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The old-Javanese word “Putuh” ( Poetoeh) is the designation for an instructor (male/female) and devoted follower of the Vishnuh-Society (See rules of procedure for Vishnuïsten.)


The candidate Putuh (member) must be someone who:


1. – is human,

2. – is peaceful,

3. – is honest,

4. – is faithful and reliable;

5. – is not selfish,

6. – is not greedy,

7. – is not racist and not haughty,

8. – has a sense of responsibility for his fellow human beings.




1) The membership.


Anyone who wishes to become a Putuh / member will then be provided with this registration form and the rules of procedure of the Vishnuh-Society.


2) If the registration form is completed in full and provided with the signature of the person concerned by the Vishnuh-Society, the society will then confirm that the entry agrees with the content of the rules of procedure.

… The new Member (prospective Putuh) will receive an admission notice and an invitation for the first acquaintance within 30 days. This then only takes place after the member has met all conditions of registration.


3) The training to Putuh in Pencak-Silat, Breathing, and/ or Movement learning takes place step by step. Progress in learning is person-related because each member determines her own learning pace.  

In addition, the training in physical and mental training takes place not only in a gym but also in the open air (such as the park, car park, etc.)


4) All the aforementioned provisions also apply to members who prefer private lessons instead of training together with others. 





The Theory: – is given in the form of lectures both individually and in groups. Those who want private lessons or who want to train separately can also obtain these.




De Putuh learns to master physical Pencak-Silat fighting skills. One not only learns to train individually but from the initial stage one also practices with each other (ie in a group).


The Scriptures: – the Putuh learns to know the Lontar and Sanskrit signs, – to be familiar with Javanese in word and script,  – to know the Kawi and Sanskrit expressions.


The duration of the course:

– a lesson day lasts 3 hours and a lesson weekend (Saturday and Sunday) involves at least one nighttime training in the open air.


Study books:

 -In the course material developed by the Vishnuh-Society, all substances that are important for your study are processed, so you do not need separate textbooks.




You take care of your own:

 – a- write supplies;

1-black 23-ring folder and paper,

– b- black jogging suit or black wide clothing.


* The Society Address


* Colleges are given at various social addresses in the Netherlands that also function as social space. Overnight is possible for those who come from afar (among other members from abroad.) Furthermore, the joint address is accessible daily for members who:


1 – desire extra meditation, individual training/ education,

2 – in spiritual and social distress,

3 – want to relax spiritually (mental relaxation),

4 – want to isolate themselves from the outside world for a period of time.

5 – just want to come to visit.

All the aforementioned facilities are in accordance with the philosophical attitude of the Vishnuh-Society, that it must always be available and accessible to members. That means concretely: who needs; knowledge, advice, love, compassion, protection, shelter, and help
(as far as this is possible within the capacity of the Vishnuh-Society) will also achieve this. 



 1. The old-Javanese word Murit can be used for both sexes and means “pupil” in the doctrine and is only used in connection with the association of which one is a member.


2. A murit only learns the Pencak-Silat doctrine in association and has no obligations towards the Vishnuh-Society, but as a member of the association where he or she is registered according to Dutch law.


3. A Murit (read Moerit = pupil or follower) learns in association to master the Pencak-Silat techniques and other relevant related disciplines.


4. A Murit is also allowed to become a member of the Vishnuh-society, on the understanding that he or she is no longer a member of the Pencak-Silat association from the moment of entering the Vishnuh Order. Or one is a member of an association under the auspices of the Vishnuh-Society (murit of the association), or one is a member of the Vishnuh-Society (Putuh-Agheng / Putuh), this to prevent conflicts of interest. 



By the Vishnuh-Society