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** They love the Netherlands; they say. But I have a dark black suspicion that the Kick-out guests are as hypocritical as hell **


By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus‘We-houden-juist-van-Nederland’-23646752.html



Zwarte Piet and Sinterklaas are welcome at my home. I have no trouble with black Pete and never had any problems with it because I grew up with black Piet.

A largely pathetic and narrow-minded Dutch blacks have clearly been supported in recent years by the so-called anti-racist white followers in their fight against Black Pete while a fight against all forms of religion as well as the decline in the labor market, injustice, and theft by the government of the pensioners, the abolition of the Dutch royal family and other similar matters that deserve much attention would benefit everyone.

In general, I do not see any similarities between black Piet and the black or colored population, nor in color nor in other appearances such as red lips, big earrings, and curly or frizzy hair.

That the black anti-black Piet population compares itself with this, shows a self-image of a very low level.

It will also not be long before extremist groups of “white” Dutch people will stand up and file a lawsuit against the black anti-black Pete movement, because their national party and age-old white tradition are threatened or damaged by the anti-black Pete racists. 

If the Dutch in the Netherlands, in Suriname, and elsewhere go to court to demand that the celebration of the abolition of slavery on July 1 must be banned because the majority of the Dutch / European community feels discriminated against by the black population worldwide and put in a negative light as the descendant of slave drivers, Suriname, and other African countries would be too small for the white people.

… As a result of this anti-black Piet posturing, however, it will not surprise me when a legal entity is created that will commit itself to abolish slavery commemoration because the majority of the current Dutch / Europeans feel deeply offended, also because they are approximately fiercely looked at her ancestral slavery past, while the current Dutch / European generation, in reality, has nothing to do with it.

… And if this white generation insists that slavery history and commemoration must become a thing of the past, then I will be completely behind them. This is because the history of slavery is not something of this time and therefore needs to change, but mainly because the current white generation has not been responsible for it and has never ventured into slavery.

… When soot Pete’s and other innovations to the national children’s party black Piet are honored or abolished by the so-called caring government, then abolition of other values must also be possible. It is right for one right for all, or not?

And at the end of all the buzz about black Piet, the children’s eyes only see scolding, skirmishes, and pure hatred, instead of a cozy children’s party. All of that remains engraved in their memory for life. Is this the goal that the anti-black Piet grievers aim at?

Is this the example that must be put to the children, that it is nowadays a normal thing to take away someone else’s traditional and national values?

… People are not born with hate, you teach them and feed it until it grows into an incurable cancerous tumor.

Anyone who is against racism must immediately abandon his/ her religion that facilitates racism and institutes summary proceedings with the judiciary to prohibit religion in all schools and to force the closure of all places of worship. But one should not act against black Piet, because he is unbelieving, innocent and he does not deserve criticism of his body.

Before the world mass draws hasty conclusions, it must first look at the real cause of the racism and discrimination problem. Ever since time immemorial, every form of religion has been compelling. Any form of religion has been compulsory since time immemorial. Children, the gullible and illiterate are massively abused by the religious rulers and the educated elite class for their own interest under the guise of faith.

… And those who want to believe something else are tacitly discriminated against. Almost no one interprets the faith of God as it was probably intended for so that only misery arises.

The group of Dutch querulants who oppose Zwarte Piet completely ignores the fact that the cardinal cause of racism and discrimination are the church, religions, and the religious elite class because in former Bibles bad people were depicted as black and the good people were white with yellow hair.

… That is precisely why religion must be prohibited worldwide by law and the fire in all so-called religious books that the poor world population has immersed in misery with its insane and lurid Biblical narratives.

At this time the religious fairy tales are covered with a smokescreen of human rights and charity organizations and other Christian-based aid organizations, where double-minded believers have a finger in their mouths.

… In fact, through their charity projects in Third World countries, they are pushing needy and poor fellow men a religion through the throat that should be forbidden.

… And then saying, “Look how we Christians are well-inspired by our dear Lord!”

… Remember; “If a believer says” I love you “, then the person concerned can expect the opposite. When? Time will tell and read the Bible well.

Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh:

“He who respects his fellow men will always say things the way they are because it is an unpardonable crime to keep fellow humans backward and deceived.”


And who has hitherto been shrouded in sin and engaged in criminality? They are those who profess a religion, for today the church steadily continues to mislead fellow human beings and does its utmost to keep humanity backward with its backward religious fairy tales.

Fortunately, the Zwarte Piet caricature has not achieved its actual goal that was created by the white majority at the time with the intention of achieving a distance between white and black and to consolidate discrimination, but beyond expectation, the Zwarte Piet creation is later in history turned into an innocent children’s party.

Unfortunately, the caricature “Zwarte Piet” is nowadays regularly used by ignorant dumbbells, academic stupid heads, racists, stakeholders, and retarded people to taunt colored people and whites because of their ancestral slavery in order to put the innocent child friend Zwarte Piet in a bad light.

…And it is precisely these troublemakers, legally united in legal entities, that need to be dealt with by lawfully. This is because some people abuse the slavery past to get their way and others to get a story. In this way, both parties with black minds blacken black Peter in many ways.

… These malevolent groups, the white and the colored or black population who are guilty of harassment, racism, and discrimination, must irrevocably pay the bill and be prosecuted so that it becomes clear that black Piet does not have any blame.

One has to bend over the causer of discrimination and racism and uproot them rather than deal with insignificant trifles and place oneself in a victim role. That which must stand for love and peace and is accepted by the mixed world population as absolute knowledge to this day is neither peaceful nor humane nor innocent as it is brought by stakeholders, but this raises discrimination, racism, and wickedness to global human rights violations.



Are you looking for a striking example of discrimination and racism? Travel to the Third World countries where colonialism has dominated in the footsteps of the church for centuries with its rule and distribution policy where racism has become a cultural heritage and profound trauma to the disadvantaged population. Many will deny it crystal clear because the truth is hard to hear.

Go to the country where “Jerry Afriyie” the anti-black Piet activist comes from, they discriminate against each other as if it is a pleasure while they are as black as soot. And talk about slavery. This foreman of the action group K.O.Z.P. belongs to the Ashanti people, who live in the south of the former British colony of Gold Coast (the Ghana of today).

In the 2nd half of the 17th century, the slave trade there flourished, to which the dominant tribes of the Ashanti people also zealously participated. This African people, at the time, imprisoned members of other tribes with trickery and deceit and often with brutal force, to sell them to European slave traders or to exchange them for firearms to expand their power.

… The imprisoned black women, children, and men were shipped from the West African coast to the New World. And this trafficking was halted in the mid-19th century, but in the eyes of many ignorant, Europeans went to those African countries to steal Africans to exploit them overseas. This, while the slave trade and slavery were forced to a large extent in the hands of the whites by the former aggressive, dominant, and unscrupulous African rogue tribes where Jerry is a descendant.

And in Suriname, the promised land of “Maya the Bee”, discrimination is a legendary tradition, where the vast majority of the population is more religious than the Pope and can, therefore, be regarded as ancestral traitors. For who will adhere to the religious doctrine of those who have immersed, raped, horribly assaulted, and structurally murdered their ancestors through the ages?

The majority of Javanese and Hindustani people hate the Creoles and vice versa, and most city Creoles, Hindustani and Javanese prefer the “forest land creoles” and the “forest negroes” to go rather than stay. This, while in the first place the descendants of the Caribbean, Arawak, the Surinen and the Soeroe’s known as the Surinamese “Indians” have the most right to the Surinamese territory and in the second place the current Maroon population. This, because of the contribution of their ancestors during slavery with regard to the heavy labor they had to perform under whiplash and violence in Suriname under inhumane conditions.

… But Suriname does not belong to those and the whites who came around the corner, who thereby physically and materially exploited the indigenous population or the original inhabitants of Suriname, plunged into slavery and deliberately exterminated, and later on, unscrupulously oppressed the black slave population with unbridled violence and have looted Suriname in the name of the Netherlands and others.



There was peace

 Listen, people of the area that is called Suriname today, and especially the indigenous people who proudly trumpet that they are the original inhabitants of Suriname. At first, there was peace in the Amazon, but then the English, French, and Dutch came to disturb the peace in the company of their greed, God, and the Bible.

The original inhabitants of Suriname, especially the “Surines”, have not been alive for centuries. This massacre by the colonialists of the indigenous peoples extended to the coastal tribes, the Suroeis, the Caribbean, the Wayanas, the Arawaks, and others, where the whites have vehemently and successfully sowed discord.

The current Christianized Surinamese Indian jungle and city dwellers, who have proudly united themselves with Catholicism, are in fact no longer allowed to name themselves the descendants of the 1st, 2d nor the 3rd generation of original Surinamese inhabitants. The three previous generations were not religious, they were put to work on the plantations with unbridled violence and in appalling conditions, exploited by the white invaders’ faith in God and finally brutally slaughtered.

 However, the current descendants can rightly consider themselves only from the Christianized 4th generation, and nothing more. The current Christianized Surinamese indigenous forest dwellers who are proud to have joined with Catholicism, may actually today call themselves no more descendants of the 1st, 2d, or 3rd generation original Surinamese people, but they can only see themselves as coming from the Christianized 4th generation.

 With much fanfare, these native remnants proudly say that the three colonial values depicted on the Surinamese logo, namely Justitia, Pietas, and Fides” are attributed to them by descent, while this logo came about through the guilt of the white colonialists without consent of those involved (1st to 3rd generation.)

… The groups of people who today call themselves arbitrary descendants of the original inhabitants of Surinam, should actually die of embarrassment. This, because they feel connected to the teachings of the colonialists that the slaughter and oppression of their real fathers on their conscience. It is also outrageous that these natives are proud of the relevant suppression logo ever created by colonialists in the past to conceal their guilt and thus thought to have made good, what they ever physically and spiritually have done to the original inhabitants of Suriname for God and Catholicism.

And when people of the indigenous people today deny the past genocide of their ancestors by colonialists and brush off this colonial evil with the slogans, among other things, “it used to be and now is now”, or “it was God’s will” or “let the past rest”, then these are certainly the descendants of the native traitors who at the time served their colonial bosses by betraying their peers for their own benefit.

 … The betrayal is still deep in the blood of these descendants. Where then have the own values and norms gone of the original Surinamese inhabitants, who are adored by the so-called descendants? Certainly in the book of Samuel, hidden under a gourd full of kasiri (cassava beer.) And the traditional costumes in which the natives present themselves today actually represent a pathetic heap of colorful misery.

… In reality, the values and norms as used by the original inhabitants of Suriname are no longer original as they are currently presented by the natives. In the course of the centuries, they have corrupted the originality according to their own ideas for their own sake. These indigenous people who are now campaigning for freedom and land allocation can safely stand in line with the profiteers.

… Apart from that, I conclude right here, that friendship, unity, and freedom in Suriname are only illusions because especially the indigenous peoples there believe except in the white God who has brought about the downfall of their ancestors, but they still believe in the craziest things that are “God impossible.

There’s a curse on all religions and automatically to all who have enlisted religion as their cultural heritage. So what pride symbolizes those idiotic words “Justitia Pietas and Fides” on the Surinamese logo? These Latin words have never been the ones for which they should be used. Sycophancy, selfishness, collaboration, and betrayal of their ancestors are all the Surinamese indigenous peoples engaged now and exercise, nothing more!!

… The aforementioned words “Justitia Pietas and Fides” include the curse of the ancestors on their progenies, this is because the remainder of their progenies came in the footsteps of their former murderers in association with the theories of these. 

What those religious colonialists have done was only wanton extermination of the native people in the name of God and for their own and greater glory. It is mainly the fault of these former colonial despots that the natives are not accorded any rights in the codes of law developed and written by themselves at the time, which are now imitated in Surinamese society.

… And the current Surinamese have blindly taken over all the troubles of their former oppressors, most of whom, as the colonialists also did in the past, regard the indigenous population as their cultural heritage, as backward people, and as old forest waste. 

The only band that the Netherlands has with the natives is united in “murder, torture and homicide and reverse proposition of race and nation.” This is all in the past practiced by these and other colonialists in Suriname on the basis of land grabbing and barter with their comrade’s colonialists including England. Unfortunately, the eyewitnesses nor the victims and their descendants, who experienced the doom and atrocities by colonialists on the original inhabitants of Suriname, can not repeat their testimony.

I just totally agree when the Surinamese people begin to commit to land allotment for all Surinamese citizens regardless of race, rank, position, origin, religion, creed, or political belief. But apparently, is not yet abolished apartheid in Suriname, according to include the emulation of various Surinamese communities to the outside world for their own gain and pettiness. In other words “Each for himself and God for us all.” So discrimination against each other continued to rust there and can be regarded as a cursed legacy of their former oppressors, which has found its continuation in the Surinamese population.

It is not my intention to unjustifiably offend the indigenous Surinamese population of this time or to make them feel guilty. But because most Surinamese indigenous peoples nowadays are so selfish in their living behavior and in dealing with fellow countrymen, it is therefore also wise for a neutral person to reveal the truth about the original inhabitants of Suriname. 

So the original 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations never asked anyone to be enslaved from their habitat or to be kidnapped by foreign rulers in order to be forced to work on the white plantations. They were then slaughtered like sheep and ended up in a mass grave under the blazing sun.

… And the devout heads of the Catholic Church stood there quietly and watched, not lifting a finger to help the poor Indians who were doomed by the colonial system to suffer and die horribly. The church has taken advantage of all this because the ostensibly pious church people then eagerly set out with the help of the ruling colonialists to Christianize and rob the native pagans.

… In doing so, she raped the native women at will and abused their children to her heart’s content. Nor have they spared the rod against the stubborn natives who did not wish to be converted. These were therefore mercilessly flogged by the believers and many cruelly murdered in the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN!!

It disturbs me so much that four generations later after the mass murder of the original inhabitants of Suriname by the colonialists, the alleged descendants unjustly show off the gruesome past of their original ancestors, whereby they believe they can derive rights on the basis of that horrific colonial past.

… The religiosity of the alleged progeny proves amply that they did not dig deep enough into colonial history. Their distant ancestors were the victims of the earlier legal system and belief in God that are now in force again and re-purposed and applied to the backward indigenous population. They worships with praise the aforementioned systems of oppression and considers them as their cultural heritage. This is high treason and highly scandalous!

Therefore, it bothers me so very much, that four generations later, after the massacre of the indigenous people of Suriname, alleged progenies go flaunt unfairly with other people’s feathers and believe they can derive rights, and claim based on that horrific past. Their religiosity is circumstantial evidence that they have not dug deep enough in colonial history in which their ancestors were the victims of the current legal system and belief in God, which they now adore with hymns and consider their cultural heritage. This is quite unheard of outrageous!

I, therefore, qualify their presence domestic whine like crocodile tears and the height of disrespect towards the ancestors and clear presentation of colonialist behavior. Therefore, I say, on the basis of this irreverence against the adults of this people according to the statement “an eye for an eye tooth for a tooth” … Rot on so-called descendants!

But every person deserves a second chance and that is why I now generally speak to all those who like to call themselves Surinamese: stop blaring now, restore your own values .. and claim a place for everyone on the basis of humanity, because “Everyone is human and the world belongs to and for everyone!”

… God proposes, but nature has everything. In other words “People make all kinds of plans, but it is nature which underlies everything and does everything proceed according to the natural way, because “Nature” is the creator of life, honor where honor is due.”


Hundreds of years ago

The West India Company was founded 400 years ago. At that time ships went in and out from the Gold Coast to Suriname full of slaves. Because the chamber of Stad en Lande was 1/9th shareholder of the West India Company, Groningers were allowed to equip every ninth ship that went to sea for the company. Around 1700 the chamber of Groningen no longer had its own ships. That is why she rented a ship for the occasion, De Leusden, which had already made a voyage in May 1736 for the Chamber of Town and Country, of which 280 of the 687 slaves survived the journey. 407 slaves died of hunger, disease, and deprivation.


 From the Texel roadstead, De Leusden left on March 10, 1737, for Elmina on the Gold Coast, present-day Ghana. It lay there for six months before enough slaves had been purchased from local human traffickers to make the crossing to the Caribbean




De Leusden, of the Chamber of Town and Country of the West India Company, departed from the South coast of Africa and after 44 days on January 1, 1738, it sank off the coast of Suriname with 664 slaves on board. On the way to Suriname, 20 slaves died due to hardship, as did the boss of the sailing ship, Captain Lodewijks. As a result, the responsibility for navigation fell into the hands of the inexperienced captain, Joachim Outjes.

When land came into view, they suddenly got bad weather with little visibility. The captain made a mistake in the river, he thought he was sailing on the Suriname River near Paramaribo, but realized too late that he had entered the unnavigable Marowijne River. Moments later, the ship ran aground on a sandbank, leaked, and began to sink. There was only room for about 80 people in the sloops. If they freed the slaves, the crew would die. They soon nailed down the hatches of the hold and climbed aboard the dinghies.

The Leusden capsized slowly and sank. Some 664 people in the hold suffered a horrific drowning death. 16 slaves were kept on deck when the hold was nailed shut. These adult slaves, including 2 young boys, were taken in the sloops to Paramaribo and sold there.

This is highly scandalous and the Dutch government is to blame for the murder, assault, and manslaughter, as are the other 30,000 Africans that the Chamber of City and Country shipped from Africa to sell as slaves. This is just a small sample of what happened in the slave period. And not only Suriname, but also present-day Indonesia, the Windward and Leeward Islands, and other South American countries have a lot to say about the slavery past.

… Once again…. To be a proud Dutchman one must be uneducated because an educated Dutchman would know that there is nothing in Dutch history to be proud of.

Now take a breather and read now Vishnuh humor: Laughing is healthy::

… Mind you, the current descendants of the first Creole community which arose in the slavery period, and the descendants of the later Javanese and Hindustani immigrants, actually have little or no right to speak.

… This is because most Creole ancestors with the former Javanese and Hindustani immigrants contract workers, for selfish motives, cooperated with the colonialists, and must be held partly responsible for the discrimination and social deprivation that now prevails among the Surinamese population.

… Those groups of people in question have eagerly taken advantage of the situation presented and the trauma of the slave population for their own benefit, and have gradually consolidated their ancestral position in the word and writing for their own benefit so that now there are enormous inequalities and great division reigns between rich and poor in Suriname.

… … One population group owns more than another and one has enjoyed more knowledge and education from the colonialists than the other.

… And these favored descendants, these are the newfangled colonialists, are currently jointly wielding the scepter in Suriname in every area, so that now almost nothing is left for the rest of the Surinamese people as a whole.

… Also the indigenous people there, or the Surinamese Indians, are ultimately discriminated against and disadvantaged.

… To this end, the indigenous people are regularly kept sweet with food parcels and many empty promises that ultimately result in land expropriation by the Surinamese government.
… So to speak; “While a delegation from the Surinamese government is handing out food parcels at the front door, a handpicked government group sneaks out to the back to confiscate and rob their belongings through the back door.”
… The Surinamese government consists largely of Creoles and Bosland Creoles and of the descendants of the formerly oppressed slave people (the Maroons.) In addition, it is flanked by a small number of descendants of the former Indonesian and Indian guest workers.
… This mishmash that represents the current Surinamese people has thus taken over the example of its former rulers and employers.
… These were the white colonialists who initially also promised the ancestors of the South American or Surinamese Indian tribes power and wealth and bribed them with beads and mirrors with the aim of stealing their gold and taking their lands, which was quite successful at the time.

It is certain that in the countries from which colonialists have emerged, including the Netherlands, England, America, France, Portugal, Italy, and others, racism, racial hatred, and racial discrimination will never disappear, but will continue to rest as a curse on the religious government and its sympathetic population as long as they continue to regard her so-called sacred books as their cultural heritage.

… Combating discrimination in these countries is thus comparable to carrying water to the sea.

… Not all children are fair, but in general children in any society are innocent like lambs to adults. I am giving an example of childlike innocence here.

… I said once to my ten-year-old daughter “you look like black Piet”, to which she answered enthusiastically and with an enraptured face “Yes, that’s what I want to be!”

To my 13-year-old son, I asked “if someone tells you you’re black Piet, what do you say or what are you going to do?

… “He answers” that is stupid if that person means it. I do not do anything to him as long as he/she stays away from me. “

No word about race, color nor origin from both sides. I have taught my children from a young age that race and color do nothing to judge a person honestly.

… Children are innocent and humanly do not see either color or race, but it is the educators, the family, and the environment in which they grow up that are gradually ruining the youth with blackness and inhuman behavior.

Children are basically innocent creatures, but the majority of youth not only undergo religious education in their own homes, but also in schools young people are heavily burdened at a young age with strange and incomprehensible differences that only make them aggressive in later life.

Through religion, they learn to discriminate and to distinguish between races and peoples, while everyone (religious or not) is the same.

Young children are susceptible to all sorts of influences and very easy prey for the wolves in sheep’s clothing and for the men in long dresses.

To protect the future of youth against decadence and normlessness, all forms of religious education must be banned in all schools worldwide.

… This, in order to promote world peace, because being well-religious is certainly not a condition for living in peace with fellow human beings. But the realization that the goal of nature is to make life easier for everyone in our one-off existence on this earth, that we must have the love for each other to understand each other and that we are one with everything that nature has in its bosom, means peace and happiness for everyone.

Schools and institutions that facilitate religious practices within the educational formula are undoubtedly the accomplices of the main criminals who must stop urgently so that the hidden evil no longer gets a breeding ground to and to continue in the brain of innocent humanity.

World history shows that religious leaders and heads of state have played a very important part in promoting discrimination against the people for their own sake so that racism now has a fixed place in every society.

But if the current worldwide criminal organizations include the Vatican and governments whose state slogan so far is “So help me God Almighty” and so far have the right to exist, why should “Zwarte Piet” disappear from the scene that has no criminal past?

So help me God Almighty was the former popular term of the colonial statesmen and kingdoms that have stimulated the interest holders among its subjects and peers to worldwide human rights violations.

… If the criminals referred to above, in unison with like-minded people in legal form, can continue their well-established religious crook practices today under the guise of humanity, democracy, and religiosity, then Black Pete, who is the epitome of innocence and justice, is completely at home in this society where hypocrisy is often leading.

If Zwarte Piet should become a thing of the past, religion must also disappear completely.

… Right for one Right for All! It is precisely Zwarte Piet who has the right to remain in all keys, because we hear him and see him only a few times a year how he makes children around the world happy, but otherwise we do not see him!

… But the religions, on the other hand, have no right to exist with their sympathizers, for we hear them daily and see every day how they mutilate each other and continue stoically with global violations against humanity and against nature.

… This is mainly because religious mankind, in general, is so bad that she experiences her badness as normal.

That is why this hereditary disease called religion must be irrevocably eradicated or banned worldwide, but keeps your fingers off Black Pete, which is a symbol of humanity and the opposite of religion.



If the progeny of the peoples whose ancestors were once Christianized by indoctrination and unrestrained violence by religious world rule to date adore the beliefs of the former killers of their ancestors but otherwise see black Piet as racism, then they must also be able to distance themselves from the main cause and the inventor of racism and discrimination that is a tantalus torment in their existence.

So get rid of all religions, they are hypocritical religious robbers’ nests, although this is not apparent from her supposedly charitable and compassionate behavior! So let Zwarte Piet remain himself as he was and is now left behind as a positive residue of colonial times.

… Zwarte Piet is innocent and is not aware of any harm.

Zwarte Piet is only for the amusement of the little ones and the grown-up children like me.

… I do not know the sooty piet, but the age-old children’s friend and that is black Piet.

As far as racism and discrimination are concerned, as interpreted by the black anti-black Piet movement and its epigones, it should also be clear to everyone that the anti-black Piet legal entities only speak for themselves and that their woes are not applicable to the blacks and colored people who experience black Piet and Sinterklaas as children’s friends.

… It is a blatant lie that the majority of the Surinamese and Antilleans experience black Piet as racism.

Sint-Nicolaas and black Piet have no connection with racism nor discrimination nor with slavery.

But the aforementioned concepts may undoubtedly be ascribed to the unfortunate complainers who blame black Piet and Sinterklaas for the traumatic and nasty experiences that they have unfortunately undergone through malicious and harassing people, with the result that they, as victims have proceeded to project this inappropriate behavior on innocent fellow human beings.

So those who have suffered under Pontius Pilate project exactly what has happened to them in the past to innocent fellow human beings.

… They have not learned from the past, but have become parrots in human form.

As a result, the legal persons concerned are directly guilty of various offenses, which means that they must be prosecuted immediately by “Grapperhaus” for defamation, racism, discrimination, and mental child abuse.

… Otherwise, the Ministry of Justice measures two sizes, facilitates legal inequality, and conducts class justice as usual.

… The most unfair of all this is that the alleged victims (= the anti-black-Piet figures) are generalizing so that the majority of the right-minded Dutch people suffer from the minority of the bad population who have committed discrimination and harassment against the anti-Zwarte Piet figures.

… It is therefore advisable to the pro-black Piet adherents to file an indictment against these legal entities and persons appearing for the above facts, so that prosecution of this handful of misfires becomes a fact.

The colored people who chanted during their protest march at the arrival of Sinterklaas with “no more blackface” clearly ask loudly to be deported to their dreamland.

… Can the Dutch government not meet their wishes in that respect?

And the white epigones, including FD (Famous Dutchmen) and government officials who in the media act like the goat wool socks figures and act as inciters of the anti-black Piet society, I regard as white adventurers and slimeballs with a bad conscience who want to make-up their ancestral slavery by supporting the whining of the black anti-black Piet rabble to plead for themselves.

… Dictum sapienti sat est.

If the hypocritical white anti-black Piet sympathizers want to make something good whose ancestors in the slavery period probably had a trade relationship with the ancestors of the initiator of the anti-black Piet movement that the black slaves have delivered, then they have to work towards abolishing the evil of humanity, which is called religion, at all schools that provided their ancestors with the stimuli to enslavement, oppression, and genocide of fellow men to global violation of humanity.

Furthermore, the hypocritical white zealots should advocate the abolition of the Dutch royal family whose ancestors were so conceited by issuing a license to interested nationals united in the VOC and others to effectuate slavery, oppression, and domination of distant lands and peoples.

The fact that the same organs ordered the abolition of slavery does not testify to its goodness, but may be regarded as a cigar out of its own box, because at the time they had consciously, for their own sake, without conscience, deliberately supported fellow criminals during their atrocities against humanity under the instigation of the holy book and on behalf of God.

… And if you look at this time, you will see that the old almost dying Dutch / European generation is the most racist who still tries to pass on the racist ideology to their posterity under all kinds of false pretenses, which has largely failed.

That the aforementioned old generation facilitates slavery and applauds the oppression of black people is not much to blame because the former government of the Netherlands prevailed in its educational formula, so that the racist ideology has lagged behind as a trauma with that old generation.

… Example did follow!


Jantje this, Jantje that, Jantje was a slave driver;

Johnny hit hard on the red-lipped naughty nigger;

Jantje gave that naughty nigger very hard on his fagot, And that black curly hair screamed in pain;

Jantje thought that was really nice, he hurt the little black;

Johnny kept hitting hard on the fat blackhead, but also on the butt of that thick-lipped, thieving sooty mop.

During slavery, the Negro population was subject to oppression and inhumanity.

… The purpose of this story is to remind the descendants of the slaves worldwide that their ancestors and many were used as Christmas gifts after these centuries ago and recently by the same evil system, which is called Christianity, which most black and third world countries are now very fond of.

The religious books were all written by imperialist oppressors with the wrong image to brainwash the masses.

… The slave’s Masters among other Dutchmen, Belgians, etc. used Biblical verses to justify Slavery.

 Ephesians 6:5:6

5 Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.

6 Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart.

Colossians 3:22: 22 Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord.

Titus 2: 9: 9 Teach slaves to be subject to their masters in everything, to try to please them, not to talk back to them,

Peter 2: 18: 18 Slaves, in reverent fear of God, submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate but also to those who are harsh.

The majority of Slaveholders read these verses to slaves as part of the worship services that they allowed and controlled and as a means to encourage the correct attitude of their slaves to their advantage.

… Based on these isolated verses, slave owners claimed that the Bible supported slavery and taught slaves to be obedient and submissive to their masters.

Most colonialist countries, including the Netherlands, used to be inspired by friendly leaders from other countries, after which they eagerly went out to molest, murder, and dominate foreign people in foreign countries.


 Read here a summary of the recommendations of one of the evilest Belgian Hitler king, Leopold II. Between 1880 and 1910, approximately 10 million Africans were killed in the former “Belgian” Congo as a result of the oppression and exploitation of Belgian colonialism.

… read here what the European criminal Leopold dedicated to colonial missionaries in the time of slavery, and which at the time were strictly observed by stakeholders who killed millions of people.

Father and dear compatriots:

The task you are given to fulfill is very delicate and requires a lot of tact. You will certainly start evangelizing, but your evangelization must primarily inspire Belgian interests.

… Your main goal is our mission in Congo to never teach the Negroes to know God.

… They practice idolatry, they kill their enemies, they sleep with someone else’s wife, they lie and cheat. They are bad, they don’t have to know God.

… Your essential role is to facilitate the task of managers and industrial companies so that they thrive undisturbed.

… That means you are going to interpret the gospel the way it best protects your interests that are a part of the world.

… Be vigilant in the land of the savages where the wealth abounds in their underground.

… You must prevent them from becoming interested in those interests themselves so that one day they will not overthrow you.

Your knowledge of the gospel will allow you to organize and encourage texts so that the black followers stay in poverty and have no opportunity to develop.

… Indoctrinate them, regarding “Happier are the poor because they will inherit heaven.”

… Make them believe that it is very difficult to enter the kingdom of God when one is rich.

… They must release themselves from all earthly possessions and donate to us.

… They must respect us, they are the lowest beings given to us by God.

… Those who do not want to give up their gods must die, and you must do everything to make their gods disappear.

Your action will be aimed primarily at the younger ones, for they will not revolt when the recommendation of our priest contradicts the teachings of their parents.

… The children must learn to obey what the missionary recommends, he is the father of their souls.

  You just have to insist on their total submission and obedience and promote this development of the spirit in the schools.

… Teach the students to read that and that reasoning is not allowed.

… Dear patriots, these are some of the principles that you must apply.

… The natives are born dumbbells and must remain stupid. You must not throw pearls before the swine.

… Evangelize the Negroes so that they remain forever subject to the white colonialists and that they never rebel against the restrictions they undergo.

… Recite every day – “Happy are those who cry because the kingdom of God is for them.


… The fact that the lion’s share of the aforementioned crimes with regard to slavery by the Netherlands and others in the Dutch books is missing speaks volumes.

…History clearly indicates that it was a severe punishment for a black slave to be sold as a slave to the Dutch-based planters in Suriname who treated their slaves so badly, provided very poor food and sober clothing, and were forced to extremely heavy labor.

…The slaves had to abide by the laws that only applied to them. Among others ;

A slave was obliged, after being flogged, to stand reverently in front of his master and to thank him publicly for his torture.

A slave may not enjoy a school education or in any other way.

A slave (regardless of age) was cut off his tongue when he was caught reading in a book.

A slave was the possession of the master and everything that he desired from them had to be accepted.

When a slave encounters a white man on the way, he/she must bow before him/her.

It was forbidden for a slave to marry.

Slaves were forbidden to start a family.

A white man who had intercourse with a slave or slave girl only had to pay a small fine, but the black man who voluntarily had sex with the white person was given the death penalty.

Emptying shit tons was only reserved for slaves.

It was forbidden for slaves to gather in groups.

Gambling (with dice) between whites and slaves was strictly forbidden.

Negroes and mulattoes were not allowed to wear stockings, shoes, or fitted hats. Anyone who violated this law was punished by the Spanish goat: they were tightly tied and thrown to the ground, followed by whipping against the soles of the feet.

This torture which often lasted for hours resulted in the fact that the slave in question could not walk normally for a very long time and often had to crawl to get ahead. In spite of this, he had to carry out his daily duties during his period of suffering, otherwise, the poor man got even more blows.

A black/mulatto was not allowed to marry a white woman.

A slave has no right to complain, and whoever complains was tortured.

Slaves were not allowed to walk around with objects that could indicate a weapon (including sticks, clubs, knives, swords, and other cutting and stitching objects.)

A slave was not allowed to go out on the street half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset, except if he had the permission of his master/owner. In 1760, a law was passed that stipulated that a slave who appeared in the street with his owner’s permission in the evening had to carry a burning lantern with him.

Slaves were not allowed to wear jewelry.

It was forbidden for slaves to trade and prostitute.

At the time, everyone was forbidden, including shopkeepers, to sell weapons, gunpowder, lead, and iron knives, and other stitches to slaves.

Slaves were not allowed to hold dance parties or attend funerals.

A slave was not allowed to own boats, canoes, but a slave was only allowed to sail on the river with written permission from his master.

A slave was not allowed to have sex with a female slave, only if his master needed new slaves, then the slave was used as a stallion.

Several written sources from that time that the global slave trade has kept an eye on, state that the Surinamese slaves under Dutch rule were the worst in terms of treatment than the slaves employed elsewhere in the world by other powers.


In Suriname, the killing of slaves was permitted.


It was permissible for any slave owner to beat or wound their slaves at will, according to the statement “let the whip do its work.”

– The torture of slaves was regarded by the white population as a welcome change and relaxation. Imagine this, ” nice to tie a slave to a pole or tree on which every person can apply his / her arsenal to sadistic inventions with impunity. ‘

A slave who disobeyed his master was normally tied to a pole or tree and lashed. And a slave girl who refused to please her master sexually suffered the same fate after being brutally raped. The children who gave birth to these raped slaves were called Creoles.

The word creole is the designation for the slightly tinted Surinamese and other peoples of Negroid origin.

… It is therefore understandable that the Creole community has flowed into it in some white blood, which genetically explains a great deal in comparison to the typically Dutch or white behavior, which to date clearly stands out among the Creoles.

… As an example of this I mention the “love-hate relationship”:

1- Creoles have a strong tendency towards white society and can adapt in no time to the white culture, also in terms of habit, and they are also pleased with their behavior. It is ingrained in them.

2- The vast majority of Creole society in Suriname is largely in control and still uses Dutch standards, including codes, infrastructure, laws and regulations, and everything else. In addition, she maintains almost everything that reminds her of her colonial father, and in general, the Surinamese are more religious than the most pious Dutchman and also more religious than the Pope.

… In concrete terms, this also means that the descendants of the formerly oppressed and slaughtered slaves have now become ancestral traitors because they have become absorbed in the religion of the murderers of their ancestors.

… These religious descendants do not have a shred of self-respect, let alone respect for their ancestors and ancestral history. These are the egoists of the worst kind and have absolutely no right to speak about the history of slavery or about Black Pete.

… Not only is the Surinamese / Antillean religion traumatized but look calmly into the world around you, then you will see that all Christian nations and countries that have known slavery under the yoke of Christianity are more religious than “King David” who has gathered Christianity together.

… And everything described above applies equally to all peoples and countries that have suffered miserably and under the yoke of colonialization and slavery through Islam.

3- The flip side of the coin in this and where most Creoles do not openly express is that, deep in their hearts, they would rather see the white man go than come. The other way around is also the case, even though the lion’s share of the white community is not interested in this, afraid of being called a racist, and so on.

It is worth mentioning that the emancipation of slavery was not abolished in 1863, but the slaves could only take their position as slaves after 10 years of state supervision. So slavery was abolished in 1873.

Far before that, it took more than 100 years before the war between the Netherlands and the indigenous people, including Vishnuists and part of the Maroons in the interior of Suriname, was settled to the detriment of the Netherlands with a reconciliation that took place on October 11, 1760, while the war with the group of the combative Boni continued until late 1790.

… The Netherlands rallied the indigenous people with whom she at the time fought under one denominator “the native savages.”

So the eighty-year war of Holland against the Spaniards and as it is recorded in the Dutch history books as the longest war that the Netherlands has waged is not based on truth.

… But the longest war that the Netherlands fought was against the natives, the runaway slaves, the Maroons, and other indigenous tribes in the interior of Suriname.

… The Dutch have told so many lies and twisted a lot of truths to their streets. And this is still happening today.

… These people will never learn it, but not only the Netherlands, but most of the white states are a suit of the same cloth.

So the evil Dutch and other European ancestors used to rage like animals in Suriname and elsewhere in the world to enrich themselves and to assure their offspring of a rich future.

… To be a proud Dutchman/ European this must be uneducated because a skilled Dutchman would know that there is nothing in Dutch/ European history to be proud of.

And this applies to the whole of Europe and to the nations that have allowed themselves to worldwide human rights violations in the name of their invented God.

By involving the caricature black Piet at the Sinterklaas festival, the Netherlands recognized through its own defeat and the great victory of its former enslaved black slaves who fought successfully against the Netherlands during the colonial era. In fact, the Netherlands clearly has a colonial trauma to that war.

Zwarte Piet is not only a matter of the white Dutch population but is a matter of every colorist who is positive towards Sinterklaas and Black Pete. But the black anti-Piet movement has clearly missed the boat and actually has no right to speak, on the understanding that every descendant, as belonging to the formerly oppressed mass, who adheres to the religious belief of the murderers of his ancestors, is also a standard ancestral traitor who has lost his right to speak of slavery and black Peter, and thus now has only two rights namely the “the right to clean up the kitchen” and the right to “remain silent.” Nothing more!

And the pathetic colored people, among others, the Surinamese, Antillean and African complainants, in general, do not realize that they themselves are to blame for racism, discrimination, and self-abasement by adhering to a religion that is the cause of their misery and a curse on their shoulders.

… They blame the innocent black Pete like a headless duck who has nothing to do with their deprived situation.

Put your hand in your own bosom. Whoever wants to hit a dog always finds a stick.

Zwarte Piet wants to remain black Piet as it has always been!

Dictum sapienti sat est.

The female slave drivers!

Not just the slave drivers. What we must also never forget is that the white mistresses and the husbands of the slave drivers were not as innocent as lambs.

… Not only the countertop was their only right because they rivaled their husbands in cruelty. White European women were often much worse.

… It would not be fair if history is only pooping on the male slave drivers. White female slave drivers were often far crueler than men when it came to corporal punishment and manipulative traits to punish male and female slaves for getting their way or pushing their way, with a few exceptions.

During slavery, African mothers were forced to breastfeed white babies after delivery. So the newborn white child was refused breast milk by its own mother and a slave mother was forced to use her breast milk, which is intended for her own child, to feed the white woman’s child.

… This was the situation in which many African slaves in Suriname and elsewhere in the world found themselves during slavery and which led to the death of thousands of slave babies.

At the beginning of slavery, African women worked on the plantations and stayed in their huts. But as slavery continued, they proved to be very industrious and strong. Then they were given duties to work in the slave owners’ living quarters, such as cooking and cleaning for their mistresses. Many women were raped by their masters and often with the approval of their white mistresses.

 When a white mistress had children, African slave girls were forced to help care for the children.

There was a common belief at the time that breastfeeding required a lot of energy so that white mothers would lose shape and figure.

… They wanted to look attractive to their husbands and not be stressed. So they refused to breastfeed their own babies and then forced African slave mothers to take on their role.

… However, she did not care if the babies of the African slave girls died of malnutrition.

White mothers’ initial refusal to breastfeed their babies resulted in the deaths of many white children. When the white women saw that the babies of the raped African slave girls were healthy and survived the early months of their childhood and how their babies flourished, the mistresses of the slave drivers became jealous of the African slave mothers.

 Something had to be done to hurt the slave mothers and suppress their joy. The only way was to let their black babies die of malnutrition so that the slave mothers devote themselves to the white babies.

Also, as soon as she had a child, a slave mother was hastily assigned to a white mistress and forced to breastfeed her white baby instead of her own black baby.

 By the 17th century, wet nursing (as this was called barbarism) by African slaves was very popular in the white homelands, including America, England, and other overseas countries.

Long before this wet nursing became a practice, white doctors had discovered that continuous sucking of a sexually active woman’s breast would lead to breastfeeding.

And to fully maintain their filthy colonialist practice, slave traders and slave owners have often abducted newborn babies from their slave mothers.

… And since the mother no longer had an infant, she had breast pain so she had no choice but to breastfeed the white mistresses’ babies. These African slave girls were beaten and milked like cows when they were reluctant to feed the slave owner’s babies.

In some cases, the child of the enslaved mother and the white child would grow up together in their younger years. Often both babies were conceived in the same period by the same man, the slave mother was raped by the slave owner.

… And the children of rape were called children of the plantation.

 The white child was often kept with the enslaved women until the child’s family decided it was time to take their child back. But because of the unfavorable and unhealthy living conditions, many of the white babies died in the hands of the slave mothers.

… Because of this, the slave owners thought that the enslaved women killed them intentionally in revenge for the rape and for their abandoned and dying children.

The slave mothers were then forced to move into the white owner’s house during the mourning period, and they were viewed with contempt, followed, maltreated, and finally murdered.

Some white women were rejected by their husbands after the death of their own children, causing white women to hate slave women.

… And this hatred for the slave mothers was mainly caused by the evil manipulations of the slave masters.

These are practices that took place during the era of slavery well beyond the abolition of slavery.

A lot of black Surinamese have asked me not to write about these things. They believe it all happened in the past and that the human beasts that committed these crimes along with their victims have long since died.

… But I refuse to keep this story a secret because the Creole generation knows little or nothing about their ancestral past and history.

… Most of the descendants walk around monkey proud with a cross on a chain around their neck, unsuspecting that the cross has meant destruction and suffering for their ancestors.

… The cross is the symbol of oppression, slavery, rape, genocide, and human rights abuses carried by evil people at the instigation of the Bible and in the name of a nonexistent God. And even now !!

Slavery is part of the Surinamese history and of the journey of the black ancestors. Many of the topics that face Surinamese and Africans and other discriminated people around the world are by-products of the psychology of the slave masters. They then passed on this submission and malicious idea to their children and they passed it on to the generations after them.

The racism and contempt experienced by the Surinamese/ African diaspora abroad are not new. They are an expression of hatred in the colonizer’s genes.

… While not every white person is racist, but the system is inherently designed to mistreat black people in Diaspora.

The conclusion is that the slave masters with their extreme wickedness were out to enslave the negro population for life and let them backward.

… And all the misery that the enslaved people have endured for centuries has been, in principle, largely caused by the treacherous, greedy, and unscrupulous African tribes who kidnapped the ancestors of the Surinamese Negro population from their villages and resold them to their own profit.

… And these African tribes that have made slavery of their own kind were the ancestors of that Ghanaian, the so-called Anti-black Piet activist, who should actually be very ashamed to feel insulted and discriminated against, in a country where the idea of colonialism blossomed.

… He will never be able to make good of what his ancestors used to do to his countrymen, so that silence is best for him and a very wise choice.

… And the whites who join in the wake of the Anti-Zwarte Piet movement to be interesting would rather keep their mouth shut because in all keys they have no right to speak at all.






With regard to black Pete and humor, I want to say here that my family consists of colored people. But outside of my family, my other family is quite large (Vishnuists) with a variety of skin colors from white to black, the latter of which are the inside of their palms and the underside of the feet are white and which we also jokingly say, that it is is because they often walk on all fours like monkeys.

… And because of the excess pigment they have, they also give off.

… None of us feel insulted or humiliated by it, but we all laugh heartily about it, it is humor and laughter is healthy. We only see the person behind the color.

And anyone who is of any race or origin is not an issue for us, because like monkeys and other beings living on this earth we are all earthlings, and only this counts.

But in Europe and elsewhere humor leads a double life that bears the nickname satire and that gives malicious people a cover to insult others with impunity.

… And the victims of this satire must then listen to the insults because it is slanted humor based on criticism through parody, irony, sarcasm, pastiche, and caricature.

It is laughable and not real.

… But if the satire or humor flows into violence and is reflected on the initiators, then hell breaks loose on earth.

… Take an example of this “Je Suis Charlie.”

And often when I look around, I see very clearly that it seems as if each population group and race comes from a different planet because they usually can not and do not want to interact with each other for personal or cultural reasons.

… They talk about humanity, solidarity, and everything else, and they have all sorts of sacred books, lawful laws, and rules from which they should draw an example.

They have a Bible, a Torah, a Koran, a Bhagavad-Gita, etc., but all of their books together belong in the trash at home as they are not a guideline to be able to preserve the peace and harmony between people.

… And thus earthlings or aliens live together on this earth ball as originating from distant habitable planets in the universe, but nowadays live together and are unevenly distributed on a large surface of the earth according to the proposition “each for itself and God (egoism) for us all?

In other words, the aliens that the smart scientists and many hope to see and that is expected from the universe are already on planet Earth without this being noticed by the supposed scientists.

We are Vishnuists and have neither God nor sacred books that can show us the way to the truth that leads to eternal life.

… In short, we are not religious and see again and again how hypocritical our religious fellow man is.

… Not all, but most of them.

… They laugh with us and tend to be friendly and moderate, but we have no illusions because believing humanity is more changeable than the leaves of trees.

…Furthermore, we are straightforward, humanitarian, and interdependent. In contrast, I often wonder why religious people in general armed with sacred books and supposedly protected by their dear and all-powerful lord / Allah / YHWH above, despite all those benefits, cannot live together like us under this earthly atmosphere?

The answer to this is that the believers will be happy in heaven only after they die, regardless of what they have done in life on earth against fellow human beings and against each other and the unbelievers are happy on earth and will inherit it.

… In fact, it is meager comfort for those who have not received a map of their church over heaven during their lifetime on earth.

… This is partly due to the fact that the church has not yet received a floor plan from God about the place in the space where it is actually domiciled.

I sincerely hope that the religious people who have died will know where heaven is, or that God, the angels, and Peter will take care of them along the way so that they will not get lost in the immense universe and float beyond heaven and disappear forever into nothing.

Regarding the Sinterklaas entry on November 17, 2018, concerning the national disturbances, I believe that it is far from neat and senseless when someone uses violence against his non-violent fellow man to clarify his own views.

… In addition, it is just as indecent and inhumane that the mayors have allowed the black anti-black Piet movement with its moaning about racism to harass or displease young children at their children’s party and have ruined this. This is extremely irresponsible!

I can well imagine that at such a moment the patience of righteous people will run out to silence those cowardly black Piet haters because the little children could not defend themselves against those empty-headed KOZP racists at that critical moment, all adults who ruin a children’s party for their own sake. After all, is there enough room to manifest on another day and to express an opinion, but not during a party where children are involved? Isn’t that the ultimate cowardice?

… The Zwarte Piet haters were therefore chased away with loud cheers and, because they were naughty, appropriately received the rod from the Pro Zwarte Piet supporters. I am in principle opposed to all forms of violence, but at such a moment of spiritual child abuse, I would also like to use unbridled violence to force those stinkers to remain silent to justify the children’s party.

And Hooligans or not, the end justifies the means. But the ones to be held responsible for the violence on that day are the mayors and the Dutch government. They are jointly and severally liable and the main culprit of child abuse, child terrorism, and the riots around it and must be prosecuted by the judiciary without delay.

… In custody with those guests! It must have been done with the immunity of government officials. To this end, the state system and the constitution must be amended immediately.

… It must be possible for them to end up in jail for serious mistakes that they have made, where they can think about their mistakes in peace as any other citizen who has committed one or more mistakes.

But, stay away from black Pete, because believe it or not, this is a compilation of Zwarte Piet.

The people who give in to the will of the stranger will lose more than culture, then it will die out. The reality is hard, the whole world is hard.

The people who give in to the will of the stranger will lose more than culture, then it will die out. The reality is hard, the whole world is hard.
By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus