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The Religion of Peace! The truth is sometimes hard to believe, but the truth is honest and genuine.  




The religion of Peace???


That, nowadays fake news is shared through the media and is also believed by naive people is not new at all. Long before social media existed fake news was shared by Christianity, Islam, and other religions through oral advertising and through their so-called sacred scriptures accompanied by the use of enormous violence, genocide, and all kinds of human rights violations in the name of their god/ Allah/ Yahweh.


… History has proved that the spiral of religious violence is not limited to a particular religion or god. One religious people are more violent than the previous one who also defended violence and justified it as the will of their God.

And while this pattern of religious violence nowadays follows in some parts of the world according to the gruesome religious past, the rest of the religious world deliberately looks the other way with the realization that their religion has done the same before, and now, according to a legalized system called democracy.

 Sometimes it seems that religion is the basis of peace because some religious victims and relatives can give a fantastic speech that is unparalleled about forgiveness of their assailant or forgiveness of the murderer of their loved one.

And the fanatics always indicate with excessive exaggeration about their so-called loving God and Jesus as if their belief in God is the belief of peace and love. This kind of pathetic figure that has nothing to do with her life is constantly advertising by claiming that her religion does not spread hatred, but peacefulness and forgiveness. But those are certainly not religions. 

 There is not a single religion in the world that seeks peace or forgiveness. They say they know everything about love, but they don’t understand it. In reality, they have heard the bell ring, but they do not know where the clapper hangs.

Read the Bible / Koran carefully.





Especially the lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people, and straight women who consciously commit themselves to religion are generally the most stupid creatures one can imagine. 

 This is because the religious LGBTs, the religious straight women, and others are recorded in the holy scriptures as scum, but still prefer to put on the robe of oppression, instead of distancing themselves from the religious yoke that looks down on them and puts them down as cattle for the slaughter and thereby worldwide by the horrible and inhumane texts in the so-called holy scriptures are on the nomination of extermination.

… They accept all that distress for granted and undergo molestation, self-humiliation, contempt, physical and mental abuse as well as part of their lives because they desperately want to be accepted by discriminating humanity and third parties. 

How low in mind can a person sometimes be? In addition, they lack self-esteem because they adhere to a religious doctrine that is deeply averse to women and to the L.G.B.T community.

 After all, the Bible/ Quran considers women to be sex objects, inferior, filthy, and retarded, and L.G.B.T people must, according to the so-called holy scriptures, be clubbed to death or thrown down from a great height.


Although most of these religious people have received a proper education, this development does not argue for its understanding, because knowledge and understanding are two different concepts. 

And as long as that kind of hypocritical believers blindly adores the so-called sacred scripture, there will be no question of peace, safety, or rest in their lives.


And here comes the truth clearly stated in the Bible, … See 1 Corinthians 11:7 — For the man must not cover his head, for he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of the man.”

4 Any man who prays or prophesies with long hair dishonors his head.

5 But any woman who prays or prophesies without covering her hair dishonors her head—she is like one of the “shaven women.”

6 If a woman has no head covering, let her be with short hair for the time being; but since it is a disgrace for a woman to be shaven or to have short hair, she must regrow it.

7 A man should not have long hair…🙂


… In other words, the text that “the man is the glory of God and the woman is the glory of the man” clearly indicates that God must be a homosexual or bisexual and was not averse to a threesome. In other words; the writers of the Bible were gays, pedophiles, bisexuals, and child molesters who at the time indulged in all sorts of sex orgies, but the Bible deliberately prohibited homosexuality and other sex excesses to distract attention.

  In addition, 1 Corinthians 7 clearly indicates that Jesus was a pagan because he had long hair at the time of his crucifixion. Jesus was punished by the Sanhedrin for a very different reason than indicated in the Bible, and to justify his death he was called in the New Testament of the Bible as the son of God with all the bullshit stories of it so that his killers were totally be spared from the massacre and the murder of Jesus can be justified, and even now!


Is Jesus YOUR Savior?

… Precisely because the ancestors of the oppressed black and Asian populations worldwide were Christianized by Islam, and others with disproportionate violence, they should not continue this imposed religion, out of self-respect and self-esteem.

… This is because their ancestors who have suffered terribly under the yoke of religion by evil people instigated by the so-called holy scriptures, the Quran, Torah, the Bible, etc., have had a miserable existence on this earth.

… And by continuing this inhuman belief in God, these nations continue the religious curse upon them at the expense of their progeny.





Oh, people of the world!

Where has your self-esteem gone?

… Lost through the ages?

 And still think that you belong to the people whose ancestors humiliated, murdered, and suppressed your ancestors for centuries. Restore your own value by being yourself, and do not be what the other person has been systematically and structurally forced upon you for centuries.

… Don’t be fooled anymore, because you will never be recognized as one of theirs. Or is your surrender called “resignation?” In that case, you are completely lost and you no longer have the right to complain about what lies ahead for you in the future. Then you will not die peacefully, because unfortunately, your ancestors have not had the opportunity to die in peace.

  … And the fact that Muhammad and associates have taken an example from the Bible, and then copied and adapted it according to their own ideas about pedophilia, holy wars, rape, and head covering for women as well as humiliation, is unquestionably addressed in the Bible.


– The teaching of Vishnuh says:

“When a religious person points with his index finger at his religious fellow man, then automatically nine fingers point at himself.


So, religious women with or without a headscarf have no self-respect. Moreover, they do not know what self-esteem is because they have been brought up in a malicious religious circle and therefore do not know any better.

They also do not realize that their religion portrays them as a symbol of rape, and abuse, and as a foot wipe. 

After all, the Quran and the Bible approve of all forms of humiliation against women, and what is in the Bible can also be found in the Quran, albeit in an adapted form, but nevertheless equally horrific and inhuman.


…  This group of people who are discriminated against by God/ Allah/ JHWH actually has no right to complain and has to accept the consequences and remain consistent, because people who adhere to a religion that oppresses fellow people and keeps them stupid have no right to live.  After all, they personally ask, by a detour, to be mistreated, beaten, and arbitrarily abused or dumped from a great height, or stoned?

 But those who are forced into a religion such as young children must, of course, be freed from the religious yoke where they ended up unsolicited and through their immediate environment.


… Most children, who later freed themselves from the religious yoke imposed on them, were well aware in their youth that religion was a scam, a malicious form of human rights violation, and that religious humanity wanted to control and program people.

 Children are often more intelligent than many adults, but they are generally considered to be inept and often not taken seriously by the elderly, so complaining and refusing to follow a religion makes no sense if you are a child and grow up in a religious environment. And even now, children in religious schools are forced to let religion penetrate them through a detour and through abuse of power.

… It is outrageous that the government nowadays allows direct stakeholders and schools to maintain abuse of power so that religion can be legally encouraged by adults pretending to be educators. These are the unscrupulous henchmen of evil. This type of school should be immediately examined and forbidden to practice any longer faith, which in fact amounts to spiritual child abuse.

 … The children of the future will not go to churches or mosques. Today’s youth will learn to understand nature and learn the reality of life without having to obey the imaginary aggressive god/ Allah.

  … The children of the future will not be religious slaves, but they will grow up fearlessly in a free society and be intelligent enough to make religion worldwide a thing of the past.



For example, religious mankind, for centuries on the basis of abuse of power, has misled inept people to turn to the belief in God. This is because they were not intelligent enough at the time to see through the religious nonsense. These types of gullible people have unfortunately been traumatized by religion and become morbidly sadomasochistic. Unfortunately, these religious victims have gradually been unable to free themselves from the religious yoke to which they were attached because they were subject to strict control of their religious environment.

 … And now they swear with conviction to the belief that they have been forced from childhood on by their elders, and they also regard the misery that they constantly experience during life as the will of their evil God because there is no room anymore in their brain to think independently.


In Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles, and furthermore in all countries where colonialists have ruled with the use of disproportionate violence and slavery, the population is more religious than the Pope, and religion traumatized.

  Anyone who claims to be peaceful by virtue of their religion is highly hypocritical and has an evil character who will emerge sooner or later. For whoever is peaceful does not profess religion and will not keep his offspring stupid by raising them with religious fairy tales that represent evil in the name of Allah/ God or of any god whatsoever.


So the so-called forgiveness of faith advocated by a woman is worthless and invalid anyway because women do not have rights according to the Koran and the Bible.

… The woman who claims otherwise has sunk deeply, just remember this. In any case, peace expressed by a religious person and theologian is worthless.

… Heaven / Valhalla does not exist and Hell encompasses the misery in which the believing person finds himself and in which the innocent person and other people who think differently are involved against their will.



 Religious people such as gays, lesbians, other extremes, and women who, according to the so-called holy scriptures, are equal to cattle will always, for their own sake, do everything they can to be considered worthy.

… And whatever these people who are discriminated against by God’s faith will also do to be loved by someone else, they will continue to taste the salt of the earth and especially where they think they are at home in spite of all their effort and exaggerated piety. 

… This, because religious mankind is incorrigible, hypocritical, and selfish, for the biblical passages that treat the humiliation and contempt of this kind of believing people will, thanks to their credulity, remain solid as the word of their evil, sadistic and merciless God.

 … Even though these kinds of pathetic figures, so to speak, licks the ass of God/ Allah or of any god, God/ Allah does not love them, but they are despised by Allah/ God and other gods in eternity. It is all written in the so-called holy books, and what has been written once is indelible for believing humanity!

 And the hypocritical religious preachers of the Christian faith preach, apart from their religious doctrine and sometimes under pressure from the hypocritical church people, a moderate and appropriate religious doctrine to accept the salt of the earth as a child of God. They make people believe that God loves everyone and also those in whom the sacred books state that they are inferior, lawless, dirty, and impostors.


But for the changes that God-prophets make in the word of God, they have not received permission from God or from Allah.

This implies that the religious preachers in all variants irrespective of religion are professional scammers and fraudsters because they take almost every opportunity to convert and mislead their fellow men with a religious fairy tale in order to fill their own pockets. After all, it is not written anywhere in the so-called holy books of the non-existent God/ Allah that devout earthlings may arbitrarily change the sacred texts.

As a result, their oral mutations are invalid anyway and thus the irreplaceable and horrific texts of the suppression of fellow men in the holy scriptures remain in full force.

 In addition, believing people should not be surprised if a man or woman is cheating, committing adultery, or having several women or men, all of which are also permitted by God/ Allah.

… In addition, they respond extensively to polygamy, commit adultery, commit jealousy, engage in deception and pedophilia as a legacy of inheritance, and they do everything that their non-existent God has forbidden them, and they do everything that God has not forbidden them.

Polygamy/bigamy is not explicitly condemned anywhere in the Bible. See Lamech in Genesis 4:19: Lamech took two women. Several prominent men in the Old Testament committed polygamy, including Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, and others all had multiple wives. In 2 Samuel 12: 8, God said through the prophet Nathan that if David had not had enough for his wives and concubines, He would have given more to David. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, the latter being lower-status wives according to 1 Kings 11: 3.

That polygamy in Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles, and further in other parts of the world where the religious belief has nestled takes place openly or in secret is normal in the eyes of Allah/ God. The fact that in the Third World countries the peoples were introduced to religious beliefs by the whip was a successful part of the Catholic/ Muslim suppression mechanism and a preconceived plan.

 … It is not strange that the disadvantaged peoples have left a trauma of colonialism and are therefore more religious than the Pope so that the counterproductive of God’s faith has become an established part of their lives. So, it is therefore not surprising that the disadvantaged peoples and all who are afflicted with the faith of God are literally following the Bible/ Quran worldwide today.


 The religious exchange trick

When the Arab and European missionaries arrived in Africa, they had the Koran and the Bible in their hands, and the Africans had the land. 

…The Missionaries taught the African people to pray with their eyes closed, and the Arabs taught the Africans to vacuum, but when the Africans opened their eyes after prayer or raised themselves from the Salat, they had the Bible and the Koran in their hands and the Arabs and the European missionaries had the land. This tactic of peaceful indoctrination by both Arab and European missionaries has been used all over the world where violence has proved unnecessary.

… Just look at Venezuela, and the Philippines and furthermore look at all the countries affected by Christianity and Islam where misery, oppression, and abuse are part of the life and miserable existence of the poor people, but the oppressors and the elite class bathe in wealth and luxury and enjoy life to the full, even in the name of God/ Allah.

…In addition, those religious foreigners think in their arrogance that they have brought civilization there, while since then, in cooperation with the boots licking indigenous converts, they have exploited the people and land and today have cast their exploitation mechanism in a legal jacket so that they can continue to earn money from the naive people.


The present god preachers today make great efforts to save the church from ruin with all kinds of empty statements and lies.

These so-called moderate god preachers aim to regain sympathy for the church with their lies and out of their own interest (which after the many affairs of child abuse, pedophilia, and abuse of power) had fallen into a dip so that people continue to give money to the church to continue to feed the evil that the church has brought to mankind.

 … That is why the texts regarding humiliation against the salt of the earth may be used again and again by everyone with impunity on behalf of God/ Allah. And God/ Allah will always approve of this as usual.

That the religious peoples worldwide live mutually in hatred and envy is also a religious tradition that must be considered as originating from their scriptural God, which includes the master plan of religious humanity.


An unbeliever who speaks forgiveness to his enemy or attacker without religion is something to think about.

But the forgiveness that comes from the mouths of religious women, lesbians, gays, and other inferior and worthless figures according to the Bible/ Quran is entirely negligible.

So when it comes to religion, then the devout women and everyone as mentioned above just proclaim bullshit !!

… So, when a woman or a religious figure says to someone “God Bless” or “it is a gift from Heaven,” etc., just take it all with a grain of salt, because these same pious figures empower themselves inferiority deceitfulness and lawless position because they completely agree with the legendary religious stop words “it is God’s will” or “everything happens with God’s will.”

So even if they are brutally slaughtered or physically and mentally tortured at will and are treated as unworthy and filthy creatures and suffer a miserable existence. Because that all happens with the will of God. Or not? Insha, Allah!!

… And if the suffering of this kind of believing people is the will of God/ Allah, then the court must declare innocent anyone who is in detention for a crime of abuse to the murder of the aforementioned type of believers. Then these innocent people must be released immediately and they should receive compensation because God/ Allah wanted it to be exactly the same, right?

Moreover, the constitution of most religious countries is based on the Bible/ Qur’an, then these countries must obey the Bible/ Quran, and where the majority of the people still consider it the word of God/ Allah?


“Therefore, if a god existed and I might be god, I would punish the pope and all other religious leaders as well as all believers who commit sins more harshly than the infidels and lay them in the walls of my heavenly palaces.

… There they will remain eternally bricked in until they rot in nothing. This was because they knew better but still committed daily sins.

… And the unbelievers always receive a fair second chance from me after their punishment but believing mankind is given absolutely no second chance, because according to history, according to its evil religious tradition, it repeatedly falls into repetition.

 And this is bad for Nature, bad for humanity, and bad for life in general. ”


But according to the New Testament, Christians can never be punished for their sin. According to Christianity, all sins – from the past, present, and future – have already been punished on the cross.

This has happened once and for all through the murder and heavy abuse of Jesus Christ. Likewise, Christians can no longer be condemned “



… This is the Christian fairy tale that the church uses to stir up evil among innocent people and to win over gullible people. Thus, according to the church, the sins of a Christian person have been nailed to the cross together with Jesus so that Christians will never be punished for their sins and disobedience. 

And on this basis Christians, today behave conceited and beastly towards fellow human beings and the ability to afford everything with impunity. That is why Christians and believing humanity, in general, are bad people because they invoke in advance the forgiveness of all their sins through the crucifixion of Jesus, who was, in fact, a victim of religious humanity of yore.

 …. It is therefore very important that everyone who is in circulation with Christians should never trust them, even if the Christian person with whom they are dealing is a related family member, including brother, aunt, sister, uncle father or mother, and so on.

This is because they basically harbor malignancy and perhaps unwittingly carry this malice with them. In fact, never trust a believer, but check everything before you work with them or do business with them and stay alert at all times. 

… People who, in traffic with fellow human beings, consider the fairy tales of their religion as the foundation of their lives are in all respects unreliable. This is because most religious people usually interpret any opposition to the belief of God as the work of an evil entity, while they themselves harbor malice as their guide.

 The majority of religious humanity has been so blinded by its beliefs that it cannot face reality and therefore, unfortunately, does not realize that it is projecting its own disorder onto another. Thus they themselves endorse that they are Satan in person.

 … In addition, each religion has its own absolution formula so that its supporters can be exempted. Again religious people are very bad and can never be trusted, even though they camouflage their bestiality in charitable behavior.


… In any case, peace and forgiveness expressed by a religious person and theologian are worthless. Heaven/ Valhalla does not exist and Hell encompasses the misery in which the believing person finds himself and in which the innocent person and other people who think differently are involved against their will.

 And the biblical “morality” says that if there are sins God/ Allah is only satisfied when a lot of blood has flowed and that this may also be the blood of innocent people.

Islamic morality is based on Christianity, because the Qur’an is a custom copy of the Bible, and the rest of all world religions is a copy of a copy of a copy, and so on.


The conclusion is that the Bible/ Quran states that innocent people are also punished for sins that others have committed. This is one of the main reasons to strongly doubt the value of Biblical/ Islamist morality which means that God/ Allah does not exist, but that the Bible/ Quran is written by malicious people to dominate and oppress fellowmen.

And as far as unbelievers are concerned, god/ Allah is powerless with his statements and threats, but God/ Allah is absolutely in charge of the gullible person because God/ Allah is Satan in person. That religious mankind, in general, is in fact doomed to Hell is clearly stated in Revelation 22: 18-19 by unmistakable words;

  18.“I warn anyone who hears the prophetic words of this book: if anyone adds anything to it, God will let him overcome the disasters that are in this book. 19. If anyone takes anything from the prophetic words of this book, God will take away the right to eat from the tree that gives life and to come into the city of God, which is spoken of in this book.

 Religious mankind may not have noticed yet the fait accompli that every religious person, regardless of rank, status, or origin, who deviates from the word of God, gives or has given his own interpretation to the so-called holy texts from the Bible/ Koran and others, by God has been calibrated as an apostate from faith.

 According to the holy scriptures, the one who condones the original sin or the “horrific crimes” committed by God / Allah with his own inventions, is a direct sinner. So, the faithful humanity who preaches the doctrine of God using self-fabricated fiction to detour naive people into faith in order to promote the so-called holy books of the nonexistent God is actually a God-cursed being who will not escape God’s wrath, thus will suffer the most severe punishment with Hell as their destination.

… It is known that God/ Allah does not thank the treacherous practices of the believer! Also, the so-called forgiveness for repentant believers, as cited in the Bible, is only meant to turn a blind eye to religious humanity, because according to religious history, God is adamant and sadistic. God knows no pardon, neither big nor small.

 In reality, religious humanity is fooling itself. They put on a pious snout and sing in the church like a chicken without a head to keep the appearance of being pious while God, alias Satan, eagerly awaits them in front of the hell gate with his fiery trident in his hand. 

Mild consolation, for God, is inexorable, not forgiving, cruel, revengeful, and sadistic as befits a God.  Lucifer/ Satan, alias God the bloodthirsty, is only too happy to put the religious man to his trident and he doesn’t care whether his followers are pious or not!

 These pious people are far from realizing that their individual and natural punishment is taking place en masse in mutual hatred, war, injustice, and selfishness, according to the age-old religious proposition “me, me, me, and the rest may just choke.”



Please note:>

If somewhere a bomb explodes or there has been an attack by a believer in which innocent people have been massacred on the street or in a disco or anywhere in the world, realize that Allah/ God is behind this. And then, after the horrible massacre, religious mankind is seen wiping out their views about the violence and cruelty of the perpetrator (s) with tearful eyes.

But it does not by any means occur to them that in fact God / Allah is the main perpetrator who has offered the horrors and in advance his follower or several, has given safe conduct to the so-called Heaven or to the Walhalla where not one but 72 virgins are waiting impatiently for the mass murderer who is the imitators of God/ Allah, to receive with open arms. 

… No, but sadomasochistic as the believing humanity is, she just burns candles, they roar in the church to celebrate the dead they occasionally call mourning and ask God/ Allah through grace and prayer for mercy and a permit for the victims so that they are absorbed into heaven. This, while Allah / God (= themself) has their death on their conscience and the relatives consciously immersed in misery.

Indeed, believing humanity is so narrow-minded by its religion that there is no room left in their brain to think.


Hopefully that women in general and furthermore anyone who by the so-called sacred scriptures as slaughter cattle, inferior and as worthless beings are marked with themselves come to terms and no longer tolerate self-abasement, but get the sense of their self-worth than to throw them for something which goes against nature and against humanity. Nature has created everything, so everything is equally ugly and everything is equally beautiful.

 The Bible, the Quran, and other so-called holy books treat women and minority groups as rightless, unclean, and backward beings. But in view of the theory of evolution, the aforementioned predicates do not apply to any living creature. That the so-called holy books are written by men is a clear thing, but that does not entitle the man either to position the woman nor the other as an inferior being and subordinate to humanity.

The humiliations that are directed against the woman in the books of God emphasize the fact that the so-called sacred books are in reality of zero and no value and that the man consciously devised the god concept out of his own interest for the humiliation of another.


Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh:

“The most powerful being on earth is the woman because the woman can create life from her body. When life arose, the female sex was there first, but the man was not there yet.

… At the time, the female sex had another natural ability to multiply living beings, just like the snail-like being, which can be masculine and feminine at the same time.

… When the male sex had no right to exist, the female sex did exactly what nature expected from her regarding multiplication with the facts through the play of nature.

… The truth is that the man was born of a woman. Without the female gender, the male sex would not be there now. “


And this above is an axiom (an unproven, but accepted basis) of the Vishnuh-Society that is unprecedented, not even with the Adam & Eve absurdity as the world’s religions in various variations have left mankind to date believe and continue this with their genesis nonsense.



Superstition is based on the fantasy of believing figures.


… The Bible is a great book of lies or the devilish verses of religious humanity. People who have always supported this book of lies were/are also complicit in the lies and crimes of the Church and of a nonexistent God.


  These parents have served evil and have only told lies and religious fairy tales to their offspring to oppress their children. In addition, in imitation of their ancestors, these spread the evil religion among their progeny and often forced it upon them, even today.


… The world’s religious population must now realize that religion is pure nonsense and that in fact it has been mentally and physically abused over the centuries by the supposedly faithful religious humanity. More parables of God/ Allah/ YHWH and Jesus will come to light in the near future as the time of reckoning means the destruction of all religions.


… The time has come when the world’s religious population massively turns away from the church and the Bible/Quran and from all other religions for the sake of peaceful existence and solidarity with all people and in unity with nature, which creator of life.


 Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh”:

“The man who needs the threat of eternal damnation to be a good man is undoubtedly a bad man. God always behaves like the people who created him.


By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus