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By Gurubesar:

 Lancar Ida-Bagus



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The step to world peace





It is my mission to create a large family of Vishnuists worldwide and to find common ground wherever possible by working together in a world of reason, logic, and unity.

… You are not welcome with us if you believe in god (s), for those who believe in a god have not yet learned the lesson of life and are thus incapable of loving his fellow people, nature, and all its facts.

I feel obliged to speak up and condemn religious untruths because I believe that my indifference to the suffering of others makes me just as guilty as those responsible for the suffering of others, which is why it is best I can do to condemn and shame those who take pleasure in abusing people who use religions as a predicate.

People, in general, should be encouraged to criticize and ridicule religious lies. Especially when this mental sabotage creeps into government law and enforcement. People need to see how dumb this shit is. Because nonsense that is destroying humanity and their irrational nonsense that is imposed on everyone and everywhere without a shred of single verifiable evidence to support the nonsense deserves nothing but ridicule.

Religion is legalized madness, and a mythological story that never happened requires a mythological bogus God who is of course useless in a real situation. You often cannot convince believers that there is something wrong with their books of God.

… The point is that one cannot practice religion without hurting someone. Even the slightest actions have an effect. And the consequences of superstition and religion are obvious to ignore. Any act of practicing religion strengthens the root of superstition and communalism in a society. It normalizes the idea that it is normal to act unreasonably when it gives man a sense of meaning. It normalizes the idea that it is okay to marginalize another community with a different belief if their beliefs or ideas threaten one’s beliefs that were themselves assumptions and not a fact at first.

 … Religion, regardless of which, is inherently people-oriented. Yet when a society is dominated by religious beliefs and opinions, while completely ignoring what these nonreligious individuals want, these anti-theists should not have the right to ask what makes these fairy tales and superstitions so important that prefer to hold on to seeing every injustice and harm caused by them?

  People should learn to be better people for themselves and for their fellow human beings, without expecting anything in return such as a magical place after death. One of the hallmarks of delusional thinking caused by childhood indoctrination is incorrigibility. Man made heaven on earth and at a certain point also hell here on earth, only death has to decide the fate of man. And karma is pure nonsense to scare the people so that their conscience does not work.


Thus says the teachings of Vishnuh:

“Every living thing dies at some point, but God can’t die because he’s not alive.”


 I don’t hate religion, but I hate using religions to abuse and destroy humanity! Religion has always been a weapon used to oppress people and make people think they must suffer in order to earn a place in paradise. So I hate the weapon and those who wield it against innocent peoples. Christianity invented opium for the masses in the Western world and while innocent humanity practiced humility it was robbed.

Religion is a form of ignorance that is passed on from generation to generation and limits man’s ability to find the truth. Theists assume that they have justice and superiority because of their beliefs that are totally misguided.

Religion is harmful to the mental health of billions, they make a few people filthy rich and politically powerful without deserving such a position. Furthermore, churches don’t pay taxes, they get involved in politics while getting away with child abuse.

I am well aware that most of the people in the poor third and fourth world countries do not have water to drink and not many people have access to good health care, but I see their governments are using their collective resources to send some religious pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia and Israel with the promise of an abundance of everything they lack, but none of it comes, except more developments in the countries where they bring their own money.


 Religion does 4 things effectively;

1.divides people,

2. controls people,

3. deceives people,

4. brainwashing people.


Religions are the antithesis of ethics. They have splintered the species into more than 4,000 warring infallible species, causing the conflict from time immemorial, continuing unabated in the Middle East, Africa, and all Third and Fourth World countries, and fueling culture wars in Europe and North America.

 … In addition, religion’s almost unanimous bans against effective contraception and sex education have plunged the uneducated in Third World countries into the worst poverty. Those underdeveloped peoples there make children like rabbits and multiply like rats.

… In those countries, they do not think about the consequences of overpopulation and maintenance of their children, because the Catholic Church/religion urges them to have more children and forbids them to use contraception because God takes care of the children. The endearing scene in which Jesus says “Let the children come to me” is not exactly the standard of how children are usually treated in the Bible.

 It says in the Bible that children are to honor their father and mother, but that parents are obligated to treat their children well is nowhere mentioned. Children are seen as property and are at the whim of the parents just as man is at the whim of God. And once God starts to punish, children do not have to count on His grace. The believing nations have borrowed their ruthlessness from this because God does it too. They don’t have this merciless behavior from a stranger, but they have the example of God.

****** SEE ..

(1 Samuel 15: 3) Go now, and smite Amalek, and utterly condemn all that he has, and spare him not; but kill both man and woman, children and sucklings, oxen and sheep, camels and asses.

(Isaiah 13:16) Also, their little ones will be crushed before their eyes; their houses will be looted and their wives ravaged.

(Jeremiah 13:14) And I will smash them one against another, both the fathers and the children together, saith the LORD; I will not pity, nor spare, nor have mercy, that I should not destroy them.

(Ezekiel 9: 5-6) But to the rest he said in my ears, Pass through the city after him, and smite; let not your own eye, nor spare. Slay the old, young men, and virgins, and babes, and women, even unto destruction;

(Joshua 7:24) Then Joshua, and all Israel with him, took Achan the son of Zerah, and the silver, and the robe, and the golden tongue, and his sons, and his daughters, and his oxen, and his asses, and his cattle, and his tent, and all that he had; and they carried them to the valley of Achor. And Joshua said, How have you troubled us? The Lord will tremble you this day. And all Israel stoned them with stones, and they burnt them with fire and overcame them with stones.

(Exodus 12:29) And it came to pass at midnight, that the LORD smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sat on his throne to the firstborn of the prisoner that was in the prison and all the firstborn of beasts.

Anyone who might think that God is merciful is disappointed in the story of Jephthah who makes a vow to God to offer the first thing that comes out of his house when God helps him. God does indeed help him and Jephthah has to sacrifice his only daughter and God lets it happen quietly. So God agrees to barbaric practices.

(Judges 11:30) And Jephthah made a vow to the LORD, and said, If thou wilt wholly deliver the children of Ammon into my hand, 31 And it shall come out that shall go out of the door of my house to meet me when I return in peace from the children of Ammon, it shall be the LORD’s, and I will offer it for a burnt offering;

(Judges 11:34) When Jephthah came to his house to Mizpah, behold, his daughter came out to meet him with timbrels and dances. She was now alone, an only child; otherwise, he had no son or daughter by himself;

(Judges 11:39) And it came to pass at the end of two months, that she returned to her father, who performed to her his vow which he had vowed; and she has not known a man.

Loving parents should hit their children with a rod from an early age.

(Proverbs 13:24) He that holdeth his rod hateth his son; but he who loves him seeks him early with chastisement.

(Proverbs 23: 13-14) Withhold not an instruction from the child; if you strike him with the rod, he will not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod and shalt deliver his soul from hell.

(Proverbs 29:15) The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself shames his mother.”

Here, God has 42 children eaten by bears for shouting baldheads to a prophet.

(2 Kings 2: 23-24) And he went up from there to Bethel. As he went up the road, little boys came out of the city; they mocked him, and said to him, Go up baldhead, go up baldhead. And he turned back, and saw them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD. Then two bears came out of the forest and tore of them, forty-two children. ”

A gruesome fantasy story and again God commands to kill all children except the girls who are still virgins, which the Israelites can keep to themselves !!

(Numbers 31:17) Now, therefore, kill every male among the little ones; and kill every woman who has known a man by lying with him. But all the children of the female family that has not known the lying with a man, let live for you. ”

Apparently, crushing kids can also serve a good purpose.

(Psalm 137: 9) Happy shall he that take your little ones and crush them at the rock. ”

To win a bet with Satan, God has a house that crushed Job’s children.

(Job 1:18) While he was yet speaking, another came and said, Your sons and your daughters did eat and drink wine in the house of their brother the firstborn; And, behold, a great wind came from the wilderness, and hit the four corners of the house, and fell on the young men, and they died;

Cannibalism, God lets parents eat their own children as punishment. Here to the end apparently justifies the means.

(Deuteronomy 28:53) And thou shalt eat the fruit of thy womb, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, which the LORD thy God hath given thee;

(Deuteronomy 28:57) And that because of her afterbirth that went out from between her feet;

  This is not ethics, but very bad!!!

  … Most of the religious people in the third and fourth world countries are poorer than a church rat and can hardly take care of themselves properly, half of which has just enough to not die yet, and still make children?? They breed!

 … It is pure child abuse that happens in those underdeveloped world countries such as the Philippines, Suriname, Africa, India, etc. and this must be immediately criminalized. There, the children are taught from a very young age to eat from the dump, beg for food and end up in prostitution and jail very early. Furthermore, they have no future prospects for education in order to be able to mean something to society later on.

… Children there grow up early and have little time to be children. Girls under the age of 15 give birth to children. Children have children !!!!



As an Earthling, I would like to know how religious peoples such as Americans, Dutch, French, Germans, Italians, Arabs, etc., can “marry” with god & guns using the Bible/ Koran or any other book of God as a guide to justify killing fellow humans?

Why the African and other third and fourth world countries are so poor and underdeveloped and have faith in the theories of foreigners than themselves is because the residents who want to grow the country to the glory it is capable of are not supported.

… The majority want to blame someone or a god, as they themselves are too cowardly to take action, and taking risks is taboo for them. Those backward Africans, Surinamese, and the religious peoples of other underdeveloped countries have a special hatred for themselves because they just want to hear about a merciful God and a religion that doesn’t do a single thing for them. They have become sadomasochistic over the centuries. That is, they somehow take pleasure in receiving pain and misery. They will never enjoy peace of heart.

… Furthermore, they would rather put their money in useless religions and useless causes than investing in their own country and in their own people. They nod their heads like headless chickens in confirmation of their miserable situation and constantly claim that nothing can change it.

… And those who clearly see their country’s potential don’t have the money and the know-how to make a change.


Thus says the teachings of Vishnuh:

“Whoever lives in the ideas of the past never has a future.”


  Most Africans, Surinamese, etc. fight against racism but worship a racist God. That is certainly incompatible because that way of thinking involves a twist in their brains?

For example, they like to climb a high wall but don’t see a ladder near the wall they want to climb. Yet they imagine that there is a ladder against the wall and unsuspectingly walk up the wall, bumping their heads. Perplexed, they wonder how the hell that could have happened. That is really stupid!

… Africans, in particular, used to sell their own kind to the whites, after which the whites counted them as their possessions and then ruthlessly exploited them elsewhere in the world for centuries. Besides the fact that the Christian slave drivers and the white settlers carried the Africans away as slaves, they also took their riches, their mentality, spirituality, intelligence, knowledge, their wives, and their strong men with them.

 … The white people at the time completely hollowed out the Africans and then brainwashed them. In addition, they have figuratively turned their faces backward, taught the black leaders to reason upside down, gave them books to read to follow, gave them new names, new borders, new laws, and new languages.

… This is also the case in Brazil, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Philippines, Guyana, Suriname, Netherlands Antilles, and other islands colonized by the Dutch, etc.

… The traditions held in most underdeveloped countries are the negative ones, and the culture and brilliance of those countries are totally lost. There has been a long search for people who want to change their country and it is straightforward to encourage someone to start, but religion, superstition, illiteracy, greed, pride, and despair are holding those countries back from flourishing.

… Some of those underdeveloped nations are still occupied, especially by the French, the English, and the Dutch who built many infrastructures and used to be the first to refuse to submerge their sewer pipes with cement, but still have oppressive agreements with other colonialist countries with many resources being outsourced to Europe.

 If white people can’t take over another country and its culture, they will always find a resident aka traitor of that country. When the whites took over Africa and its culture, a greedy part of its inhabitants was willing to make white feet, who wanted to lick the white boots and run ahead of them to suppress their own kind in order to profit for themselves.

… They were the vile ancestral traitors whose blood is now being heard through their descendants who have remained oil-dumb to this day and who still worship the white God who has completely hollowed out their land and people through his murderous followers. These types of figures will never have peace of mind because the curse of their ancestors rests on them.

… The basis of Christianity is white supremacy. The concepts of homophobia, genocide, slavery, bigotry, discrimination, hypocrisy, patriarchy, and misogyny are united in one word, “Religion.”

Today’s education worldwide is actually for the advancement and rise of the western white countries. The aim is not to upgrade the peoples of the backward countries, including Africa, Suriname, Philippines, India, South America, etc., in knowledge and know-how, but to prevent them from appealing to their progress.

… The Western countries lure the educated of the underdeveloped countries to them with money, beautiful promises, and facilities that they lack in their own country. Thus, Western civilization is helping to further destabilize the Third and Fourth World countries, and the inhabitants of those poor countries are enslaved by the present-day descendants of the early slave drivers and colonialists!

  Although the religious world humanity has plagiarized each other’s religion, the Europeans have enshrined in their culture a Jesus figure whom they see as their God; the Arabs have Mohammed and Allah; the Chinese pray to Buddha, and the Indian population has Krishna and an innumerable number of monstrous and lurid gods.

… But Africa, Suriname, the Philippines, and the former subjugated countries in South America and around the world do not have their own God, but they worship other people’s God, depending on who enslaved them.

If religious humanity is willing to do anything good for its fellow people, STOP selling RELIGION and STOP selling HOPE. Give people PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS, but instead of that, they would rather buy a factory or an existing building or buy a lot of lands on which to build a building, turn it into a church, and invite people to come in to pray for work. Isn’t that sheer madness, the pinnacle of pushiness and conceit?

The poor people in those poor underprivileged countries who go to church or mosque have learned that from their parents and their parents had learned that from their ancestors who were forced to believe in the god and in the rituals of their violent overlords.

… And the present generation that does not know history passes that religion on nonsense to the new generation in ignorance. The generation that has studied and knows exactly how it works with the faith does not want poor people to learn anything for their own interest. They deliberately keep those people dumb so that they can continue to rule over those foot people because that makes them feel good about being more than anyone else.


Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh:

 “Never reach out a hand of friendship, forgiveness, love, or mercy to an enemy who will eventually bite your arm off.”


 This is a life lesson for all indigenous, colonized, or enslaved communities and countries worldwide. In fact, everyone can do what Christians can do. It is therefore not wrong to rob Christians/ Muslims or believers in general of their money and goods by using the name of God/ Allah and the Bible/ Quran, even if someone does not believe in those things?

… Even most of the evangelists on earth rob their religious audience without batting an eyelid while they themselves do not believe in the religious nonsense they regularly preach. They only believe in the money of the fellow believers that they have cheated money and put it in their own pocket by presenting religious fairytales to those people.

… In other words; whoever wants to be a man of God’s heart must master the art of deceit.

… When people do bad or cruel things they are labeled as bad. But their God or Gods do all the bad and cruel things that we can see happening and also read in their Bible. All wickedness and atrocities of god to man and of man to man, things that should be considered bad and cruel and taboo by today’s standards, but they are still considered good by religious people and widely practiced today. Why is that?

Religion is that evil people plainly explain that they owe their existence to malice, the robbery of other people’s livestock and goods, genocide, slavery, murder and manslaughter, and deception of innocent humanity.

… So religion is all fake and used as a conquest tool by religious humanity. Whenever a religious group is victorious, it brings its religion, language, social practices, etc. People were deceived like this, and still are!



Faith is blind and religion leads people to blindness. They see, think, or understand not by brain or logic, but by belief in an imaginary friend who they believe lives up there beyond the clouds, while the universe knows neither above nor below, including right or left.

I love when people pretend they want religious freedom and refer to their “god”? Not all people in the world worship the same imaginary friend. See, this is the bullshit I’m talking about. “Gods don’t exist, and if they do they are big jerks or they are unaware of our existence.

… Belief in a god today is called religion, but their religion will be called mythology in the future. Therefore, believing in sin is a gross insult to modern intellectual thinkers. And sin is nothing more than an initiative to cause guilt, to facilitate conformity in an already ambiguous and uncertain existence.

… This proposed metaphysical entity, for the sake of this argument, would promote immorality by passing judgment on mortal beings, while our behavior and decisions are merely a response to the laws of nature. Living beings are products of random circumstances and events during this earthly journey. Living beings are nothing more than unwilling participants in this existential presentation.

… All religion books are FULL of contradictions. All the more than 4,000 infallible but completely different religions are patriarchal. Hindus alone offer more than 300 million gods. Which god from the more than 4000 yet completely different religions with their millions of gods is the correct one Joost Vondel only knows.

World history has proven that there is no God and that Satan, like God, is the fictions of evil people, thus, God is Satan himself. The idea of Satan is really a very stupid concept. So God created his own enemy to fight him, but somehow can’t destroy him? Isn’t that pure nonsense?

Religion teaches, however, that peace is the greatest lie of all time. All religions preach and promote violence under the guise of service and protection of religion. The religious people who choose not to use violence have misunderstood their religion.

… The Christian God may have existed, so could the gods of Olympus, or ancient Egypt, or Babylon have existed. One of these hypotheses is more likely than all others because they are beyond the realm of even probable knowledge. Therefore, there is no reason to even consider the gods.

No one is more or less than another. Yet terms such as Homophobia do exist. This understanding includes the fear of gay men and transvestites, men who dress as women, and drag queens who are men but dress as women for artistic expression/entertainment, but who are also harassed and attacked.

… There is a phobia against lesbians or bisexuals or transgender people, or against dragon kings (women who dress as men for artistic expression/entertainment) and female transvestites wearing men’s clothing, also called female transvestites. These types of people are constantly harassed, beaten, ridiculed, murdered, and humiliated by homophobic people, religions, and religious nations.

… This must stop because no one has the right to judge or condemn his fellow man on the basis of his background or sexual orientation or anything.



 Every person has the right to life and every person dies one day alone and perishes like everyone else. When a living being dies, it does not go to a paradise place as the religious books claim, but when a living being dies it becomes completely as it was before it was conceived. The being goes back to the state before it was born in a body!

… The body is simply a vehicle of the inner being. Everything turns to dust.

… Anyone who believes in life after death is mentally ill. There is no afterlife. The body goes the way of all flesh and the spirit atoms perish with the body. This means that the atoms that give the life functions to the body (the believers call it soul) cease to function. So, the spirit atoms that give the life functions to the body evaporate and go down with the body.

… You are dust and everything returns to dust. Only nature lives forever. Nature is not only this earth, but the universe with all its contents embraces the unity of nature to which the earth is also subject.

… Earthly nature with its contents is encompassed by the universe, this is the all-encompassing nature to which everything is subject.

 Body and mind are one and are both of material nature; the “spirit atoms” control the “atoms” of the body; the “individual spirit” lives from the “super spirit,” this is the air, for the difference between life and death is the breath.


       1. The individual spirit = (the living entity, whether human, animal, insect, plants; everything that earthly nature has in its bosom, etc.),

      2. The Spirit Atoms = (the electric impulsive charge of the earth that contains the interaction of life),

      3. The atoms of the body = the functional organs in the body,

      4. The super spirit = oxygen.

 … So everything that grows and flourishes on this planet belongs to nature. Man and also every living entity are inextricably dependent on nature and sprouted from earthly nature. And when life ceases to function, it returns to the origin of life.

… The corpus perishes to the building materials of life because everything is made up of dust and everything returns to dust, how much some would have liked to see it differently.

… When the living entity dies, the functions of life, or the spiritual atoms, that give life to the body, are destroyed at the same time as the body.

 … The dead man does not go to the hereafter, because there is no life after death. What is dead never rises again, but the only way a corpse can live on is in the minds of those who stayed behind who knew the dead man while he was alive.

 … So when a living creature dies on this globe, after its death it only lives on in the memory of the survivors, so in memoriam until the survivors can no longer remember anything because when these die, the memory dies too.

 But those who really want to have eternal life must immortalize themselves in history and textbooks so that people in the future remember the author’s statements. That is also the reason why all religious fairytale stories are still alive because they have been put in writing by evil people.

… This is the eternal life that one can imagine because the name of the writer or inventor will always be mentioned during the life and after death of the person concerned. But eternal life according to Biblical basis and according to other religious interpretations is downright bullshit.

… What has perished will never return, but only in abstract form.

 … There is no hereafter, there is no heaven, there is no hell, there is no supreme power to judge everything, there is no religious code that could make the religious fantasy of religious humanity attainable.

… Unfortunately, the inventors of the fantasy of God, Heaven, and Hell have left the further interpretations of the aforementioned concepts unscrupulous to the fantasy of their followers, so that they are doomed in advance to the bottomless pit where no escape is possible.

 … Thus the hereafter, angels, devils, and all known creatures and religious fairy tales that appear in the Bible, in the Koran, in the Bhagavad-Gita, in the Torah, and in all religious scriptures are among the ultimate fantasy of religious humanity.

 … Every living being is stuck with a temporary life as well as with eternal death. Living beings are flora, Fauna, and everything that lives on earth and everything that is within the earth’s atmosphere. Life is also in things.

 … Nature does not only encompass this earth, but nature itself is all-encompassing, namely;

 – everything as far as the human eye can see,

 – everything man cannot see,

– everything that people “can” feel and smell,

– everything that humans “cannot” feel or smell,

– everything that is in the universe and everything far beyond.

… This is all-powerful nature, immeasurable and all-embracing.

In principle, we are one, and nature’s spiritual intention is to make everyone’s life more pleasant where one must support one another in prosperity and adversity.

… Life is short-lived that can cease to function at any time, and no one knows when what time and on what day his life will end. Every living being lives by the auspiciousness of nature and is inseparably linked to it.

… But whoever lives according to the proposition we are the chosen people “or” me, me, me and the rest can just choke” may certainly not have a place among the living.

 Telling man that she was born a bad person and if one does not fear the Lord will burn in hell, even though one has never done anything bad in his short existence on earth, is beyond all proportion. All religions promote “fear of God.”

… Thus the rituals and customs are propagated by intermediaries of God. Most of those affected by the religious lies grew up in fear that today has killed their productive and objective minds.

… They have lived in a box for the rest of their lives and let themselves be lived by their religious environment. That is a waste of mind, they will die in ignorance, unfortunately! The truth is usually hard to hear!

“People who are religious, open your eyes and stop living in fear. There is no hell to go to, and Satan is a book character like everyone else in the Bible. Satan is only a useful invention of the churches to keep people in the religious mindset for fear.

… It is a threat to their profit when people leave, so they have added the duty of the hell keeper and torturer of evil souls to the satan character to prevent people from leaving. In fact, it is the church’s version of profit maximization. Hell and heaven were added to the finiteness of death so that the church can keep hold of man.





Islam is not a race just as Judaism is not a race, neither Christianity nor some religion. Those are just religions that have certain days when depending on her mood, they make fun of each other, but all are no better, they are all birds of equal feathers.

Islam claims that men are one degree above women and are their guardians who can discipline them for disobeying, as prescribed by their self-made Allah to protect them.

… An ideology that allows multiple wives, but not multiple husbands, is sexist.

… An ideology that claims that men are the keepers of women (who can discipline them if they disobey), as prescribed by Allah to protect them, is sexist.

… An ideology that provides virgins to men in heaven, but not such an equivalent for women, is not only sexist but really distorted. The white western lady has more freedom in clothing, but the Muslim woman is dressed like that because a stupid God/ Allah in heaven said so. There is no other way than Allah must be a pervert like his idiotic male followers on earth.

**”Don’t do that, because religion says it, or tradition commands it, or the government says it because it is sensible and necessary.”

… Muslim women were executed in Muslim countries for being raped, and because they themselves gave cause to do so, according to Sharia law, they had to be put to death. And Western women have been imprisoned in Muslim countries for being raped, also with the accusations of what the Muslim women are accused of. They were sentenced to imprisonment but were not killed because they were unclean as pigs according to Islam and were not part of the Muslim faith.

… Today, Muslim girls and women who are/ western/modern oriented are murdered by their own relatives, as the latter embraces the ideology of Islam which encompasses the barbarity and ignorance of the 6th century.

 Despite all this, mankind, in general, must not ignore the fact that the Christians with their Bibles are the main cause of this misery, because everything in the Bible can be found in the Koran.

The fact that Christians today no longer follow the Bible exactly as Muslims do now does not support their Christian feeling and their Christian community in any way. Keep in mind that what the Muslims pretend about women and other barbaric ideologies all come from the Christian God, since the Quran is a twisted copy of the Bible. They have only copied the example of the Christians.

… So, the Muslims do everything that the Christians no longer openly do. The Christians do it in a devious way. Not all Christians, but most are. For example, when they have had enough of a woman, it is “Hoppa Hoppa” divorce and then simply take another woman or man until they have had enough, etc.

… And in a relationship? It couldn’t be easier, than it is simply hopping to the next relationship, etc. Faithful until death separates them they have from the great religious fairytale book and thus is not valid in the real Christian life. Their excuse for breaking away from their partner is “it won’t work anymore, then it will stop”, while they simply desire someone else. That’s how hypocritical the Christian nations are global.

 … And the Muslims are of the opinion that the heaven they call djenna is just a brothel that is legal and completely free in their Islam religion, and with Allah in heaven women are completely naked, and fornication there is halal and completely allowed. This theory is used by Muslim men to justify their heat behavior.

… But where the heaven/ djenna is located has yet to be discovered. Evidence about the existence of a heaven/ djenna has not been provided so far.

For the record, the churches and all other places of worship must immediately close their doors and the promotion of the Bible/ Quran and all other so-called holy books must be withdrawn immediately. And religion must be banned immediately all over the world, for the crime must not pay.

… The Christians with their appearances in biblical times committed all kinds of human rights violations on behalf of their invented unmerciful and evil God, and the Muslims, a century later, followed the Christians closely with all the atrocities that entailed.


Religious Science

Here are some scientific facts from the Quran and what is in the Quran can be found in the Bible. The Quran is an extreme copy of the Bible.

Quran 2: 149 The earth is flat

Quran 2: 258 Sun moves, the earth stands still

Quran 7:54 The sun is not a star

Quran 16:15 Mountains prevent earthquakes

Quran 16:45 Earthquakes are for non-Muslims only

Quran 17:68 Hurricanes and blizzards are only punishment for non-Muslims

Quran 18:86 The sunsets in murky water

Quran 21:32 The air is concrete and impenetrable

Quran 25:45 Female participation is completely excluded

Qoran 29:37 Earthquakes are for non-Muslims only

Quran 31:34 Only Allah knows the sex of an unborn baby

Quran 35:41 The earth does not move

Quran 36:40 Allah does not know the north and south poles

Qoran 37:10 Shooting stars are devil’s rockets

Quran 40:64 The earth does not move

Quran 41:12 The earth has seven atmospheres

Qoran 43:11 Allah knew nothing about the water cycle

Qoran 45:13 Everything in the universe revolves around the earth

Quran 54: 1 Moon was split in two


According to Quran 54: 1, the Moon was split in two. In the meantime, I am actively looking for the man who has reattached the moon so that I can honor him. All Muslims are advised to get in touch if they have any idea who it was.

 … The Quran is a master who hits you and yet treats your ulcers (with saltwater). It works with a carrot and sticks approach, with a lot of emotional blackmail and scare tactics. The scare tactic is impressive. The description of hell makes for an exciting horror movie.

 … Islam was never a religion of peace, but simply a recruitment program. The Quran is largely morally shocking, contradictory, raw piece of myth and propaganda, clearly made up by ignorant people. The Koran is full of gibberish, lacks structure, contains anachronism, violation of copyrights, indecency, etc. You name it, it’s there.

 … Islam is like opium for the poor. Their leader was 53 years old when he fucked a minor girl under the age of ten, as did several biblical prophets. The whole Quran is a statement without a shred of evidence of truth, it is like the Bible. And by evidence, I don’t mean quotations, but demonstrable, repeatable, independently verifiable connections between every statement made in the Quran and the reality that everyone perceives.

 … The story is still in the infancy of human thought and civilization. How can a wise man continue to read a book encouraging the marriage of 72 virgins when the body involved in the marriage is lost in the grave? Which body is used for that fictitious marriage? The Quran is a hopeless book that will make you commit suicide, just burn it. The Quran, like other religious books, is full of violence and blood. The Muslims still think it is okay to behead people?

 … How primitive and still in the 21st century? If they castrated captive people who enslaved them, what more do you expect?

… In Islamic countries they grow up with the total violent indoctrination imposed by Sharia and become atheists, even if that means execution. Salman Rushdie is an example of this. I only believe in gods who can prove themselves, not books written by mortals. It makes it clear that there is all doubt that Islam is a bad cult and that religion is utter nonsense. The Quran is thus a copy of the Bible.

The Bible was written by ancient men who didn’t know where the sun went at night. By our standards today it is filled with immorality and tales that defy the laws of physics and chemistry. The stupidest of all are the Muslims who have taken everything from the Bible indiscriminately.

… Believing in an all-powerful, all-loving, all-knowing “god” has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with reason, logic, or intelligence. It requires you to ignore reality.

I have almost equal disdain for all religions, with a special poison reserved for the Big Four, especially Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism – for their peculiar cruelty and hypocrisy. Strangely, I know a lot of Christians who smoke weed and use hard drugs and all go to church and rationalize their addiction in some way as consistent with their faith.

 … To justify their drug use, they insist that God told Adam that all the plants were his, including marijuana. For that reason, I was about to join their church, but their treachery, unprecedented cruelty, and hypocrisy know no bounds. After all, when Jesus Christ came to earth, they killed him, the son of their own God, in a horrible way. And only after Jesus was dead did they worship him and begin to kill those who would not believe in Jesus.

.. The so-called holy wars have only brought misery to the world’s population.

In fact, what it boils down to is that believing mankind is generally hypocritical and underhanded. They hate immigrants on Mondays, blacks on Tuesdays, strange birds on Wednesdays, the gay community on Thursdays, Arabs on Fridays, and women on Saturdays. But according to them Sunday is for love, then these sanctimonious idiots go to church. And the Arabs in turn turn the tables and pray to their imaginary friend Allah five times a day.

… What strange unreliable guys the believers are, right?!

… Therefore, keep in mind forever that religion must never become a constitution for the rest of humanity.



In America, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, and other developed countries they are busy educating their children and grandchildren in science and technology with religion being kept in the background as nostalgia, but in the poor and religiously traumatized countries such as Africa, Surinam, Philippines, South America, etc. there they teach their children to become pastors and priests and religion is a profession in the schools.

… Then these mindless people travel to the broad-minded countries to import the technologies produced by the children of developing countries.

 When in those religion-traumatized countries will they teach their children to produce and invent things themselves? In China, small children make earphones that people use in religiously traumatized countries.

Teach those poor children in those sickly religious countries to think for themselves and to be inventive, but don’t teach them religion!! Just those poor religious countries like Suriname, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Brazil, the Philippines, etc. pretend to be very pious, holy, and religious, but they depend on countries that are not as religious and holy as I have to think in terms of technology, finances, and support.

Most Muslim countries inappropriately insult Americans and Europeans that they are bad for practicing homosexuality and that they are pigs, yet they rush to those pig-eating countries crying to beg them for help because Allah has finally abandoned them and has left with the northern sun, as Allah has done in times of distress from time immemorial.



It is generally said in religious countries that the Chinese are mainly pagans and atheists, yet those religious Nigerian slobbers, Surinamese, and other poor religious countries do not go to their kind for credit, but they rush to the Chinese for loans they cannot pay back.

 China is a country with many times more inhabitants than Nigeria, but China feeds Nigerians by lending them money. Aren’t the populous nations with their imaginary almighty God the ones that should help China?

… How can a country with a high population feed a country with a low population?

… Religious humanity in general claims to be holy and godly and that they will receive all the help of their God in all circumstances, but it is actually more backward than the backside of an ox. In other words, all the religion-traumatized countries are actually admitting through their begging that countries that do not serve God are much better and that they should expect no help from their God or his worshipers.

  Usually, believers like to preach about the love of Jesus for each other and so they swoon almost everyone into heaven, but in reality, they are mutually hard-hearted towards each other, this is shown time and again in everything. And if they help each other, they do this solely for profit, not always, but often.

… But if they can eat from someone else for free, then they are like the chickens. It is ingrained in them. It is therefore not surprising that they have generated their properties through self-enrichment through slavery, land theft through the ages, and the misappropriation of other people’s property.

 Every Sunday the religious people of those mentally disturbed religious lands go to church as if it were a pleasure. Others go to the Jumat/ mosque every Friday to pray.

… What have the prayers done for them and their country? Nothing, nada, nothing!

  Arabia and the western countries that have brought the belief in God into those countries are doing well and are getting richer by the day because of what they have implanted in the minds of the inhabitants of those poor backward countries.

… Because those naïve people and interested parties continue to give money to the mosque/ church and promote religion to make the people even more stupid than they already were and to keep them dependent on the system.

 Anyone looking at the South American countries, Nigeria, Gambia, Philippines, Turkey, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Romania, Morocco, Mexico, Suriname, etc. today, also knows that prayers are useless. If those religion traumatized countries are to develop, then they should avoid idealism and embrace realism?

The reason why China, America, and other European countries are far ahead in technology is that they were exposed to it a long time ago. But the poor peoples of those religion-traumatized countries as mentioned above must first of all distance themselves from everything that has been brought into their heads by the colonialists in all those centuries of spiritual oppression.

… Once those poor nations are liberated from white idealism and especially with regard to religion, they will certainly have a chance to reach those levels that characterize the white world.

As long as the spiritual deliverance has not taken place in those poor, disadvantaged religious lands, its inhabitants will live in abject poverty for a long time and will remain dependent on the alms of the descendants of their past ancestral murderers and their former evil overlords.

…  God/ Satan does not help and neither does prayer!




Within less than 70 years, many countries, including the Philippines, Africa, etc., moved from a place where less than 0.1% could speak a European language to a place where 95% speak a European language fluently. This is because the European language is used in education for media and business. As a result, the local languages will eventually die out because they are no longer used functionally.

 In the future, if the Africans and other underdeveloped countries continue the path they are now following, there will in time not be a single living person on Earth fluent in their native tongue. Some people probably won’t understand why this is important, as many now believe that they can actually create a revolution in other people’s language when this is impossible. One cannot have a revolution without culture, and culture without its own language is not its own culture.

… Those who stick to a European language also limit themselves to European thoughts.

One will never really be mentally free because one cannot even think of words that did not come from the ancestors. That is why using one’s native language is so essential to the revolution and urgent. Those who do not want to wake up will have to be left behind.

… The revolution cannot take place in the language and script of the ruler. Whenever one communicates with important messages in the slave’s language, one loses a part of one’s self. This self includes the ability to use words that distinguish man from animal.

… Whoever does not have his own words and script but uses the script and words of his ruler is less than an animal, because an animal will always keep its own animal language.

Despite the damage, most foreigners have done to the underdeveloped countries, simply study their white culture and see that they depend on someone for survival and above all depend on the countries and peoples they consider their slaves. Therefore, stop being the ass of the European and the rest of the exploitative countries.

… Recapture your own language, words and script, and medicines. Africans were led to believe by their religious overlords that their traditional medicines were bad.

… Today the Surinamese, Africans, and other peoples consult their traditional physicians and witch doctors. Had the African and Surinamese population invested in the development of African and Surinamese medicines and medicinal plants and roots, they could successfully defend themselves against all kinds of viruses and diseases that are emerging today instead of relying on European medicines whose basis is based on indigenous medicinal herbs and plants.



Through development, Americans and Europeans have made so much progress that at one point they saw that religion is the sheerest nonsense ever invented by their ancestors to rob fellow humans and submit to their authority.

… Today no one in those countries is forced to make a pastor of his child, only the peoples of those former subjugated countries still do, which are laced with primitive and medieval practices of their former white usurpers.

… The Western world allows their children to make free choices, but they no longer choose for them. Today’s whites realize all too well that not all children cannot be scientists. Most are happy that his child as a preacher convinces the other to become a scientist, but not to believe in an imaginary friend up there who only exists in the brains of evil and deranged people?

Religion and God are synonymous. It is fiction as an origin story of a cartoon character. Actually, earlier peoples did not believe in a non-existent being, this would have been like committing suicide and leading to madness and chaos.

 People of any race who nowadays lend themselves to religion are basically evil people who agree on how their religion has for centuries forced fellow human beings through unbridled violence to all manner of violations against humanity to adopt the faith of God.

… They do not dwell on the fact that at the instigation of the same book and God that they adore fanatically today, globally speaking, innocent people and possibly also their ancestors have plunged into slavery and oppressed them through the ages and finally slaughtered as a beast. The system makes you think “legal” means “good,” but remember, slavery was legal but not good! Believers like this are the potential criminals that if she had lived in Biblical times, she would also have been a co-perpetrator in committing murder and manslaughter of weak and underdeveloped neighbors.

… This is the kind of religious people who applaud crime because, after it has been committed, they can easily shift their acts of sin to God’s will and then receive forgiveness from the church bastards.

… So, one church crook supports another church crook because they are villains among themselves. Religious people are therefore unscrupulous people who can pass over corpses and are not averse to cheating their own families. Religion is just a white perception brought by evil missionaries. 

Non-religious people and atheists should be the first people to save the world. Crime in any form must always be fought. Also, the so-called holy books that have blood on them may never again draw innocent people into the bottomless pit in which the non-existent evil God plays the leading role.

… The real God is the nature around us and inexhaustible as the water in the mountains where rivers come from every day and can flow without exhausting.

… Nature (God) is furthermore everything that lives and moves within and outside the earthly atmosphere. And the universe that encompasses nature is greater and more powerful than all gods. Nature is comprehensive and perpetual.





Furthermore, the religious thank their god (s) in all circumstances, even when they start bombing people, even when setbacks happen in their lives as long as they are not affected. Religion makes people selfish. It’s always about themselves all the time. No one else matters as long as they are safe themselves. Religion is destroying humanity.

How can they thank their God/ Allah for allowing barbarity and all the atrocities contained in the belief in God to happen to fellow humans?

… How can they thank God/ Allah, for example, for causing a plane crash and allowing all passengers to be horribly burned?

… After all, there is no reason to thank any God, but rather many reasons to blame a God and give him the death penalty without mercy, if there is one. After all, He/ She/ It has promised in the book of God to protect or punish his followers under all circumstances? He does punish, but never does he protect?

It is true that the Bible forbids Christians the same as the Quran forbids Muslims. The Christians are not overly fanatical of their faith as the Muslims, but of all Muslims, the Christians are the most dangerous.

… The Christians are no less cruel than the Muslims. Christians are many times worse.

 The Muslims freely air in public how they think about non-Muslims, about violence, and about other crimes they would like to commit in the name of their self-made Allah with Muhammad their violent prophet as a guide, but the Christians do not because they are very sneaky. Christians prefer to stay in the background by being hypocritical, and no one knows when they will apply the violent Biblical texts to fellow humans.

… That’s sneaky and cowardly. They strike mercilessly like a thief in the night, paying no attention to small or large. In essence, the Christians are more cruel and unreliable than the Muslims.



In ISAIAH: 45: 7 the European God confessed that “I form light and I create darkness. I make peace and I create evil. I the Lord who does all these things. ”

 This implies that the European bible god is the brain behind all evil on this planet. Let us never forget that living beings are believed to be made of dust, while angels are made of fire by the European god.

… Satan was also an angel created by God. Then why doesn’t the European god succeed in destroying something he has made, but he is quick to destroy people?

 Again, the European god had to prevent people from building the Tower of Babel in so-called Babylon. People have now built the tallest world tower in Dubai, UAE, and elsewhere in the world. Humans have now managed to build ballistic missiles, planes, and space shuttles that can break cloud decks and travel into space. Why couldn’t the hypocritical European god prevent all this ????

This is because the bible god is fake and hypocritical!

 Take a good look around you in the democratic Christian world and study the Christian danger that resides everywhere that has identified itself with the government in laws and regulations, the tax authorities, the insurance companies, the so-called philanthropic institutions, the banking system, the health insurance fund, etc. They are constantly seeking to pick and oppress the bourgeoisie in a legal guise. They are all white-collar scams!

… Christianity stabs people in the back in all kinds of areas with the help of their adherents, self-invented rules, and laws. And where their interests are at stake, the bourgeoisie is completely stripped financially on behalf of God or on behalf of the legislation.

 The Christians are selfish when it comes down to it, then it is me, me, me and the rest can suffocate, but in times of need they are very generous, then it is “everyone for themselves and god for us all. Boy, boy, what is religious mankind generous! Awesome!