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*God/ Allah does not bless anyone, but curses everyone who calls “God Bless”, and he despises those who believe in him! *


People who call out “God Bless” at each trivia, or use other spells that have sprung from Scriptural madness to be found holy and loving, are usually the greatest baddies, who, if there was a God, would immediately be despised and destroyed by that same God.

There are exceptions that confirm the rule that it can also be different. For there are also good-hearted people in this world who, in spite of their evil religious convictions, help their fellow man unrestrained by their own naturally good-natured nature.


… Today, humanity sadly regards its egoistic world of experience as normal, because good and bad brotherly go together, making it difficult to distinguish between who thinks good or bad with the other person.


Thus, says the teaching of Vishnuh:

“The spirit of the time is the only life factor and invisible but trustworthy friend, who gives the sensible person insight, and learns who is good or bad with the other person.”


“God Bless” has since the biblical times originated by the religious legal system as a curse word against their God and against everything that was not good in their eyes.


Especially the brainwashed South American peoples randomly use the concept of “God Bless.”

In the former subordinate countries include Honduras, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, the windward and downwind islands (Dutch Antilles), French Guiana, etc., the inhabitants were literally and figuratively Christianized by the whip.

… And in Suriname, 80% of the slave descendants, whose ancestors were treated as slaughter cattle by the Roman Catholic or Christian colonialists and later slaughtered in the most horrible way, are more religious than the Pope.


All religious peoples (whose ancestors under the yoke of Christianity, under the yoke of Islam or under the yoke of any other religion were horribly or otherwise converted to the belief of their oppressors) who today worship the religion of the murderers of their ancestors and preserving it as their cultural heritage have no self-esteem, no self-worth or a sense of responsibility.

… They are thus the unscrupulous traitors of their ancestors.


… It is especially the elderly who in terms of Christianity have been close to the fire and have suffered a religious trauma from the belief in God.

These have gradually been based on this, but now they function as a conduit of misery to the younger generation.

 … In their backwardness they always use the so-called Jesus theories, of which the Bible is full, to speak up their shortcomings and to impress their offspring.

… These elders live in the delusion that their progeny swallows it all as sweet cakes, while their descendants do not laugh at them out of respect, but deeply ridicule their ideas.

… Many of them already know, from the bottom of their hearts, that they will not continue the narrated poisonous religion, the backward and malicious ideas of their old people nor transfer them to their descendants.

… And the way in which the faith-traumatized elders bring their religion seems so innocent but in the meantime eviler than the plague and unjust as can only be a religion. It is not always the case that old people are obviously wise.

… They can frame a lot of nonsense through their superstitions.

 … Many have remained backward and because of their stubbornness and false embarrassment, they do not want to learn anything because they are incarnated with malice because young is old done.

 Please note; It is good to respect the elderly, but pay particular attention to the fact that not all elderly people deserve respect, but the majority should get a firm kick in the rear.

In general, people who teach a religious fairy tale to their fellow human beings and descendants are very intrusive, selfish and conceited, and, moreover, primal.


… A believing person can usually be convinced of nothing; for their faith is not based on evidence, but it is based on a deep-rooted need to believe.

… These religious egoists aim to create just as selfish people as themselves, so as not to be alone and to continue to feed their lies, but mainly to consolidate their malicious religion into despair and misery for all who plunge into their madness.


In almost all over the world, “God Bless” and “Insha’allah” have made victims, including in Asia, Africa, the Philippines, but America and Africa clearly take the lead.

… In the United States of America and Africa, the traces of the centuries of religious oppression are still clearly visible.

… This is most often expressed in the way in which the black American negro population and the Christian Africans traumatically confess the experience of God. They are as flirty as the best.


The sword of good and evil is carried by the right hand of Vishnuh, the destroyer of all religions


Well-known black bootlickers, such as “Martin Luther King”, have used to make the black slave people believe that the white God and Jesus loved them.

… Martin Luther King was chattering a lot about liberation from the Negroes, but he preached with praise about the belief of the whites that brought destruction and misery on the blacks.

… This American Creole is fully committed to honoring a belief in God, which has been horribly abused by their peers for many human rights violations for centuries, as the ultimate way of their liberation.


But the white slave drivers thought very differently about Martin Luther King’s twinning theory. The white Americans did not like fraternization with the liberated negro slaves. So they rebelled against it because they did not wish to spend their future brotherly with the black scum that had been their slave for centuries.

… They decided, and rightly so, to help the black demagogue and hypocrite to another world. 


Only a small group of whites, out of self-interest, have recognized Martin Luther King as a hero. This was because they recognized that his religious affiliation would increase their earnings, allowing them to consolidate their doctrine undisturbed among the black population as the backward blacks continued to give money to the Church for the extension of the ultimate evil over mankind.

… And these Christianized black people do not yet realize that the supposedly loving white people are the ones who will show their gratitude only by coming to their funeral. Nothing more!

… They believe in a book given to them by their unscrupulous slave drivers?

… The message of God is that the more you beat, mistreat, dishonor, dishonest, or murder someone, the more the victim loves you.

It is therefore not surprising that the religious world is ruthless, unfeeling, and unscrupulous towards humanity.

… A curse rests on all religions for their nasty practices toward nature and life.

As long as religion is part of their lives, this curse will continue to exist in their ranks as an original sin to the detriment of their one-time earthly existence.


For us, Martin Luther King was not a hero, but an ancestral traitor and shoe-licker like many other black religious leaders in history.

Under no circumstances can the Vishnuh Society respect such traumatized individuals and peoples who have not learned from the past, but have been wholly absorbed in the religion of their cruel rulers and ancestral torturers.

… These silly religious nations will therefore never know peace but serve as a foot sweep, as long as they adhere to the religion of their ancestral murderers.


Worldwide, the Christianized nations are completely disturbed and coquettish in their Jesus confession and experience of God.


… By default, most black churches make a whole show of their ecclesiastical gathering, churchgoers who get into a trance and jump around like savages, some of whom perform idiotic antics or fall frantically to the ground and invoke the name of their God, followed by other peers who surpass their predecessors to do interesting.

 In addition, on Sundays, overly crying and screaming churchgoers wander around with enthusiasm, and they play zombies.

… It is worse in their churches than at the fair. Most preachers are renowned scammers, who gladly take advantage of the affectation of their followers.

… As usual, these preachers take an extra scoop on all these occasions to fool their followers with their supposedly impressive ceremonies of spirit expulsion, which they usually perform with the assistance of their assistants and give a show that is unprecedented.

 And they do all this for a religion that was partly responsible for the centuries-long exploitation of their ancestors who were finally murdered in the name of God in a horrible way?

In short in one word “Ridiculous!”

… These feeble-minded religious guests are essentially unaware of the impact of their insanity, nor can they imagine how ridiculous and idiotic they really are.

… These kinds of mentally disturbed people are not to be taken seriously at all times and they are also an insidious social danger for young and old.

In countries from which colonialists have emerged, racism, racial hatred and racial discrimination will never disappear but instead, remain as a curse on the bodies and people who regard the Bible / Quran as their cultural heritage.


 The Aarghon of Neberu hangs above all places of worship.


In fact, most oppressed nations around the world have almost nothing of themselves, neither the history nor the religion that they profess coquettishly.

… Almost everything is prescribed by their former rulers, language, land management, laws, and regulations, etc. And in most countries where their ancestors were brought in and where their progeny now resides, they are only tolerated and not considered full-fledged residents of the country.


… And most Christian descendants of the oppressed peoples do their best to be accepted, but in the eyes of the dominant people, they are considered the remnants of the Christianized homeland and slave people.

…  In short; white religion is not their culture. Almost everything belongs to another who will never belong to the disadvantaged/ discriminated nations until they see the value of life.

… And the value of life is being yourself and not by being yourself in the skin of another or by annexing what belongs to another. 




In general, the slavish religious figures and other followers are like parrots. These types of figures mainly act as a conduit for the church and imitate everything the church prefers.

…Furthermore, these religious slime balls often run around desperately like a headless chicken and cry out loudly adoring the Jesus figure while sighing about miracles that their simple soul cannot grasp as an everyday phenomenon.


… Usually, these people who swear by the Bible/ Koran live with an illusion and think that their malignancies against humanity can be changed through confession and actually get forgiveness from their evil God/ Allah.


… As a rule, these are also bad people who pretend to be holy with a multitude of Biblical words or through Quranic texts. They shout “God Bless” / Insha’allah ”every now and then and hope to be loved by the masses, but meanwhile, these tormentors are the greatest devils imaginable in the world.


… The lion’s share of these devilish people can be found regularly in the pews singing Hosanna songs with angel voices and the other kind of “Seytan people” are very hypocritical in the mosque doing Salat, all of them practicing brutality and malice in everyday life towards fellow human beings.

… So “God is the Devil himself!”


… It is not without reason that the church or Christianity is a worldwide criminal organization that must immediately be prohibited by law worldwide, as is the mosque or Islam. This is because religion nourishes, fuels, and encourages the malignancy of believers in human rights abuses worldwide on behalf of an imaginary God / Allah residing in their narrow-minded brain.


… Miracles do not exist, because everything is natural, and everything can be explained and when an observable event or phenomenon seems inexplicable, this is not a miracle but something that we people do not yet understand and has not yet found an explanation for.

Among other things, miracles can only be found in the great fairy tale book of “a thousand and one nights” and others, as well as in the religious fairy tale books including the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the Talmud, the Bhagavad-Gita, etc.


Someday, history will avenge itself into the worldwide uncontrollable chaos of revenge for what the ancestors of all the oppressed peoples have done to religious mankind.

… And this also applies to all world religions.


Thus, in all the aforementioned countries, the word “Godbless” and “Insha’allah” acts as a curse, given the aftermath of submission and misery that residents, in the areas concerned, still suffer from the earlier religious world domination.

… Unfortunately, the oppressed peoples still live in the Middle Ages, complete with the medieval barbaric behavior of their former cruel Christian / Arabian tormentors in the back of their heads who shouted “God Bless” or “Insha’allah” after every whip, in order to safeguard themselves by interpreting their cruelty, as God’s will.


… Unfortunately, today the current generation of brainwashed peoples walk around with a cross around their necks or prayer beads because they are unaware that they are continuing a gruesome religious tradition of curses and oppression.

…. This depraved word “God Bless” and all supposedly well-meaning Biblical and Quranic texts, which is a fiction of the former evil humanity, has traditionally only brought misery and will always bring misery to those who rely on it.


God Bless/ Insha’allah includes a curse to the one who pronounces it, rather than emphasizing peace, love, and happiness for himself or for the other person. To do this, take a good and critical look at the current world around you and judge for yourself from a neutral sentence experience.


… And the blessing of the so-called saints has now yielded only hot air.

Saying, “God zegene (in Dutch) or “God Bless” and “Insha’allah” to another is an illusion of wishing his fellow man, because God/ Allah, who is a fiction of evil humanity, does not exist.



He who wishes his fellow man an illusion does not mean it sincerely with that other person either consciously or unconsciously. This is how one person fools his fellow man and overwhelms it with the “God Bless” curse that sprang from the evil religious antiquity.


… So “God Bless” or “God Zegene” is one of the countless Bullshit blessings, which in the past was devised by churches to imprison fellow humans for their religious nonsense.

… The same “God Bless” theory also applies to the impersonators of the Bible, the Muslims, who shout “Inshallah” in everything. In Sha Allah ‘(إن شاء الله or’ En Sha Allah ‘) is an Arabic term meaning “if God willing” or “by God’s will.”


… The most striking thing about the above is that the Arabs are honest and respectful of their God, in contrast to the Christians. For the Muslims say, “IF ALLAH WANT IT” or “AT GOD’S WILL”, so they leave the decision of the blessing out of respect for their God, while the Christian world is so hypocritical and conceited because they immediately act as equal next to their fiction God.

They say prematurely in their own language “GOD ZEGENE U” or “GOD BLESS.”


Thus, the Christian world has no respect for their God, let alone that they have respect for their fellow men and the living Nature.

… But even if Muslims respect their Allah, the fact remains that they, like the Christians, are disrespectful to each other and their fellow man, let alone that they have respect towards the natural world.

… This applies to all religions. There is not a single religion that is good, they must all be irrevocably literally and figuratively overhauled.

Companions who do not feel addressed by the above “God bless definition” are usually those who, despite the human shortcoming in their belief in God, are still honest and peaceful towards their otherwise thinking fellow men and appreciate the truth.

… Yet one should guard oneself against this kind of loving and seemingly nice people, for they nevertheless confess evil in the name of God/ Allah.


Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh:

“Whoever respects another person, sincerely sympathizes with this and wishes something good to him or her prefers to give something tangible or express a personal hope, instead of stating nonsense on behalf of fiction from a malicious past.”






.. Those who force the belief in God in some social way on others are disrespectful of their fellow human beings. And all these religions have one thing in common that is called “intrusiveness.”

 History has proven that since their inception, religions have never considered respect for dissenters nor for the religious doctrine of their religious rivals.


… And this mutual disrespect is still clearly visible today, after all every believer knows it much better than his omniscient fellow-believing brother or sister, as a result of which “the original sin” will continue to exist as a religious curse in the ranks of the godly humanity and will continue to hold on to the intellect of the ignorant and conceited religious man.

And here in all this applies to everyone, “whoever fits the shoe will wear it.”


In addition, globally, there are a number of believers who are actually unbelievers deep in their hearts, but unfortunately are mentally trapped in their environment and are socially and spiritually forced to go along with the religious flow.

  … For the sake of safety, many unbelieving religious people in their country and culture are forced to keep peace with the prevailing religious legal order. They usually have to pretend to be accommodating in order not to make it difficult for themselves and to increase their chances of survival in their own country and environment.


 … So, in order to increase their chances of survival, they have to keep silent on everything.

This, because of danger to their own lives and that of their loved ones, because believing people are basically bad people, because those who do not share their truth, should normally only expect misery, enmity, sneakiness, evil talk, and falsity.


In countries such as Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, etc., where dissenters have no right to speak, are thus disenfranchised, the unwritten law applies that the unbeliever, in the event of mistreatment or injustice by the religious order, must say “thank you. ”

… A little comfort is that fortunately, no one can deprive them of their rights in such a situation, because they have no rights there.


All over the world hypocritical groups and individuals are emerging like mushrooms that are in direct contradiction to one or more of their faith doctrines.

… But those so-called protesters will remain disenfranchised in spite of their efforts until the Scriptural provisions that do not count on their sympathy are removed from their sacred scriptures. Furthermore, most of these unstable religious figures are very unreliable, because they remain faithful to their evil religion and associated doctrines, despite their dislike of some of them…


These are the selfish hypocrites that are a great danger to everyone and above all, they can never be trusted. This is because this type of fake believer can blow with all the winds as long as it is in their favor.

… As an example of the nature of fake believers, I would like to refer to the Iranian women’s movement today and other similar fake protesters.

… All those who refuse to wear the Hijab and Nikab any longer, who are unjustly seen as heroines by many, are in fact the greatest hypocrites because they still profess Islam which is evil in the name of Allah.


… The headscarf (which is prescribed in the Quran by the hypocrite Mohammed and the non-existent Allah) and Islam belong together, just as Adam and Eve belong together. And in this combination evil is inseparably linked.

… One cannot live without the other, or the activists refuse both (Quran and the headscarf), or they accept both.

… A middle ground is not possible in Islam, Insha’Allah. 


Thus, says the teaching of Vishnuh:

“The only way to reform Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and other religions is to get rid of them.”




Religions and believers, we wish you a safe arrival on the planet Mars. Bon voyage et long retour! (Go and never come back!)


By Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus