 Nevertheless, the truth is hard to hear for those who prefer to be deaf to slavery and the colonial past. Pointing only to the whites is not right and unjust, since the slave community has had an important and large part in the entire slavery happening.**

 In short: The Muslim community in general and especially those, who according to the Quran are known as scum and cattle with which the male community can do whatever the man wants, is guilty of all kinds of human rights violations against their kind because they want to be loved by their non-existent Allah.

… Look at this to the women of IS and its sympathizers, they were not holy during that reign but just as guilty as the perpetrators themselves and have contributed to the preservation of their supposedly privileged position with all the atrocities that entail.

… In reality, the headscarf is the Muslim symbol of rape, genocide, humiliation, disenfranchisement, oppression, abuse, and arbitrariness on behalf of Islam rather than the opposite. Every Muslim is a Salafist and every Salafist is a Muslim. 


Thus the teaching of Vishnuh says:

“Those who do not respect themselves do not know what respect is and will not be able to show respect to others.”


And everything these people, discriminated against by faith in God, do to make themselves loved by another is pure hypocrisy. Despite all their effort and excessive piety, they will continue to taste the salt of the earth while alive, and especially where they think they are settled. This is because religious humanity is invariably hypocritical and selfish.

… This is partly due to the Biblical/Quranic passages that deal with the humiliation and contempt of such people and will continue to exist as the word of their evil, cruel and unmerciful God/ Allah.

  … The texts for the humiliation of oppressed humanity will be reused again and again by anyone with impunity on behalf of God. And God/Allah will approve of this as usual forever.

There are hypocritical religious preachers of the Christian faith today who, out of self-interest, presume a moderate and modified religious teaching in order to save the church from destruction. Apart from their religious teachings and also under pressure from the church people, these figures claim to accept the salt of the earth as a child of God.

  In addition, the population educated by the belief in God does not see that a murderer’s book, this is the Bible / Quran and similar, cannot bring peace or change in their lives. Many fervently claim to recognize the love of the mass murderer, that is their illusionary Lord God/Allah above.

No wonder that in many countries, and also in Suriname, a mass murderer is adored by the religious population and placed on a higher pedestal. Learned young is done old and set an example.


Thus the teaching of Vishnuh says:

“Goodness is praised but dies a bitter death because goodness deceives by the appearance of evil.”


In addition, the believing masses accept the fictitious Biblical interpretations as true, among other things, that Jesus has taken away their sin.

… In contrast, world history has clearly shown that a Jesus did indeed live during Roman rule and that he was a Robin-Hood figure of his time. This Jesus of Nazareth was actually murdered and nailed to a cross by the jealous religious government mob (the Sanhedrin of the Jewish community) at the time in the most violent way because he was firstly a Gentile and secondly he undermined the ecclesiastical authority by pointing out to the poor civilian population its rights, self-esteem, and self-respect because the poor people were brutally exploited by the religious majority at the time.

… That Jesus stood up for the poor and the oppressed and denounced everything that smelled of religion. So the religious curse that rests on present-day Christianity exerts a heavy strain on the life of the religious Christian man today, for a “true” Christian is “not religious.”

That is why religious people repeatedly fall for oppression, genocide, and widespread human rights abuses in the name of their evil invention, God. And this aforementioned fact applies to all religions without regard to persons.

  Fellow people, never forget that the offending passages in the Bible/Quran/Torah and other religious books remain in force at all times until they are removed.

  … As long as the non-existent God / Allah does not remove the texts of humiliation and oppression against humanity from the so-called holy scriptures, the present groups of people (LGBTI and straight women) who are considered inferior, disenfranchised and unclean, remain doomed as the salt of the earth forever and ever.

 … They will forever retain the title of unclean and be known as filthy and disenfranchised to which the application of all terms of humiliation will continue to apply. These kinds of people have been discriminated against by the so-called scriptures and God since Biblical times and regarded as deficient beings.

  Whoever believes in God / Allah and values the evil fairy tales of the Bible / Koran / Torah, Bhagavad-Gita, etc. is irrevocably at risk.

God (=religious humanity) in general has no pardon for the salt of the earth nor mercy for his faithful followers, thus, “Ingratitude is God’s reward.”

 The displayed moderation of the current preachers of Christianity/Islam and followers, towards women in general including homosexuals, lesbians, straight women, transgenders, and other people despised by the belief in God, is only a smokescreen to deceive fellow human beings and to earn money from them according to the statement “You surrender Your inheritance to us, or else You burn in Hell.”

Not only Islam, but Christianity, as well as all other religions, think exactly the same about this.

“Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, but someone has to tell the truth and not, like many, hide behind so-called tact and false humanity by suppressing or disguising the truth, keeping his fellow man stupid and in the dark.

 People who, according to the Bible / Qur’an, are despised by God / Allah and who are portrayed as disenfranchised and inferior beings, but nevertheless continue to adhere to the belief in all the humiliations by the Bible and God / Allah, are the weak-headed who have neither self-respect nor self-esteem and will remain the salt of the earth until their death, disenfranchised, inferior and known as the most despicable creatures as God/ Allah/ YHWH has determined through the Bible/ Quran.

 This kind of humiliated religious fellow human beings voluntarily offer themselves as prey to the followers of God/ Allah/ Bible/ Quran and other so-called holy books and have therefore definitively forfeited their right to complain and speak.

… Even though these kinds of religious figures are treated as dirty, killed, mistreated, spat on, cursed, and trampled, they have made this fate their own by following the religion that considers them worthless creatures with whom everyone can do as they please and what one wants.

And all this is permitted in the name of Allah/ YHWH their god.

 … If there is a merciful God / Allah as the believing humanity fervently claims and actually loves humanity regardless of race, rank, position, origin, belief and sexual orientation as claimed by many believers, then He would have been his representatives on earth long ago, these are the Pope, Priests, Rabbis, Pope, Mullahs, Imams, etc., have ordered all texts of humiliation to be completely deleted from the so-called holy scriptures and have them humanely modified for the benefit of everyone and everything.

…I personally have no pity for these kind of retarded fellows when they are harassed and treated as scum who, despite the humiliations that the scriptures are supposed to be applied to them daily, still care about the Bible/ Quran. I also classify this group of people as sadomasochists (people who somehow consciously or unconsciously take pleasure in receiving pain and misery.)

 Furthermore, I cannot respect the mindset of such people, because how am I supposed to respect someone who resigns himself to the misery into which she has been plunged by the other and accepts everything as in a movie, and then says in an angelic voice “if God wills” or “it is gods will, Inshallah?”


Believing in Allah/ God comes down to this:

–  Oh, you are drowning, God bless/ Insha’Allah!

–  Oh, you are starving, oh God bless / Insha’Allah!

– Oh, you are going through a valley of misery, oh god bless / Insha’Allah!

– Oh, they have been hit by an earthquake and flood, oh God bless / Insha’Allah!

– Oh, people live in extreme poverty, oh God bless / Insha’Allah! Kill each other and abuse the children, oh God bless / Insha’Allah!

 … Such a ruthless god is not worthy of the name god, but luckily god/ allah exists in the minds of people who are poisoned by the belief in God/ Allah/ YHWH, they will remain mentally ill until the end of their days or until they repent.

How stupid can a person be sometimes? I have no respect for any believer anyway, even if they supposedly do good through charitable organizations. This, because they consciously continue to keep innocent fellow human beings backward and stupid, including the youth, the illiterate and poor population, the underage, and the mentally handicapped people who need protection.

… Instead of offering them protection, they bind innocent people to an illusion that is calibrated to cause misery at all times and to make victims on behalf of a God / Allah who does not exist.

  Religious people do not set a good example for her progeny, but she stimulates other weak-headed and innocent humanity to self-destruction and self-humiliation as if people have no right to exist and are doomed to trample and serve as a foot mat.”

However, history has shown and until now, that God/Allah, *this is in fact the evil religious humanity*, is not merciful, but inexorable, inhuman, and eviler than the plague.

… Just look at the world around you and discover that God / Allah / YHWH is just a fiction of evil people who have created religious teaching to condone their crimes against humanity.

 … Meanwhile, there are hundreds of gods and goddesses to whom one can pray, but none are able to answer.

  Despite all the wickedness that the Bible and other religions promote, I would like to reassure the religious by saying that not everything in the Bible, the Torah, Bhagavad-Gita, and in the Qur’an is wrong, only the page numbering is correct and the used paper is of superb quality. Nothing more!!!




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