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A brief summary of the Redemption of Original Sin



Muslim, Christian countries & Discrimination


The past has related to the Present



Former adherents of Islam, the Catholic Church, and all religious organizations worldwide have been guilty in the past of all their God has forbidden.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“All who are engaged in the so-called sacred writings of the Bible, Torah, Bhagavad Gita, Koran, and non-compliance, are similar to a pack animal that carries books.”



Nowadays make the current sectarian adherents originated from the aforementioned religious institutions and following this, with the Koran and the Bible in prospect, is still guilty of various crimes and malpractice against humanity, including killings arbitrarily, ethnic and religious cleansing, the genocide of Gentiles, mentally and physical violence, robbery, extortion, kidnapping and murder, torture and slavery, sometimes under the guise of democracy or Sharia on behalf of God and in the name of Allah.


 The crimes IS (ISIS) sect widely commits and other sectarian organizations and agencies taken over the world, referring to the earlier practice of the main churches (Islam and Christianity) on behalf of God and Allah on “witch hunts”, “jihads”, “crusades”, “genocide and Christianization of the innocent crowds of people using social, mental and physical violence.”


 Although the cruel practices and conversion actions of the IS in numbers are small, compared to the nature of the crimes against humanity such as by Christianity and Islam (Arabia) in far earlier times longer than a millennium were committed on behalf of God and Allah, even now, she is just as serious and cool-headed and at all times shall never be condoned.


Note: **** In those millennia, in which Christianity (the Vatican) and Islam committed unlimited atrocities against the innocent world population, there were no media capabilities, such as satellite TV, radio, etc. so that the unbridled brutality and global human rights violations committed by said main churches could not be reported or indicated by independent bodies to the world ……


… All atrocities and human rights violations of the highest degree, which then gradually became committed by churches and its sympathizers, were for the whole world a closed book for lack of world journalism and technology news distribution so that the nations with unbridled violence were surprised and annexed by religious humanity because they were not prepared for an attack and were unable to timely withdraw or get to safety…


… Christians and Muslims at the time went as wild beasts against the innocent world humanity on behalf of God and Allah, among others, vicious rapes, beheadings of children and adults with blunt cutters, terrible torture methods, opponents normally died a horrible death, they were alive among others on a pole strung like a satay, women trafficking and holding various sex slaves, polygamy, child slavery, pedophilia, genocide a legion peoples, arbitrary killings and reprisals against those who did not wish to take their belief in God…


  … So all the unprecedented atrocities that the IS today committed and still commits against the innocent and otherwise believing mankind were/are Christians and Islam own. As well as the process of converting foreign nations during the foundation of Christian and Muslim states and spreading her faith in God worldwide, refer to the current practice of IS and other similarly-styled sectarian currents, which for at least 2,000 years, according to their current method should continue with the implementation and documentation of their Caliphate if they want to stand shoulder to shoulder to face with Christianity and Islam…


… So, what IS has achieved until now is peanuts and it is by far not even a fraction of what Christianity and other main churches actually have to answer for.



Therefore thus saith the doctrine of Vishnuh:

 “If a believer points with his index finger to his fellow believer neighbor, nine fingers pointing automatically to himself.”



Equal opportunities? Everyone has equal opportunities in this world as is often promoted by governments and religious humanity? Certainly according to their constitution on paper but not in practice. No, except you are Christian or Muslim, or adheres to a church to a nonexistent God then they seem to have a chance to generate opportunities.







… Today there seems to be no option anymore to create opportunities in Christian countries. European countries, or to daily screaming that there are a democracy and free speech, equal opportunities, etc. But all this is true only when it suits the Western countries. 


… Furthermore, Europe finds that it is not normal when Christians and Jews not allowed to build churches and synagogues in Islamic countries, but the ridicule of a prophet for them is the most natural thing in the world, because Europeans may offend Muslims because it falls under freedom of expression. But you go stand in the courtyard at The Hague and call once “the king is a moron”, or “Jews are sheep fuckers”, and “the Holocaust was what they deserved”, or “Black Peter means racism.”

Will they also call “Je Suis Charlie?”


… In all four cases above, the chances are very likely that the caller has to deal with police violence and his/ her right to freedom of expression without mercy will be trampled.

The west is a big media circus in which most Western politicians are sociopaths, who only lie, cheat, and twist the truth.


 … Hypocrites galore, because now speak the decisions of several Western countries volumes to sell to Muslim countries, especially weapons.

The US supplies $ 5 billion to Iraq. Germany for € 700 million to Dubai and Qatar, Netherlands for half a billion euros to SA, for the US $ 3.5 billion to Saudi Arabia, France EUR 1.5 billion in the United Arab Emirates. Despite all the misery that the belief in Allah caused, the West is doing very much business with these countries.


*** All that in the name of religion and political preference causes harm to the world must be sentenced and combated.***


I am against all forms of genocide, so I think that the French and the rest of Europe once again to stop insulting Muslims and destruction of their land just to steal oil. But to jointly destroy the African butcher group Boko Haram, which in inhuman way children and adults under hypnosis or with the use of violence and death threats against the family enforce Islamic terrorist attacks, No, the Western countries feel nothing for this, because these African countries fall for industrialized countries little or nothing to pick, then death and destruction allowed.

For that matter, they’re just grabbers who do not think of people, but only of money and their own survival!


… It is far from correct to relate attacks on Islam because of one of the worst and longest-lasting conflicts conducted in Catholic Columbia, but there are a handful of people who are there to care about. And take a look at subordinated Christian countries worldwide that barely make the news, where death, murder, and manslaughter in the population, cruelty to each other, hatred, envy, discrimination on race, belief in God en People, fraud, and corruption are on the agenda of the day under the banner of Catholicism and Christianity.


 But once it comes to Muslims than they are so very excited for the rest of the world, and this “dual behavior” proves once again the inherent hypocrisy and racism of the European Christian community. This behavior spreads like wildfire around the world, with authorities in their own interests to create differences, and then justify in self-invented rules and laws, supposedly from the interest of country and people, but so just add fuel to the fire, causing “Hate, Deception, and Destruction” will never become a thing of the past…


… That mentality goes against my sense of justice. Religious extremists live around the world, but the trend is becoming familiar with the finger-pointing at the Muslim community.


 … There are willingly double standards, Europeans should therefore not be surprised if in due course throughout Europe things will happen that also have become normal in the Palestinian territories, Israel, and the rest of the world where suicide attacks, the racial murder of religion loving sects natives and immigrants have been widespread by the lack of respect for each other, safety, equal opportunities and togetherness.



Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

“Jealousy is the sister of malignancy as the devil is the brother of the angels.”



… Although many nations, including the Muslims, the science of ancient India have studied and taken over, it is in almost all Western countries like spit on Muslims, while forgetting that the contribution that Islam has made to the European science eg physics, mathematics and chemistry is many times greater than any other belief in God whatsoever.

The figures 0 t / m 9 Europe owes to the Arabs, Ibn Sina or Avicenna (Latin), full name Abu Ali al-Hussein Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina, is the founder of modern medical science.


 … While thanks to the Arabs the towns Alhambra and Seville were equipped with modern irrigation systems and street lighting, and Constantinople had hundreds of public toilets, the inhabitants had in Western Europe defecate in the street, against the wall, or behind a tree.

These are signals which patently prove that the Arabs despite their extreme religious thinking were much more advanced than the Christians, and this is as clear as daylight.


… Regarding “Je Suis Charlie”: Anders Behring Breivik is the perpetrator of the attacks in Norway in 2011 with a total of 77 people were killed.

He has prior to the attack, written a manifesto, which shows extreme right-wing, anti-Muslim, anti-feminist, and state nationalistic views. Mr. Rutte of Dutch politics nor any of the PVV supporters could be seen on the “Dam.” Indeed, there was no one to see on “the Dam” in Amsterdam that was concerned about the massacre in Norway.


… The slogan “Je Suis Charlie” goes into the history books as the most opportunistic decision of this century.

Every sane person should be against a brutal assassination, but this should not be associated with dementia and wavering behavior, each time the mode of editing with humiliating cartoons of the lowest level knowingly be targeted to specific groups.

That whole Charlie has provoked this, and it’s a very different past for him than previously thought.


.. This freedom of expression is abused unabashedly to the Prophet Muhammad to put down as a vulgarian, as a barbarian who has hidden grenades in his turban and beard, as a person who otherwise minded people instantly cuts off the head.

This has nothing to do with freedom of expression, but targeted depth harassment, designed to the same groups of people to put down as backward and dangerous, while Christianity is the fireplace and the inventor of all evil on this planet.


 … Ironically were a number of “heads of state” along during the protest march in Paris, who prefer domestically used “violence” against minorities instead of their “sense”, and that their presence “Charlie Hebdo” including “Je Suis Charlie” literally and figuratively brought to the grave.

These are usually the same “leaders” that children prohibit bullying at school, but also in the guise of “freedom of expression” approve the aggravated harassment on other people that humanly cannot pass muster.

It should be clear to everyone that these are not the people’s representatives for which the citizen should vote.


 … Everyone has the right to free speech and as the opinion of someone not in line with those of others does not mean that one is not a righteous man, where one should be much for an alert is to run with the hypocrites who think that under the banner of “freedom of expression” automatic everything is permitted. 


… Time after time the West gives eagerly to the Western Zionist media, as cited above, the European Christian community applies double standards.


…  To this injustice towards fellow people (regardless of belief in God and political beliefs) and of the difference of human rights violations to share with the world ‘I also wave with the pen’ ‘and my slogans are as well have called the millions of protesters in France ”liberté, égalité, dessinez, Ecrivez ” (liberty, equality, draw, write.)



The destruction of the divine world is in full swing



… Violence in any form can never be justified for any reason, but the events in Paris, on the attack on the French media, has clearly demonstrated that Christians and like-minded supporters still find in advance from all to afford towards the minority and also against people with a different religion, but once here incidents arise, they weep almost the whole world together and soon find a democratic proposition to “their harassment” constituting the basis for the attack to exonerate.

In fact, they play the lost innocence by what they were deliberately failing to understand, because their own badness learns to distrust the thoughts of others is a sign of weakness.


… The terrorist attack in Paris is to be condemned but also the terrorist acts of countries like Germany, the USA, France, Netherlands, UK, Sweden, etc., in the Middle East and Africa…


… France passed a law in 2014 by acclamation, to criminalize the denial of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire (the predecessor of modern Turkey), but France is unaware that his own genocide of 1.5 million Algerians as genocide to be seen; it was a war of independence was raised, leaving 1.5 million Algerian Muslims are slain in the French war urge to steal land for the West is not relevant.

This while France has millions of lives on her conscience and enough blood on its hands. And nowhere was reading “Je Suis Algérien.”

That the genocide against the Algerians on a day to be avenged, is already fixed, time will tell.


… Besides we must not forget the bloody attack on the Rainbow Warrior, the Greenpeace ship that was in the port of Wellington by the French secret service inflated, and that the Dutch photographer Pereira died.

What was the result of this terrorist attack by France? Was rainbow warrior too dangerous for the French state?

The only thing that Greenpeace protested was against the nuclear tests that France held on the island Murorao.

That protest was for France against the sore leg and response to a terrorist attack to sink the ship. And except the murder of an innocent civilian were also three seriously injured by the French terrorist attack.

Many have forgotten that attack but people with a sense of justice will never forget this. Where were the cries of “Je Suis Pereira” and “Je Suis Rainbow Warrior?”


… Examines the European stance on freedom of expression one will quickly come to the conclusion that freedom of expression falls under the “white privilege”.

It is legally forbidden to practice racism, and in the inner of the snooty humanity, racism retains its value only to those who fed but not / are raised and will not know the value of life.


… On 13 January 2006, came the drones above a small village somewhere in Pakistan for Ayman Zawahiri who had to die, because the then chief judge who ruled over life and death former President George W. Bush has so in defense of the “Judeo-Christian-humanist civilization.”

The drones were ineffective. Two months later, again drones came for an Al Qaeda leader, and again they missed their target, the two drone attacks were killed seventy-six children and 29 adults who had no part in that so-called “war on terror”, and this was all unpunished happen because of the “Judeo-Christian-humanist civilization.”

Thus, George W. Bush and supporters must immediately be arrested and prosecuted because of their involvement in war crimes during his regime.


… The West and including France have not kept silent march at the time as “Je Suis Pakistanaise” the blunders were dismissed with a fizzle as usual.

This is a reminder for all those millions of hypocrites in Paris and their sympathizers in the rest of the world with their opportunistic text “Je Suis Charlie”, including a prime minister who runs regularly to bleat about “freedom and democracy.”

And now a memorial to the 1.5 million Algerians, who were massacred by France. France should now show that it is not applying double standards.


… Wars and acts of terrorism, which the West, particularly the US has conducted, most of the victims made among the Muslims. Only in Iraq, the US created more than 150,000 deaths. And still, fall daily casualties among the Muslim population.

Afghanistan same. There, too, the West has murdered several thousand Muslims. Somalia, Libya, and Syria ditto.

And when the Muslims hit back by tackling a few Christians then the world condemn the act?

Not Islam but the Christian West is the source of all misery.


… In the Netherlands, almost every thoughtful citizen is well aware of the crimes committed by the Netherlands in the former Dutch East Indies, especially the many thousands of extrajudicial executions, which are well documented by the famous historian Geert Mak.  

That dark period in Dutch history should not be debated, but the suffering that happened to the Dutch and the appalling conditions in which they found themselves in the Japanese camps should be discussed at length!!


… Regarding the Netherlands should also be noted here that the supply of arms to Desi Delano Bouterse by the Dutch State, the murders, and the revolution in Suriname was made possible by February 25, 1980.

The Netherlands at the time was fully aware of the plans of the coup perpetrators Bouterse and therefore aiding in the 25 December murders can be blamed and regarding the Moiwana genocide culpable negligence can be imputed.


… A legion Dutch would like slavery still existed. One is talking about the Muslims who only murders, but look at the Dutch what they have done during the politionele action in Indonesia and see the largest group of traitors in the Second World War in Europe, these were the Dutch NSB which high officials were involved, including mayors and others, of which a large part of contemporary progenies spread the same character on display. The Netherlands was in the war in the role of the profiteer.

The Netherlands sold on all sides weapons and earned as well.

Look what they’ve done in Bosnia, Karremans and his associates, just look at the support that they give to bomb others.


… Christians believe in their conceit to have a license with impunity to harass their faithful fellow human beings, they afford to bully others in word, in writing, and in pictures, they may bomb the other for a supposedly good cause and targeted killings, she may lie, cheat, and abet nations against each other in the name of democracy (= organized distrust), and the counterparty may only accept everything in resignation and stand idly by while in most conflicts in both parties as much blood on their hands. 


… No wonder that they always behave hypocritically towards each other by occasionally the violent actions against each other supposedly regrettable and condemn, “as the gravedigger with a dead serious face digs a hole to bury a corpse, yet inwardly pleased that his money pot filled analog the statement “prefer to bury the dead than to have to walk around with an empty wallet.”



Justice is in almost all respects to look far


… With regard to world peace, equal rights, and peaceful society with world nations, regardless of differences in nationality, religion, and culture, humanity must realize that every one out of decency should measure with one measure.

Hereby people serve at the same time to oppose any method of harassment and against any form of physical and moral violence, which destroyed human life and violates the dignity of persons and peoples.


… Nobody likes the one he fears, but those who want to communicate openly and honestly must also listen to the things they do not want to hear so that they will understand each other better.


And discrimination! Is an invention of the Church, because in earlier bibles were bad people black portrayed with frizzy hair and or straight hair, and the good man was white illustrated with yellow hair.

Later, other less colored peoples added to the already discriminated peoples and races, and so got this intense vicious discrimination followed by all religion-loving people worldwide.

Especially religious leaders not ashamed to make a game of it, so that discrimination today incarnated in today’s society and in everyday life.

… And the ridiculous of all this is that even religious groups discriminate against each other on the basis of each other’s faith in God, as a Jehovah’s witness does not like to visit the Church of the other believer, even Muslims are not happy in a Catholic church, that while believers worldwide to pass and inappropriately loudly pretend that God or Allah is for everyone.

Is this living together in mutual understanding and harmony? Not so nice!

 Right for one – right for all, is just a farce from the established religious vernacular, and when it comes to atrocities and injustice, is often called  No, that’s not Islam or Christianity because Islam and Christianity do not promote violence or atrocities.

People who deny injustice and violence within their religion, have not been adequately studied their Koran or Bible and are an abomination in the eyes of their God and be their God or Allah not devoted as they argue constantly.


Violence, fighting, and religion are closer to each other that come together when stakeholders expect advantages, and no matter by any religion, because the fact is that freedom and human dignity are incompatible with the tyranny of religion.

In numerous Muslim countries non-believers and others, who are skeptical about religion, risking criminal prosecution, but also the Christians can put some off, albeit otherwise of such scope as democracy or what one means by it, so spiritual oppression under statutory provisions.


With lots of gory violence has religious humanity for themselves wins a place on this earth through centuries of oppression and commit atrocities against humanity and the living Nature. Thus the religious humanity will descend into the SJool and completely perish by her fabricated belief in God.

Religious humanity will not escape the curse of the damned because they are the continuation of the curse that applies to all religions themselves have repeatedly put into effect by exercising selfishness and conceit towards its fellow human beings.


 Every reason today to all worldwide church heads, heads of state and religious sects, the Pope and Bishops, Imams and other Muslim leaders to take immediate effect in custody and to undergo a forensic and criminal investigation.

At the same time destroys all religious books and renewed written a book in which all nations and races of the world, are represented everywhere and are united as a unit.

And the constitution should be amended by return worldwide.


God(s) and Devil(s) are located on Earth in the gullible, hateful, and evil humanity, and Heaven, Nirvana, Valhalla, and Hel include the environment of what one has created for good and evil based on lust for power and conceit.


The man of today is not only to speak out explicitly against Jihadism but especially against all world religions, from which the sects such as the Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, Al-Qaeda, etc. are formed.

People who through mental and physical violence are pushing for their religion are in reality spiritually weak and come together to maintain their lies because if they are alone, their lies have no control.

They need each other to feed the lie, and these are the evil people who at all costs want to keep their lies upright to generate an impression on other people and to suppress.


  Those who have given the horrible example for the sectarian groups, that have sown everywhere death and destruction in the world and currently still sow according to homemade summary religious expressions based on the Bible, the Koran and the Thora, are most certainly be jointly and severally liable for all people suffering and dire consequences on this earth because has to do follow suit…


.. In other words, the three main churches which previously formed the trinity (Torah, Islam, Christianity) and since Biblical times killing each other and begrudge each other zealous of all, are the actual main perpetrators and instigators of global violence and amorality, so that their right to exist by law should be immediately banned worldwide.

The said religious powers are initiated and have been for the formation of sectarian groups, who in the recent past have been committed crimes and are still committing against humanity, partly by taking an idiosyncratic output based on the self-devised and written divine writings of the main churches, says the Bible, Koran, and Torah have used as an example and still.


Fait accompli is that the main churches in very serious complicity in all the crimes committed by sects and religious people on behalf of God and Allah shall be charged, and all this shows very clearly that God and Allah, Lucifer and Satan are one and the same.

So to hell with all religions, the religious robber nests!


I had a dream, that a just God, if it existed, then nothing would want to do with the religious humanity, because he/ she/it would think: “rot on believers; there is no blessing rest upon your madness; Let the believers themselves checked by a psychiatrist, unless this is not as crazy as them, and solve your problems yourself, you have shifted over the centuries arbitrarily enough nastiness in my shoes! “


I have nothing to do with religion, and I also want to have anything with it, but I can imagine this is what I have dreamed of what a just God, if it existed, would have thought, given the past and present religious worldview of the religious mankind.




How can the righteous religious humanity than get rid of the curse (Kunu: read “koenoe”) of the cursed?


… But how is this curse that rests on the religious humanity, than to explain, and how can they be turned away to make room for the purity of mind?


Everything that thousands of years gradually religious domination were generated by religious usurpers of the massacred world population is 100% blood money, in which peace can never rest, even if nowadays the profits obtained finance so-called charities for fellows.

A curse from world-first parents, who as an inhuman heavy burden rests on the shoulders of the religious man, is not washable and at all times shall never be condoned.


There’s a curse on all religions, such as the Cross Curse of Jesus of Nazareth belongs to all Christians, for behold the violent murder of this man by believers is obvious, therefore, rests no blessing in any Christian.

Even though they consider to feel the so-called Christian’s satisfaction in their faith and think they can generate happiness and love by their so-called charitable feeling, by sharing their so-called charitable feelings with other people (mostly like-minded.)

It’s not a hell of a job to resources, which are derived from blood money to give away to supporters to buy so love; with someone else’s teaching is good cutting belts, and is generally true, “no money no love.” …


… As for the Muslims and other same-style religions have here to follow suit, and also undergo the same fate as the Christians, because all religions like Islam have been copied from the Bible and then classified their so-called holy book to their own idea or according to the mindset of their scriptural prophets, cultural life and fantasy, so that the curse applies irrevocably to all believers, according to the principle “he that toucheth pitch shall be defiled.” 

This is very sad for the young ones who have asked not to be here, but within a religious society and educational direction, they are following the example of their grown-ups too misanthropic individuals with strange twists in their head on peace, humanity, and society.


… After the murder of Jesus these same unscrupulous religious murderers have a nice response to his popularity with the poor citizens and invented that Jesus is the Son of their self-invented God and his life story romanticized for their own interests, in order to win the unhinged people for themselves and to hide their collective killings and inhuman religious behavior in a haze of so-called salvation with their bullshit story that his suffering and horrible death is the will of their God (see Isaiah 53), that Jesus through his death the sin of mankind has taken on, that while Jezus was not a believer, but a pagan, according to established thinking of the religious humanity of that time, so when someone has no faith in God or adheres to their own religion or nature regarded as the creator of everything.


 The only way the religious humanity can get rid of these cross curse which world peace and mutual solidarity will be a reality, by the total destruction of all the so-called holy books and scriptures (Bible, Qur’an, Torah, Bhagavad-Gita, etc.) in which the histories of the massacred people by religions for centuries been decided.

Only then will there be peace everywhere and mental resignation followed by the spirit of nature and the ancestors worldwide.


… But there is hope because change starts with you because no one has to wait for those who first dispose of his armor and are thus freed himself from the “kunu” which willy-nilly has a handle on the individual. Redemption thus begins with you.


The “Kunu” (Surinamese for “eternal curse”) is in all religions that require destruction. The past of those murdered people by religious bodies, should forever be buried and not always withdraw into places of worship, which is basically just arouses the anger of the spirit of nature because of the spread of the gore untruthful stories about the bygone nations locked up in the so-called holy books, sermons, and prayers …..

 God does not exist and thus can not and none have done something wrong because something that does not exist cannot do wrong, but if there is a God then it is “He / She / It” only in the mind of evil people.

… In other words, the main culprit that all the evil among men has brought into the world, “the religious man”, still exists today.

And this Kunu (read “koenoe”), that child is at home, on this day in society still promoted by the profiteers, stakeholders, Religion and Government in order to continue to earn money on the backs of fellow human beings, to deceive them with a divine excuse to exploit and keep the gullible world population stupid and tight.

How pious the mind the bigger the beast!


We are Vishnuïsts of a non-religious monastic order, according to the Bible pagan ie born sinners, but our wicked conscience commands us in advance to share our knowledge with not knowing fellow men to save them unnecessary suffering and avoid blind faith so that they learn to recognize the pitfalls of the evil mankind and analogous circumstances can act accordingly to self-protection.




A sincere prayer from an unbeliever to the God of the believers


I would like to pray for all believers including faithful Ukraine, Russia, and many others who adore a holy book that supposedly promotes peace and human love, while the believers are happy to smash each other’s brains and constantly make each other’s life miserable. This is because there is a natural curse on the peoples and governments who regard piety and religion as their heritage. Hereby.




Grace to all believers and with their spirits, amen.


… “Oh God in heaven, in Valhalla, in Jenna, Nirvana, in hell, or wherever You are.


.. Let your followers worldwide finally hear where you are, as they have been looking for you since time immemorial but so far can not find you anywhere.

… Dear Lord Krishna, Allah or any Scriptural God; I pray to You that You may take responsibility by summoning your earthly conformists who regularly molest, bomb and slaughter each other directly to you so that Peace will once again reign on Earth in the hearts of all people who are aware that they were not created by a god, but by Nature which is the Creator of all things on earth and of the universe which is greater than all gods.

… O God the boss of all believers; your belligerent supporters are diligently working to reach you, then let them know that their futile prayers for strength against one another and utter wickedness towards one another are not in vain and that their ultimate heart’s desire to dwell with you forever not has escaped your attention.

… Oh Lord Krishna, Allah or any evil God; Hear my prayer from a sincere unbeliever, who means well to all believers in the world regardless of race, rank, position, origin, political or religious persuasion.

.. Let your unscrupulous paladins enter the “promised paradise” / Djenna forever and quickly do s’íl vous plaît before your brainless followers blow up the earth and claim even more innocent human lives with their religious madness/ war madness. Therefore take your fanatic imitators to your current residence today instead of tomorrow, because tidy is neat.

… O sadistic God, the father of all warlike nations; I urge you, but politely, to immediately call to you all your advocates of all kinds so that they can continue their hatred, incitement, and annihilation struggle against each other unrestrained in your presence in Heaven, in Valhalla, in Nirvana, in Djenna or in hell, so that Harmony and human love may once again return to the hearts of all people on Mother Earth, who love everything that Nature has produced and everything that lives in it.

… Oh Lord Krishna, Allah or any vengeful God; however, you need not worry about hand and hand in your grand task of repatriating your epigones to higher realms, for I offer myself for the good cause of bringing peace back to this world. And in order to prevent your cruel followers from further killing, slaughtering, and bombing each other unnecessarily, I am fully voluntary out of charity to round up all your dissatisfied members like a good shepherd and assist you in the guillotine, as befits a good Samaritan to do, in respect of the execution of their outward journey to the Heavenly Spheres, after they have taken their last holy sacrament in Jesus name or on behalf of any fictitious God; “AMEN.”


드 정보 통신







Who finds true friendship has found a treasure, sadly true friendship in today’s society is difficult or nearly impossible to find. This has to do with the way today’s society forms an image of friendships and how people behave towards others whose conduct is usually enforced by their own circle or the environment.


Take the example of the soap series in that people fully organize their private lives. Sensible people see this happen as television entertainment, but most people take it seriously.

People see how the actors in soap series deceive each other, betray each other where possible, and thereby bandied humiliate each other in front of strangers.

Furthermore, they go promptly with the wife of their boyfriend/girlfriend or employee to bed in which unfaithful to their own partner is mutual rife.

They put a picture down if all this seems to be quite normal, as if all the order of the day.


 And who today do not want to get involved with the resulting soap trend just falls by the wayside, or is abruptly repelled and found as a stupid old fool.

In the so-called modern society is often suggested that this trend of people amorality nowadays normally held to find, as well as everything that society for chews them as values according to democratic rules and Christian standards.


Being friends, means that one does not participate in amorality and underhanded behavior nor treason against each other, but that one really goes through fire for each other.

Regardless of faith or unbelief must be a real friend in the progress of a good relationship never ever to come to be a closed door.

That’s why this is called friendship, unconditional assistance to each other, even though they do not have the time or do not look forward to the problems of another.


 Friendship is giving and taking and going for each other through wind and fire no matter what happens, even if it is due to one reason or another one is in prison or the homeless one day to another. However, this should never undermine the friendship that one has with the other.

Often appears when someone enters prison, or through their own fault or has another, and without shelter as a result, or is abandoned by his/ her spouse, then the long friendship is ended abruptly.

Then it means that one has never really been friends, but only when it came out the other well.

A real friend should never just let go into the street, without him or her to have found a solution. Friendship is also listening and taking advice from the others.


In case of mutual or personal problems, friends should be able to talk this out. Humanly one should always give each other the opportunity to explain why they have said or done something which the other has to be offended.

A good understanding and improvement always need to give each other the benefit of the doubt so that the grounds on which the doubt rests can be removed by another by talking out the problem or by humbly apologizing or to show sincere regret to the one who deserves to be right.

Only then gives one token to appreciate the other as a true friend.


True friendships are very sparse, this is because nowadays often does little effort to maintain a friendship.

In addition, there are a lot of greedy people who want sadly only take and nothing or very little return, these are the hoppers where people have nothing and no one wants to share friendship.

One must learn to recognize these people and stop this friendship because by extending this friendship one asks for unanswered discomfort, pain, and sorrow.

Friendship has to come from both sides because there must be an exchange and not unidirectional like this often occurs.


 Remarkable is that many people are very fond of their own privacy in life. This is fine and everyone should decide for themselves, of course.

In general, it is for many a disturbing factor when one wants to get cozy with a cup of coffee or tea, but very often can not because there is already someone who comes to visit, as if socializing is wrong, because so people get to know each other.

It will be best avoided even though there really personal things in private should be discussed, but in most situations, people gather for positivity, for fun, and socializing.


The Bible contains everything written about friendship, and also plenty of spells and has to burst, but what one has in mind as believers do not adhere to it than just when it suits them well.

Friendship is in those parts usually only practiced in their church congregation, but after the singing of the psalms, they are already fed up?

Therefore, the friendship suggestions contained in the Bible and preached by churches sufficiently demonstrated that her spells and beautiful tales can not promote true friendship sustain neither but are often limited in “out of sight out of mind” until another church service starts or when the church dues must be collected, but once one is in need, they are incomprehensible to stare at the bottom of the cup.


Who does not know and understand what friendship content of us will know its meaning and how this fact should be reflected in dealing with fellow human beings, except that really mean to you, but also listen to the invisible pain. 

True friendship is unconditional and for us a valuable asset in favor of changing times, therefore we are looking for real friends and no adventurers who want to do interesting and remind us to repent in one way or another to their thinking and lifestyle.  

Always do your thing quietly or sing, but do not be fooled us otherwise the wrongdoer is a rapidly bad cold. After the cold than normally follows the rut, because this is the keyhole of the door.

The vicious circle, since the malicious directed by us to, that is to say, that their unreliability proved by us.


We Vishnuïsts would gladly be friends with everyone, but it is not that one can come storming at us smack as in a pub, for us also apply rules, norms, and values, which everyone will benefit and these are all spelled out in our great reality book.

Once again we are looking for treasures of friends with whom we can share everything because shared sorrow is half sorrow and shared joy is a double joy.


But for the treasures of the devil, however, we have never place for them because with this kind of rabble we do not move forward. Moreover, their life is not even worth a penny to us, as we prefer to sit comfortably without a headache and worry about our fireplace.

Who is good for us, this will also receive from us and who makes us poorly back must deal with the consequences of evil with his bare hands.


No one is forced to do something wrong with us, but if one does something for others should come from the heart and not because it has to happen. Life is hard and uninhibited, but true friendship is close and unbeatable.

Unity is the strength, only nature can, but by being part of its force nature people are all very happy and honored by mother nature.

Along with one, like nature, this should be the aim of everyone. Come and be our friend/girlfriend, for anyone who is pure of heart and mind is always welcome to join us and in advance very loved…


.. In the teaching of Vishnuh people are central. Therefore we cherish unconditional love to the loyal and good-natured man.


… I illustrate this as follows; In dealings with other people, Vishnuïsts first thank the persons who have done well. 

In case of illness, they thank the doctor, surgeon, and furthermore all those who contributed to their recovery.

We also do this with the counselor (s) or donor (s), etc., for its progressiveness these towards us has exercised on the basis of charity.


… It is obvious that the Vishnuïst while at the same time thanks to Nature, that the person has been blessed and endowed with a gift that salvation is for everyone, bearing the ultimate wish that the person (s) is healthy and happy throughout his life.

The purpose of Nature is to make life more pleasant for everyone, so it’s all about in the doctrine of Vishnuh for man and the Universe or Nature.


… Unlike the Vishnuh-Society, the religious humanity, first praises their idealistic God, and thank wrongly for things for which he/ she/ it is not able and not be able, because God simply does not exist.

When they needed God, he was nowhere to be seen. The scriptural prayers for God’s help and the screams of his worshipers who shouted over the Heavens, all fell on deaf ears and brought the worshipers poor misery and despair.

The faithful on earth received from all their religious singing and persistent begging not hearing from God while his angels on the other hand through all that pious cries have not had a good night’s sleep but at that time were all awake in Heaven.


And the human being who deserves recognition and awards for his dedication, skill, care, and trust, disappears for believing mankind directly in the background, and like everything else subordinate to the arrogance of the religious man. So, for the person who provides assistance and helps apply “no honor for those who deserve honor” but awaits only the ingratitude and hypocrisy.


… This unfair and ungrateful objectionable behavior angers me to the chest, causing me (too many others) often tends to get not accommodate this kind of believer morons when they ask for help.

I let the faithful would rather choke, because why would I actually help them as they like to tell you that they have a great God which they compete so pious and promised his followers always help according to their holy book?


… Let the faithful then use these God’s Promise and to ask “him” in an emergency for help anyway, or complain when they do not agree with God’s decision, rather than harass others? They need no help demonstration of their fellow man, because after all their suffering is the will of their God, so let them suffer and perish on behalf of their God: they must always act with obedience to God and have no medical anticipated nor human help of the fellow human being: God needs them, so he has made them sick so they soon die to serve as a building material for the construction of new apartments in Heaven. The latter is understandable given the large crowds of devotees nowadays enter Heaven and the Walhalla such as war heroes and other devout people who need a place to live in heaven.


… The believers are predestined according to the Bible, no wonder the needy and sick religious should not be better but just quickly go to heaven. And only in this case, therefore, for their earthly departure, I am as non-believer very godly, by helping God to the gang heartless, malicious and arrogant religious humanity as soon as possible to point the way to Heaven, the sooner they go the better.


… God is with, for, and against them, it is their fate, so do not bother. Religion is God-related and only applicable to religious people, who are also their religious rules strictly required to comply.


… But in practice means adherence to God’s rules by God’s Supporters’ indecent behavior towards fellow human beings with their disobedience also takes place under the supervision of Omnia.


… Believers swear most of the time on just about anything to be able to achieve with the help of their God, but when the moment of truth arrives, their God is normally sighted blind and failed to provide such assistance to his follower (s).

Furthermore, God was as deaf as a post and finally disappeared, and, regrettably, still not found. This applies to all world religions…


… Noteworthy is that god, during arose in the minds of the religious man, without a trace disappeared and until now hiding for fear of the wrath of those in whom the pious world domination has done wrong on behalf of God evil.

They’re looking for him, but to date have still not found him. So look, but you will not find it!!!




드 정보 통신


 If everything is well on closer inspection, Islam and Christianity, in fact, can be regarded as the adolescents of the world religions, with the corresponding grandiloquence and complacency, which also characterizes them.

Where the so-called Christians and Muslims get the profound arrogance to claim that they have got it right, and to convince others of it; Goodness only knows.


The Vedas and Hinduism are many centuries older than the Bible and the Koran.

The oldest scriptures of Hinduism are the Vedas, consisting of a collection of prayers and hymns known as the Rig-Veda, the Sama-Veda, the Yajur Veda, and the Atharva-Veda. They were produced by various clans in the course of several centuries and about 1000 BC. completed by religious parties.

On the Vedas were added later in history other writings, including the Brahmanas and the Upanishads.


Nevertheless, the Vedas is not a book of God for humanity, for there is no such thing as a book of God for all people, but the Bible either, who found her liberated 400 years after Christ, even though this supposedly predicted the future globally.

Just know it’s not difficult to say that water is wet, or those who can not swim and falls into the water will drown and die.


That the Almighty God of the faithful the future of humanity can predict exactly is bullshit, because all the so-called prophecies come down to the fact that the past relates to the present, and humanity often by their own stupidity falls in repetition. 

Anyone can predict things based on logic, for example, “it’s going to rain a few days, months or years” or “after rain comes sunshine” or “behind the clouds the sun shines”, or “young birds can fly later”, or “young cats get with age sharp claws”, or “who does not eat, will die” or “God does not exist”, etc.










In general, most religious people are like parrots ie mimics because they take everything for granted what is in their so-called “holy books” without thinking.



 And according to many, the Bible is inspired by God, which means that God is far from clever, this data is derived directly from the statements of the Bible which say that the earth is the center of the universe and that the sun, the moon, and the stars revolve around the earth which is also as flat as a dime, and that God took a rib of the man and therefrom modeled the woman.

So I can write a book that certainly will be twice thicker than the Bible, with the madness that appears in the Bible and in the Qur’an. 


 Whatever the truth concerning the issue is not how old the book is, the fact is that former rulers at the top of the summit were in the Middle Ages and far before their fictions have woven together with existing truths that the tales that are in the so-called holy books cannot be considered as coming from a God or gods.

As also found the myth its way to the Bible and other religious writings and was gradually adjusted regularly.

In other words; all so-called holy books throughout history compiled by power mongers and written by sympathizers and inspiration of their positional givens.


In all quasi-sacred books are a lot of general wisdom from earlier civilizations that are completely overwhelmed by all the Poppycock appearing here. In other words, “fools also be able to speak and write wise words.”


… The so-called holy books written by human hands, even though people inspired by God or Allah by letting them write down everything he/ she/it whispers, cannot be accepted as sacred because people make mistakes.

… And a holy book is only holy and perfect as God/ Allah writes it, and as far as I know, it is not (yet) happened.





“Freedom of expression” and “freedom of the press” have in Islamic countries never existed, they are as always dubbed by the West as “rogue states” that are mainly inhabited by terrorists where Muslims as daily grind inflate each other with explosives, Muslim extremists who kill dissenters as solve traffic congestion by blowing up on all cars.


… But to see how hypocritical and calculating the European countries are, one must realize that good what today passes as a rogue state, tomorrow is an ally of the West.

Cuba and Libya, and even a movement as the PKK, which was listed for a long time on the list of terrorist organizations, is now a movement that enjoys the full support of the West. And any action by the West on the collective enemy ao IS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, etc. makes even that the PKK is considered a liberation army. The Western world is untrustworthy and hypocritical which each generally must be very careful to not be confronted with surprises.


… Noteworthy is that the West has always had a hand in the growth of the well-known notorious Islamic terror cells including the Taliban because most attacks in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world were instructed by the CIA. 

By mutual quarrel, both parties have become suddenly each archenemy so as a result, the counterparty of the Taliban can now count on the full support of the CIA and the West to fight the Taliban. 


… This is the dirty game that was played, and even now. In reality, widely snatched accounts between warlords were mutually settled. But it is so easy to listen to everything under the heading of “war on terror” to unite, to justify so the dirty war actions of the greedy West in the world.


 … The West even trying to approach Iran and other rogue par excellence! The reason is that they serve the interests of the West, which does not mean that suddenly in countries like Cuba, Libya, Iran, one can express his opinion freely or that the press suddenly may criticize the mullahs or Europeans suddenly are good friends.


… Even now the Netherlands and Western countries provide widely weapons to countries whose leaders suppressed the population, journalists make it impossible to work in freedom, no freedom of expression, etc., yet these countries may rely entirely on Western support.

Western countries do hereby adopt the express condition that the weapons should not be used against friendly nations, in other words only against their own people!

So the interests of the people are not been served.


… The West is really not so concerned about the fate of their fellow humans differently believers nor interested in their situation. And out of revenge settles the people in her turn, the account by carrying out attacks in the West.


… Europeans leave the dirty work by others and perform live with the statement “the best way to kill Muslims by Muslims themselves, so give them a lot of weapons so they can kill each other, and longer-term the cake is all of us alone.” But these so-called Rogue states will freely develop their hidden desire by the Western powers and are intended to be the victors of the future.

The weapons and knowledge thereby provided by the Western countries they will in the future and at the right time very well come in handy.

This sword of Damocles hovering for years over the western and Christian humanity patiently waiting for an opportunity for the final blow to the West.


 … But what Western civilization with their rapprochement with these countries and people still do not realize all that they have long been located in the arena and their former foe long since the invasion has deployed using social weapons in Europe for its original purpose to achieve relevant consolidation, acquisition, and destruction of the pig-eating enemy.

The West has lost the battle almost without realizing it, and the total takeover of Europe by the new leader will be apertures in the long run.


… But the West has nevertheless one more chance to stabilize and reverse the invisible tide………. ??


… If these counsels are neglected then the end of the West is very close and the losses will penetrate very likely too late to the mind of the greedy Western humanity which they will miss the opportunity to make the right turn yet in time and liberate themselves from the inevitable.


… The West still lives under the illusion that it stands for freedom and is supposedly widely victorious with its pernicious weapon that democracy (= organized distrust) is called.

In the so-called democracy of Europe is also the DEATH and destruction hidden from the West, because the potential victors are on standby and are already a very long time champing at the bit to overwhelm their enemy and crush with the slogan of the future “Je Suis un Oriental. “


 Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

 “Who wants to annex the land of his enemy, should have the same thoughts, the same behavior and characteristics of the enemy, make their own. 

And who wants to defeat the enemy, must be in his shoes to the last gasp. Who does not want to arouse suspicion, should be more hypocritical than him or her, and when the enemy behaves casually, be always alert and especially charming.

And if the enemy shows visible confidence, develop invisible distrust. And when the time comes that your enemy no longer has to criticize, then this is the sign for you that day comes tomorrow, to overcome the enemy or to defeat.” 




 They are so pious but …

In most vexed Christian countries such as the Netherlands, etc. are residents supposedly ruled by Christian politicians who claim to remember their fellow men and to want to make life easier for them. But the opposite of this is found repeatedly likely unless renunciation of a specific directive would be undesirable so they could get into trouble and their feigned Christianity would be put out of the game (eg dismissal.)

 Further assert that privileged Christians with a smoothed face, to live each day according to the word of god and to stand for the conventional image of a Christian man according to biblical fantasies.


.. And with all this, she eagerly crams their pockets full of tax money and thereby invent all sorts of plans and the most possible and impossible ways to penalize citizens and to curtail adequate care.

Furthermore, they provide like no other, that poverty among the people grows steadily, by less fortunate to have remained dependent on a measured alms (Social Assistance Act) whose remnant, after deduction of certain fixed costs by the government, is adjacent to die…


… And to show their supposed generosity they think they have solved the social problems of the citizenry by starvation wages (mandatory volunteer work) without reward, which is equivalent to modern slavery under threat of psychological violence (reductions in benefits), while the provided handout is just enough to go not yet dead, let alone one takes money for the daily bread and the associated care which one requires for this.


..In their drive for the austerity of the country’s budget with their often nonsensical measures of governance, our children, the future of society are made as such underprivileged so they socially derailed because of the lack of incentive facilities and opportunities that benefit their education and can promote their development…

… Not everyone is the same, thus, every living being as an individual requires a specific approach so that it can focus positively, and can act appropriately in society with his / her talents and skills


 .. Despite their misanthropic institution they also have the impudence and audacity to identify themselves as good Christians; because oh look how good we are! Partly because it is very logical that almost no one looks back to a belief in God, and especially Christianity no longer, because who wants himself then called Christian man as their supposedly God-fearing ”rulers and policymakers” are unscrupulous white-collar criminals who also despise fellow humans and arbitrarily applying double standards?”


.. It is clear that religion, in view of those who can benefit fully from here, is only meant for the elite class, but for the minimum means of belief in God’s “Helios-like” conditions. The whole belief in God, in general, is not righteous unless one accepts the hardships and plays the eternal martyr, follows all meekly, and refrains from comment whatever happens. Christian politicians (rulers) believe to be devout, but in reality, they are bad people who only after the money of another, and if they have the power led, if necessary, all appropriating this by using violence; but mental violence is also a form of violence.


Thus says the doctrine of Vishnuh:

  “A good man is one who from charity and compassion, regardless of theistic belief and unbelief, do good and not pretending to be good.”


To promote world peace should from now worldwide religious education be banned in all schools because the youth at an early age burdened with strange and inexplicable differences where they only are aggressive because they learn from religion to discriminate and distinguish between races and peoples, while everyone (religious or not) is the same…


… Well shod and religious upbringing is certainly not a condition to live in peace with fellow human beings, but the sense of love for each other, and we are one means peace for all…




Only Nature is imperishable


 Remember children of men;


“There is everything in the Bible, Koran, Thora, Bhagavad-Gita, and other religious books, but nowhere is there the text “Do not believe everything you read.” 


Nobody should by my natural compilation start to feel guilty nor addressed, but those who are bothered by the saying “who the shoe fits, wear it” needs self-esteem to go very urgently skyward to God. Because by him/ it or her one hears at home and here one must also live forever because on this earth there is no place for people who do not know people love towards their fellow men and the comprehensive nature, which is the source of the life and the history of it stored in it.


Let no one deceives or is any longer be guided to the religious slaughter block. Nature is since time immemorial and until now remained pure, and God, so “the evil religious humanity” still exists today that has united into regular cast so-called humanitarian bodies, that at global level desperate undertake all kinds of newfangled attempts, under the guise of helpfulness to convince innocent fellows of their religious frenzy so that the people remain stupid and will remain blinded by religion tales that since its genesis and to date, touching neither here nor there, but have become synonymous on injustice, hypocrisy, cruelty, madness, misanthropy, misogyny, and also hate anything that goes against the natural sense of justice.


 Also, the precursors of these believers and followers through the centuries in their delusion of self-recognition for the society to which they belong, all concepts themselves invented to justify their injustices and evils compared to fellow earthlings but mainly on the basis of a small contribution so-called “non-profit”, to continue to earn on other people until the end of time…


… It is not difficult to make billions of blood money grow by some of distributing the interest for so-called charities and hereby keep doing simultaneously evil in a religiously tinged philanthropic jacket and ever win souls causing the misery continues to grow on this earth, such as interest on interest.

A fox will lose his hair but never his pranks!


 The purpose of nature is to make this single life on this planet for everyone enjoyable. Everyone must do well in their capacity for his fellow man, whether believers or not, without distinction of race, rank, status, national origin, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs, etc. Who actually do well without harboring ulterior motives, reap gratitude and love as his part, the two great values of life.


This is Nature’s intention “live and let live.” One should not ruin each other life but make the best of it for everyone. This should continue until the time for the living creature on earth ends and is the body’s going the way of all the flesh and the spirit again dissolves into the immaterial matter of nature which they found their genesis.


… There is no God who adjudicated everything, and there is no Heaven, Valhalla, Nirvana or Hell, or a religious code that could make accessible all this because spirit and matter are impermanent; Dust thou art and to dust all return back. It is no different, however, some would like to see this very differently.


Therefore people be happy by continuing to reality and to live in reality. Live now and do something good back to the continuation of the life cycles of nature in all its natural life forms. Be good for nature, for your fellow human beings, and in all fairness and equity for all other life forms and otherwise for anything nature of the universe has produced so far and still will bring forth forever.



A request to the world humanity

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys,


The Vishnuh-Society is an ancient body of non-religious world citizens, that help from her philanthropic base and empiricism fellow men, to live healthy, safe, and good, according to its age-old educational system.

Additionally, Vishnuh-Society wishes everyone all the best, who loved this earthly nature and the earth seemed like residence above the Heaven / Valhalla / Nirvana or Hell.

Even those who believe in “up there” is for our part also qualify for a spot in the sky / Valhalla / Nirvana or Hell, prefer today rather than tomorrow. So Vishnuh-Society wishes everyone the best.


To achieve its objective, so fellow men to be better, the Vishnuh-Society has made a request to the world humanity regardless of rank, class, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs.


The Vishnuh-Society rather asks her fellow man as a favor, instead of her followers to go murder fellow men, rob homes and property, and commit all sorts of atrocities against them, such as Christianity, Islam, and other similar religions have done for centuries on behalf of God and Allah in order to be materially better off making these religions today have reached the position of the rich and powerful on the backs of other people and on blood money of the world population.


We are Vishnuïsts, we have learned to nurture respect for life, we thus have no evil intentions towards fellow earthlings.

And our proposition is; “We already have a” No “, but we can receive a” Yes “.


… The Vishnuh-Society is humane to all living things. The society is not able to molest nor oppression of fellow human beings, in order to collect funds and thus goods in order to be able to print her books, hire painters and draughtsmen, and buy buildings such as churches for centuries and, have done worldwide.


Look at the Vatican and other world religions that do this with the money that they have gathered for centuries robbed and through the exploitation of the oppressed nations. In this way, the existing religions have enhanced their chances of survival and their fictitious religion consolidated.

Thus the Vishnuh-Society has no respect for any religion nor religious humanity, but Vishnuh-Society does have respect for all living beings as part of nature.


The Vishnuh-Society has in the past never ceased to material things or to increase its power, and what it has not, it can not spend. Life is given and taken, the Vishnuh-Society must also have from other people, but not of God (s) because gods do not exist but were once self-invented by conceited people as a refuge to justify their committed wrongs and to condone.


Therefore, the Vishnuh-Society does on behalf of its members in this application to the world of humanity, which may seem unusual, and asks you to her greatest desire is around the world to spread its survival doctrine and that all activities of the Vishnuh-Society to be centralized in a permanent home.

The Vishnuh-Society is not only just looking for a philanthropist (s) that has something for his fellow human beings, but also to Earthlings as intended by the Vishnuh-Society and scriptural has recorded.


We are all earthlings and natural givens also go to everyone, and we need to live by the natural standards, as scriptural in nine provisions set by the Vishnuh-Society. Everything that lives, moves and is part of earthly nature is nature’s own thing. 


By Gurubesar Lancar Ida-Bagus