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Who or what is a Vishnuïst? 

A Vishnuïst is an adherent of the Vishnuïsm.


What is Vishnuïsm?

The Vishnuïsm is a philosophy or philosophical movement, that denies the existence and can existence of gods.

… Originally Vishnuïsm originated from the Sanskrit word Vishnu (h), which means “the self, themselves, single, containing the name of the developer Vishnu (h) of the Vishnuïsm.

… The original word specifies what the Vishnuïsm really means, that man is central. The Vishnuïsm is an active denial of any divine reality whatsoever and emphatically states that Nature is the creator of life.

… Vishnuïsts assume that from the very beginning of existence Nature is the cause of everything and therefore rejects the notion of a divine creator of the universe.



“An honest man does not hide his true nature”


 Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“A Vishnuïst (read Vishnoewist) is not just one, it must come from your heart. One can read and completely identify with the theories of the Vishnuh-Society or call themselves Vishnuïst, which does not mean that one it really is or understands. One must first empathize.  An enemy always comes as a friend at home that we, without the exception of self-preservation, unceremoniously throw out the window. “


 … This means that when one scream from the roofs “I am Vishnuïst”, one is not actually this. Vishnuism is something that must radiate from the inside out.

… A Vishnuïst is someone who means it from the heart with the other, who simply adheres to the great guidelines of Vishnuh and is further guided by meaningful things in life for the benefit of every living being.


   What does the Vishnuh-Society understand by meaningful things? Meaningful things are things that benefit the welfare and well-being of the living entity in general in which no selfishness is exercised.

… Who wants to hear meaningful things from the other person first has to analyze the alleged nonsense of the other person in order to understand meaningful things.


To understand each other two or more people are needed, and if one does not know how the others are faring in this life one can also never understand the other. Due to a lack of mutual interest, people become estranged from each other, while society is naturally based on solidarity and cooperation.

… In order to avoid living side by side, therefore, intellectual thinking is definitely necessary so that one does not easily get caught in unforeseen pitfalls, which in reality are not there, but is often created by the individual himself through the power of imagination or prejudice and unnatural restraint towards life.


When one feels something for someone in life, this feeling is only strengthened once the other also gives in to it and is absorbed in it.

…  In this way, two individuals fuse into a whole for different motives, including for the benefit of mutual cooperation, living together as a man and woman, for harmony with dissenting and malicious people.

… For peace, tranquility, and all other factors that can be beneficial to each other as living beings, no one needs a God, Bible, Koran, or the saints, but only acceptance of the other as it is and the rest will follow automatically as a sequence of consequences and causes, which can radiate both positive and negativity.


Dealing with fellow human beings can, on the one hand, turn out well, on the other hand, contact with others can endanger the individual or be unpleasant. Remember, people who take everything for granted, as well as the normless in spirit,  are ungrateful people.

… This does not mean, however, that one should not associate with fellow human beings or that one should hide or retire in order to stay the same.

… On the contrary, determine your own limit to fellow human beings and live, but whoever squeezes his hand cannot take anything off the ground nor can anyone put anything in his hand.


The danger comes from and by people and not from and by God or Allah. God or Allah is only found in the brain of malignant stakeholders in order to suppress their fellow humans. In addition, they shove their unscrupulous deeds down to the will of their invented God or Allah.

… Remember that the trend of repression and impunity stoically continues in a democratic jacket, at the hands of religious people who operate in collaboration with interested bodies.


Look for this purpose in the schools where young children are already affected by all kinds of false dates of ecclesiastical power which Bible and Koran stories constantly dings and thus the poison that religion is called, is marketed in minds of children.

 … People who claim that God sent himself to Earth to sacrifice himself to save us from himself are a bit too much for any logical person to accept that nonsense. Yes right? Are these so-called educating people the educators to whom earthlings must entrust their lives and future? Never ever!


Partly People who are constantly feeding the most ancient evil in the world that humanity has brought bad troubles and misery in general, and brings even now, should be avoided at all times. Religion is characterized by egoism, as a hereditary germ! 


Religion is a threat to humanity. Those who promote religion is a misanthrope, and would, in reality, the end of humanity.

… “Religion is an epidemic and freedom fighters worldwide have to do everything to stop this unnatural religious behavior.

… Some countries and religious organizations promote their religion as if it is a human right, but religion is evil, inhuman, and amoral. Get rid of all religions, the religious robber nests!



… Believers are generally evil and mean people, and if they are not already, then one day they will become worse due to the brain poisoning with which they were poisoned during their upbringing, with the venom called religion!


 Already, the fact that people maintain and help perpetuate a religious fairy tale by helping to keep their offspring stupid and backward so that discrimination, manipulation, and the big bad lie called the Faith of God as an inherited disease persists reflects their evil nature.

With their belief in God, they are only too happy to immerse fellow humans in permanent illusion and misery. Religion is undoubtedly the personification of malice, inhumanity, doom, and gloom. Religion is a curse for mankind!


“If the believer had known that the brain was the most advanced application in the universe, he would have started using it.



The Aarghon (skull splitter)  


Our Godless Existence 

 “There is no God, but if God or Allah in any form whatsoever existed, they would have been long gone by our hand as the Hen and Rooster, a well-deserved punishment would certainly not hurt them.

As for the unbelievers, even though they are all bad, they will have to wait to die until Nature’s settled with them.

But the believers who ruin it for almost everyone on this planet, have a destination in the paradise den of thieves.

They are late but need urgently to “leave”, it is high time for them to go skyward to Mother Mary.

Are you in the confessional with cold feet, do but soon three Hail?

After the confession, the priest mutters, “in the name of the Lord I will soon get you ten guns!”

Oh God of armies allows the desires of your supporters to come out soon.

I will very diligently let my wand come down thunderous in the middle of their head.

Yes, I will strike hard on their religious head, so they no longer need to exist on this earth. 

Sitting on the side of their God, as they should be, floating and flying in the afterlife, as a real Cherub.

But heaven is not good fluff because believers rarely get ready voluntarily for their heavenly home.

So there you have God letting his sheep strain on earth because the faithful must not go peacefully, but violence is needed to enter the Kingdom of God.

And believe it or not, this is a rhyme of Black Pete.”


Nutrition and Education

It has been proven over and over again, that people who have only had food but no education, cause more problems than you think. 

… Most of the time, these people are normless, dishonest, selfish, hypocritical, inhumane, unsympathetic and, above all, they do everything that God has forbidden and has not forbidden, because they often don’t know any better because of the trauma of religion that has brought them through gullible old men and their religious environment were poured in.

… Teaching young has been done old, so it is nerve-wracking, grueling, and hopeless to point the right path to godly people poisoned in their lives by religion. This is because “Right” for these figures is usually just as “Crooked” as the Bible and the Quran from which they learn to be a bad person, rather than the opposite as they often claim as the crow flies.


After all, believers generally agree completely, that “Each for himself and God / Allah for all of us” is the most important link on earth between the gullible and their sovereignty.

… It is therefore advisable that religious people who have something to complain about may turn to their “Shepherd” by personally complaining to “Him” in the heavenly spheres.

… It is no wonder that believers have no unity because they are generally busy and all selfish.


Given the current religious worldview that regularly dipped into barbaric cruelty which religionists’ global perspective is killing one another with lots of fun and competition like wild animals on behalf of God or Allah, I am still very pleased that God or Allah diligently cares for their followers, by straightening out a legion of believers through religious wars in Hell, “Heaven” and “Valhalla”, where they belong.

So, God/ Allah, Heaven/ Hell, and Walhalla are of the same ilk.


Thus says the doctrine of “Vishnuh”:

“Who beliefs in an afterlife are mad, and those who put faith in the “Holy Scriptures” and are convinced that if he or she dies will be living in Heaven or Valhalla will be dead by that time because who enters the heavenly paradise is lifeless and no longer belongs to the living terrestrial Nature.”


In other words, Heaven and Valhalla are calibrated religious fantasy abodes of the gods, which the religious mankind according to their belief in God enters after death, this fantasia resorts accommodate only the lifeless.

…  So, God and Allah have been dead since time immemorial and now it is the turn of the evil believers. And to die it doesn’t require any payment, it’s completely free. Death is free of charge and not linked to money or material.

… Everyone, “infidels” and both “believers”, is free to die, rather no one is required to wait’s own natural death.

 Every man has his own life (self-determination), one can individually do with it what they want. Those who wish to die prematurely can safely go ahead and not be deterred if they themselves think it’s good for something.

… Everyone has their own opinion which nobody else has. Every individual should feel self-explanatory in which he or she creates pleasure and discomfort, and people do well to respect everyone’s opinion, but the belief in supremacy must be immediately rejected and not respected, because religions are global as an established fact since their history, contrary to all sense of justice and against humanity. 

Religious institutions, such as Buddhism which says they are not a religion, but in principle, are still known as peaceful religious schools, misbehaved at the birth of their religion just as much as the pious and religions that present Beelzebub and their god today.

…  But also the peaceful-looking folk religions will in the future, whether or not forced by circumstances, to stand up and then proceed to defend their own lives, their goods and assets to survive or to become like the present-day war-like godly mankind, exactly as they have ever been in the base before.


Therefore, the Vishnuh-Society with regard to the current religious world affairs believes that Muslims have the same rights as Christians since the latter have in earlier times hugely celebrated after their killings and massacres of innocent people on behalf of their Almighty God.

…  And to this day, Christians still daily open up all kinds of unpleasant pranks with fellow men according to a fixed pattern on behalf of democracy or what is meant by this; democracy is a new faith.


The primitive malignancies that Muslims in this present time perform against dissident faithful brothers and sisters were/ are Christian’s own. Right for one right for all and Christianity currently gets what it deserves.

… God and Lucifer and El Seytaan and Allah are the same. The gods are all unreliable and hypocritical. This is one of the many main reasons why the Vishnuh-Society does not make a deal, with people who have suffered cerebral poisoning from childhood when they are brought up. It is downright impossible to work with religious humanity.

… Religion is very bad in every way and it is the personification of human rights violations and treacherous behavior. All this is still very much going on nowadays, namely a Mecca of all kinds of violations against humanity and anti Nature which all seem to be normal for believers.


Think of the lost bullets and mortar wounds, and the atomic tests and other deadly weapons tried on mother earth. And people whose death has entered via bombardments and lethal bullet impacts can never repeat this impact feeling.

… The survivors, however, have heard about it or only seen or were sitting next to it, but cannot talk about the actual experience in question.


Most survivors have experienced death only indirectly and are saddled with the pain and trauma of bombings and attacks on their lives, but they have not yet experienced death firsthand.


There is no life after death because people who until now have become lifeless have not been able to write the impact and the manner of the transition from earthly life to (their) death.


Heaven, hell, reincarnation and Valhalla are the original creations of the human mind that were mainly intended (whether of a village community/ group with a religious foundation) to hold their own group together.

… unfortunately, these present creations of life lessons and wisdom, conceived by ancestors or generated from other peoples, later in history, took on malevolent forms by selfish religion-loving descendants, after which they slowly but surely provided the legends and legendary folktales with a religious touch, and distributed worldwide.

…  In this way, the traditional, ancestral stories and wisdom, written orally and partly Scripturally, have taken on a life of their own.



Base mental confusion 

The God Faith is shot from a base (Egypt) from which nearly all world religions have arisen and every nation in the course of history has given her own version.

… This has created a process of spiritual confusion around the world, which has been violently introduced by foreign church leaders through the ages in almost all countries. They then consolidated their self-conceived rules of life and theories by applying all kinds of tricks to the people they oppressed.

… This suppression system was then intercepted by concerned residents, copied, twisted, and mixed with politics, and taught to the people as the ultimate and correct form of the faith in God.

Simply consult Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Muslim Relations, etc.

 … Therefore, in fact, parents are primarily responsible for their children, thus mandating to instruct their offspring according to values and norms.


 And if the correct education by parents and the government is not presented according to truthfulness, but is laced with the falsehood of the faith of God, this can have negative consequences for people and the country. That is why, as usual, there are always victims and the misery that ensues is incalculable.


It is very easy to judge something when you yourself have never been involved but it’s all happened so the violent upheaval of world history by former religious rulers belonged only to the benefit of their descendants, even now.

… But the descendants of the oppressed still bear and feel the after-effects of all the disadvantages every day, just as their ancestors were once positioned by the former pious world domination.

… Fair sharing was not there then, even now!!


For example, belief in Heaven, Hell, Lucifer, and God has to do with a great deal of uncertainty that has developed as a yoke in a person’s life pattern, or which has been forced by circumstances or has experienced many disappointments, but due to a lack of life experience and knowledge is easily carried away by the vicious religious circle.

… Allah, Jesus, Krishna, or any religion whatsoever are created oppression theories of evil people which are maintained by contemporary hypocritical and wicked descendants and agencies.


It is always found that people with money and power systematically forcing their subordinates to believe weird things and that the educated fools, the low or unskilled people, and innocent children are the beloved victims of religion-related organizations.

… For example, a legion of peoples in earlier times was too intimidated by evil religious foreigners, which has now created a spiritual and unbalanced problem in relevant countries in which the epidemic disease, which is called the Faith of God, predominates in all tones, as well as in the policy of society is anchored as a rooted and never-ending germ.

… That is why this problem, religions, should be eradicated or banned without delay.


Religions and struggles are human work, mainly created and sustained by the madness of selfish people. Wanting to have everything at the expense of someone else’s life ”, “me, me, me, but the rest can just suffocate.

… And manipulation according to their own ideas or according to beliefs “are all part of the standard values and norms of the belief in God in general.


 Furthermore, mankind has bored the point of view of how warring religious superpowers have tested their weaponry on mother earth, without there being war or disagreement with foreign peoples and countries, but nature has, time and time again, become the victim of it, even still.

… The soil on which living beings live is also used as a slaughterhouse and cutting board used for all sorts of barbaric and cruel slaughter of fellow humans. This is unheard of bad!

… Nature has spoken in many natural languages, but human greed and lust for money and power did the Natural languages hitherto largely fail.


To form an image, you have to look at the thinking of people who begrudge the other person’s progress based on pure envy (jealousy).

… This behavior includes an ingrained mental distortion. As a striking example, we should look at the American lies against Saddam Hussein.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“Never envy someone else and grant them their happiness, either for a friend or for the enemy. As long as you do not grant someone else his happiness, it will never go well with yourself.

… Be glad for the other person that happiness has met him or her so that when the time is there where you are surrounded by joy and happiness, you are free to punish the other for his jealousy and hatred without any conscience.”


One of the primary malignancies of believers is that they are pathological liars in general. They lie before your eyes, just as their Bible/ Koran/ Bhagavad-Gita/ Thora, etc. is a big lie and is afflicted with madness.

…  I will now write about my own life experience. I take as an example of the religious morbidity of people I know very closely.


 They are generally unreliable and usually cause grief to their fellow humans because of their sly misbehavior. 

In addition, I have noticed time and time again that they always express themselves negatively in their sickly jealousy at the claims of others.


 They begrudge someone else for their happiness and like to lie as if it were printed somewhere.

… They are unscrupulous because they even dare to go that far by swearing passionately on the grave of their loved one (s), beloved mother, or father to affirm their so-called truth and credibility at all costs.

… Furthermore, in their mental disorder and selfishness, they only favor people who are actually just as mad as they are. They also understand the art of inciting one against another, all in the name of their God the “Lord.”

 “It is God’s will,” often comes from their throats. In other words; “Crooks promote a crook.”

 … Some of them have even almost filled their houses with all kinds of Biblical texts from a number of well-known world religions.

… Everywhere on the walls where you look, in the bedrooms, and even in the toilet one cannot escape many idiotic religious texts, while in everyday life these people fully reflect the opposite of what are all so-called wise words, which are used in the texts displayed.

These kinds of believers actually carry a curse around, because I keep getting the impression that the more they worship their god (s), the worse they fare. They adore, besides their surviving religion, everything that they find religiously responsible and think they are holy and privileged.

… Most of the religious people are so bad that they experience their wickedness as perfectly normal. In addition, many of them are fully aware of what they are doing, but to clear themselves they use the Bible absolution theory…

… People of this kind are indeed terminally ill and will remain sick as long as it does not repent and end its morbid religious behavior towards fellow human beings and henceforth regard and treat everyone equally.


 The more believers pray to their God (s), the sicker they become and their misery is incalculable in many ways. Those who have family members in this genre have torment in their circle, which is a negative sense literally and figuratively amounts to the sadomasochistic principle, “you have to get it from your family whether you want it or not.”

… And they call out at every turn “thanks to God” or “it is a gift from Heaven”, or “god bless.” But God does not bless !! 

… Also the incurable believer adores the aforementioned yell motto, they must also take for granted that they suffer in their disease “thanks to God”, they must remain consistent and not go whining or look for the cure at their fellow man (the medicine) because their disease is indeed God’s sake, so be happy and die as quickly as possible on behalf of God!

God is synonymous with sadism, so “He” is not waiting for the sick to heal. After all, it is not for nothing that He makes his loyal followers sick. God is in dire need of building materials, so believers are urgently needed to serve as building blocks for one or more of his palaces in Heaven.

… To keep up appearances for the outside world, this kind of hypocrite seems to be the sweet parents, grandparents, and nice family members, but appearances are deceiving.

… They pretend to love their offspring and other families who, in view of their hypocritical behavior, basically testify to malice, because in recent years they have repeatedly proved unfair, mean, and dualistic in their actions.

… It is therefore advisable that when this kind of person is unavoidable in the family, one should only maintain a family formality, because further contact is, for good order, unnecessary and wasted time.

… In general, everyone is bad in their eyes, only they are good, for this reason, one has to trust this kind of guest only when they are in sight.


To keep the peace, it is wise to feign happiness when this kind of person comes to visit because they are hypocritical and this hypocrisy should be mirrored.

… This, is because they probably find hypocrisy fun. Believer misfires in this genre are usually educated people who nevertheless may claim that angels piss when it rains”; they do have knowledge but no mind. 

… Furthermore, these types of figures are often retarded by thinking that others are even more retarded than they are. It is then wise not to answer their shortsighted statements, as it is well known that rain and precipitation generally have a natural cause.


Indeed, most believers are sick in their heads. They are too stupid and completely overcome by selfishness. But all that is their problem and their Scriptural calling with which they permanently mentally and physically chastise themselves.


 All these by religious people controlled countries and peoples speak of peace, justice, and harmony, but in essence, they only hear the sound of the bell so far but do not know where the pendulum hangs.


 It might be hard, but it’s true.

… Just look with confidence to the warlike and power-hungry mankind in the world around you and observe their motivation to  widespread human rights violations and other injustices against innocent humanity.” 



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“We are not a fan of the countries and peoples who have not learned from the past, these are the ones that nowadays continue the established colonial lifestyle and way of thinking in a democratic jacket.

… The former oppressed who swear to religious learning from their former oppressors are despicable traitors to their ancestors and culture. “They actually have almost nothing of themselves, almost everything belongs to another that they never will belong.”

One of the evilest consequences of the writings that the Bible is called is the existence of the Vatican.


In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit; amen.




From the fictional story of Jesus of Nazareth, is a worldwide church organization emerged, which for centuries has managed to go from a unique housing, against all fact, continue to present as the club that has the exclusive right to the proclamation of charity and how to exploit.


The credulous people who support this imposed colonial belief in God are unconscionable daily fooled, using the Vatican itself written Bible, that Jesus will return to earth to redeem mankind from evil.

… There will be generations come and go, but the man who according to the Bible, Jesus was called shall never rise again.

… Dead remain dead. Only Nature lives forever…. and mother Mary, the woman with the headscarf on, called the mother of Jesus their God, was born in Morocco of a noble family, who in later life with her husband Akhbar emigrated to Turkey, in the country where the first Christians came forth, between the Tigris and the Euphrates, the former Mesopotamia.

… Unlike the real Jesus of Nazareth was the character, Jesus, as it is portrayed in the Bible and romanticized created by Michaelangelo and commissioned by the Vatican. The God of Jesus was an ordinary man.


… Did the Vatican Jesus conquer sin? Nay! 

… Has this Jesus helped the poor? Nay! 

Does this Jesus conquer death? Nay! 

… Does this Jesus, the little children who die daily, taken up? 

… Nay! 

… Is this Jesus the God of justice and peace? Nay!

… Father, Son, and the holy spirit are what is taught about the Trinity. Where is the woman going?


The trinity is elementary from an educational lesson by the Greeks on family composition as the four-unit was proposed, namely; father, mother, daughter, and son. These four units were during conversion actions by the church corrupted and changed it in the Trinity; the father the son and the Holy Spirit…

…. So the woman was discriminated against for centuries through the Bible and put back, even now, and this backward form of woman violations and neglect in the course of centuries adopted by almost all other world religions.

… That is why women who are religious have no self-esteem, except those who don’t know better and are still kept stupid, because of their immediate environment.

.. In order to conceal this fait accompli of the violation of women’s rights, Christianity today is constantly criticizing women’s humiliation and degradation by Muslims and other religions, while Christianity has invented and initiated global humiliation and denial of this.

… And the main elements of women’s humiliation and degradation are still enshrined as cancer in the Biblical “Trinity,” which is still diligently handled daily by religious mankind.

… In other words, the Vatican and Christianity are hypocrites of the first degree, and the indisputable fact that God and Satan or Lucifer are the same, speaks volumes.

…. Faith is blind. Faith is not certain, but it is nevertheless accepted, usually by people who like to be forgiven for their evil deeds. Religious people believe that Jesus was white because his image was presented white by the ecclesiastical power who brought this delusion to the world through the Bible, while the same holy book contradicts itself in almost every way …

… When the red moon appears in the 21st century, the year 1, which also heralds the new natural era, this officially enters the era or the beginning of time in which all gods play religious humanity against each other worldwide for self-destruction, referring to the massacres of the slaughter of servants of God by God, Allah. 

… Remember, God and Allah, are Satanic entities because Lucifer is the personification of God and Allah united in the Devil in person, translated as the evil religious humanity.


With a lot of blood and unbridled violence, religious humanity wins a place on this earth through centuries of oppression and atrocities against humanity and the living Nature.


And so will the religious humanity also descend into the Sjool and completely perish by their own manufactured belief in God, they will not escape the curse of the damned.

…They have, after all, the continuation of the curse, which is applicable to all religions, put into effect by virtue of selfishness and self-conceit.


 Terms such as; “when one dies it appears to the supreme court; the Last Judgement is only the Almighty Creator; God windmill turns slowly but surely; every man will be held accountable in the afterlife for his sins, etc. are all Bullshit theories or the insane statements of mindless people who only act as a conduit of the established religions.

… God does not exist, and the Devil nor Heaven, Nirvana, Valhalla, and Hel.

…  God and Devil are on Earth under the braincase of the gullible, of ignorant and evil humanity, and Heaven and Hell encompass the living environment of what folksleaders have created for good and evil. Everyone will one day go the way of all flesh, for dust you are, and to dust everything returns.

… Every living creature will ever go the way of all flesh, you are dust and life returns to dust.

Even the greatest pious people, good-hearted believers, and unbelievers, the wicked and cruelest, innocent and peace-loving people have suffered severely over the centuries before they died, and was this also God’s will?

… No way! … but every living being dies one day, one sooner than imagined and the other later, and this is painful or painless, and it makes no difference whether one has done evil or good for the past few years before dying.

…  Life is unscrupulous, as is the death that is in everyone. After the death of every wretch, perpetrator or good-natured man, and so on, new life is born daily and the circle is complete.

… But anyway, everyone has a hope that I will certainly not take away and my hope is that when my time has come here on earth and if Heaven and Hell do indeed exist and I will come face to face with God and Lucifer, that I will not be forgiven towards them, but I will unconditionally direct them both to the eternal hunting fields so that they die time and again as punishment for what they have done to innocent humanity without mercy and incited their followers to all kinds of atrocities against humanity and living nature.

… I am a warrior, I fear nothing and no one, and I also like to fight even further into the belly of the beast, as soon as my time here on earth is over. 



Earthlings and their Creator

 Nature has created everything and anything that Nature has created as a work of art. Beautiful and ugly, straight and crooked, top and bottom, and so on, are all products of the human mind.

… Some things are ugly or unsuitable for one soul, but for others, they are beautiful and ideal for personal use. Everything that a person perceives as unsightly, beautiful, monstrous, detestable, or inhuman comes from his own interior, and the brain of man represents danger, good and evil.

… Everyone is free to use generally accepted concepts according to their own way of thinking, taste, choice, and feeling. Therefore, nothing and no one is more or less than any other, all of us are living beings sprouted from this earthly Nature. So, living creatures, despite their variety, are equivalent to each other.


The least people can do to promote mutual harmony by at least be honest towards their fellow man. This is because the fellow man on a natural basis has the right to know where they stand with someone. That is why we are honest in telling our fellow humans how we think and how we will act in the event of a threat. Just take it or leave it.

… Honesty is not a religious norm, but a Natural Behavior, which is reserved for anyone who loves everything that Nature has produced and still produces and is deeply rooted in living Nature. 

… Life is for everyone in its one-time earthly existence and the amalgamation of individuals encompasses part of the Natural Law of reproduction and unity for the preservation of life on this living planet earth.

… To guarantee the continuation of this earthly life, individuals need each other until death separates us or until interaction with Nature is no longer possible, or until the elements of nature are about to collapse, which renews after the implosion of the Earth will transition into other new life forms as a duty imposed by Nature to life.


 Why would humanity not apply the Naturally Simple Condition of Life, namely, “Be glad when you wake up, for sleep is the friend of death.


Joy stimulates the magnetic flow in the human being that attracts joy and positivity and permanently reinforces the will to stay healthy and alive, on the understanding that every individual has the right to self-determination. 


 Always be positive, how difficult it is to bend your mind to think rationally. He or she who speaks with a “pure” spirit follows the fortunes inextricably closely as his shadow.

… Happiness is usually based on the material plane, which is an interaction of several lifestyle factors.

… Happiness involves “rather unexpectedly getting” what they wanted to accomplish things without having done much effort.


Even though it is a long wait before this happiness is there, remember, that man should not wait to be perfect on this earth.

… Man must create his own happiness because life waits for nothing and no one.

… The life of every living creature is unperturbed steadily until life ends prematurely or naturally. 


How can a person (spirit), full of care and unrest, understand the way to self-realization? The non-understanding comes from your unguarded thoughts that cause more harm to man than his worst enemy.


But when man controls his thoughts by not going into the doom-thinking, no one, really no one can be as helpful to man as his own thought power.

… All impressions come from the brain. Our thoughts are forces that indicate that we are what we think, so we are arises from our thoughts.


With our thoughts, we create the world in general, complete with benefits and burdens. He or she who speaks or acts with an “impure” mind follows the difficulties on the base as the wheels of the cart before the horse. 


 A cobbled street is usually flattened and landscaped with small stones, but a street with annoying boulder areas is not possible. When one studies the thought, one will see a large number of small minds, the movement smooth on the surface.


He or she who is observant of small minds may be able to take big decisions so that the quality and the sequence of the small minds lay the foundation of great deeds.

… Please be aware that the power of thought is a method to overcome changing improper attitudes and thoughts problems.


 Also, the power of thought creates the energy that is the driving force of inspiration to achieve the objective.

… The energy released by the power of thought is equal to the energy of intuition, the natural impulse that comes from the heart that is pure in every living being.


Keeping the mind pure creates the best and most effective decontamination tonic to prevent crimes against humanity and Nature.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“Life is a permanent fight because fighting is tantamount to death. Who gives quits this battle have not yet learned the value of life. Destroy ignorance which is the cause of fear. When ignorance is destroyed, the cause of the fear disappears. “


… Nature, who is the creator of life will help mankind to uncover the truth and to free themselves from malicious fiction so that the true meaning of sincerity, truth, reality, and spirituality by people may experience in their lives.

… With spirituality, one gets closer to Nature who is the creator of all life, and not by any religion. The human being aware of their own self and realize that it will find this peace and tranquility.

… Consciousness is the greatest good of mankind, and the religious stories that exploit people and make them dependent, tell the biggest nonsense about Hell, Nirvana, Valhalla, and Heaven, which does not exist.

People are earthlings and we all belong to the human race, other living beings on this earth (flora and fauna) are also earthlings shot by the elemental force of Nature.

… Nature is comprehensive, it is present in every living creature. Nature has ever produced a prototype of every living creature with the instinctive tendency to conserve the species with the aim to sweeten the lives of everyone.

… It is high time that not only the freedom of religious expression is enshrined in the Constitution but also gives the freedom not to be religious, and to live accordingly.


 Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“Life is tough created by evil creatures, but righteous people are the destroyers of malice where honesty should be. Living beings are responsible for each other to make life more pleasant for everyone. This is the purpose of life, live, and let live.”


 The earth will ever perish, but the matter (atoms) that the strength of the globe is formed will after earthly implosion become another permanent form of life that will also thrive on the same earthly principle of life “live and let live.”

Nature is the undisputed creator of life, and will always exist without God.

The spirit of Nature, so the universe is greater than all gods!

Take the example of the bees, which die out as it is done with humanity. Everything we do and everything we are is determined by nature. Life is fleeting, only Nature has eternal life; Nature is the creator of life: credit where credit is due.”

Thus says the doctrine of “Vishnuh”:

“Muslims call themselves the children, sons, and daughters of Allah, Catholics and Christians also identify themselves as sons, daughters, and children of God; this is also the case with all other religions worldwide where they rely on derived or to be created by their God, the Lord YHWH, Christos, Krishna, etc ., but we Vishnuïsts are children, Sons, and Daughters or living beings of the “Comprehensive Universe or the Almighty Nature.”

 By Gurubesar:  Lancar Ida-Bagus