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Love each other and leave your God

 out of this




Whoever looks around and observes religious humanity will repeatedly discover that the majority of human beings are extremely bad, hypocritical and stupid, especially when someone does not share their religion and opinion.


Who believes that a person is a good person, while he has proved the opposite in all kinds of ways, is mentally disturbed and a sadomasochist (someone who consciously or unconsciously enjoys receiving pain?


Some people continue to receive the pain, supposedly out of respect for the parents/ family, for another idiotic cultural reason. Others just hang around because they know no other way out or benefit from it or are afraid to be alone and take all the shit that comes over them as sweet.


But someone, regardless of whoever gives the other pain and misery, is consciously or unconsciously a sadist and egoist for which there must be no place among the living.

In addition, someone is never checked by the other person during life. They neglect the person during the time that he/she needs them and pretend he/she never exists. On birthdays, the other person is not called to wish this a happy birthday, and no pictures are placed on their walls.


But once someone dies, most hypocrites search for the best photo on social media, write and post their R.I.P. condolence.


Most of them write an extremely long emotional message as if they had ever missed the deceased when they were still alive, while they hated or neglected or often did not know the person personally. Some show their compassion out of sensation, so as to express their sympathy and to show how committed and connected they are to their fellow human beings and to humanity. Think of so-called silent marches in which so-called sympathetic people express their sadness and mourning.


Some take part in this out of sensation, so as to express their sympathy and to show how committed and connected they are to humanity. Think of the so-called silent marches in which so-called sympathetic people express their grief and compassion.


… This hypocritical behavior often makes me mourn as the great majority of humanity in this world behaves religiously (hypocritically) towards the other.


Especially the most hypocritical man among the people calls for everything “thanks to God” or “it is a gift from heaven” or with God’s will everything goes well “or” God’s ways are wonderful “etc.


To substantiate their idiocy, they give examples of illusory miracles in their lives that are unproven or natural to explain, but that has nothing to do with miracles. Miracles and fairy tales are usually found in the fictional Bible and in all other religious scriptures that religious mankind has produced over the centuries.


So I can also mention thousands of religious bull shit eagerly used by so-called pious people.

… Thus I can enumerate thousands of religious bullshit that are eagerly used by the so-called pious people. This kind of people is actually mentally ill and does not want to understand that they have been retarded by their educators.


They can not comprehend that they have been traumatized by the environment in which they have been raised, so that they, like a chicken without a head, continue to transmit their trauma to their progeny, some of whom accept their religion rubbish as wisdom.


But can not people generally change? Can we not love each other now that we are still alive without religion playing a role? Can one help the person who needs help, and can he keep in touch with him/her while he/ she is still alive?


Should it be that only when the person dies that one then shows how emotional one is that he/she is dead and that one has loved that person? Indeed, the hypocritical or religious world is hard-hearted, just as merciless, selfish and heartless as itself. Unfortunately, a number of selfish non-believers also happily participate in this on the basis of their own statement, “if you can not beat someone you have to go with his ideas.”


Stop here, help each other and leave your religion out here! Loving each other is a human issue and not of God, because God does not exist!

If God exists, then it concerns the evil and religious humanity itself. Just look around at the work of the evil and religious man (god) and the misery it causes each day in relation to each other.


And 99% of all human rights violations so far in any form and in any degree happened in the name of God/ Allah (the evil religious humanity), even Now!



By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus