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By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus








If nobody says anything about it.


If nobody says anything, that something is abnormal;

If no one says anything, evil remains the boss;

If no one says anything, evil continues to grow;

If nobody says anything, the ignorant remain stupid;

If nobody says anything that human love does not come from the gods;

If nobody says anything about human love, it is a direct fact of nature;

If nobody says anything, people have contempt for life;

If nobody says anything, people do not like nature;

But one who wants to experience the purity of nature in all its pomp and splendor, one must have an appreciation for life, as the natural world has for life.


Divination / Fortuneteller & Medium


There are laws against divination and fortune-tellers, which are not complied with by the legislator. Divination is punishable by law in many countries, and no advertising can be made.


… In spite of this, fortune-telling in Western countries takes place daily by fortune-tellers. No legal action is taken because no clear guidelines have been made to ratify those existing laws, which can limit fortune-telling and fortune-tellers.

 … In other words, there are laws against it, but they have no legal power and can safely be referred to the dinosaur era.

Clear laws must now be introduced in order to protect simple-minded and naive fellow-men from abuse and fraud by so-called fortune tellers and mediums.


Fortune-tellers are otherwise very intelligent people and skilled in reading the body language of their prey. With suggestions, they can also make a lot of statements to use this against their victims, but they themselves remain very dark in the background.


Someone who seeks answers from a medium usually hears something that seems personal. And mediums are people who claim to be able to communicate with the deceased and to be able to make contact with them through the spirit world.

… They get it from something up there. Where from above and what kind of something they mean, that “Joost Vondel only knows.”


Mediums are therefore very crafty people who use all kinds of tactics and formulas to make their tale credible, so that gullible people, without realizing themselves, can be sewn with ease.

 People who consulted a fortuneteller were often told what they really wanted to hear. Some ex-visitors, therefore, insist that a fortune teller had predicted specific things that have all come true.

As a rule, this is a lot of general nonsense predictions, loaded with meaninglessness where unsuspecting people see the truth and of course become completely lyrical, while in most cases they could have predicted the prophecies themselves.




One of the many scam methods is the so-called Cold Reading with which a medium praises itself in Heaven.

Those who want to be able to protect themselves must study this matter in order not to fall into their trap. One must be able to cope with the influences of the charlatans, who simply want to earn money from the problems of others.


The Cold reader uses several tactics to get naïve people to believe in that medium and waste their money. And if they only know the name of the father/mother / loved ones of their victims, the mediums can indulge themselves through the media to amaze their victims.

 … This trick is usually used not only to cheat underdeveloped people but also to the smart asses of society, who believe that they are immune to nonsense such as fortune-telling because of their learning.


 In terms of knowledge, these learned figures should be sharper in spirit, but in this area, they are obviously the friend of the morons, because of a backward element in their mind, which still dates from their educational background.


 Asking for money for baked air may not be advised under any circumstances, but must be strictly advised against, as it is a pure scam. Also in cheating therapy, the so-called alternative therapies, which esoteric people like to grab, are too good to be true.

 … It is of course not forbidden for people to spend their money on it, that is their right after all. And if they later find out that they have been cheated, they should not lament, then they should have known that hot air does not fill the stomach.

 … They should not have been so stupid by going into beautiful stories based on the end of the rainbow, where a leprechaun waits with a pot full of gold coins and a basin with a life elixir.


Unfortunately, there are distressing cases that deserve a lot of attention so that weak-headed and naive people can be protected against their own stupidity.

 … Especially the adventurers in this area realize their thoughtlessness only when they are wasting away.


In general, people who want to explore these regions must be well informed before they can commit foolishness that can affect their future lives for the worse.

 … The legislator must therefore no longer delay making clear laws, which must be tested by law, to prevent this common deception or to make it punishable.


Anyone who can apply tarot cards or astrology well in his séance can profile himself as a fortune-teller and provide readings on a paranormal platform. And the themes with which soothsayers usually work are the abstract areas such as love, money, work, and health, which relate their statements and predictions to someone’s background and origin.


For example, the soothsayer can approach the above-mentioned abstract areas at will from all sides, which is important to many.

 … A lot of women and men regularly visit a fortuneteller, but the promised wealth that awaited them is still to come to this day. And the inveterate bachelors who intended a prince or princess on a white horse are not yet richly married, most of whom are poor bachelors who have remained single or married to another fortune hunter.


Fortune tellers and mediums can be found worldwide in all peoples and races with their own titles and methods.

 … In Suriname, for example, the quacks call themselves “Bonuman”, “Piyai-Ingghi”, “Duman or Duvrouw” and the bad variant is the so-called “Wisiman” and “Obiaman.” In Asia (Indonesia) it is called “Dukun”, which besides masseur also practices “Guna-Guna” (black magic), then you have the” Shaman “and other unknown dark Indian “guru’s.”

 … And the pandit (Hindu clergyman), who also does not want to stay behind and also contributes in his own way with his undefined mantras, which largely come from his own contribution of which a small part of his credibility is generated from the Vedic scriptures for his goals.



Especially in the poorly disadvantaged countries, including Haiti, Indonesië, Surinam, Nigeria, and others, the profession of “Bonuman” seems to be trendy and executable by everyone who has a little bit of courage.

 … There are already many hijackers on the coast in those countries so that the present profession will not be beneficial for beginners. Because of this, this dark profession of Sjamaan or witch doctor is no longer to be taken seriously, because everyone can do it and almost everyone does it. 





… In itself, the theatrical healing method of these native herbalists looks innocent, but on the other hand, the most pathetic of all this is that they are convinced that they have special powers and that their inventive hocus pocus actually offers to heal.

This is very sad. A toddler would say, “can I play too?”


In reality, these kinds of local scammers have as much knowledge as someone who knows nothing about it and has no magic power either. What they do have are courage and self-confidence.

 … Furthermore, they brew drinks and ointments with all kinds of herbs and claim that the drinks and ointments, because of their medicinal properties, have healing effects, while their concoctions are usually filthy, as are the ointments; they rummage like the devil with all kinds of self-fabricated amulets.

 … They also invent on the spot a variety of nonsensical spells, derived from Biblical texts, and then they mutter out this abracadabra, in absurdly incomprehensible gibberish that is explained as the language of spirits.


Walking on shards of glass and on fire is not an art for those who have been trained in this and have enough calluses under their feet, but for the still-present disadvantaged, illiterate, gullible, and ignorant people, these laughable quacks are, in their eyes, the great wizards.

… It is so childishly simple there, for in the land of the blind there is a one-eyed king. And there is no shortage of fairy tales. 




And the feeble-minded, gullible, naive, and superstitious listeners listen breathlessly to all this rudimentary foolishness and look with awe at the narrow-minded performance of those mediums, bonumans, or witch doctors, completely convinced of their magical powers, because they want to be fooled.


This popular deception and superstition are not only practiced in Suriname and other disadvantaged countries as an everyday activity, but these follies occur all over the world. So also in the so-called civilized and rich countries.

… People who seek their salvation in this kind of business do not know better than most, and others have grown up with dark values and remain stuck with them.

 .. And that almost no one dares to point out this kind of laggard to reality is probably because people prefer to stay aloof to keep the peace and do not feel like putting their noses in someone else’s problems.


Everyone has their own lifestyle and is free in their experience of living. Furthermore, everyone has their own opinion on what nobody else has?

… After all, everyone must know for themselves whether or not they want to go out with the cuckoo, right?



“The Medium or fortuneteller says: I see a dark immediate future, you will soon lose a lot of money.” That is € 10, – please.

.. You are certainly going to have a bright future with a lot of money, but you have to be careful, there is a danger on the lookout, be careful with it.

… Logical that it is undesirable for a medium, when her/ his client told further, to have been a fortuneteller because he is afraid that his customer may be changed to other thoughts by an unbelieving Thomas or skeptical family member, acquaintance or friend so that the soothsayer can still whistle to his cash flow, which he/she thinks he has created with his new or old customer.


Predicting the future is impossible, but the past can be traced by gathering information from all kinds of sources. If someone could predict the future, it would mean that the future is unshakable. Otherwise one could not predict him.

… Typically the well-known religious touch.


The future is not fixed, only the super believers think differently, as their fate. Yet most of the believers complain to their neighbors about noise, or they report their rapist, or they betray the thief or complain to their partner about domestic violence, or they lie altogether or they agitate against someone who is bad in their eyes, instead of taking everything that befalls them negatively as the will of their God / Allah, Insha’Allah.

 … But when the good happens to them, for example, they win a prize at the lottery or elsewhere, or they receive a gift from friends, acquaintances, or strangers, you never hear them say “No, I do not need that!”

 … And if they win a cash prize, they are immediately ready with their debit card to see if the money has already been deposited.

… They are also very quick to call, while they are shy and reluctant in everyday life, to ask when and how they can receive their prize at the postal lottery or can expect the day of the possible deposit.

 … And when it comes to a gift voucher for an apple pie from a baker or a dinner at a Chinese restaurant or a voucher for free pizzas at any Pizzeria, they are like the chickens and know exactly the opening hours of the baker or the eatery and the shortest way to get their prize.

 … In fact, most of them wait patiently for hours before it opens. And when they get a gift from friends and acquaintances they almost always say “Thank you.”


 So, most of the gullible humanity obviously does not settle into the well-known fate when it experiences the negative of it, which would be predetermined according to the book of God.

… But only when fate brings them luck then they are waiting with a pious face with open arms to receive “their fate” with both arms.

 … In other words, “the fate” that is under the control of Peter waiting at the Heaven Gate to allow successful churchgoers into Heaven or pious baddies to refer to Hell is not actually taken seriously at all, but only acts as a religious supplication to be pious on earth.


Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh:

“Whoever clings to his belief in God must also be fair, sincere, and ready for the consequences that God’s faith brings and must accept it irrevocably and remain consistent with the good and evil that befalls him or her. … Whoever rests in this is obedient and a faithful one, but he who is unfaithful to his religion in regard to good and evil is a hypocrite for which there must be no place between the living so that God’s will in this happened on earth.”


It is with gullible people as with the bottom. If the believers go well, they ask too little of God or they hardly care about him, but if things go badly, they suddenly ask too much.

 … To this end, they burn frantically candles and the dusty psalm songbook is drawn out of the bottom drawer of a cupboard to give praise to God so that he hears their prayers.


But sensible people whose eyes have opened will only curse God with the irrefutable realization that unconcernedness, nonchalance, cruelty, and unmercifulness are the hallmarks of God and the Bible that are approved in many ways by so-called humane religious fanatics.

 … And to corroborate the wickedness of God in goodness, malevolent people in sheep’s clothing have united in so-called well-meaning religious institutions that exercise their way of humanity through charity projects.

… Others use vague stories, flanked or with the help of so-called angels, self-invented Chakra theories, or self-developed therapies that do not touch anything. And all these modern developments, supposedly for the salvation of the human mind, have been designed by the makers and intended to benefit themselves.

 … There is no doubt that some figures with their floaty are good for their fellow human beings, but usually, the bullshit they proclaim is where the healing power and evidence of healing must be fully sought between the ears. In fact, the working methods of the witch doctors in those primitive countries correspond to the working methods of the Western “baked air sellers” who have dressed their dubious practices in a modern Western jacket. The fact is, they must have it all from the gullible and naive people.

 … In reality, these charitable institutions function as a conduit of the church to exploit needy fellow men in the longer term and to continue spreading the divine evil and misery among people.


 People and institutions operating on the basis of religion are, in my view, extremely evil, because they propagate the continuation of their book of God and its pernicious fairy tales that, since time immemorial, have only brought disaster to mankind and still.

 … For the hypocritical person, religious institutions such as “the Salvation Army” meet their need, knowing that by their donation they are somehow free from their sins, which they have consciously committed in their own interest to their fellow men.

 … It is traditionally well known that the church and all saints without exception forgive all believers regardless of what they have done, as long as they put money into the church and the faith of God remains faithful so that evil continues to live among mankind.

… And these hypocrites do daily divination, because they say, “God loves all people.” So the believers are fooled around the world unscrupulously.


What amazes me is that so far no diviner has proposed to predict the lotto numbers. Nor has a medium ever predicted where, when, in which sales place, in which store, at what time and by whom the winning lottery will be sold.

 … I have often wondered why this has not happened yet because the goal is to make people happy?

… Money makes people who need money very happy, as well as people who can also use the money to light their lives.

…The person who came up with the saying that “money does not make you happy” was certainly not in his right mind.

… Money makes you happy, but greed makes you unhappy.


Predicting the future is a farce and is as fake as the twisted folk histories and religious fairy tales that occur in the Koran, the Torah, the Bible, and other religious books. 

… Telling people that family members will split up, that people will divorce, that a fight between best friends is caused by harm, that a woman will have one, two, or more children years later, that someone has cheated the other one with her best friend or someone is bewitching with a bonuman or Wisiman, etc. is something different than predicting the future.


Furthermore, almost everyone can predict the future only not very far in the future. So I knew that I would save this file on the hard drive of my laptop and that I would share this work on Facebook.

… And my prediction has also come true. Yet I could not predict this with 100% certainty because I doubted whether I would reveal my vision of fortune-telling or not.

 … However small the chance is, something could have happened that would prevent me from deciding on saving.

… For example, I could have had a stroke just when I wanted to save the file. It did not happen, but it was possible because nature is unpredictable.

… Nobody knows when the day and time comes when people die.


For example, if I predict now that I will go to Suriname in 3 years to take my seat again on my throne, and in 3 years I will actually go to Suriname, can I predict the future?

…. Everything that has to do with fortune-telling, predicting the future, or reading thoughts is absolute bullshit and pure folk scam. Just think logically and you will come to the same conclusion as predicted by a fortuneteller.


Fortune-telling is not only a matter of knowledge and statistics but also a matter of observation and self-confidence.Virtually everything that a medium thinks and wants to express is often expressed in what it does, how he or she looks or wants to look for the other.

… What will happen to someone normally depends on what is happening at the moment and what has already happened. The probability that a prediction comes up based on good observations and knowledge is therefore quite large, but it can also go quite wrong.


“A Dutch woman once told me that a medium had previously predicted that she would have three children with a foreign man, two of whom would be boys.

Years later, she indeed had three children, all three girls, and not with a foreigner, but with a Dutchman.

Five years later she got four more children, also all girls.”

… That fortune-teller was certainly drunk during that consultation.

He totally wronged, but what he did well was that the woman would marry, and this came true. Amazing, right!?



I realize very well that there are people who indeed have a natural talent.

For whoever wants to hang out the soothsayer must have the gift to read people’s minds, to be able to draw information from someone’s story through the application of psychology, which can clarify body language and other small reactions to certain letters and words, can respond well to a person’s grief and anxiety, and can consult the statistics correctly.


*** But, it seems logical to me that someone who can predict the future does not sit in a wigwam to scamper fellow men for money, but simply buys a lotto form and wins the main prize time after time.

 … Someone who is supposedly able to talk to the dead does not buy a smartphone to call but will solve the great mysteries of the past and of the present by staring at his magical globe and communicating with whom he/ she wants.

 … Someone who can read thoughts will not cooperate with a TV program to cheat his fellowmen, but go to the Casino and win money and enjoy it, buy a Lamborghini and race on the Reeperbahn in Germany, etc.


There is a difference between having expectations and predicting. Anyone expecting something to happen is usually a clear reason for this. In addition, it is quite logical that the future can be predicted to a certain extent.

… For example, if I arrive too late for my appointment, I ‘predict’ that I will be present late for my appointment.

… This is, therefore, an expectation, but the ‘prediction’ does come true, provided I am on time for my appointment.

… But this does not at all prove that I can foresee the future.


Quackery/ scam is the same as the soothsayers’ programs, which are seen on television where TV producers and the entire staff happily cooperate with common deceit to make money and to raise the ratings. It is totally fake, just psychological manipulation of a person’s mentality. Almost every fool can do that and it is completely legal.


“I predict that anyone who does not sponsor me will soon be in trouble! Completely perfect, because who does not want a fat bank account?  

… Please note: I would like to obtain and earn a well-filled bank account and my assets in a neat and legal way in order to be able to realize my projects, but not through the exploitation of fellow human beings by responding to their fears and future expectations.




The future is not fixed but depends on coincidences. And soothsayers say generalities about the future and hope that one of them will come true.


Some people are very sensitive to this, accept their situation, and find enormous support there, while these are quite general life lessons.

 … In general, skeptics get a lot of people’s shit when it comes to aliens, bakroes, ghosts, elves, gnomes, jinns, devils, mermaids, etc., and those who dare to explain their fantasy as nonsense are booed. And who compares the people who get that kind of phenomenon with having a delusion or psychosis, is very badly taken. Anyone who thinks these people are disturbed concludes this finding from his own reality framework.

 … Personally, I do not call this kind of people crazy, I only suspect that, within the Psychosis framework for all kinds of spiritual reasons, these people have partially or temporarily lost control of their thoughts.

 … This kind of person has experienced something that makes them think and feel differently. Some of them want to feel separate and meaningful towards society and behave as such, to compensate for their inferiority.


Personally, I find it difficult to start a discussion with people who observe gnomes everywhere or see fairies that are not there in reality but only appear in their brains.

 … To be able to puncture through these kinds of things, one must first be doubtful as to what some people cannot be, hindered by their imaginary world. If there is a discussion about, for example, the existence of extraterrestrial life, people appear who then claim to have had contact with extraterrestrials or even extraterrestrials.

… And the experiences they share, about their extraterrestrial experiences and existence, vary widely and speak volumes.

 … Many have been abducted by aliens and have had to undergo all kinds of physical and sexual tests of which some were sexually abused, such as Mary the mother of Jesus. She was, according to the Bible, still caught by the holy spirit and got pregnant?

… The latter can join ME TOO, but whether the court gets the Holy Spirit, God or the guilty aliens convicted is a tricky issue and difficult to imagine.

 … Others, tell about the wonderful planet where they come from and where Superman would be very proud, etc. Yet this craziness as coming from a twist in the human brain is not very special.

 … For centuries, part of the world population has been believing in all kinds of half-human and half-animal monsters, some of which are still worshiped as gods. 

… The peoples who so far adore these horrors are held by their ancestors generously conceited, regarded, and stupid. To this end, see the Indian population as a striking example.

 … Unfortunately, the unthinking part of their progeny continued this crazy tradition in which misshapen creatures and fantasy images play an important role.

 … And this still happens today, as does the unjust philosophy behind it, which is indiscriminately transferred from offspring to descendants as their guideline and in which racism and inhumanity go hand in hand.

 … So how crooked can one still think today?


… It should not surprise anyone that skepticism comes to the forefront of the sober thinking people that is usually answered with cynicism with plainly hurtful statements to the skeptic.

 … These kinds of discussions are provoked by some down-to-earth people, but also by imaginative people themselves so that both parties can never have a serious discussion with each other.


A lot of people, like all religious speakers, the Pope, imams, rabbis, and mullahs, are just fantasists, who try to fill a kind of gap in their lives by clinging to the (God’s) faith in the supernatural.

… And when people let themselves be heard from their skeptical side, most of the fantasts feel very threatened and react furiously to the skeptics with the remark that they are short-sighted and insulting.

 … And the fantasists do not realize that they themselves are short of understanding and do not want to widen their outlook on life because they are feeble-minded.


There is more than people can perceive or contain, that is why it may well be that some people can absorb something of it or see it in the future or travel in time.

… But it is 100% certain that the psychic mediums are reputable deceivers who use techniques such as cold reading to trap desperate and superstitious people. One should not be surprised if one realizes afterward that he is being cheated by a medium.


It happens regularly that by chance a statement from a fortuneteller has come true in someone else’s life. And chance hits occur frequently because the world is round.

 … There are always people who know with conviction that a certain fortuneteller has said things that no one could know.


Everyone is free to sponsor the other, who has guessed right, but this should not be considered as general advertising for others who do not want to be cheated.

 … It escapes most people who have experienced a positive prophecy of a medium, that in the distant past they have been talkative to someone or in some other way, but that has now been completely forgotten by whom and when.

… Therefore, many people normally do not suspect that one of their previous statements has formed the basis of the recent catchy prediction.


Again, in my opinion, fortune-tellers are very intelligent people, who know exactly how and where they can search for information on the internet or elsewhere, as well as who they can cheat on and from whom they can extract the money that can not be traced.

… For example, look at the Paranormal, or “non-scientific ways of healing.” Some skeptics also call this Pseudoscience, and I can not give them wrong.

 “There is usually a big difference between the workings of something and its explanation.


In recent decades, a large number of people have become Buddhists worldwide and others are attracting the monastery and have beneficial effects for psychological reasons, and not because of the rituals typical of Buddhism and some monasteries.

 … But for some people are searching in the wrong place and find their salvation in nature where they isolate themselves and come to rest inwardly.




Man’s brain can generate much more than just dark practices for his own benefit, because by practicing certain breathing techniques and relaxation exercises, someone can really feel that he can shut himself off from the outside world and be elsewhere, in another dimensional circle.


But how can one trace deception in this case of fortune-telling? There are institutions that give courses in the paranormal and ask a huge amount for teaching mysterious energies, while that kind of thing is based on pure nonsense.

 … And the greater the sum of money that is asked for, the greater and more extensive the deception. If they start on ‘life force’ as coming from a dark source that they only know about, then this must also be clear to everyone.


Especially the socially weak in society who desperately seek a solution for their colorless or unhappy existence are regularly the hare here.

… In addition, not only the paranormal is deceptive, but also the more widespread healing methods such as acupuncture, spirit expulsion, and homeopathy.

 … I have to say here that acupuncture does have an effect, but the customer is not told that it actually does not matter where it is pricked.

… So prick the needles anywhere in the body, and it helps. So there is deception therapy as well as homeopathy that does not contain any active substance, and can thus be classified as pure deceit.


 And devil expulsion is also a primitive form of homeopathy that formerly was used by witch doctors and native physicians to heal sick people and was explained to be possessed by an evil spirit, and even now. See

 … And an osteopath is someone who approaches the body as a whole, who wants to change functional disorders in the mobility of joints and tissues by wringing.

 … In fact, this medicine is a refined form of massage, because an osteopath works exclusively with his hands and loosens what has to be loose and massages the body so as to repair the disorders in the body.

… And massage, in general, is soothing. It is also quite logical that one feels better after a massage, but that is because the stress decreases and the muscles relax.


Furthermore, there is a large number of people who believe in the healing power of natural stones and animal products and the meat of the protected species such as snakeskin, monkey skulls, monkey meat, tiger meat, bones, ivory, claws, and nails of wild animals, etc., which all comes down to on pure superstition and primitive madness.

… Almost all common human/ physical ailments pass automatically, which people have no idea about.

 … That man believes in the healing effect of this kind of natural element comes, because man is generally ritually sensitive, as coming from the primitive group man who needed rituals to give himself something to hold on to.

… And that one can obtain energy from crystals that can be called healing or paranormal healings is the biggest nonsense there is.

 … The person who can prove something paranormal is not yet born and will remain unborn. And let Jesus, walking on water, multiply bread and fish according to the Bible, out here, because mortals can not conjure. See


That there are people who are more likely to let go of unknown and oriental medicine is not surprising.

… This is because cuddlers of alternative and eastern medicine are enthusiastic about the thousands of years of civilization of the Chinese and others and refer to their use of medicines.

 … But this is not to say, because of the use of alternative medicines for thousands of years by Eastern peoples, that in any case, it is good for health in general?

 … The church that exists more than two millennia is not doing well, in the past not and still not. Every day they just talk nonsense about nonsensical miracles of a non-existent God and their saints, and all their madness has been recorded in writing as being the holy book.

 … Thus, gullible people are oppressed, exploited, kept foolish, and made retarded and frightened again and again so that they keep giving money to the church.

* It is not so because the whole street goes to the church that it is also good? This is also the case with alternative medicines and oriental medicine, which have largely not been scientifically substantiated.


 But it is assumed that the preparation works, while the effect and healing of the majority have not yet been proven exactly, at that time not and now very briefly, which also can not point to a clear evidential value.

… Most alternative medicines are custom and based on faith, but are not based on conclusive evidence of healing.

 … In particular, seriously ill people do not mind being taken care of in a different alternative way and where incense is burned for a better feeling because their regular therapy is often ominously painful or untenable.

… The majority of critically ill people think repeatedly, “if it does not work, it does not harm either. And “naturopaths who treat this kind of sick people must be locked up”, is called several times by the best mates who are onshore. But that idea of confinement is outright useless.


 In addition, everyone must know for themselves whether or not he wants to undergo an alternative treatment.

… To keep people who are still in possession of their intellectual and mental abilities against alternative treatment is a violation of human freedom.

 … Everyone has the right to self-determination. Each may decide on his own life. Someone who is seriously ill and is looking for herbal medicine or another alternative cure and stops with his medical cure, generally also die if he continues that cure.


Herbal medicine and other alternative medicine has long since become obsolete and does not rely on curative ingredients in the herbs. Not all, but most of them.

 … For example, the ginseng root is very popular among many and is also widely used, while there are countless cases of kidney damage and other abnormalities due to ginseng use.

But everyone must know for themselves whether or not they want to undergo an alternative treatment.

 … Another known means is the Licorice extract (licorice) that is usually used in cough drinks. The licorice root is a component that is beneficial and has a soothing effect on the throat and airways but can have various harmful effects on the cardiovascular system, and by reducing the potassium concentration in the body to cause cardiac arrhythmias, with the addition of an increase of the blood sugar and an increased risk of internal bleeding.

 … You also have the “Ginkgo biloba” medicines. Ginkgo biloba extracts are extracted from the leaves and seeds of the Ginkgo biloba tree and are known in Chinese medicine. It is claimed to be a cure for cardiovascular disease, resolves impotence, corrects abnormalities in the inner ear, helps with stress and major depression, counteracts dementia, and much more.

 … The Ginkgo products are praised as a kind of panacea while the curative effect on the aforementioned disorders is not certain. It is not that when the constituents of certain herbs and tree species used in ancient times are by definition good for man as a cure for all kinds of ailments and diseases?

 … Another common herb that is also often emblazoned is Garlic. Many earlier peoples used these to remedy certain internal and external infections and to promote healthy bowel movements.

 … Nowadays it is suggested by so-called experts that garlic preparations have a cholesterol-lowering effect, prevent various types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, etc., have beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels, and can also be used for a variety of medicinal purposes.

 … There is a lack of scientific evidence of the efficacy and healing effect of garlic on the aforementioned diseases.

The healing effect of garlic is not specifically fixed, and support for garlic by local people is far from sufficient and offers no certainty.

 … We do not know more than we already know, due to lack of resources to subject the herbs in question to a thorough scientific investigation into their medicinal properties and the healing effect on the diseases as many claim.

 … We only recognize that garlic is seasoning and indeed beneficial in the fight against some infections and ailments, but not what is nowadays claimed in wide western circles about garlic and a large number of other herbs.


Many known and popular herbal remedies can accumulate toxic levels in the body, affect important organs in the body and lead to all kinds of internal poisonings, the outcome of which can manifest itself in various unknown diseases for which there is no cure yet.

 … Furthermore, many alternative products are dangerous because they contain too many heavy metals and in terms of curation are of zero and no value, unlike the regular medicines that are not a panacea but offer the chance of healing.

 … The fact that scholarship does not always stand for purity and trust is demonstrated by academically educated people who swear by Ayurvedic knowledge and promote the products they have developed from here, as the life elixirs that everyone should use to get a spiritual and physical balance in their lives.


I myself come from a community where the majority of my people depend on the healing effects of natural herbs for its health, but we only use the herbs of which we are certain that they are indeed beneficial and healing as our ancestors have established experimentally and recorded in writing.

 … That is why I strongly advise everyone, based on our ancestral findings in the field of herbal medicine, not just to use all kinds of herbs as a medicine whose effects and side-effects have not yet been tested and determined experimentally.

 … This is because the effects and side effects of most known herbs, which are used by many people worldwide as exotic (home) medicines, are largely unknown, and possibly in the longer term, can cause damage to internal organs such as the heart, kidneys, etc. vascular system, the brain, and the liver.

 … The immune system can also be seriously affected and, in the long run, come under heavy pressure and at some point collapse due to the innocent-looking herbs.

Remember that those so-called healing plants and herbs were used by the primitive humans of yesteryear, in the best way, in which animism was the beginning of their belief in God. At the time it was also assumed that, for example, a cold occurs because a spirit has started to seek shelter in the body.

 … The evil eye was also described as one of the biggest culprits and causes of all kinds of diseases and disorders. This evil eye is regarded by backward people even in the present time as a source of information and explanation for something they do not understand and often do not want to understand, thus being rooted in the primitive past.


Today there is nothing new under the sun, even in the Middle Ages homeopathy was in great demand in the form of superstition.

… This popular belief is alternative religiosity and a non-religion or science-based belief.

… It usually means that something could be caused by supernatural powers. The belief in an omen or superstition goes back many centuries.

… Sometimes an omen or superstition comes from tradition or generalization of a special event that has led to happiness or bad luck in the past, or because a certain situation has always been followed by certain circumstances.

… In ancient times, interpreting the omens of the Gods was a task for the seers.

… Nowadays superstition is culturally bound and belongs to the cultural heritage of many peoples worldwide. People who are superstitious are not necessarily religious.

… Most of the time superstition has become interwoven with folk wisdom due to circumstances, as a result of which some omens that would bring luck or misfortune have spread widely.

… An omen or interpretation thereof can vary considerably from country to country and even have the opposite meaning. Every people has a story to tell, every people has a perspective that no people else has.

It is not surprising that in the Middle Ages, where the majority of people often went to church, superstition also lived there.

… If someone fell ill, the temptation was to look for theological causes rather than medical ones.

… The illness was seen as a clear punishment for open or hidden sins at the time, so it made no sense to conduct scientific research into the occurrence of diseases or into proper diagnostics or responsible medicine. The word of God was enough to make the stupid sink deeper into the shit.

It is known that many farmers, religious or otherwise, in the days when their cattle were threatened by the plague, searched for devious ways to avert the calamity.

… Many faithful farmers did not chew at the host during the Eucharist ceremony (a “consecrated” slice of bread that was believed to have changed into the body of Christ), but took it home and buried it in the stable of the cattle in question so that the disaster that is aimed at their cattle can be averted.

… Another form of piety and superstition is set with the sign of a cross in the center of the head of the allegedly infected animal.

… This sign of the cross should guarantee the health of all cattle. God is therefore rightly called the almighty Savior when the cattle do not get sick, while the cattle have never been sick at the time the cross was placed on the head of the beast. To pray to this God it is enough to believe. The belief in words brings help that consists of pagan remains. Take the months of the year, January comes from the Roman god Janus, who owned two heads.

 Demons were thought to be able to not only cause diseases but also move air, giving people imaginative images. This is how the story arose of how a demon had sex with a human daughter while she was sleeping, making her pregnant. This is how Merlin the Magician was born from the Arthurian legend.

… This fairy tale was later incarnated in the Bible as the holy spirit that raped Mary, the mother of Jesus, while she slept.

… Anyone who says boldly that they have never been ill, knocked three times under a wooden table because then they would defy fate.

… The idea that danger can be averted by knocking it on unpainted wood is ancient. Many former peoples believed that good spirits lived in the trees and by knocking on the wood those spirits were called to help.

… All over Europe and America, there are all kinds of variations of knocking. In some countries, people knock on iron instead of raw wood.

… It is also quite logical that the peoples and countries suppressed by faith, including Suriname, Brazil, Honduras, Philippines, etc., have adopted this Western superstition through the church/mosque and made it their own. These disadvantaged peoples, unfortunately, do not know better.

 In Suriname, for example, superstition takes on horrible forms, because when people encounter a snake they not only slam it, but they also crush the snake’s eyes to prevent the potential partner from taking revenge on the killers.

… They believe that the partner can see the perpetrators in the eyes of the dead snake so that it can take revenge, while this is the biggest nonsense that exists.

The tooth fairy is also based on a very old, superstitious superstition, which is that whoever gives a failed milk tooth to a mouse, the new tooth becomes just as strong as that of the rodent.

… I cannot imagine that a person would do this, like “please sir or madam mouse, here you have my fallen tooth so that my new tooth becomes stronger.”

… At the beginning of the 20th century, a variant of this story arose in the US in which the mouse was replaced by a fairy who took the milk teeth away from the children under the pillow at night.

 … What the fairy did with it initially remained blurred, until a smart guy suggested the idea that the tooth fairy gave a coin for it in exchange for the fallen tooth. Since then, superstitious man has put milk teeth under the pillow, after which the rest of the believing world imitably imitates this change.

The superstition that those who make a wish that this becomes a reality when they see a falling star was invented by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy.

 … Again one sees here how a so-called scholar feeds the people with a superstition that is not scientifically substantiated. This Greek wrote that shooting stars find their origin when the gods look down on the earth from heaven.

… That is why it was beneficial for the believing person to pray when a shooting star could be seen because then the gods would have turned their full attention to them.

In ancient Egypt, the cat was considered divine, and the goddess Bastet had a cat’s head. Cats were highly regarded among the Vikings because they pulled the chariot of the love goddess.

 … When Christianity entered Europe in the Middle Ages, however, the view of the cat changed to dramatic heights.  The Christians were terrified of the cat, which, unlike other animals, could see and hunt in the dark. And at that time the church claimed that it was only because the cat enveloped with the devil, witches, and evil spirits.

… Black cats in particular, which represented the color of darkness, caused unhappiness to those who come walking or driving, while a black cat crossed the road in front of them. And this fairy tale is believed by superstitious people to date.

 … It was so bad that in the Middle Ages whoever owned a black cat as a pet or even fed a black cat, risked jail or even the gallows.

… Up to now, black cats have been killed everywhere in Europe for superstition, mostly by religious animal butchers and people who are stuck with the superstition that still exists.

… Needless to say, I would like to point out that the oppressed countries have followed in the footsteps of the European superstitious religious world.

… No wonder that in those underdeveloped countries the superstition is the most violent that is regularly supplemented by stakeholders and interwoven with national legends and local stories.

… It is therefore not surprising that black cats are killed globally every year throughout Europe, but killing cats is also a normal matter in countries affected by superstition and the religious virus.

… But oh, this is no news at all for the believing human world, because the killing of cats is perceived by almost everyone as completely normal.

… That is why a cat hangman almost never ends up in the cell, except when the mass protests against it, which means that an animal hangman can end up appearing in the cell.

… This is all for a public appearance, this cat killer is usually outside again the next day as a free person, and is eagerly looking for a new animal victim.

A lot of children all over the world play a game where they are not allowed to step on the joints between the sidewalk tiles, the hopscotch game.

… This game has its origins in a medieval superstition that the cracks in roads, floors, and walls were gates to the underworld. This idea was renewed when believers introduced a racist children’s song in 18th-century England. The children in England sang at the time: “Step on a crack and your mother’s baby will be black.”

… This song represented the inferior position of the black person as a whole and is one of the many ways in which the Catholics or the Christian-educated children were encouraged by the elderly to become racist even now!

Many people don’t yet dare to walk under a ladder. This is wise in itself because at least one does not risk getting a splash of water.

… In fact, this is an age-old superstition, because in the Middle Ages every city had a gallows to hang criminals and other wandering scum.

… The gallows field with all its death and suffering was a great source of superstition and horror, and the executioner often used a ladder to climb into the gallows to control it.

… The executed person hung in the triangle between the ladder and the gallows, so the people thought that their spirit was in this area.

… According to the superstition, people walking under a ladder would, therefore, be hit by disaster or death. Another story is about the Egyptian God Osiris. It would have descended from heaven with a ladder, just like the ancient Persian God Mithras, who was later worshiped by the Roman soldiers. Because the gods used ladders so often, it became taboo for people to walk under them so as not to stir up the wrath of the gods.

Many brides who are walking to the altar today wear a white veil without realizing that it is based on ancient superstition.

 … The Romans thought that evil spirits were staying around the bridal couple hoping to crash into the accident.

… The bride, in particular, was very vulnerable to this, and she received a veil to keep the evil spirits away.

… The tradition that the bride is followed by bridesmaids in the same clothes is meant to confuse the evil spirits.

… The use of carrying the bride over the threshold is also a Roman invention.

… According to them, evil spirits were at the threshold who could take possession of the bride through the soles of their feet. That is why she had to be carried into the house by her husband.

The idea that salt spilling brings misfortune can be traced back to the Sanhedrin infiltrator, in particular, Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus to the high priest Caiaphas and consorts.

… In the wall painting The last supper by Leonardo da Vinci from 1498 can clearly be seen that Judas knocked over a salt shaker as a sign of his betrayal.

… But the superstition about salt is much older. Salt was very expensive in ancient times because it seemed to magically preserve meat.

… The Greeks could even buy slaves with it. According to the superstition, the accident caused by spilling salt is averted by throwing a bit of it over the left shoulder.

 That’s where the devil is, who gets the salt in his eyes and gets blinded.

… Salt was an important trading tool for the Gods as well as for the people. Salt was sprinkled on the heads of animals sacrificed to the gods. Later, by imitation peoples, fruit peels and other things were thrown over the left shoulder instead of just salt.

… Salt was also used to conclude binding agreements. Salt tampering used to be associated with an accident in several ways, including:

– It displeased the gods

– A waste of money at the material level.

– It became a sign of broken trust.

In many countries, salt tampering is still associated with an accident or a fight.

… This fact is also passed down from generation to generation, without knowing its origin.

 … It is therefore very ridiculous that people today still believe in this absurd display.

Whoever finds this kind of superstition in someone, be on your guard, because superstitious people can do and think strange things. They can put innocent people at risk or do harm because of their delusions and gullibility. And it doesn’t matter who the gullible person is, it can be loved ones, friends, acquaintances, or close relatives, because your worst enemies often belong to your immediate family.

… Nobody knows what is going on in a person who regards his religion or superstition as the foundation of their lives. Therefore, caution is advised in all respects when dealing with such persons.


It is not surprising that the collection of superstitions was introduced by stakeholders and the church and brought it to its followers in a very sophisticated way.

… The church was sometimes able to give a place to pagan superstition (for example by celebrating Christmas at the time of the Germanic festival of light), but more often it was necessary to intervene when former cuddly pagans continued to go too far with the Christianization of pagan customs, in particular, we are reminded of the infamous Inquisition past.


 But it is precisely the obligatory belief in perfect reason and perfect logic that makes modern people long for something else, something that does not need to be explained or proven.

… Unfortunately, the superstition through the back door returns to everyone’s misfortune, because superstition drives people to nasty things. That this superstition has got stuck in the Third World countries, including Suriname, Philippines, Honduras, Africa, etc. can be called pathetic.

… And not to mention the Arabic-speaking countries, especially where Allah includes the master plan of the Islamites. This is because the Quran is a copy of the Bible so that even in those countries where the Prophet Muhammad is honored, the superstition developed by the Germanic people has lingered as a fixed part of their lives and religious experience.

… This former superstition has in some cases been distorted by the Arabs at will and is considered to this day as their ancestral and Allah-ordered culture.

… Look at the superstitions of the Muslims. You just have to fart and Inshallah or they also have an appropriate superstitious explanation for that, which is based on the purest religious idiotic.




Not all naturopaths are unreliable and not all herbal drinks are ineffective, but normally naturopaths and alternative medicines often offer patients the chance of illusions on what they want to believe themselves, but that the drinks and ointments are medicinal is simply between the ears.


 There are known cases of spontaneous healings, but these did not come from Eastern natural remedies nor by Ayurvedic treatment techniques. Therefore, people become more aware, wake up from your dream of the illusionary world, and come to reality!


Nowadays modern man has made almost everything into money and thereby made himself the owner and also the seller of baked air. And this baked air has become a way of surviving in a society where “Right” is bent to “Crooked.”


Also the healing method of prayer to the merciless God/ Allah, I place under the alternative umbrella of baked air, occult, homeopathy, and divination. And although man prays every holy book daily, prayer remains the supreme stage of quackery, which, as traditionally, does not help man for any nut, regardless of the prayer service and joint prayer session of any ecclesiastical institution.

 … Because behold, the religious community has created a Satan to intimidate and frighten people. Then she tells that people can resist that fear, which was thought up by themselves, with the Word of their God. This is what the believers call the truth, and that their God offers protection when they pray.

… And the same religion forbids all activities by which a person comes into direct contact with evil spirits, while for centuries she herself has falsified the notions of sorcery, divination, spiritism, and the calling of spirits to subdue, Christianize and keep mankind stupid.


 Religion has brought forth innumerable evil spirits (malevolent people) throughout the ages and, together with these, has been drawn to genocide, oppression of innocent peoples, and to worldwide human rights violations on behalf of their God.

… And now must the sick and tormented man pray for healing? That is why prayer as a healing means only unscrupulousness, which, like religion, is the ultimate form of pure scam.

 … These evil extremes not only keep man stupid and backward but above all stimulate malice and normlessness, which is to the detriment of everyone.

And God, the “evil religious humanity,” still exists today, who is constantly striving out of his own interest to hurt mankind, exploits it, and, as a bloodthirsty vampire continually tends towards far-reaching crimes against humanity.


… And all the evil that this unscrupulous God (the evil religious humanity) has consciously inflicted on his victims, he manages to condone through all sorts of self-invented constitutional, democratic, and established legal formulas.

… In this way, God (the evil religious humanity) assures himself in the life of his immunity, by continuing to preach his religious nonsense and by keeping the gullible humanity stupid.


By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus