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Love each other and leave your God

 out of this




If you take a good look around and observe religious humanity, you will repeatedly discover that the majority of human beings are extremely poor, hypocritical and stupid.

… This misconduct usually manifests itself, especially when someone does not share their religion and opinion.


Who believes that a person is a good person, while he has proved the opposite in all kinds of ways, is mentally disturbed and a sadomasochist (someone who consciously or unconsciously enjoys receiving pain?


Some people continue to receive pain caused to them by their immediate environment. They accept all this misery as an emptyhead, supposedly out of respect for the elderly/ parents /family or for some idiotic cultural reason.

… Others just hang around because they know no other way out or benefit from it or are afraid to be alone and take all the shit that comes over them as sweet.


Someone who is traumatized by his religious education does not necessarily have to be religious in order to exhibit religion traumatized behavior.


So the people who claim to be non-religious despite their religious education are usually traumatized religion somewhere, but they usually comfort themselves with the words “live in the future and let the past rest.”


… People like that are insensitive and in fact, a traitor of herself who often doesn’t realize that the text she uses to shake off the past includes a typical religiously shoddy saying, which via via translates to forgiveness that she had to endure completely forgotten which means that she normally falls back into the trap of her formerly unpleasant past.


Unfortunately, this kind of naive person is repeatedly the victim of her painfully unpleasant past in traffic with fellow people because she has learned to forget her traumatic past.


… Thus, in the future, this type of victim is confronted time and again with what happened to her in the past, under which she suffered miserably.


Some people refuse to learn from the stubbornness of the past for some obscure reason that causes these types of victims to repeatedly repeat their apathetic behavior toward life.


… In her upbringing by her followers/family and the elderly, this kind of tortured human children has become socially numb and sadomasochistic, most of whom do not realize that they are somehow consciously or unconsciously enjoying receiving pain.


… Because of this, victims of this kind rehearse their past and so they always end up with misery.


Furthermore, these types of people are generally unhappy, even if they have a family, partner, and children who love and care for her.


… In everyday life too, this kind of naive person usually imagines that happiness is a one-way street. She does not realize how much selfishness has become a part of her life in which materialism is the result of her apparently peaceful existence.


… Unfortunately, she lacks the sense that she has become just as selfish as her tormentors in a detour and lacks the feeling that she is destroying more than she likes.


… In all this, she has no eye for reality and unity with another and always blames that other person for her inner unrest, dissatisfaction, and restless existence.


The sad thing about it all is that the majority of the victims assume the same behavior as those who had previously been treated badly, causing the victim, perhaps unknowingly, to project the same malicious behavior on their immediate environment, without considering this.



That’s why people, think carefully about everything, learn from the past and don’t let this past have a grip on your life in the present.


… Don’t hurt another person and don’t make another person feel guilty for what you have personally endured through the wicked people involved in your life.


… Do not saddle your innocent environment with the miserable past that you have ever had and did not like.


… Do not allow this misery to your environment, because what happened to you in the past does not do it to anyone else!


… Don’t torture your innocent fellow human, but let your past into the future forever belong to the past.


… Above all, don’t let that bad past relate to the present!


… And whoever has wronged someone else in the past, learn from that and never forget, so that that malicious behavior cannot find a permanent place in your life in the present.


Time does not stand still for anyone!


 Anyone, regardless of anyone, who has intentionally caused pain and misery to someone else is consciously or unknowingly a sadist and egoist for whom there must be no place among the living.


The fact that hypocrisy is a far-reaching phenomenon that hides in people comes to light when someone we know suddenly dies.


… Then almost everyone diligently wonders how something like that could happen. This, while the most diligent screamers did not care for the dead when the deceased was still fully enjoying life.


… Most of them run crazy and express power terms to emphasize her concern. Most shameful people blame everyone and everything for her death, except themselves.


In addition, the dead person was almost never checked for loneliness during life, even though it was in their vicinity.


… The relevant person was neglected during the time that he needed someone, because everything was me, me, me and the rest can just suffocate.


… People often pretended that the other person never existed, or it was assumed that the insults they made at the time were due to her reckless existence. Moreover, the majority has never delved into the feelings of the other.


On birthdays, the other person was rarely or forcefully called to wish a happy birthday, and no one has ever posted a photo of that other person on their wall, except those individuals who allegedly cared for her in front of another person.


But as soon as that person dies, most hypocrites look for the best photo from their photo album or search it on social media and personally write/post their condolences to R.I.P.


Most people write an endless emotional message as if they once missed the deceased when they were alive, while hating, gossiping, and neglecting the person in question.


… The majority and even a part of her immediate loved ones have called the deceased person alive for anything that was dirty.


… And many also expressed their judgment and displeasure at the dead when he was alive, while they hardly knew the person in question or barely knew them personally.


… Most people have only heard the gossip story but never bothered to be heard.


  The distorted story about that dead person has only been heard from one side and usually from someone who has no self-respect and has done everything himself that his / her God has forbidden him/her.


These are also the devils who sit on the first bench of the church on Sunday and take in the host, but before the church service is over they already have a new plan in mind to taunt someone they have an evil heart for.


… They also say that they have loved and respected the deceased during life.


… But appearances are deceptive and crocodile tears are skimming.


Some cryers show their pity purely out of sensation, and supposedly express their compassion to show others how committed and connected they are to their fellow man and humanity.


… Think of the so-called silent marches in which so-called sympathetic people express their sorrow and mourning while they practice hypocrisy in their everyday life.


 This hypocritical behavior often makes me sad as the vast majority of humanity in this world behaves religiously (hypocritically) towards someone else.


In particular, the most hypocritical among people are calling out in all sorts of cases “thanks to God”, or “it is a gift from heaven”, or for God’s sake everything goes well “or” God’s ways are wonderful “or” it was God’s will who is in heaven ”, Insha, Allah, etc.


  And to prove their religion idiotics, these figures give examples of illusory miracles in their lives that are unproven or naturally explainable, but that actually has nothing to do with miracles.


… Miracles and fairy tales can generally be found in the fictional Bible stories and in all other religious writings that religious humanity has produced over the centuries of lust for power.


So I can enumerate a multitude of religious bullshit theories from the so-called holy scriptures that are eagerly used by the so-called pious people who regularly have their mouths full of the goodness of their holy book.

This type of person is usually mentally ill. She does not want to understand that she has been retarded by her educators and therefore cannot see the reality of the authenticity of the things around her, deliberately hidden from them, so that they remain stupid in their one-off existence.


… The figures in question cannot or do not want to understand that they are prey and religion traumatized by the environment in which they were raised, so that they, as mindless people, take over this trauma and then transfer it to their offspring.


… Some of their descendants accept the religion rubbish of their elders as wisdom, so that they later, following their old people, continue the same culture of transmission.


… But is that wisdom? In general, can human beings not simply change and realize that we are one with each other and that life is originally from a natural source and not from a god?


Can humans in general not change and realize that we are one with each other?

Can people not love each other while one is still alive without religion and other cultural and racial differences playing a role?


… Can’t one just help another person who needs help and keep in touch with him/her while he/she is still alive?


Should it be that only when the person dies do they show how emotional they are that he/she is dead and that they have loved that person?


Indeed, the hypocritical and/or religious human world is brutally constructed, just as merciless, selfish and heartless as their holy book in the name of their vengeful God / Allah.


Unfortunately, a legion of selfish unbelievers also happily participate on the basis of self-profit according to the proposition “if one cannot beat someone, one must follow his line of thought to be able to continue to benefit from the other and to be preserved.”


Please stop here and help each other; do not let yourself be led by gossip anymore and do not allow yourself to be stirred up by people who are loved by you or in a good paper with you, while such acquaintances basically have bad intentions against another, to sow discord among themselves so that you become as unhappy as them.


… And above all, leave your religion outside, so that you can make a value judgment about someone and see the reality of things.



Loving each other is a human matter and not of God / Allah, because God / Allah does not exist!


… And if there is a God / Allah, then this concerns malicious religious humanity itself.


… For this purpose, just look around and see the work of the evil and religious man (God / Allah) and the misery that this causes on a daily basis to each other and to life as a whole.


Thus, 99% of all human rights violations occurred in whatever form and in any degree in the name of God / Allah / YHWH who is the “evil mankind”. As long as religion is part of someone’s life, evil in that person will unabashedly do his work on human rights violations of all sorts.

… The more religious humanity reads and promotes its so-called sacred scriptures, the more misery it engages and the deeper it sinks into the spiritual misery of thoughtless behavior than where it already found itself through its morbid desire for gossip, conceit, and thoughtlessness.


  … Unfortunately, the aforementioned violations of humanity have been recognized worldwide as the works of their imaginary God / Allah above.

 … In reality, they represent the oppression actions and the master plan of religious humanity to which they have linked the name God / Allah / YHWH in cowardice and self-protection to properly plead themselves and their malicious behavior against their fellow human beings!


People live, but let live.


By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus