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By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus




The tree of good and evil.

Only the decorations and the lights are missing! 


What is a Christmas party?

Christmas is originally a “pagan” celebration that originated in various variations in the low countries and in a large part of Europe before the first era. Later this Christmas spirit has spread to all parts of the world. 

… The heathens, as the dissidents and indigenous peoples were formerly called by the evil Christian world rule, celebrated the solstice of the lengthening of the days and the approaching spring.

So, Christmas was celebrated by the pagans at the moment when the days became longer again, on the shortest day of the year ± December 21: the feast of light, and that’s where the Christmas tree comes from.


The festival of lights is a time in winter when the Germans, who had not yet converted to the Christian faith, care about each other and live on in peace, but later became horribly beastly, greedy, and inhumane when converted to Christianity.

… As far as I am concerned, from its original purpose, Christmas is indeed worth a celebration, that summer is approaching again and the days are getting longer again. Anyone on earth can celebrate this party at the Christmas tree without believing in Jesus or in God. The fuss about Jesus is bullshit of the religious order.

In short: atheists celebrate the light festival, the festival of peace and love. In that case, they celebrate having a good time with family and friends. For the presents, just like with Sinterklaas.


The Romans later turned the pagan Christmas into a Christian festival when the Roman Empire became a Christian Empire under Emperor Constantine. To prevent the Gentiles from becoming angry with them, the Christians have kept this feast, but they have gradually given it a different meaning and invented the birth of Jesus.

… The Catholics have dedicated this day to the birth of Jesus to make it easier for naive Gentiles to believe in the Christian God.


“Christmas has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus nor with God.”

The mid-winter party is therefore much older than the Christian celebration of the Christmas party. The two were cleverly interwoven by the church to inculcate their message of the birth of Christ into pagan nations without robbing them of their own traditions.

The word “Christmas” originated from the word Christ of Christianizing and “making it Christian.”

The most important symbol of this is the Christmas tree, which also has nothing to do with the Christian celebration. It is not so long ago that a Christmas tree as a pagan heresy was dismissed at someone’s home.

… Saying that “Christmas” equals “a day of peace” is downright hypocritical if one hears this from the mouths of adherents of Christianity and other religions. After all, of all religions on this planet, Christianity has caused by far the most wars and misery, followed closely by Islam and Judaism. 

Today’s Christmas is, in fact, an excuse for drinking and eating, where people suddenly have to play peace on earth.

Christmas has traditionally been a deeply rooted feast of unbelievers, one should celebrate Christmas from the original tradition, that the days are getting longer again. Traditionally, it is a celebration of reflection, togetherness, reconciliation, and sharing warmth & prosperity.

… So, this is a party for any earthling at the Christmas tree without believing in fairytales from the Bible.

It is, therefore, no wonder that a large number of people do not strictly celebrate Christmas as a Christian holiday, but eagerly take the opportunity to build a party and give it a festive interpretation.

… Every occasion is good because they find every opportunity to give extra time and attention to each other. Cozy food and drinks with family or friends. For many people this is Christmas, otherwise, it doesn’t mean much to them.

… And if Christmas falls in the middle of the week, they get two free and paid days for free, on which nothing has to be done without obligations, and those who have to work during Christmas receive an extra allowance. That is all included!

… This tendency of good partying is encouraged today by commerce with dedication because a large number of people have completely abolished their religion. That is why a reasonable majority of humanity no longer celebrates Christmas as the birthday of Jesus but as the festival of peace and love.


So Christmas has always been a deep-rooted feast of unbelievers, but like almost everything, believers have stolen the Christmas elements from the Gentiles to make it a feast. So the principles that represent Christmas were not reserved for Christian culture.

Christmas is a celebration that everyone today gives his/ her own interpretation to, with or without a Christian basis.


It will now be clear to everyone that I personally do not celebrate Christmas or burn candles, only I watch the films “Christmas Carol” and “Scrooge” to keep myself aware of the society around me because in those films it is Too good to be true.

… The Christian world thinks “Christmas Carol” is a moving and beautiful film and “Scrooge” awakens in them the inner intention to be generous, good-natured, and honest with their fellow neighbors in general.

… When they see the film, they promise to adopt a more humane attitude and to go for fair distribution, as in the film.

… But the next day they forget their own promise and revert to their previously anti-social behavior towards fellow humans. They really haven’t learned a thing from those movies, because most of them have no sense of duty and they don’t know self-respect. Not everyone, but most of them not.


I celebrate peace on earth all year round and regularly eat and drink with people I consider to be my family members instead of the obligatory fuss every year.

… Because I mean well with all people on Earth, I wish every living being a Merry Christmas and peace on Earth based on the original Christmas spirit.

… I also thank everyone who wishes someone else his/ her Christmas wish from righteousness and original tradition.


 Because almost everyone has a (Christmas) holiday, and there is nothing to do during Christmas (shops are usually closed), it is nice to have cheerful lights at home during those boring cold days.

… And since everything is closed, you can have a nice breakfast, because there is hardly any rush. In addition, it is also nice to visit people who have nothing to do either, so one can turn these dark days into a visit day so that you can see most people you know again.

Analogously why people want to be baptized in the church, get married in the church, and want a Christian funeral, is because many celebrate Christmas out of tradition, out of the behavioral simulation, and not out of the conviction that Christ was born.

… Even the date of birth of Jesus is not correct because Christ, the son of Joseph the carpenter, was born in the spring according to world history.

… The fact is that nowhere in the Bible does it say that Christians should celebrate Christmas, and whether it is also true that Jesus was born on December 25, Joost Vondel only knows.

… Funnily enough, there is not a single believer who wants to celebrate Christmas in the spring.



 But anyone who does not celebrate Christmas on December 25th and 26th, whether one believes in God or not, cannot ignore it, then one is left with the baked pears because on those days one will be bound by many restrictions. One cannot escape this religious compulsion.

 … The Germans once developed these traditional holidays that everyone, anywhere in the world, is confronted with the annual Christmas season. The Christmas lights, the media, the music in the shops, etc.

 … Man in general is literally and figuratively forced to reflect in a festive mood. Christmas is a given that citizens in Europe and far beyond cannot escape.

Many people rightly think “who are we to turn down a party! We participate in the atmosphere, with good food, and with hypocritical love for each other. We don’t mind that we don’t care about Jesus or God. We love the lights, the holidays, the atmosphere and coziness and especially the free food if there is one!”


After the idea of the pagan feast of lights in the last century was stolen by the Catholic church and transformed into two Christian holidays, Christmas was turned into general holidays on which employers could not only release their Catholic workers.

… That is how the tradition of Christmas and days off came into being, most people are free. Remember that the Catholics at the time ruled the world with deceit and violence and that there was a church on every corner of the street to intimidate and exploit the people.

And Germany takes the cake with the celebration of Christian or Catholic holidays. But, not only in Germany but in all countries that have known colonial rule where the people were whipped into Christianity, the Christian holidays cannot be counted.

… Take, for example, Suriname, the Philippines, Brazil, Bolivia, the Netherlands Antilles, etc., there the vast majority of the population traumatized by religion is more religious than the Pope.

A salient detail is that in some Western countries from which the colonial domination plan originated, including the Netherlands, most Christian holidays that are still widely used in Germany and in the third and fourth world countries have long been abolished.

… But the disadvantaged peoples and countries that were converted and dominated by colonialism in collaboration with the Church with unbridled violence, unfortunately still live in the Middle Ages today. They have been deliberately kept dumb over the centuries so that they depended on their rulers.

… When these subjugated countries eventually became independent, the civilian population again faced a dictatorial and corrupt regime with large class differences where a small elite minority was given control over a large group of people who can barely provide for their basic necessities of life.

… Their government leaders have copied from the colonialists and have also adopted their bad manners.

… Hence the population is still spiritually trapped in the past and today with the church in the background dominated by the rich and influential elite unity of their own kind. So the oppressed of the past are the oppressors of today, and these newfangled oppressors like to look down on their own kind, following the example of their former cruel overlords.

… And today their heads of government shout very hypocritically to the people on December 25, “I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.”

… The people, in turn, adopt an example here and are hypocritical among each other. So, follow suit.

The only similarities that a believer and non-believer have with Christmas is the atmosphere, being together, eating and being free, and the decorations in and around the house and two days off, so that they can stuff themselves unabashedly!



Christmas today means…

Christmas today means food, appearance, decorating the entire house and is no longer about faith, but simply because people like to party during the dark winter days. It is a commercial and popular party with America as a leading trendsetter.

And those who do not celebrate Christmas are considered strange by the partying masses, while this is not as strange as it seems, because Christmas is also imposed by the religious government in cooperation with the middle class.

… So there is social pressure to celebrate, because nowadays it is mostly a middle-class party, like most parties nowadays, because the middle class does benefit.

… Look in clothing stores with glitter dresses for Christmas and look at the supermarket carts of customers bulging out of food, and browse a magazine and view the romantic Christmas offers from stores, companies, travel organizations, and hotels.

… You are thrown to death with it, so Christmas actually has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus and no longer with the pagan lamp festival.

… It is all pure trade for the middle class because they earn a lot of money and they also like to advise the citizen to get into debt. The customer/ citizen only gets poorer because they want everything they often cannot afford.

… Thus, usually, the money that is earmarked for the monthly house rent is used for the Christmas gifts, or they do not pay a few bills with the statement in mind “We will see the next month and make an arrangement for payment with the relevant authorities.”


But being happy together does not require Christmas to be able to have a nice dinner with your family or to be together. People have now turned Christmas into more than just celebrating the Christmas story because Christmas is a time when people allow themselves to get into debt.

… This, because Santa Claus has come and it has become super cozy with gifts from the so-called Santa Claus. That is why people are not dropping Christmas now and not because they are religious, but they want to go into debt, buy expensive things for their loved ones, spoil themselves with expensive gifts at the expense of their monthly costs and other periodic obligations.

The peculiar thing about Christmas is, although Christmas is seen by the masses as a sign of peace on earth, many don’t invite someone they don’t like, it just spoils the atmosphere, they say because Christmas should be something cozy where people that one should not be present either.

… So Christmas is also the epitome of hypocrisy!


In addition, mankind should never forget that in the colonial era between Christmas and New Year’s Eve slaves were sold, many of which were given away as Christmas gifts. Families were torn apart.

… The Christian holidays are not meant for black people at all, yet a lot of black people are religious and they celebrate Christmas on a Christian basis because they are retarded, have no sense of self-worth, and know nothing of their history, which makes their Christian Christmas celebration like a curse rests on their shoulders.

 Some blacks who know that Christmas didn’t do much good to their ancestors do make white feet in order to be loved when in fact they are laughed at by the whites who are just as retarded as them.

… Human, do your research and read. You will be well if you know better.


We Vishnuïsts do not do anything with Christianity, nor with Jesus or God, but only that we use the free Bibles, Quran, and the watchtowers of the Jehovah’s, and that we collect ourselves all year round for in the fireplace to warm our surroundings during the cold winter days.

… Even though the books of religion are worthless to be used as a guide by mankind, they still have to be made useful for something, right? And this is our solution; “The stake, the fireplace or as firewood for cooking.”

By the way, the holy books are thick enough that we also enjoy long heating.



… If a believer asks us if we want a Quran, Torah, Bible, religious magazine, or any other God’s book, then we certainly won’t say no, as long as it’s free, because we can use them for our campfire and fireplace in the winter period.

That is why I invite all religious persons and their leaders to come to us with their conversion advertisements because you are most welcome to submit your books of religion for our good cause.

… All so-called believing people who have a book of God in their house but do nothing with it, because they no longer believe in God for some reason, are hereby invited to donate those religious books to us, so that we, no longer have to burn wood for our joint campfire.

… We will not stop anyone from coming to meet us as we have a huge warehouse and can use trucks full of god related books and flyers for our purposes.

By the way, everything we do with Christmas has nothing to do with “the Christmas story”, even though we have a beautiful Christmas tree at home with Christmas.


…It is even nowadays the trend in which a lot of white scholars create all kinds of nonsense to make their exposition of the truth of their religious book credible, whether or not on a scientific basis.

… Some who put the contradictions of the divine books as plagiarism and put them in a bad light comes with all kinds of evidence to prove that they themselves have fused together to prove their neutrality and to blame their ancestors for all the evil in the past, while they themselves are sowing, even more, doubtfulness and evil through so-called scientific evidence based on the teachings recorded by their own evil ancestors and others.

… So one lie supports the other lie


Almost all so-called scientific books of the white majority belong in the trash. So fellow people begin to explain everything again, but now from a fair perspective using recent scientific evidence and not trying to validate a particular subject with outdated evidence that actually belongs to the past.


I fully believe that people should have banned Christmas 2000 years ago for the simple reason why people would be nice two days a year against one or more family members and people who could be shot or strangle the rest of the year because of their nauseating behavior against other people.


Christians have reinvented the wheel

Christmas days were once invented by religious stakeholders in collaboration with the elite class to earn big money from people every year.

In addition, all world religions have traditionally committed plagiarism on the history of former world peoples and subsequently arranged it according to their own ideas.


The Christians have stolen the idea, the culture, the customs as well as the elements of Christmas from the Gentiles and dressed them in a Biblical model to exploit the gullible people and to be able to enrich themselves.

…The Bible is related to many religions, and like all top religions, it is big on genocides, sexism, child marriage, and other horrific human rights atrocities.

… The Christian religions have the distinction of being behind two world wars, and the murder of millions of women they called witches, and the murder or attempted genocide of indigenous peoples, and rape of their culture, etc.


Read this once:


… Unfortunately, the interested gullible people who at the time were made slaves to the Bible through the application of social and physical violence did not want to recognize this exploitation formula of religious self-enrichment out of greed.

  … This because they feared a loss of bread and therefore wanted to prevent their illegally accumulated wealth from being taken from them.


Learned young is done old because the devout descendants today continue as brainless people the ancestral evil and the curse of the religion of their Christian ancestors and regard this as their cultural heritage. 

Thus, in general, religious man facilitates misery and all that goes against humanity as a curse against humanity commanded by their God.


… In spite of the inhumanities that people see time and time again, or which are guilty of, the religious person still maintains that his Bible/ Quran is “the way that leads to eternal life.”


… In itself, religious humanity is absolutely right in terms of “eternal life” according to their vision. Please note; From a religious point of view, eternal life involves a horrible religious death. 

… So just throw bombs at each other and destroy each other;… don’t be embarrassed, just try all sorts of chemical and nuclear weapons on each other;

… Let poor humanity sink even further into the shit so that they choke on their own poop and also perish on the poo of others;

… let the Africans starve and let them beg forever for food;

… watch idly how human children worldwide die of hunger and become infected with all kinds of unknown viruses;

… watch with sorrow for how poor people in third world countries suffer until death follows;

… please build as many beautiful churches and mosques as possible in those third world countries of which a quarter of the population has just enough to die and three-quarters of them have death in mind, flanked by God, Mohammed, and Jesus as their ultimate leader.

…. And so on…


That Christianity is a great plagiarist and unscrupulous gang of thieves who have unlawfully appropriated the indigenous narratives and customs of former peoples over the centuries is not unworldly.


… After all, Christianity has randomly distorted the past history, interpreted it in its own lane, and recorded it in their Bible as the Christian culture, customs, and habits. 

So Christmas is not Christian but purely pagan. The so-called Christmas days have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ.


… By the way, Jesus was killed by religious people who, according to Biblical interpretations, was a pagan because he had long hair at the time of his arrest. And at that time people were allowed to slaughter a Gentile at will. And falsely accusing them was also one of the many options.

(1 Corinthians 11: 7) For the man must not cover his head, because he is the image and the glory of God, but the woman is the glory of man.

… “So the woman is the glory of man, and the man is the glory of God. This means that the fantasy God is a gay person and is also not averse to a threesome. 

(1 Corinthians 11:4) Every man who prays or prophesies with long hair dishonors his head. 

… In other words; “Jesus was a Gentile because he had long hair at the time and was considered an unbeliever who could be killed.

… Today you see men with long hair all over the world who are religious and go to church. These are probably unaware that they are transgressing God and are basically doomed.”

(1 Corinthians 11:5) But every woman who prays or prophesies with no covering of hair dishonors her head—she is just like one of the “shorn women.”

… Nowadays you see women all over the world who think they are religious with their heads uncovered or with short hair and who enter a church.

… They are not aware that they are transgressing God and are therefore despised by their fantasy god and are on the nomination for extermination because God is unrelenting.

(1 Corinthians 11: 6) If a woman has no covering, let her be for now with short hair; but since it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair shorn or shaved, she should grow it again.

… Here the proof has been given abundantly that the Quran is an extract from the Bible. Muslim women wear headscarves.

… So, according to the Bible, Christian women who go to church have to wear a headscarf, because the headscarf and their religion belong together. Just like Adam and Eve belong together.

… One cannot do without the other, otherwise one commits an offense to God and the woman is a cursed being. So all the women who are religious and go to church but don’t cover their hair are cursed beings and hell is their only resource. 

7 A man ought not to have long hair…


Jesus then undermined the authority of the Sanhedrin. And Caiaphas and associates sentenced the carpenter’s son to death and had him nailed to a wooden cross until he died.

  … This, because it was a thorn in the eyes of those in power at the time because Jesus pointed out to the poor citizen its rights and human dignity, which was then discriminated against by the religious majority and expelled to Helios.

  In order to properly explain the murder of Jesus and to release their capital crime, the carpenter’s son was upgraded by the same group of murderers and sympathizers as the son of God. 

… The murder of Jesus the Nazarene was thus a preconceived plan of the ancient religious people (the ancestors of the Vatican) so that there is a morbid curse on Christianity to this day. The Vatican is in reality a global criminal organization that should be banned immediately. 

So it is no wonder that until now Christianity has been haunted by this ancient condemnation and massacre, so that anyone who associates with Christianity is also swamped with the curse, thus carrying malice in his bosom and suffering misery.

  … So wishing a Merry Christmas to fellow men because Jesus supposedly brought light to the people and freed them from their sins according to the Bible is great bullshit and a calibrated repentance propaganda of the church that moreover brings misfortune to those involved with it.

 … Unfortunately, many religious people around the world are being misled by, among other things, a false Christmas feeling that makes them either consciously or unconsciously walk over and plunge into a bottomless pit.

 … Perhaps the majority of religious humanity have thought they will find her savior in that bottomless pit, which would enable them to experience the pleasure of a hereafter, which has been in doubt throughout her life and even now. So search, but you will not find it! 



It is very sad to see how the peoples and races whose ancestors have been eradicated by faith on behalf of god are more religious than the pope and unabashedly share the false Christmas feeling of Christianity as if Christmas had been a tradition of their unfortunate ancestors who, under the instigation of the Catholic Church were brutally slaughtered.


… That these peoples and races do not yet realize that they facilitate self-degradation and self-denial is because they are still inseparable in an environment that has no interest in pointing the people to the reality of life according to the proposition “keeps the people so stupid if possible and she believes everything you tell them. “


… This religious behavior of popular subjection is clearly noticeable in those countries where Christianity has raged like a wild beast so that the people have not realized a religious trauma, including in Suriname, Brazil, Curaçao, the Netherlands Antilles, Colombia, Mexico, Philippines, Afrika, and also all countries where the name of God is falsely invoked, supposedly for the relief of their existence.

… And this ecclesiastical deception unfortunately still happens today, leaving the pious of the earth without realizing it will suffer the fate of their predecessors and live in misery. 

A good listener needs only half a word, but a whole word followed by whole sentences is clearer and understandable for everyone.


  The Christmas gathered by Christians is your purest hypocrisy that includes great Christian nonsense.

   … In reality, for most Christmas lovers worldwide, Christmas means 24 tormented hours, because when the Christmas spirit is over, most people again fall into their antisocial behavior and in everyday life, they face each other like animals.


… Some religious countries never stop on the days of Christmas in terms of ruthlessness and inhumanity, this is clearly noticeable in the so-called Biblical countries where the origins of the Bible and Christmas stories invented by their ancestors have gradually become a thing of the past.

… Also on Christmas time, in those countries where the original Biblical stories originated, they are gradually throwing bombs on each other, look at the Middle East, Israel, and Palestine. They try the most terrible weapons on each other there; they shoot at each other around every street corner, taking no account of innocent, old or small; they grudge each other life as a devotion to the duty imposed by their Lord/ YHWH towards each other.


Because the biblical greatness of God who is the personification of Satan has never existed, I can only attribute all the misery of then and now to malicious religious humanity who interprets the sacred scripture written by their ancestors as a guide to destroying each other.

… And then one believer wishes the other believer a Merry Christmas, while Christmas is the ultimate thought of feigned piety and the pinnacle of sadomasochism.

… In any case, the Christmas days as set out by the Catholic Church are also big bullshit like the rest of all Christian holidays and celebrations.


Fireworks, OLD, and New Year:


Setting off fireworks on New Year’s Eve is an Asian custom that was taken over by Marco Polo. During his travels to China, he took the use of fireworks in Europe.


Thus the use, as well as the setting off of fireworks on New Year’s Eve as such, has been imitated from the non-religious Chinese.

 … At the Chinese festival, it is through the simultaneous lighting of many flares and as many large mats made of firecrackers to chase away the evil spirits, including a terrible monster called “Nien”, who made the area unsafe during the winter nights. 

… The Chinese were so scared that they stayed indoors until they discovered that this monster feared the red color, fire, and noise.

 … Since then, the Chinese have known what to do to chase away the evil spirits and the monster, so that the good year can enter the good spirits.


And the Numbers?

The clergy of antiquity and especially the Catholic Church had an explanation for the many numbers that were based more on their own superstition than on faith, which was subsequently adopted by Islam and other religions. 

… Almost everyone knows the crazy number 11.

  The number 13 is called the diabolical number, or the accident number because it is an indivisible number that comes immediately after a salivating (12) number.

  The number 3 is symbolized by the church as the well-known trinity; a father, his spirit, and his son.

  The number 7 is called the number of perfection and that is three + four = 7, you have the triune god + the four earthly elements is seven. Variants of this are 777, 666, 333, 888, 999, and if you are missing a number here, please add it. There are plenty of creative people walking around in this world.



Thus the teaching of Vishnuh says:

“So you see again, faith, superstition, and beliefs only lead to waste of power and waste of precious time and energy.”

 … Most well-grounded people know who has taken the first religious steps to global human rights violations and genocide over the centuries.

  … It is also almost widely known who are the direct descendants of Biblical white-collar criminals and where the first Bible societies originated and still exist today (the Vatican.)


Believing humanity must, in fact, be deeply ashamed of the fact that it now adheres to the teachings of those who have inexorably humiliated, suppressed, and destroyed their ancestors in all kinds of horrible ways throughout the centuries.

  … Even now, albeit in a contemporary legal jacket and according to a so-called humane working method called democracy or what is understood by this!



Modesty graces the human


Thus the teaching of Vishnuh says:

The purpose of nature is to make life more pleasant for everyone and not to exploit, surpass, and dominate each other. No one is more or less than another. “


Involuntarily who wishes me a Merry Christmas is usually someone who means well at that time, but to which I never respond by default, and I do not say “thank you”, because Christmas is an illusion, given the background thought of the Christmas celebration. 

But in order not to offend my supposedly well-intentioned fellow human beings and to show them that I am not hostile towards them, I always say, “Goodbye, goodbye, and see you never again!” In other words; we will never make friends with people who are not aware of the evil background of the religious Christmas spirit, for whoever howls with the wolves in the forest to be loved cannot be trusted at all times.

  … We are Vishnuists, according to the church pagan. And as befits right-minded pagans, we in no way facilitate the misleading Christian Christmas nonsense. We are in advance peace-loving towards fellow earthlings and like to live together in harmony with well-grounded and steadfast fellow human beings. In addition, there are true limits that we permanently adhere to out of self-preservation and that is why we strictly follow the survival rules of nature in accordance with the statement “Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth”.

 As a general rule, we do not sympathize with people who are more changeable than the leaves of trees. This cardinal rule has always protected our community from figures and people who usually lack the reality of life.

… Furthermore, we enjoy protection under our main rule against people who follow/adhere to a guideline that feeds and fuels their malice and is therefore calibrated as the most dangerous predators in human form that still roam unhindered on this earth. These types of human predators are constantly looking for victims to exploit and subjugate fellow humans.

  Nature protects us from falling into the religious trap and entangled in a maze of misery, inhumanity, and injustice. In short, we are non-religious and wish to be and remain ourselves.

… On the other hand, out of love for humanity, based on the original Christmas idea of peace and togetherness, we wish every human being who is positively disposed towards us, every day good health, wealth, and success in their further life.

… Suppose that if people help each other where necessary without regard to persons and without harboring ulterior motives, then the whole world would be happy. As a result, there will no longer be a difference between rich and poor, nor will there be any diversity in race and ethnicity. Furthermore, there will no longer be any longing for belief in God and disbelief, so that humanity can enjoy this one-time life as one big family and without discomfort in life, granted by universal nature, this is the Universe, of which earthly nature is a part.


*** Please note:

“The All-encompassing nature/Universe is the creator of life. Honor where credit is due.***


             By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus